B&B Transcript Thursday 7/2/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/2/09


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Ridge: Well, it's good to see you, too.

Steffy: Dad, I love you. There is, like, 11 other things I want to say, but it all comes down to that.

Ridge: Thank you.

Thomas: Hey, Dad.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: I told them about what happened with you and Brooke. I wanted to spare you the details.

Ridge: Thank you. On the phone, you said you had something to show me.

Steffy: Yeah, we do, upstairs.

Thomas: These are the last of grandmother's things. She just moved out of the big guest room and in with Aunt Pam.

Ridge: Okay. So what's upstairs?

Thomas: The big guest room. Do you remember telling me that no matter how bad things get, this will always be home? Come home, Dad.

(Doorbell rings)

Stephanie: You're not receiving guests.

Brooke: (Sighs) This isn't a good time, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I saw Ridge last night. He told me what happened.

Brooke: All right. Go ahead. Say what you're going to say. I'm sure I can't get rid of you until you do. So gloat away.

Stephanie: I didn't come to gloat. I came to say I was wrong about you and to thank you for loving my son.

Nick: (Sighs)

Owen: You...

Jackie: (Gasps)

Owen: You are a bad, bad, bad, cougar...

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: Sneaking out of your cage like that.

Jackie: Darling, you looked so peaceful sleeping.

Owen: Well, come on. I thought we were gonna have breakfast on the beach.

Jackie: Oh, too late. Ordered a mimosa.

Owen: Well, the beach is a lot nicer.

Jackie: Yeah, and windier.

Owen: Uh-huh.

Jackie: I'll get sand in my drink, and who knows where else.

Owen: Kiss me.

Jackie: (Gasps)

Man: Coffee, sir?

Nick: Oh, yeah. Thank you. Waiting for my wife. She went to one of those yoga classes.

Bridget: Hey, I thought you were sleeping in.

Nick: Hi. There you are. I, uh, couldnít. Room got light. And how many times did we wake up with those neighbors going at it last night, huh?

Bridget: Oh, well, in all fairness, honey, they could make the same complaint about us.

Nick: I'm thinking of having a very pointed conversation with those yahoos next door.

Bridget: (Sighs) I was told they were checking out today, so...

Jackie: Ooh, thank you. (Laughs)

Owen: So come on. Why not today?

Jackie: Um...

Owen: Oh, come on, what? Were you just trying-- were you humoring me when you said you were gonna marry me?

Jackie: (Sighs) Do we have to talk about this now?

Owen: Well, come on. I just--I feel as if-- I don't know, it's a little insulting that you keep brushing me off like this.

Jackie: You know what? You're right, and I'm sorry. Let's go somewhere we can talk quietly.

Owen: Thank you. Come on.

Jackie: I'll take my drink.

Bridget: What--what-- um, what is this?

Nick: I don't know. Something Hawaiian.

Bridget: Ooh, they have taro chips. I love taro chips.

Nick: I think it's something fish. I don't usually eat fish for breakfast, unless I'm on a boat.

Bridget: Well, sweetheart, why don't you go back to the room? I'll order something and have it sent up and, you know, you can finally check in with the office.

Nick: I wouldn't have to check in with the office if my mother didn't decide to go on vacation while we're on our honeymoon. So I will be back in our room talking to myself.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Owen: Hey, Chaika. What's up, man? You wanted to see me?

Chaika: Mr. Owen. I wanted to show you these for your approval.

Owen: Ooh, those-- oh, these are really very--

Bridget: Really beautiful.

Owen: Yeah, uh, listen, man, as long as they are what they're supposed to be, I'm good.

Chaika: Absolutely. Everything will be ready by 3:00.

Owen: Awesome, man. Thank you so much.

Bridget: I thought you said you were leaving.

Owen: No, you said that. I didnít.

Bridget: So you're just gonna stay here, ruin my honeymoon and get your butt publicly kicked?

Owen: No, I did not know that Jackie was gonna be here.

Bridget: Owen, I really don't feel comfortable keeping this secret from Nick.

Owen: Hey, come on. You know what? If I had it my way, I'd be out of here as soon as I possibly could.

Bridget: Okay, great. So you'll be checked out by 3:00.

Owen: Look, I will do my best to keep Jackie in our room until we leave.

Bridget: Okay, thank you. I'll do the same with Nick.

Owen: Okay, good. Perfect.

Bridget: Owen, wait, um, and please just try to keep the bed away from the wall.

Owen: Okay, all right. I'll do my best.

Nick: She went on vacation. That's what her text said.

Clarke: Well, maybe somebody's faking someone out. Owen Knight did have plane tickets, but he cancelled them.

Nick: Where to?

Clarke: I don't know. The airline did send a confirmation e-mail of his credit to his Jackie M. e-mail account.

Nick: You hacked into his e-mail?

Clarke: Uh, the I.T. Guy did. You told me to find out what I could. So is this how it's gonna work from now on? If we want to go on vacation, we just take off and tell you about it later?

Nick: No, Clarke. Find out where he went.

Clarke: Sure thing. You know, since, uh, you're gone and Jackieís gone, am I in charge?

Nick: No, Clarke, Stephanieís in charge.

Clarke: Well, she's not around. She must still be moving.

Nick: I'll tell you what, Clarke. If something comes up, you're in charge of calling me.

Ridge: I don't think this is the right time to be making big decisions.

Thomas: It's only about where you're sleeping.

Steffy: Yeah, what's the difference between staying here and at Granddad's house, hmm?

Taylor: They're really not trying to pressure you, I swear, Ridge.

Steffy: Yeah. No, don't take it that way.

Thomas: We just want you to know you're not alone. You have us. We can't make it all better, but we can make you breakfast, and Steffy can make your bed.

Steffy: (Chuckles) Yeah, dream on.

Thomas: (Chuckles) Just say you'll think about it.

Ridge: Okay. Of course I will. Thank you.

Steffy: Thanks, Dad. Thanks.

Stephanie: Ridge told me everything.

Brooke: I always tried to break him of that habit.

Stephanie: It was an impossible situation. He was never, never going to forgive and forget about Phoebe.

Brooke: You don't need to explain it to me.

Stephanie: I didn't mean to. I-I was just-- I never knew you could be so unselfish.

Brooke: Well, I guess you never really knew me. You've been feuding with somebody else in your head all these years. (Sighs) Look, do you mind leaving? I don't feel like dealing with your insults. I'm really not in the mood. You do every time you walk through that door.

Stephanie: You have every reason to feel that way. That's for sure.

Brooke: Look, I don't need your consolation. I've been in love with the same man most of my life. And I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with him, but I certainly don't need a shoulder to cry on, and most of all, yours.

Owen: There you are. I've been waiting for you in the room.

Jackie: Oh, hi. I thought you were right behind me. Do you know, this is the second best mai tai I have ever had, except for the one I had ten minutes ago. (Chuckles)

Owen: Come on, Jackie. I thought we were gonna talk.

Jackie: Darling, we can. We can talk here. I mean, there's nobody around. I don't want to spend all day and all night in the hotel room. We're in Hawaii.

Owen: Neither do I, and I know that we are in Hawaii. But I want to get married.

Jackie: (Sighs) So do I want to marry you. It's just that I don't know how much sense it makes right now. I can't be away from the office for very long, and, darling, weddings, they are a headache to plan.

Owen: And you know what? You don't have to worry about a single thing, because I've got it all taken care of. All you've gotta do is just say yes.

Jackie: When do you have in mind to do this?

Owen: Just as soon as you finish your drink.

Taylor: You don't have to do anything for us, Ridge. They just love you. That's all. We all do.

Ridge: I just don't think it would be good right now for me to be around people.

Taylor: Oh, I completely understand.

Ridge: I'm not a kid anymore. I knew it wouldn't always be easy. I just never really believed it would-- I was unfaithful to her, Doc. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I never believed I would make that one.

Taylor: Well, you know, Brooke understands what the real issue is now. Kind of makes me feel badly for ever saying she was shallow or selfish. I guess I can't say that anymore. I think--I think she really showed a lot of wisdom and compassion and that she loves you.

Ridge: I'll always love her, too.

Stephanie: Where's Rick?

Brooke: He doesn't need you either.

Stephanie: I-I'm sure he doesnít. I was thinking more in terms that I didn't want to leave you alone.

Brooke: How can you say that? That's been your life's work.

Stephanie: Look, I understand that you're angry, but, you know, I'm a mother, too, who loves her son, and some people might say too well. And I'm also a woman that's lost the love of her life.

Brooke: I'm not really angry. I just... (sighs) I don't know what else there is to say. I just know that I have to hold it together for my children. That's all that I can really do. And I can't think about the past, because it's full of loving your son. And I can't think about the future, because there's nothing there.

Stephanie: You don't know what the rest of your life will be about. All you know is that what has been in the past is gone.

Brooke: There will--

Stephanie: Something or someone will come. They will appear.

Brooke: No, Stephanie. There will never be another man for me.

Stephanie: You don't know that. And in time--

Brooke: No, no, no. Really. That part of my life is over.

Bridget: Hey.

Nick: What took you so long?

Bridget: You ate already?

Nick: It's nervous eating.

Bridget: Oh, you're nervous?

Nick: When I'm on the phone, I'm nervous.

Bridget: No, you're not. You're rude and abrupt, not nervous.

Nick: I was on the phone with Clarke.

Bridget: Oh. Clarke makes you nervous?

Nick: When he's manning the store, he does. Owen Knight bought plane tickets and then cancelled them.

Bridget: That doesn't sound like manning the store.

Nick: This guy's up to something. I feel it. I feel it in my gut. I feel it in my skin. I feel it in my bones. I leave town, all of a sudden, he makes his move. I-I know that's what's going on here.

Bridget: Nick.

Nick: What? You feel like this may be interrupting our honeymoon just a little bit? I'm sorry. Listen, sit down and have your granola, and I'm just gonna cool down and go jump in the pool.

Bridget: Wait, um...

Nick: What?

Bridget: You-- you don't want to do that.

Nick: Why don't I want to do that?

Bridget: I don't know. You tell me.

Nick: Do you think I'm being overly dramatic so I can get some special attention?

Bridget: It worked.

Nick: Hmm. It did, didn't it?

Owen: Are you angry?

Jackie: No. (Sighs) I just feel as though I've stumbled upon an agenda that isn't mine.

Man: Excuse me. Can I take that for you?

Owen: You know what? Yeah. Can you get her another one? Or get her a pitcher if she wants one.

Man: Sure.

Owen: Since you like them. Come on, I thought you wanted to marry me.

Jackie: Oh, stop that. I am not backing away from marrying you. It's just this rush to do some quickie wedding that I don't understand.

Owen: I don't see how it's going to happen any other way. Do you? Come on. I mean, how long of a guest list were you figuring on?

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Who do you expect to cry at our wedding and be sincerely happy for us? What, Clarke?

Jackie: (Laughs)

Owen: I mean, come on. Yeah. Maybe if you pay him to. Meanwhile, Nick is gonna be doing everything in his power to make sure that it doesn't happen. And if it does happen, we're probably gonna get married in some cheap little chapel in Vegas with Nick pounding on the door. That's not how I want it to be for us.

Owen: Thank you.

Man: If you'd be so kind, sir?

Owen: Yeah. Here you go. Thanks, man.

Man: Thank you, sir.

Jackie: All right. I mean, you have every right to be mad at Nick for his interference. I mean, I haven't done a very good job of keeping him at bay, but I promise you I will in the future.

Owen: I see. So marrying me is like some punishment that good behavior is gonna get you out of?

Jackie: (Scoffs) Please, you know better than that.

Owen: No, I donít. I mean, you want to know why Nick treats me like trash? It's because he can. It's like I'm your personal trainer or the guy that parks your car. I mean, not even. Jackie, he thinks that I am dispensable, that I just provide a service that you can live without.

Jackie: Oh, Owen.

Owen: No. If you want me to be more, give me a place in your life. Come on. A place where Nick can't touch us. I don't want to give him another chance at tearing us apart. I don't want to lose you. So marry me... now.

Ridge: I should go.

Taylor: Yeah, sure. Whatever you need to do.

Ridge: Would you tell Thomas and Steffy for me?

Taylor: Taking care of yourself is the most important thing right now. That's all we want.

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: You don't have to thank me. Ridge, you've been going through so much. You've been in so much pain. And I share some of it with you, but I can't share all of it. I wish I could take it away.

Brooke: Nobody tells you how quickly it will come and go. You're 20, and you don't know anything. And everybody tells you you have your whole life ahead of you, so you're not in a hurry. And then you're 30, and you think you know what it is that you need to find. You feel strong. You feel ready, and you find it. And then at 40, you have this great thing that you've found right in your hands. But is it really yours to keep? And then it's gone. And everything that you thought was there-- it's over-- your life, your chance.

Brooke: And then it's somebody else's turn.

Stephanie: That's so true.

Stephanie: You'll be all right, though. You will.

Brooke: (Chuckles)

Stephanie: You know what? I bet if you went upstairs and took a nice long, hot shower and you put all your makeup on, picked out a beautiful dress, started the day fresh, it might help.

Brooke: (Chuckles) Yeah. Okay. (Sighs) (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs) (thinking) I can't believe this is happening. She really did love him. God, to fight so long, to try to get her out of our lives for so long, and it comes to this. And all I can feel is pity and sympathy. Why do I feel sad for her? I just want her gone, and yet I feel sad.

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