B&B Transcript Friday 7/24/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/24/09


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Brooke: You feel it, too. I know you do.

Nick: What are you doing?

Bridget: Oh, hi.

Nick: Hi. You just can't lie in bed and do your nails like a normal woman, can you?

Bridget: What is that?

Nick: You can't even pretend to be lazy. Always nose to the grindstone.

Bridget: Oh, no, I can be lazy. I-I'm lazy. Ask me to do something. I'll probably say no.

Nick: You know, one month ago, she became a bride. And now, "Honey, what's for dinner?" "Nick, you want dinner? Make it yourself."

Bridget: Is that for me?

Nick: After only one short month of marriage.

Bridget: It looks like a photo album.

Nick: Is that what love is now? One short month is the shelf life?

Bridget: What is it with you? You sound like a bunch of bad movie subtitles.

Nick: (Sighs)

Bridget: Let's see here. Oh! Our wedding album. Look at you. You look so handsome.

Nick: Well, that's what you thought one month ago.

Bridget: What did I do to deserve this? Oh, this is so sweet.

Nick: Honey, what did you do exactly one month ago?

Bridget: It's our 1-month wedding anniversary.

Nick: It's our 1-month wedding anniversary.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Nick: You know, for a very bright woman, you're incredibly slow.

Bridget: (Laughs) Oh, you're incredibly sweet. Look at this.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Are you two going to eat?

Steffy: I'm calling him.

Taylor: Steffy, don’t.

Steffy: How long does it take to say, "I'm marrying someone else"? (Cell phone vibrates)

Thomas: Ah, Dad forgot his phone. It is on vibrate.

Taylor: Okay, leave it alone. Stop. Stop. There's nothing worse than making somebody feel like they're not being trusted.

Steffy: I trust Dad.

Taylor: Well, you should. Your father is a very trustworthy man. And he's very determined. Otherwise you two would be little unfulfilled wishes floating around in heaven.

Thomas: Why did you shoot Dad down so much before you got together?

Steffy: Yeah, why-- why did you do that?

Taylor: Well, I had gotten very close to his wife Caroline before she died, and, well, Brooke was in the picture, and it got-- it got really, really complicated.

Steffy: So you ran away?

Taylor: Yes, I did.

Thomas: To St. Thomas?

Taylor: Yes, yes. I did that.

Brooke: Tell me I'm right. Tell me that we belong together.

Ridge: It hurts too much, Logan.

Brooke: (Sighs) Right now, it may feel that way, but, Ridge, can't you remember our life together?

Ridge: (Sighs) I love you. I'll always love you. I'm tired of hurting you, tired of being hurt. I want to be happy, and not just for a few moments or a few days at a time. I... (Sighs) I love you. But I'm gonna marry Taylor.

Bridget: Do you think that it would be okay if I took my favorite photos from the other weddings and just put 'em in here?

Nick: Yeah, uh...

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Nick: I think it'd be fine. Why did I invite Bill Spencer?

Bridget: I don't know. I think you were trying to torture my father. But like it or not, honey, he's made "Eye on Fashion" our personal rooting section. He is gaga over Jackie M.

Nick: He's gaga over you. You can do no wrong design-wise.

Bridget: Mm, I just haven't made a catastrophic professional screw-up yet, that's all.

Nick: Well, you don't need one. You've got me.

Bridget: Mm, I sure do.

Bridget: I haven't really talked about it, but I do miss being a doctor. I miss my patients.

Nick: What I think you miss is making a difference in the world.

Bridget: Well, I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of really good young doctors out there.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: I'm nothing special.

Nick: Well, I don't know about that.

Bridget: It's not like that. It's just that I...

Nick: You're pretty special.

Bridget: Think that they really cared about me and vice versa. I'm not gonna have that personal connection with the public anymore.

Nick: Well, you can play doctor with me anytime you like.

Bridget: Can I?

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: (Sighs) Don't forget, that's exactly why I married you. So I could play doctor with you anytime.

Steffy: You and Dad never argued.

Taylor: No, all couples have their share of disagreements.

Thomas: No, I-I know what Steffy means. When you two were apart, it was always outside things to blame and not fights.

Steffy: Yeah, like the time we thought you were gone for good.

Taylor: Oh, yeah, well, your father and I have had a few things happen to us that really couldn't be foreseen.

Thomas: I still get goose bumps when Dad talks about seeing you at the cemetery.

Taylor: Well, that one I didn't think out very well. I just--I fought so hard to get back to you guys.

Taylor: At the time, I didn't-- I didn't know that your father was with Brooke, but it didn't really matter, because it-- it seemed like nothing had changed at all.

Ridge: God, Taylor, I-I-I just don't believe this. I don't believe it.

Taylor: It's true.

Ridge: (Sighs) Look at you. Oh, you beautiful, beautiful thing.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Ridge: I've wished this. I've--I've--I've prayed for it. And you're here.

Taylor: Yes. (Laughs) Yes.

Ridge: Oh, God. (Sighs)

Steffy: But it was always beautiful between you two.

Thomas: Mom, you came home, and so will he.

Brooke: This is not right. After all that you and I have shared, to just turn around and propose to Taylor?

Ridge: It didn't really happen that way.

Brooke: (Sighs) Ridge, I know that she's had a hard life lately, but she's trying to recreate what she's lost, recreate her--her family.

Ridge: No, Brooke, we both know nothing can bring Phoebe back.

Brooke: She may not know she's doing this, but she's using your loss to get you back.

Ridge: I don't really think that's fair.

Brooke: Well, you have to think about what you're doing, Ridge. Are you being fair to Taylor? You were with her last time when you were in love with me, and it didn't work then either.

Ridge: My kids lost a sister. Taylor and I lost a daughter. We finally managed to put the pieces together as a family, Logan. Now you're asking me to just turn around and walk away from them. Well, I won't do that.

Brooke: Well, then you'll regret it, because you'll be miserable, and in turn, you will make them miserable, just like before.

Ridge: History doesn't always have to repeat itself. Please don't try to see me. I'm asking you to respect that. You tell me you want me to be happy, so let me be happy.

Brooke: I made a mistake. I admitted that to you. But this isn't going to help, Ridge. I mean, you marrying Taylor isn't going to fix the situation, so don't do it. It's not going to happen.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. It's a gorgeous night out. You really should have come with me. I mean, perfect night for a ride. Brooke? What's wrong?

Brooke: Ridge is marrying Taylor.

Katie: That's impossible.

Brooke: He was just here.

Katie: I-I don't understand. How can he just switch it off like that?

Brooke: It's what Taylor wants. It was her idea, of course.

Katie: Well, so what? That doesn't mean he has to go along with it.

Brooke: He wants me to stay away.

Katie: Of course he does, because he'll never go through with this if he actually has to think about what he's doing. Call him.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Steffy: So how'd it go?

Thomas: You were gone a long time.

Taylor: Your mother told us.

Ridge: Everything's fine.

Steffy: I know Brooke wants to go back to you.

Ridge: She understands that's not gonna happen.

Thomas: So what? She's gonna show up on our doorstep in a few hours, or--

Ridge: No, that's not gonna happen either. She understands she has to respect my decision. She'll keep her distance. I'm not going anywhere, except maybe outside to peel myself off the ceiling.

Ridge: I can't do it, Logan. I can't go back.

Brooke: He said to stay away, but that doesn't mean I can't text.

Brooke: I have to get through to him somehow.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Thomas: Hey, guess what?

Steffy: What?

Thomas: Dad's cell phone is vibrating.

Steffy: What? Oh, my God. I can't believe it.

Thomas: What?

Steffy: Brooke. Text message.

Thomas: Uh, maybe we shouldn’t.

Steffy: Uh, maybe we should. "I won't come to Forrester or the house. I'm gonna keep texting you until you come to your senses. Don't go through with the wedding. Please remember us. Tell me you remember us."

Thomas: (Sighs)

Steffy: (Scoffs)

Thomas: Oh, there's a photo. Open that up. (Sighs)

Steffy: (Scoffs)

Nick: (Sighs) You know something? You really are. You're a doctor at heart. You are. It's this whole no-frills thing. You--you gotta loosen up a little bit. I would love for you to walk into a room sometime, Bridget, and just be expensive, and just suck the air out of the room like Stephanie and your mother does. Give--give me my pants.

Bridget: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you calling me dowdy?

Nick: Well, I don't know. I-I--why don't you just once just go spend some money on something amazing for yourself? Give--give me my pants.

Bridget: No, wait. Wait, if I need something, I will go get it. What, do you just want a wife to boost your credit rating?

Nick: Happy 1-month anniversary.

Bridget: Nick.

Nick: Now you can go and be flashy.

Bridget: Oh, my gosh. They're gorgeous. These must have cost you a fortune.

Nick: Well, actually, you're making me a fortune recently, so it was either this or give you a raise.

Bridget: I love you. Let's not get married anymore. And I'll take the raise.

Nick: Okay. Mm. (Sighs)

Steffy: So much for respecting his decision.

Thomas: (Sighs) Yeah, did Dad really think this was gonna work?

Steffy: He doesn't need this.

Thomas: No, he doesn’t. (Sighs)

Steffy: I'm gonna text her back.

Taylor: I brought you some iced tea.

Taylor: I know this wasn't easy for you. Brooke is gonna be okay. I'll be inside if you need me.

Ridge: Doc, uh, don't-- don't go. I think Brooke was right.

Brooke: Taylor should be ashamed of herself, pushing Ridge into a wedding so soon.

Katie: I just don't understand why he's going along with it.

Brooke: I-I guess he just does--doesn't want to feel so unsettled. (Cell phone beeps)

Brooke: Oh, that could be him.

Katie: Well, what does it say?

Brooke: "I asked you to respect me and respect my decision. Our marriage is over. That picture means nothing to me now. Please don't contact me again."

Ridge: The way marriage came up between us so abruptly wasn't the way either of us really wanted it.

Taylor: I see.

Ridge: You asked me. I agreed. I answered, and, uh, we didn't really get a chance to discuss it. Hardly seems real.

Taylor: What, uh, part do we need to discuss?

Ridge: Well, when you-- when you make it official, you do things a little differently. Like this.

Ridge: Are you okay?

Taylor: I love you. I love you. Let's go tell the kids.

Ridge: Okay, come on.

Thomas: Is that what I think it is?

Steffy: Oh, my God. Mom, it's beautiful.

Thomas: Wow.

Steffy: Let me see this. Oh, I'm so, so happy for you.

Taylor: (Laughs) Me, too.

Steffy: Here. Let me take a shot of you guys. Ready? (Shutter clicks)

Steffy: Nice. Thank you.

Thomas: So that's what took you so long. You were at the jewelry store.

Ridge: Well, your mom may have popped the question, but I didn't think she should go out and get her own ring.

Taylor: Oh, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Thomas: It just shows you how much this guy loves you, right, Mom?

(Cell phone beeps)

Brooke: (Sighs) It's Ridge.

Brooke: "Leave me alone."

Brooke: (Gasps) (Sobs)

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