B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/7/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/7/09


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Brooke: I need to pack up my things before Ridge gets here. I canít bear to see him.

Katie: Oh, this is crazy. Ridge is the love of your life.

Brooke: I know.  Something had to change. We were hurting each other too much.

Katie: So youíre taking a leave of absence?

Brooke: Thereís just too many memories here. I have all my personal belongings here, because weíve been here so long, I need to get them out of the way. Iím sure that Ridge isnít going to want to see this.

Katie: Are you sure about this? I mean, youíve spent your whole life together. Maybe you should take a few days Ė think about it. Youíre acting emotional.

Brooke: Yes, yes, of course, Iím acting emotional. I -- I am also very realistic. Iíve spent years here with Ridge, working here, building this company, sharing our love. I canít just seem to separate the two of them. How can I be here? How can I see him when I know that heís gone back to Taylor?

Stephanie: Well, itís a good thing I moved out when I did. Otherwise, some people might accuse me of hovering. How did it go last night?

Taylor: Oh, my goodness, Stephanie, it was absolutely wonderful. We just sat and we talked, we remembered old times, we laughed, we held each other. It was nothing at all had changed, yet it was just like we were getting to know each other.

Stephanie: Iím so happy. And the children?

Taylor: Oh, they were over the moon. Are you kidding? They were so happy to have their dad back home.

Stephanie: Itís a long time coming.

Taylor: Can you believe it? Can you believe it, Stephanie? Our family gets a second chance. You know what, you might not even recognize your son when weíre done. Weíre going to make him the happiest heís ever been.

Ridge: I wanted a chance to tell both of you myself. I know how quickly news travels around here.

Thorne: Whatís going on?

Ridge: My marriage to Brooke is over. Iíve moved back in with Taylor and the kids.

Thorne: Are you serious?

Felicia: I know that you guys have been having problems.

Ridge: Yeah, weíve been at an impasse for months. Things have only gotten worse. Brookeís not going to turn her back on her son. How could she? She also knows how tortured Iíve been because of him. We just canít seem to get through it, so we have to go our separate ways.

Thorne: Iím sorry, Ridge. Man, this has got to be though.

Felicia: Yeah, big brother. You know what? Whatever you need, you know Iím here for you.

Ridge: Thank you. I think the best thing for me is throw my energies into getting this company back on track, and I know I can count on you both to help.

Thorne: Ah, Ridge, we have some news of our own. Felicia and I are leaving Forrester.

Ridge: What?

Felicia: Yeah, we already told Dad.

Ridge: Oh, come on, you guys, not now. Look, I know youíve been unhappy with Rick and Donna working here and all, but for you to just leave? No. Not now. Please not now. Come on.

Thorne: Weíve made up our minds ok. This is not our company any more.

Felicia: Weíve been in the background way too long.

Ridge: First Mother, then you two. How the hell is Forrester going to survive with all of you gone?

[Door opens]

Ridge: Dad, youíve got to do something here. You canít let them leave?

Eric: Iíve tried, Ridge. I donít want them leaving either. Maybe after they hear what I have to say, theyíll reconsider. You arenít the only ones leaving the company. Another member of our team has decided to take a leave of absence.

Felicia: Who?

Eric: Brooke. Sheís also leaving the company.

Ridge: Brookeís going on leave now?

Eric: Yes, well, under the circumstances, she feels it would be too difficult to work side by side with you.

Ridge: She loves this company. Sheís a critical part of Forrester. For her to just leave?

Eric: Itís a bad time for us. We canít afford to lose anyone.

Thorne: Sorry, Dad, I know the timing couldnít be worse.

Felicia: But we just canít stay.

Eric: Ridge, Iím sorry, but I have to ask. I mean, ending your marriage to Brooke, but thatís just a big, big decision.

Ridge: Bad blood between Rick and me took an impossible toll on our relationship, Dad.

Eric: I thought the two were finally making it. [Sighs] Look I understand that it would be a challenge for you to work together, but with these two leaving, we need Brooke here. We need her more than ever. Youíve got to try to convince her to stay. The companyís in crisis. Youíve got to talk her into staying.

Brooke: It was like a knife in my heart when Ridge told me what happened with Taylor, how he rushed over into her arms and betrayed me.

Katie: Itís not too late to change your mind, is it?

Brooke: Yes, it is.

Katie: Iím sorry, but who are you? Because this, this is not my sister. You donít give up on anything. And youíve said that Ridge is your destiny for as long as I can remember. Donít throw in the towel. You love him. Stand up and fight for him. Donít just hand him over to some other woman. Okay, he slept with Taylor, but, my God, he was barely conscious. He was all loopy from that medication she gave him.

Brooke: But thatís not what itís really about. He took that medication because he canít forgive Rick for what happened to Phoebe that night. And I canít just turn my back on my son, so you see how impossible this is.

Katie: That accident was not Rickís fault.

Brooke: I know, I know, it wasnít. But because Rick was driving the car, Ridge canít forgive him. He thinks that Rick is the on who killed his daughter. Heís tried. Heís tried to get past it, but he canít. So itís over for Ridge and me. Look, I need you to hold down the fort while Iím gone.

Katie: Of course, I will, but --

Brooke: Since Thorne and Felicia left, Eric is going to need the help, the added support.  And Bill Spencer is really trying to take away this company from him, so please do what you can with Bill to help Eric.

Katie: Okay, I could talk to Bill.

Brooke: Thank you.

Katie: Brooke, donít go.

Brooke: Take this out to the car, and Iíll be there soon.  I just donít want to run into Ridge.

Katie: I hate that youíre doing this.

Brooke: I have no choice.

Katie: Promise that youíll come back?

Brooke: I will, but until then Ö.

Katie: Okay.

Stephanie: So what were the sleeping arrangements?

Taylor:  You mean, did we share the same bed?  Hmm-hmm. Except I really donít want to pressure him, because after what happened the other night at the guesthouse, that really isnít the way that I wanted that to happen. If it happens again, I want it to be Ridgeís idea.

Stephanie: I guess.

Taylor:  Stephanie, I think itís a lot smarter just to wait and let Ridge be the one to initiate it.

Stephanie: Just donít be too slow about it. You know, if it were Brooke, sheíd have a teddy on and sheíd be doing pirouettes.

Brooke: Ok, Katie, Iím ready.

Ridge: You canít leave, Logan. Please donít go.

Donna: I brought you a decaf cappuccino from your favorite cafť.

Eric: Good, thank you. Thatís very sweet of you.

Donna: I am concerned about you, Eric. I mean, youíre so stressed. You tossed and turned all night.

Eric: I know. Iím sorry. Itís a tough time. Thorne and Felicia leaving, my own kids abandoning me in mid-stream, and Brooke taking a leave of absence, and Bill Spencer circling the company here, waiting to take us down.

Donna: You know, I feel like itís all my fault.

Eric: Well, itís not, Donna. Itís not your fault

Donna: Thorne and Felicia are leaving because of me. Maybe our love for each other has cost you too much.

Eric: Iím not going to let you do that. You cannot blame yourself here. You just canít. Come here.  Youíre my wife, and I love you, and Iím committed to you, and nothing is going to change that, ok?

Donna: Okay. You know what? Weíre going to get through this together. No one, not Bill Spencer, no one, is going to take this company from you. I will go to close myself if I have to. Iíll answer the phones. Iíll even ship boxes -- whatever it takes to get your company back on top. Weíre going to figure this out.

Eric: Okay. With you by my side, I can go through anything.

Taylor: Believe me, Stephanie, with all my heart I want to dive right back into this relationship, but Iím trying to be careful.

Stephanie: What are you concerned about?

Taylor: Brooke, for one thing.

Stephanie: Well, I donít think sheís going to be a problem for you. I told her that heís moved back here with you.

Taylor: Yeah, but Steph, you know how this goes. Sheíll get lonelier and lonelier as time goes on, and then it wonít be very long before she comes back saying she wants Ridge back.

Stephanie: Well, heís not hers to have, is he? Heís yours. She told him to move on with his life Ė he has. She wanted that.

Ridge: You canít leave Forrester.

Brooke: I have to.

Ridge: No, Logan. You mean too much to this company. We need you here. Everything that you and I have built here together? Please donít throw all that away.

Brooke: Stephanie said that you spent the night with Taylor last night.

Ridge: I moved back with Thomas and Steffy and Taylor. Isnít that what you said you wanted?

Brooke: No, Ridge, no. This is not what I wanted. But you had to stop hurting somehow. And it was really stupid of me to tell you to go back to Taylor, but I canít just abandon my son.

Ridge: I canít expect you to do that either.

Brooke: Right. So here we are at the crossroads. Youíre going one way, and Iím going the other. I just canít begin to think of my life without you. I canít even think about it.

Taylor: Steffy, come on. Youíve got to work with me here. Listen, you just said it a minute ago that it would be only a matter of time before Brooke starts running around in her teddies again.

Stephanie: But the circumstances are different now. She knows the marriage is over.

Taylor: No, theyíre not that different. Theyíll still be working together every day, and they have a very strong chemistry. You know about that.

Stephanie: She told me sheíd keep her distance from him at work.

Taylor: Stephanie, Iím not concerned just about myself. Iím concerned about the kids. You know, for the first time I feel like the family is finally starting to heal from Phoebeís death.

Stephanie: Well, you are. Youíre going to heal -- all of you together as a family. Look, Ridge would not have come back if he wasnít ready. He would not have come back here if this wasnít what he wanted.

[Phone rings]

Stephanie: My cell. Hello? Thorne, yeah. Oh, really? Thanks so much for calling me, honey. I appreciate it. Iíll talk to you later.

Taylor: What was that about?

Stephanie: Brookeís taking a leave of absence from Forrester Creations.

Taylor: Youíve got to be kidding? Iím shocked.

Stephanie: She said sheíd keep her distance from him, now sheís making good on her word. Honey, I think you should just cast aside any doubts that you have. Accept it, heís home where he belongs with you. Sheís taken herself out of the picture. I donít think sheís going to interfere with your happiness.

Ridge: How did we get here? I thought we were going to grow old together.

Brooke: So did I? But here we are. It would be so much easier to walk away if we didnít love each other, but thatís just not the case. This whole thing happened between us the night Phoebe died.

Ridge: The night before our wedding Ė the rehearsal dinner. Everything was right for us. The stars were aligned.

Brooke: It would have been so perfect.

Ridge: Thereís been too much damage.

Brooke: My son killing your daughter. At least, thatís how you see it. Itís definitely something that we wonít be able to overcome.

Ridge: I always felt like we could ride out the fiercest of storms.

Brooke: Well, not this one. Because youíre never going to be able to forgive Rick, and Rick is always going to be a part of me, so in some way, youíre going to hate me. Ridge, I donít want to bring you down any more than I already have. I want you to go. Go, go live your life. Have a great life. I will always love you. You know that. And you will always love me, but we just canít be together. We canít work together. We have to be apart. This is Ė this is goodbye. Goodbye.

[Brooke sobs as Ridge holds her tightly, then breaks away from him and runs out the door while he collapses in a chair, shaking his head]

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