B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/1/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/1/09


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Ridge: No, Brooke, this is not the end for us. I won't accept that.

Brooke: How can you say that? You had sex with Taylor. You betrayed me. You violated our vows. We can't just pretend that nothing happened.

Ridge: Of course not. Of course not. But you and I have been through so much. We've dealt with so much so far.

Brooke: I never thought that you would betray me. I never thought that you'd be unfaithful. I really never thought that that would happen. It is the one thing, the only thing, that our marriage cannot survive.

Bridget: This is much more my style than golf.

Nick: What?

Bridget: Oh, nothing. Just... (Laughs) hitting little white balls around is-- (Scoffs) it's the perfect way to ruin a very nice walk.

Nick: You talking to me?

Bridget: Huh? Oh, yeah, I was just wondering if you, uh, do you want another beer?

Nick: Trying to get me loaded before our golf game, aren't you?

Bridget: You are going to play golf. I am gonna sit right here and wait for you to get back.

Owen: Come on, Jackie. You can't just walk away. Give me an answer. What do you say, hmm?

Jackie: (Sighs) What's the rush?

Owen: Well, there wouldn't be a rush if we lived here in Hawaii, but we donít. We're only here for a few days. I mean, come on.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: I want to marry you here. Here in paradise. What do you say?

Bridget: Who are you texting?

Nick: Just checking in.

Bridget: (Clears throat) You know, sometimes I wonder.

Nick: What do you wonder?

Bridget: Of you and Jackie, which one is the child, and which one is the parent?

Nick: "Where are you?" She's been missing. I don't care where she is. I just want to make sure she's alone.

Bridget: Mm-hmm. Just put your earplugs back in. (Humming)

Jackie: What about your family?

Owen: Well, your family can't be here, so why should mine?

Jackie: (Chuckles) Yeah, but this is your first wedding. At least, I think it is. Is it?

Owen: Yes.

Jackie: (Chuckles)

Owen: This is my first wedding.

Jackie: Good.

Owen: This is gonna be my last, too. I can't wait another minute for you to be my bride.

Jackie: (Sighs) Your bride. How fetching that sounds.

(Cell phone beeps)

Owen: Mm.

Jackie: Oh. Oh, look, I've got a text.

Owen: Oh, I don't have to guess who that's from.

Jackie: (Chuckles) He wonders where I am.

Owen: Oh, please. Don't tell him, please? Otherwise he's gonna be on the next plane out here.

Jackie: Oh, that's so silly. He's on his honeymoon. "I am taking a vacation."

Owen: Soon to be our honeymoon.

Nick: All right. Time for golf.

Bridget: (Sighs) I'm gonna go jogging. You go golf.

Nick: Well, at least give me something for good luck, will ya?

Bridget: Mwah.

Nick: Hey, hey, hey. That won't even get me through the back nine.

Bridget: Oh, God. Come here.

Bridget: Is that better?

Nick: Yeah, that's a little bit better. What's the matter?

Bridget: I just-- I thought I saw, um--

Nick: Saw what?

Bridget: No, nothing. (Chuckles) There's no way. Forget it. See you later.

Felicia: Ridge and Brooke are breaking up?

Stephanie: It's a real possibility.

Thorne: But there's more, isn't there, Mother?

Stephanie: He spent the night with Taylor.

Felicia: Spent the night...

Stephanie: He slept with her, and Brooke found out about it.

Taylor: Brooke, would you just try to understand--

Brooke: Why you slept with my husband? Why I'm supposed to accept that?

Taylor: (Scoffs) Ridge was in the deepest despair I have ever seen him in.

Ridge: I tried to deal with that by taking pills.

Taylor: A lot more than you should have.

Brooke: Don't try to justify it.

Ridge: Doc, I need to work this out with Brooke, just the two of us, okay?

Taylor: I-I'll be upstairs.

Brooke: Work it out? (Sighs) How are we gonna do that?

Owen: Jackie, this is Kamalu.

Jackie: (Sighs)

Owen: Kamalu, how long you been teaching people how to surf?

Kamalu: Oh, plenty years.

Jackie: Oh, and let me guess. Everyone you've taught has learned to surf and survived, right?

Kamalu: Yeah, pretty much.

Jackie: Great. Well, you're about to break your winning streak.

Owen: All right.

Kamalu: Well, we'll see.

Owen: Come on, you two. Get out there. Surf is up. Give me your hat.

Jackie: Bye-bye.

Owen: Give me the hat. (Chuckles) Bye-bye.

Felicia: Wow. Oh, my God. So ridge slept with Taylor, and Brooke knows?

Thorne: How the hell did she find out?

Stephanie: He told her.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Felicia: Why? Oh, my God-- they're never gonna survive this.

Stephanie: No, I don't think they will.

Felicia: (Sighs)

Ridge: Logan, more than anything, I want a future with you.

Brooke: How can we do that, Ridge? How can I be with you? How can I hold you and love you when all I can think about is you and Taylor?

Ridge: (Sighs) What would you have me do? Not tell you? Keep a secret from you? I could have done that. Maybe I should have. No, I couldn't have done that, Brooke, because I have too much respect for you, too much respect for us. I don't want any secrets between us.

Brooke: I'm glad that you told me, Ridge, really. But it doesn't make the betrayal any less. We're falling apart here. You moved out of the house, and you've been so despondent.

Ridge: Yeah, well, there's a reason I've been so despondent.

Brooke: Yes, I know, and it all started with the night that your daughter died, and my son was driving the car, and I know that you haven't been able to forgive him.

Ridge: No, but I have tried.

Brooke: It's not all about Rick. It's also about Taylor.

Ridge: (Sighs) Logan, I am in love with you.

Brooke: Ridge, how can we make that love work? How? You do love me, but you hate my son, and he is a part of me, and that is never going to change. For the rest of our lives, he will be tied to me-- the man that you blame for killing your daughter. And Taylor is the mother of this precious girl that died, and you two-- you two have a tie together because of your two surviving children. (Sighs)

Ridge: Brooke, what are you trying to say here?

Brooke: What you have with Taylor is beautiful and lovely, and what you have with me now is tainted.

Ridge: No, that's not true.

Brooke: Yes, Ridge, it is true. I really can understand why you despise my son. But that is why you can't love me unconditionally, because my son is a part of me. So there's a part of me that you hate and you will always hate. There's no denying that. Am I right?

Owen: Oh! (Laughs)

Bridget: Hey, Owen.

Owen: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Owen? Oh, my gosh. What are you doing here?

Bridget: What are you doing here? How are you here in Hawaii? Where's Jackie? What, you found out that Nick was bringing me here for my honeymoon, so you just thought you would join us?

Owen: No, that is not it at all.

Bridget: So you're telling me this is strictly a coincidence.

Owen: Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. You know the last place I would want to take Jackie is anywhere near Nick.

Bridget: He cannot find out that either one of you are here. Do you understand?

Owen: No kidding, Sherlock, especially with what I have planned.

Bridget: Owen, whatever it is, you have gotta get Jackie out of here. If Nick finds out that either one of you are here, this could get very ugly.

Thorne: Well, I guess with Rick in the picture, it was inevitable.

Stephanie: Uh, it was just impossible for Ridge to accept that she would constantly choose her son over him. I--look, both of them just need to move on.

Felicia: So do you think Ridge and Taylor will end up together?

Stephanie: Well, I think that-- I think he'd be really happy if he did. I think it would be great for Thomas and Steffy.

Ridge: I will not let it end this way, Brooke, or any way.

Brooke: Ridge, I know how much you love me, but our lives can't go on together, not after everything that's happened.

Ridge: I don't believe that.

Brooke: Well, I don't want to believe it either, but it's not time for rose-colored glasses. It's time for reality. And as much as we love each other, we continue to hurt each other.

Ridge: Look, I, uh, I messed up with Taylor. I know that.

Brooke: Yes, you did.

Ridge: Logan, I am so sorry. I didn't want to hurt you.

Brooke: Nor I you. (Sighs) But that's what we keep doing. We keep hurting each other. And we can't fix it. (Sighs) It's beyond us, Ridge. It's beyond you. It's beyond me. This life has really taken us for a cruel ride, and there's no way back. Our wonderful, beautiful, spectacular romance has finally come to an end.

Bridget: Nick.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: Hey, um, wh--wh--when did you get back?

Nick: Uh, just a little bit ago.

Bridget: That was a fast golf game.

Nick: Yeah. I hit my first drive into a lava field. That's a bad omen.

Bridget: Oh. Oh, uh, come on. I know how much you wanted to play. I will go play with you, and you'll have better luck.

Nick: No, no, no. I'm done with golf for today. Thanks. Let's just go to the beach, take it easy, go for a swim, whatever you want to do.

Bridget: No, uh, no. I-- God, I-I'm so hungry. (Laughs) Why don't we just stay in and order some food, watch a movie?

Nick: We're in Hawaii. We can do that in L.A.

Bridget: Yeah, I know, but maybe it'll, you know, inspire us for other things. So you look at the menu, and, uh, think about what movie you're gonna watch. I'm just gonna go take a shower.

Nick: No. You've got to be kidding me. Is that it? No.

Nick: I don't believe this.

Bridget: What?

Nick: Come here. Does that look familiar? Huh?

Bridget: Listen, Nick, I-I already know.

Nick: So you've seen it?

Bridget: "It"?

Nick: Yes, the--the boat. Look at that. It's identical to "The Marlin." Somebody saw it in the magazine, and they copied my boat.

Bridget: (Chuckles) The boat. The boat, yeah. Right.

Nick: What did you think I was talking about?

Bridget: I-I, uh, I--nothing. I, uh, but, um, oh.

Bridget: (Chuckles nervously)

Nick: Shook me up seeing a boat like that.

Owen: Come over here, my surfer girl. Come here.

Jackie: Oh, stop. I've got to finish. Oh, on second thought, maybe I don't have to finish.

Nick: What was that?

Bridget: Well, let's go inside, and I'll show you some more.

Nick: Hey, clean up your trash and laundry over there, will ya?

Jackie: My God. That sounded like--

Bridget: Honey.

Nick: You know, this is a 5-star hotel. This isn't a surf shack. I feel like I want to go over and teach them a little etiquette.

Bridget: But who cares about etiquette?

Nick: It'll just take a second.

Jackie: (Giggles) Stop it.

Owen: You know you like it.

Jackie: I know, but stop.

Bridget: (Laughs) I don't think right now is--is the best time.

Nick: Well, maybe not.

Thorne: Well, I guess congratulations are in order. You always wanted Ridge and Taylor together.

Stephanie: That's true. That's true. I ju--but I want, you know, all of you to be happy. I just think if he's with Taylor, he has a real chance at that. And I think he just deserves to be happy.

Ridge: Logan, I will never, ever stop loving you.

Brooke: And I will never, ever stop loving you. Our wedding on the beach, all those memories, I will cherish them forever.

Ridge: This is not the life we had planned for our little boy, R.J. Growing up without his dad being there?

Brooke: Ridge, you will spend time with R.J., lots of time. In fact, we'll spend time together as a family-- you, me, Hope and R.J. But I really think no matter how much it hurts that you need to be with Taylor right now. She's the one who can bring you that peace. I canít.

Taylor: (Sighs) Oh, I'm sorry. I-I thought you were finished.

Brooke: Oh, Taylor, wait. Come here. There's something I'd like to say.

Brooke: Both of you share two wonderful children together, and you've both suffered a terrible loss. I think that you need to be together right now, and... (Sighs) Ridge, just let me say this, okay? Taylor, I can't bring peace to Ridge's life right now, and you can. In fact, you may be the only person who can. So I want you to love him and to appreciate him and give him everything that I canít. And Ridge, I want you to heal. I want your grief to end. And I know that Taylor can bring peace to your life, so let her do that for you, and be together. Find joy in your family together.

Brooke: Please, Taylor, take care of Ridge for me.

Brooke: Ridge, good-bye.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Sobs)

Brooke: (Sighs)

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