B&B Transcript Friday 7/10/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/10/09


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Eric: Oh, good, you're here. I wasn't sure you were gonna be able to make it.

Man: Thank you for inviting me.

Eric: You're welcome. Good. Welcome. Good to see you.

Katie: Hi. Hi, gentlemen.

Eric: Hey.

Katie: Hey. Ugh, if one more reporter asks me about Stephanie and declining sales, I'm gonna scream.

Eric: You will handle it with your usual style and grace.

Katie: Of course. This is the same family-run business that they've always covered.

Eric: That's right and this is a show that they're gonna cover that's gonna prove it.

Bridget: So we're all gonna meet here and watch the show together?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. The, uh, fashion channel is--is carrying a live feed.

Bridget: I bet it is crazy over there with Ridge and Dad.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, Ridge has a lot on his mind today, that's for sure.

Bridget: Yeah, well, maybe the show will help distract from everything that's going on in his personal life.

Stephanie: Thank you. I don't think that's gonna be an issue anymore.

Bridget: Hmm? What do you mean?

Stephanie: Well, he's moved back in with Taylor and made a commitment to her.

Bridget: He's in love with my mother.

Stephanie: I know he has feelings for your mother, but he's made a commitment to Taylor.

Taylor: I had such a wonderful time last night.

Ridge: Sorry I left so early this morning. You were sound asleep.

Taylor: Oh, you couldn't have woke me if you wanted to. I slept the best I've slept in a very long time.

Ridge: Hmm.

Taylor: (Sighs) It's such an important day and we are getting to share it again together with the kids. It's just like old times. I'm so happy. I can't even believe it. For the first time since losing Phoebe, it feels like life can go on, and we have peace again. (Knocking on door)

Steffy: Can we come in?

Ridge: Only if you're family.

Steffy: Excuse me, uh, we are family. (Laughs)

Ridge: Somebody's excited about a fashion show coming up here.

Steffy: Uh, yeah, and it's gonna be fabulous.

Ridge: It better be.

Thomas: Well, we're sure of it. Nothing can go wrong today.

Steffy: Mnh-mnh.

Ridge: You know how great it is to see you here like this, happy and carefree? How long has it been since you've felt this way, huh?

Steffy: Dad, this is because of you. Now that you're back home, it's--it feels like everything's gonna be okay, and everything's gonna be right.

Thomas: Finally.

Ridge: Come here.

Clarke: Not exactly high entertainment, but it should be good for a laugh.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't know. Never underestimate Eric.

Jackie: Stephanie's right. He's been known to pull more than one rabbit out of a hat.

Clarke: According to "Eye on Fashion"--

Bridget: Oh, "Eye on Fashion," please, that's Bill Spencer's propaganda piece. He will say anything to bring that company down, because he wants to own it.

Katie: Bill.

Bill: Mmm. Katie. Wow, look at you. You look beautiful. Is that a Forrester design?

Katie: We need to talk.

Bill: Sure. Uh, you know Stephen Whacker, one of my reporters.

Stephen: Ms. Logan.

Katie: Of--of course. Hi, Stephen. Uh, do you mind if we have a little privacy?

Bill: Just give me a minute. What's up?

Kat: Whacker is one of your hatchet men. He's never been kind to us.

Bill: He calls 'em as he sees 'em.

Katie: I just hope that you can report this fairly.

Bill: Sugarcoat it.

Katie: No, no. I think you should be objective. I'm just not sure you know what that means, because he doesn't.

Bill: He'll do what needs to be done.

Katie: In other words, you're going to undermine Forrester, so you can get Eric to sell to you. Bill, Eric's never gonna sell to you or anyone else.

Bill: Katie, Eric is in a financial crisis. At some point, he'll be forced. I know it's cliché, but you're even more beautiful when you're angry.

Eric: Michael, I didn't expect to see you here today.

Michael: The bank is watching your show very closely, Eric.

Eric: Well, I think the bank is gonna be very happy with what they see.

Michael: (Laughs) Well, for your sake, I hope so.

Eric: All right, look, I, uh, I'm very, very busy. If there's nothing else, uh--

Michael: Look, we feel you should lose down some of your retail stores.

Eric: No, Michael, I-- this is hardly the time for us to be talking about this.

Michael: Then let's set up a meeting.

Eric: No, I'm not gonna close down any of the shops, not after the show. I'm not gonna have to.

Eric: (Sighs) At least I hope not.

Man: (Shouts indistinctly)

Pam: So what are they working on up there, Rocco?

Rocco: That one up there, Pam?

Pam: Yeah.

Rocco: Oh, that's the, uh-- the rigging for this-- this gold confetti. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. When Donna comes out wearing the showstopper, right--we let it loose and then... (Makes whooshing sound) she's gonna look amazing.

Pam: And look who's here. If it isn't Eric’s little trophy wife. (Laughs)

Donna: Bitter, just like your sister. But, you know, it doesn't bother me. I-I actually kind of like the sound of it. So has anyone seen my honey bear?

Rocco: Uh, no, not me.

Pam: Maybe he's hibernating.

Donna: It's summer, Pam.

Pam: (Scoffs) What?

Rocco: You're funny. I got to get back to work, okay?

Pam: Thank you, Rocco.

Rocco: Okay.

Pam: You want your honey bear? (Laughs) You'll get your honey bear.

Man: Hurry up. (Indistinct conversations)

Donna: Excuse me, sorry. Excuse me.

Bill: Looking for someone, pussycat?

Donna: How did you get in here?

Bill: Y magazine is covering the show.

Donna: Oh, well, in that case, uh, pay special attention to the showstopper...

Bill: Mm?

Donna: Because I'll be modeling it.

Bill: Mm, really? Well, then I will only have eyes for you.

Donna: I'm talking about the dress, Bill. When are you gonna accept the fact that Eric and I are totally devoted to each other and nothing is gonna change that?

Bill: Yeah, success is attractive. Failure on the other hand--

Donna: Trust me, this show is going to be a complete success.

Bill: Well, we'll see. In the meantime, tick-tock, tick-tock. The clock is ticking on Forrester Creations and your marriage, I suspect. Now you better get out while I'm still available. I won't always be, you know.

Donna: Oh. (Gasps) You are just breaking my heart. How will I ever survive knowing you're not available?

Bill: (Laughs)

Eric: Oh, these are a lot better.

Ridge: It's electric in here. Fantastic line, Dad.

Eric: Oh, there you are.

Ridge: Fantastic line.

Eric: Yeah? It's our line, our line. Seems Lily you and I are the only two around here anymore.

Ridge: It's always been us, Dad—always.

Eric: (Sighs)

Ridge: As always I'm here for you.

Eric: And that's more than enough, thank God. (Laughs) Look, you should know your mother was here last night.

Ridge: Oh, is she having second thoughts now?

Eric: No, but she's pressuring me to hand the company over to you. Yeah, someday, Ridge. Okay? Someday.

Ridge: We don't have to talk about that now.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Let's concentrate on this line. Hey, I have to ask you, though. Are you sure about Donna modeling the showstopper?

Eric: Absolutely. Now I have something special planned. I don't want to change it, and I don't want to debate this now.

Ridge: Okay, okay. It's just got to kick some butt, get this company back on track. What do you say?

Eric: Excellent idea.

Ridge: All right.

Bridget: Looks horrible actually. I can't eat it.

Clarke: Yeah, Sinatra's place was closed.

Bridget: I'm sorry, honey.

Nick: TV repairmen make good money.

Owen: Is that so?

Nick: Pretty sure they'll be hiring over at Forrester after today.

Owen: Nice. You gonna send them your résumé?

Nick: You're feeling pretty secure lately, aren't you?

Owen: Secure in my marriage, definitely.

Nick: Right. I wonder which one's gonna last longer-- your marriage or your job?

Owen: Both.

Nick: You're going down, pretty boy, a lot sooner than you think. (Indistinct conversations)

Rick: I actually don't think we're gonna have enough champagne, so if you could head down to the stockroom and check that out for me-- thank you.

Thomas: Rick.

Rick: Thomas.

Thomas: How's your mom?

Rick: She'll survive.

Thomas: Good. More than I can say for you.

Rick: So is this another one of your threats or what?

Thomas: Well, with Brooke gone and Mom and Dad reunited, I’d say the balance of power is shifting right under your feet.

Rick: (Laughs) Well, let's see here. My father still owns this company, and I'm still dating your sister.

Thomas: (Inhales sharply) Dating my sister. Eh, hardly.

Rick: Oh, and by the way, we're gonna be more than that. I assume you've heard about our little arrangement.

Thomas: No nooky for Ricky? Yeah, I heard. It's called weaning yourself off of a bad habit.

Rick: We'll see about that.

Thomas: Yeah, we will.

Steffy: Yeah, last night was amazing.

Marcus: Wow, so your parents are back together? That---- (Laughs) Really?

Steffy: Yeah, this is something I hoped and I prayed for for so long.

Marcus: No, I'm-- I'm happy for you. I really am. You deserve this, Stef.

Steffy: Thanks.

Rick: (Sighs)

Donna: Enjoy the show.

Woman: Thank you.

Donna: Oh, Mr. Howard, so nice to see you. Enjoy the show.

Mr. Howard: Thank you.

Donna: You're welcome. Mr. Penswallow.

Mr. Penhollow: Penhollow.

Donna: Oh, I-I'm sorry. I-I thought that's what I said.

Mr. Penhollow: It's not.

Donna: Oh. (Laughs) Well, enjoy the show. Um, Pam, could you please show Mr. Penhollow to his seat. Put him in the front row.

Mr. Penhollow: Thank you.

Donna: You're welcome.

Pam: Right this way.

Jarrett: Hello, Mrs. Forrester.

Donna: Jarrett. Oh, my God. You are going to love this collection. I mean, my husband's a genius! He is gonna prove it again today.

Jarrett: Yes. Yes. Uh, do--do you have any response to the critics who say that Eric’s out on a limb-- that he, uh, desperately needs a smashing success?

Donna: Well, the only response to that is to show the critics a smashing success, which we're about to do. He's really gotten himself into quite a situation.

Pam: Yes, a-a very sticky situation. (Sniffles)

Donna: (Sighs)

Eric: So today, we have come together to answer those critics and to show them that not only is Forrester Creations alive and well, but that we are as vital and as splendid as ever before. Be proud, people. You are part of the class and the elegance that has always been quintessentially Forrester Creations. Let's do it.

Woman: Whoo!

Man: Whoo!

Jackie: Okay, this is it.

Clarke: It feels like the super bowl, and someone is about to get creamed. Sorry, Bridget. (Indistinct conversations)

Eric: Hello, everyone.

Eric: Hi. Hi, everybody, and welcome, welcome to Forrester Creations. Thank you for being here. Um, I'd like to start today with a small reference to Mark Twain, by saying, ‘the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.’ (Laughter)

Eric: I want to assure you that Forrester Creations is still a family business, and we're dedicated to style and class and elegance as always. And to that end, on behalf of myself and my wife Donna and my sons Ridge and Rick, I want to introduce to you Forrester’s new classic line. With this collection, every woman’s dream turns to gold.

Ridge: Looking good. All right, let's keep it going. Everybody, energy up. Keep the energy up.

Eric: (Sighs)

Bridget: Ooh, I like that.

Stephanie: Very Eric.

Jackie: He certainly hasn't lost his touch, has he? (Cell phone rings) (Ringing)

Stephanie: Hello?

Pam: (Whispers) Steph! Are you watching the fashion show?

Stephanie: Uh, yes. Yes, yes, I am.

Pam: Look, I just want to make sure you don't miss the finale. It is gonna be one sweet moment.

Stephanie: Well, I'd like to go back to watching.

Pam: I'll call you later. (Applause)

Eric: They're liking it.

Ridge: No, Dad, they're loving it.

Eric: We may be back in business.

Ridge: No maybes about it. (Indistinct conversations)

Nick: There's a lot of great stuff there.

Stephanie: Your father's outdone himself, Bridget.

Jackie: Are we concerned?

Bridget: No. No we don't need to be concerned. Everything's fine.

Nick: That's a relief, coming from our head designer.

Bridget: Who comes from very good bloodlines.

(Cheers and applauses)

(Indistinct conversations)

Ridge: She's gone. You're up. You're up. Go. Go, go, go.

Eric: All right. Go, go, go.

Ridge: We have a bona fide winner here.

Eric: Oh, yeah, we're on top again.

Ridge: Doesn't it feel great?

Eric: (Laughs)

Donna: Eric?

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: Hi.

Eric: Oh, wow, Donna, you-- you look beautiful.

Donna: (Laughs) You sure? You sure I'm okay?

Eric: Yes, I'm sure…you're gonna knock 'em dead out there, trust me.

Donna: Mm, people out front didn't really like me, Eric.

Eric: No? Well, you're Donna Forrester. You embody class and elegance, and don't you forget it.

Donna: Thank you, honey bear. Thank you. Oh, no, lips.

Eric: Oh, ooh, okay, okay. But they're so pretty. You look great.

Katie: Go ahead and admit it, Mr. Spencer. Damn good, isn't it?

Stephanie: This is better than I thought.

Jackie: (Sighs) It's better than I had hoped it would be.

Bridget: Oh, come on, guys. Dad’s got talent. We know that. Let's let him have his day. We will get to have ours.

Owen: Well, he's got some classy stuff.

Clarke: This is bummin' me out. Turn it off

Stephanie: No, I want to see that show stopper.


Donna: (Gasping)

Pam: There's your trophy wife, Eric.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Cell phones ringing)

(Camera shutters clicking)

Pam: (Laughing)

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