B&B Transcript Monday 7/13/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/13/09


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(Indistinct conversations)

Eric: Hey, Katie, clear the showroom. Get everybody out of here. Get 'em out.

Katie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.

Eric: Come with me. Come on. Come on.

Katie: Thank you all so much for coming. Thank you. Thank you so much. Uh, Forrester Creations is known for their sensational and--and unique showstoppers, and, boy, this was definitely one of them, don't you agree? So thank you all so much for coming out. Uh, Forrester Creations is back and better than ever. Uh, we have folders for you at the front door, and please don't forget your gift bags. Thank you all so much for coming. Thank you.

Ridge: What the hell happened out there?

Rick: Some kind of a malfunction?

Donna: Well, obviously.

Eric: Look, it was just supposed to be glitter, and then this stuff is all over her.

Thomas: Well, she got drenched in something. Hey, you remember--it reminds me of that horror flick from the '70s when everyone hates that girl--

Steffy: Thomas, really?

Donna: Oh, my God, Eric. I'm so humiliated. Help me.

Eric: Honey, it's--it's gonna be--it's gonna be all right.

Donna: No, it's not going to be okay.

Rick: Dad, Dad, here, here.

Donna: I-I'm--I'm gonna be the laughingstock of the fashion industry.

Eric: Come here, come here.

Donna: Just get this off of me.

Eric: It's--it's--it's not coming off, honey. It's way too sticky.

Donna: Oh, my God. I've been doused in a vat of honey.

Eric: H--honey? What? Who would do something like that?

Donna: Pam. Oh, my God, Pam did this!

Pam: (Laughs) You sure were right, Donna. Playing with honey is a lot of fun. I bet you never thought you'd be playing with 10 gallons of it.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Pam: Oh. (Gasps) Steph! Did you see that?

Stephanie: Did I see it? My God, Pam, find a closet, get in it and don't come out until I get there. I'm on my way.

(Indistinct conversations)

Thomas: Thanks. Thank you for coming. We'll see you at the next show. Thanks. I just overheard a reporter say their headline for tomorrow is "The Golden Goof."

Steffy: Oh, great.

Rick: This is a freaking disaster. How the hell did this happen?

Marcus: Hey, you heard what my mom said, okay? Now she's convinced that Pam did it. I mean, come on. Put two and two together. I mean, she's the only one crazy enough to pull something like this.

Rick: Look, I don't know if Pam did it or not, all right? But what I do know is we needed this show to be flawless, and that sure as hell didn't happen.

Steffy: Yeah, but instead, we look like a bunch of idiots.

Taylor: Well, no, the press can't make it all bad. The designs were beautiful.

Steffy: Yeah, but no one's gonna remember them, Mom. All of dad and granddad's hard work, it's--

Marcus: You know they're gonna be focusing on my mom, trying to make a mockery out of her.

Thomas: As if Forrester needs another scandal on top of everything else.

Rick: All right, let's just hope that Katie has a lot of magic up her sleeve, all right? She has a lot of damage control to do.

Jarrett: So, Katie, what went wrong out there?

Katie: Uh, nothing. I-I-I thought that it was a great show.

Jarrett: Well, uh, can you explain it? I mean, was there some kind of malfunction of some sort?

Katie: You know, things happen in fashion, and, uh, Forrester Creations has always been known for a great showstopper, and I think that this one will go down in history.

Jarrett: (Laughs) Yeah, well, um, um, so tell me, uh, uh, what does this mean for the future of Forrester Creations, after this?

Katie: Well, Forrester Creations has been and will always be one of the world's most respected fashion houses, and this in no way diminishes that. And I think what Eric put forth tonight was pretty amazing. And I think that we should focus on the clothes.

Jarrett: Right. Uh, you've recently lost some of your most valued employees-- uh, Stephanie, Thorne, uh, Felicia, Brooke-- have all left the company. Now would-- would something like this have happened if they were still here?

Katie: Well, of course, we wish them all their luck in their future endeavors, but, um, this in no way diminishes what we've accomplished today.

Jarrett: Right. Okay. Well, thank you, Katie. This is a fantastic story. I have to go write it up before someone beats me to the punch.

Katie: Right, and, Jarrett, focus on the clothes. Remember what Ridge and Eric designed... (exhales deeply) save it, Spencer.

Bill: What? I'm being totally sincere.

Katie: Right.

Bill: I mean it. I was very impressed by your attempts to turn this fiasco into a triumph. Unfortunately, even your exceptional P.R. skills can't change the fact that this was a complete disaster for Forrester Creations, which makes it even more vulnerable than it was before.

Pam: Psst, Steph! Steph, I did it. I finally showed Donna up for who she really is-- Ericís pathetic, little, trophy wife! (Laughs)

Ridge: You're sure Pam did this to you?

Donna: Oh. Oh, I am so sure.

Eric: Oh, honey.

Donna: I mean, come on. She has done wacko things like this to me before, and--hello! Black teeth, spray tan, green hair?

Eric: No, no. It does look like one of Pamís stunts. It certainly does. God, look--look at you. You look like one of those trophies on somebody's mantel someplace.

Donna: Trophy wife. Oh, my God, she has been teasing me about that. Oh, don't you get it? My God, that's her sick sense of humor. Don't you get it? God! Okay. I'm gonna shower.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Pam strikes again, for God sakes.

Pam: Oh, come on, Steph. Tell me you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Stephanie: Pam, why would you do such a thing?

Pam: Well, you remember yesterday you called Donna "Ericís trophy wife"? Well, that got me to thinking, she's no trophy. You are, Steph. Donna's just a big joke. And if Eric wants that kind of trophy wife-- all glittery on the outside and completely hollow on the inside... (chuckles) That's what I gave him. Genius, right? Do you know Donna had the nerve to ask me yesterday to order a whole case of honey bear bottles for her and Eric? So, I did what I was told, but I ordered an extra gallon or nine, and then I poured it on her right when they dropped the confetti.

Stephanie: Pam, Pam...

Pam: Genius, right?

Stephanie: Pam, Pam, Pam. Oh, Pammy.

Pam: Oh, come on, Steph, it was hysterical, admit it.

Stephanie: Oh--

Donna: Getting a good laugh, are you? It's not funny.

Pam: No, really, it is, trust me. You--have you looked in the mirror, Donna?

Donna: You did this to me, Pam. I know you did.

Pam: Me? You don't know that.

Donna: You're the only one wacko enough to do something like this. And, what, you? What, are--are things so slow at Jackie M. that you have--have time to play pranks with your cuckoo sister?

Stephanie: Oh, I had absolutely nothing to do with this, I didnít.

Pam: You know what you look like, Donna? You look like one of those cheapie Oscar statuettes-- you know, the kind you get on Hollywood Boulevard.

Donna: (Mockingly laughs) A-a trophy, perhaps, as in trophy wife?

Pam: Oh. Oh?

Donna: Pammy, I am so onto you. I'm Ericís trophy wife, and you cannot stand it. You're gonna regret this.

Pam: Regret it? Whoever did this to you, Donna-- I'm gonna give 'em a big, fat kiss. Come on. Is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen in your life? (Laughing)

Donna: How could you do this to Eric?

Pam: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Who--whoever said that I did this?

Donna: Oh, my God. Don't play games with me. We both know it was you. My God, but why, Pam? Why? I--today was his shining moment, and you ruined it.

Pam: Well, actually, it was you who kind of stole the spotlight.

Donna: No, no, Pam. It was because of you and your stupid stunt!

Eric: It was going so well, and then this thing happens-- what is--what is this--

Ridge: Who the hell is responsible for this?

Pam: Whoever said that I did this? You have no proof!

Donna: Oh, come--I don't need any proof, Pam! My God, anyone with half of a brain could figure this out.

Ridge: Mother!

Eric: Stephanie, what are you doing here? Oh, my God. I want to see you two in my office, right now!

Donna: I'll be up after I shower.

Bill: Well, better get back to the office, start working on tomorrow's "Eye On Fashion."

Katie: Bill...

Bill: Three guesses what the cover's gonna be.

Katie: Donít.

Bill: Oh, I have to. Too good to pass up.

Katie: So you're just gonna be like every other outlet, and put some kind of sensational spin on this.

Bill: Well, actually, there's no spin needed. I'd say the pictures speak for themselves. You might even say they're good as... gold. (Laughs)

Katie: Oh, that's clever. Real clever. You cannot deny that Ericís designs were inspired. They were beautiful. And I thought you were something more than just some supermarket tabloid.

Marcus: Well, I-I know this might be a bad time, but I just want to congratulate you. Steffy told me that you and Ridge got back together.

Taylor: Oh, thank you so much. That's so sweet of you, Marcus.

Marcus: I'm happy for you. And I know how much it means to Steffy to have her family reunited again.

Taylor: Yes, we're very happy to have Ridge back in the house with us. You know, it's like we've been blessed with a second chance. So, see, there you go. There's always hope.

Marcus: Yeah. You never know, right?

Taylor: That's right.

Thomas: See that smile on my mom's face?

Rick: (Clears throat)

Thomas: She looks pretty comfortable with Marcus. You know why?

Rick: I suppose you're going to tell me that right now.

Thomas: She knows that he would never hurt her daughter. Marcus is a good guy. We all like him. Steffy likes him. And who knows? If my sister keeps spending time with him, she might forget all about you.

Eric: Michael? Uh, look, I know you and I have a lot to talk about, but-- but this is not a good time.

Michael: That was an outright disaster, Eric. From a financial standpoint, the--the fallout will be devastating for you and the company. (Exhales deeply) You'll be hearing from me.

Eric: (Sighs) This fashion show was critical for the future of Forrester Creations, and you pull a stunt like this?

Pam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Ridge: Oh, come on, Pam, are you denying it?

Pam: Well, maybe I did it, but maybe I didnít. It could have been someone else who's sick to death of hearing about Donnaís honey bear. Come on, I am not the only person who's had it up to here with Donna.

Eric: Donna is positive that you're the one who did this. That's good enough for me.

Pam: Yeah, see, Eric, that's the whole problem. It's like you've lost the ability to think for yourself.

Eric: Oh, my God.

Pam: She leads you around like a little puppy dog, Eric. You know how much I used to respect you. I did, but I-I don't want to hurt you. I would never want to upset you, and I wouldn't want to hurt Forrester Creations. But, come on, let's be honest about this-- it's not Forrester Creations anymore! Stephanie's gone, and now Felicia and Thorne--

Eric: All right, that's enough, Pam, that's enough. I've had it. I've had it with your pranks and your lack of respect for Donna and for me.

Stephanie: Are you firing her?

Eric: Well, what do you think?

Pam: Oh, it doesn't matter, Steph. Eric, you don't have to fire me. I quit. I-I-I wouldn't feel right being here now anyway. I--I've written my letter of resignation. I handwrote it. It's not typed, so... sayonara.

Pam: You know what? This feels really good. Just to think, I will never have to hear those two words-- "honey bear"-- every again in my life! Whoo-hoo! (Chuckles) Bye.

Katie: Well, let me know if you hear anything else. Thanks. (Sighs) So apparently, Stephanieís sister Pam is responsible for that little mishap at the end of the show.

Bill: "Mishap." Mishap--I like that. That's a good choice of words. You make it sound like a model had on a wrong pair of shoes.

Katie: Okay, so the last five seconds didn't go exactly as planned. The rest of the show was a triumph.

Bill: Doesn't matter.

Katie: Why not? Why should Forrester pay for something Pam did?

Bill: What did she pour on her, anyway?

Katie: Honey.

Bill: Honey. Thank you. Now I can use that in the story. You know, I-- I will say that there were some extraordinary gowns on that runway today.

Katie: Thank you.

Bill: Makes no difference. People want the dirt. They want the scandal. They want to see Donna in all of her honey and glitter looking like a life-size academy award.

Katie: So you're saying that there's nothing I can do, that you're going to write another story slamming Forrester Creations?

Bill: Well, that would be the smart business move, right? I mean, it's a slam dunk for me. But I like you. And I was impressed by how you handled yourself today. So I'm going to give you an opportunity to try and persuade me not to run the story.

Katie: Gee, that's what I thought I'd been doing.

Bill: You have been doing that, but the problem is, you haven't been doing it over dinner, and I am much easier to persuade if I have a nice, big, juicy steak in front of me.

Katie: A business dinner?

Bill: Call it whatever you want.

Katie: Okay, sure. I'm game. As long as you're buying.

Bill: I am.

Stephanie: I'm sorry that your show was such a complete disaster. I don't want to get into this thing about Pam, but I-I do want you to know that I thought-- I thought the line was absolutely exquisite. It's some of the best work you've ever done. And you, too, darling.

Eric: Well, unfortunately, all the months of hard work that Ridge and I put into this line was completely upstaged by what Pam did.

Stephanie: You don't have any proof that it was actually Pam.

Eric: Look, this sister of yours made a real big mess here today. I should have fired her a long time ago.

Stephanie: I know it's very difficult for you to swallow this, but everything that Pam has said is the truth. The children know that. You're spending your life with--with Donna is such a waste of your time and your talent. How long are you going to ride this out? Don't you--can't you see what it's doing to your family and to this company?

Ridge: Dad, I tried to tell you my concerns with putting Donna in the spotlight with the showstopper.

Eric: Don't blame Donna for Pamís dirty tricks here. Don't do that.

Ridge: Thorne, Felicia, mother--they're all gone. We are a skeleton of what we once were, and it all comes down to Donna.

Donna: Ridge has a point. Everybody hates me. Maybe having me as your wife has cost you too much. If you want me to leave--

Eric: No, of course I don't want you to leave. Don't talk like that.

Donna: Honey--

Eric: Of course that's ridiculous.

Donna: Honey bear, I am causing you to lose so much.

Eric: No. No, stop it. Just stop it right there. I'm not gonna listen to that.

Stephanie: I'll talk to you later. Good night.

Eric: No, tell me you're not leaving, Stephanie? Ridge, as grateful as I am that you're still here with me, I won't have Donna maligned here anymore today. She's been through way too much today.

Ridge: Dad, I'm not trying to insult anyone. But it's a fact-- this company has not been the same since your marriage.

Eric: There wouldn't even be a company, Ridge, if it weren't for Donna. She got this company back from Nick Marone for all of us. I don't care how many Bill Spencers there are out there trying to get this company away from me. I don't care, because I'm a happy, fulfilled man right now. I love my life, and I love this woman, and I will not change that-- not for--for Stephanie or for anyone or for any of you. Now she was the inspiration for everything that was out on that runway today, and you and everybody who saw that line said that it was the best work I had ever done. I owe her for that.

Eric: Give us some time alone, will you?

(Door closes)

Donna: Thank you for standing up for me with Ridge and Stephanie.

Eric: Everything I said was the truth-- the absolute truth. We're together, you and I. We're a team. I need you.

Donna: Yes, but you need Ridge, too.

Eric: Yeah, I need Ridge. I need my son, yeah, and he promised he would be here with me. I need him, but I need you.

Donna: You have me, today and--and forever and always. You--

Eric: Okay.

Donna: I'm just so sorry--

Eric: No, don't do that. Don't do that. None of this was your fault. None of it.

Donna: Well, at least Pam is gone, right? And we're gonna make this company great again. We're gonna make it shine again, no pun intended.

Eric: You were pretty sparkly out there, weren't you?

Donna: (Laughs) Yeah.

Eric: How can you just smile after everything that happened today?

Donna: Did you mean what you said today, that... (exhales deeply) that I was your inspiration?

Eric: You inspire me all the time, every minute-- every minute of-- of every day.

Donna: Nobody has ever called me that before-- his-- his inspiration.

Eric: Well, good.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: I've never seen anything as beautiful as you were when you came out-- when you came out on the stage in that showstopper.

Donna: I have never felt more beautiful. But then, that's how you always make me feel. Eric, no matter what the future holds, we are in it together, my love. No matter what. You and me.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: (Sighs)

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