B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/23/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/23/09


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[Nick and Bridget kiss]

Nick: No, no, no. Stop, stop. It doesn't matter what you do -- I'm not telling you. The honeymoon will be a surprise.

Bridget: I hate surprises.

Nick: [Chuckles] Since when do you hate surprises?

Bridget: Ok, fine, I love surprises, but I need to go where we're going so I know what to wear.

Nick: Well, you just leave that to me. I want you to focus on the ceremony and don't screw up the vows, ok?

Bridget: Oh, whatever -- like I ever could. Weíve only done this twice before, but you know what they say, third time's a charm.

Nick: Well, I hope your old man thinks so. Otherwise he'll have my head and a few of my vital organs.

Bridget: Ok, so my dad has a few concerns but he has agreed to walk me down the aisle.

Nick: Really? What about your mother?

Bridget: Oh, are you kidding? She's so happy for us. She's standing up for me.

Nick: A family affair 'cause Rick has decided to be my best man again.

Bridget: Really? Ok, that's great! So that's the wedding party. What about your mother?

Nick: She's thrilled about this. Are you kidding? She'll be showing up with bells on.

Bridget: Without Owen?

Nick: He hasn't been invited. I made that very clear to both of them.

Bridget: What happens if he shows up anyway?

Nick: I'll kill him.

Bridget: Right!

Jackie: Ok, tell me. What is it? What's the matter, darling?

Owen: Just this whole thing with Nick is driving me nuts. Come on, ordering me to stay away from his wedding? I'm your fiancť for God's sakes.  I hate seeing him put you in this position.

Jackie: I am Nick's mother, and he has not heard the last from me on this. Trust me. Please trust me.

Owen: I'm sorry.

Taylor: [Remember] What? Itís empty.

Stephanie: [Present time] I guess I know what you're thinking about.

Taylor: Oh, hi, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Ridge. [Sighs] This reconciliation that you have waited so long for, it's finally happened, hasn't it?

Donna: Oh, Eric. I know that you still have some reservations and Bridget doesn't. You know, I think it's going to work out with her and Nick this time. I really do.

Owen: Come on, how am I supposed to know where the happy couple's honeymoon is gonna be. What do I look like -- a freaking wedding planner?

Bridget: Let me guess. Jared trying to figure out some last minute details about the ceremony tomorrow?

Owen: I don't suppose that you're having second thoughts?

Bridget: About marrying Nick? What do you think?

Owen: I think that if I didn't like you so much, I'd congratulate you, considering you're so hell-bent on marrying this guy again. I'll go with my condolences instead.

[Nick laughs]

Jackie: Was that Chuck I've just seen stepping into the elevator?

Nick: Yeah, a wedding gift from the boys in the office. I got a coupon for a free bucket of wings, in case I want to take my wife out for a night on the town.

Jackie: Wow! Lucky Bridget!

Nick: Lucky me! She's making an honest man out of me for the third and final time.

Jackie: Well, I'm sure everything will just go perfectly sweetheart.

Nick: I hope so, as long as a certain someone doesn't show up.

Jackie: You're talking about my fiancť.

Nick: I don't want to see him at that chapel.

Jackie: Look, I don't like how we left things earlier.

Nick: No, Owen doesn't like how we left things, so he sent you.

Jackie: Will you listen to me, just for one minute?

Nick: Mother, he proposed to you after I canned him. That is complete and total manipulation and now it's degrading actually to you, and he wants to use this wedding as a power play. That's what's going on here.

Jackie: Owen just wants to be treated like --

Nick: Like what? Seriously, like one of the family, showing up at my wedding on your arm? Have you even given any thought how it's going to appear to people, seeing you two as a couple?

Jackie: I mean, hat are we doing that is so untoward. I mean, really? What are we doing. It canít be the age difference, older women younger men, passť these days. The fact that we're cohabitating? I don't think so. Plenty of that going around. Ahh, of course, there was that time that we hid in my loft behaved like a couple of kids having the time of our lives. Is that it, Nicky? Is that how Owen is degrading me, by giving me some of the most carefree moments of my life. I have asked you and asked you, give it time. I've asked you to try to understand, and I don't think you've tried at all. Why are you so determined for me not to be happy?

Donna: Hello.

Eric: Oh, honey, no. Not tonight, not tonight.

Stephanie: Honey, I was so happy this morning when I spoke to you and found out that you'd stayed at the guesthouse. Are you all right?

Bridget: I realize Nick has been very hard on you, but you have to understand. He's protective of the woman he loves.

Owen: Ok, so what? That gives him the right to trash me every second that he gets?

Bridget: His mother is very important to him.

Owen: She's very important to me, too. That is why I proposed to her, and that is why she said yes, but Jackie doesn't think that I'm some hustler. She doesn't think that, because I haven't given her any reason to doubt me, but Nick, it doesn't matter.  He thinks that I'm some, some pretty boy trying to work my way on Easy Street by using his unsuspecting mother to do it, but he is dead wrong, and if he doesn't back off, I mean, I am going to --

Bridget: What? What, you're gonna what, Owen?

Nick: You're absolutely right, Mother. I'm busted. I want you to be miserable. Huh? I care nothing about your happiness.

Jackie: Oh, stop it. I'm just trying to get you to see --

Nick: You're trying to get me to see your boy toy through your eyes.

Jackie: No. I'm trying to get you to see me as a woman, not just as your mother. A woman who's at a stage in her life when she can give herself permission to put her own needs first without feeling guilty. It's not that I don't cherish being your mother, Nicky, but you're a grown man. That's something I haven't always respected. I've interfered in your romantic involvements when I shouldn't have. I told myself it was because I was looking out for you when the truth is that my personal life was just so bloody empty. That's changed now. Owen's changed that in really just glorious unexpected ways.

Nick: That scares the hell out of me, and it should scare the hell out of you.

Jackie: What should?

Nick: Well, what do we know about him, Mother? I mean, seriously. Do we know anything about his family? Who was this guy before he came to L.A.? Has anyone done any kind of background check on him?

Jackie: I trust Owen. I mean, he doesn't open up about his family very much but that doesn't mean he's hiding anything.

Nick: Or it means he is.

Jackie: [Sighs] No. I mean, there are things in my past that I'm not proud of. Things that I did out of desperation, and God, you should know, but this isn't about desperation, itís about choice. I am choosing not to be lonely. I am choosing to accept this gift that God, the faith gave me when they sent me this young man, and if that does turn out to be foolhardy as you think, then I've only got myself to blame. Nicky, I'm alive again in a way that I just haven't been in years, and I'm not going to give that up on the chance that Owen isnít who I really believe him to be.  Iím not gonna do that, not even for you.

Donna: Honey. You weren't in the mood in the office and now you're not in the mood in our bedroom. Should I be concerned?

Eric: No, no. I'm the one who has to be concerned. My business is on the ropes here. Sales continue to fall ever since Stephanie left. The business is continuing to fall off in ways that I never imagined when I let her go.

Stephanie: I'm your best friend. I'm his mom. You know that I just want you two to be happy

Taylor: Of course, I know that.

Stephanie: Was last night everything that you'd hoped for?

Taylor: Let's just say that it was and it wasn't and just leave it there.

Taylor: [Remembering] The pills? Did you take these? How many did you take?

Ridge: I honestly don't remember.

Nick: You don't think that I know what it's like to be lonely after all those years I spent out at sea?

Jackie: That was solitude. It's different. And besides you craved it. You thrived on that, but the loneliness that I'm talking is -- [Sighs] When I met your father again and we got married, well, I thought it's behind me, but you know what the irony of it is? I was lonelier when married to Massimo because he never if rarely let me in.

Nick: Which left you vulnerable to the Deacon Sharpes and the Owen Knights of the world.

Jackie: Oh, Owen is nothing like Deacon.

Nick: He's exactly like Deacon all the way to the buff body and the slick smile, but that's not really the issue, is it?

Jackie: No, it isn't. The issue is a loving son who's convinced that his mother is headed for heartbreak, or worse he's determined to save her from it. But what that loving son doesn't realize is that heartbreak isn't nearly as frightening to her as the prospect of spending one more day, one more hour, in quiet desperation. Isn't companionship everyone's right? Isn't love everyone's dream? You've found both of those, Nicky, with Bridget. I think, I hope, I've found tem with Owen. Stop denigrating him to me, please, because every time you do, it doesn't make me love him less. It makes me treasure him more. My dearest wish is that the day I do marry him you will that understand and that you'll be compassionate for both our sakes.

[Nick shakes his head]

Bridget: Answer me, Owen. You're going to do what?

Owen: You just tell your fiancť that I'm not a doormat, and I only take so much before I push back.

Bridget: Meaning what?

Owen: Meaning I don't know, but Iíve got limits, Bridget, and Nick is about to cross all of them, and that would be a mistake. A very big mistake.

[Nick and Owen come face to face]

Donna: Sweetheart, I know that it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world, but I'm your wife and I'm going to get you through this. I mean, that's what being married is all about, isn't it? Facing life's challenges hand in hand.

Eric: Mmm.

Stephanie: You did spend the night with Ridge?

Taylor: Yes.

Stephanie: Honey, what's wrong?

Taylor: I didn't say anything was wrong.

Stephanie: Well, you didn't say much of anything.

Taylor: Well, I'm busy. Ridge and I talked about whatever happened between us, and we'll just keep it between ourselves.

Jackie: Oh, Jorgen is going to be at your house in fifteen minutes and you're here.

Bridget: Jorgen?

Jackie: He's Beverly Hills' premiere masseuse, and I thought you'd like to decompress, you know. The night before the big day, so I bought you a massage. Surprise!

Bridget: That is so sweet, Jackie. Thank you.

Jackie: Let's just hope Nicky doesn't take umbrage -- a strange man's hands on his bride the night before.

Bridget: Oooh, I think I can handle your son.

Jackie: Oh, I wish you could give me some pointers. I just left him and he still does not want me to bring Owen. [Sighs]

Bridget: You know, Jackie. I think that might be best.

Jackie: Oh, no. No, Bridget, not you too.

Bridget: Look, I just don't want to see things get out of hand.

Jackie: Well, neither do I, but Owen is my fiancť. I mean, I know our engagement is crazy and is unexpected, but please, did two months ago you envision yourself marrying my son for the third time tomorrow?

Bridget: All right.

Jackie: Honey, it's not like we are rushing into marriage. We're taking our time, but to hear Nicky tell it, Owen is some kind of Lothario who can't wait to marry me and fleece me out of every dime that I've got and that is just not it. How do I convince him? How do I convince you?

Owen: Take your damn hands off of me.

Nick: Take your hands off of my mother.

Owen: Why don't you try doing the same. Maybe try letting her live her own life. You want to keep trying to turn Jackie against me? Good luck with that, pal.

Nick: Now, you listen to me, pal. You will no longer abuse my mother.

Owen: Abuse her?

Nick: Abuse her trust? You played this whole thing perfectly, right? You've fallen right in the lap of luxury. Well, this is going to end when I get back from my honeymoon, and I'll be ending it.

Owen: I'm shaking in my shorts.

Nick: Well, you're going to be doing a lot more in those shorts unless you cancel this ridiculous marriage you have planned. You will never be walking down that aisle not as long as I'm breathing. As for tomorrow, you will not show your face at that wedding chapel, because if you do, I won't be responsible for what happens.

Owen: Your mother is the one who wants me there.

Nick: That would be a very big mistake. Now don't say that you haven't been warned.

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