B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/10/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/10/09


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Rick: Ridge is not gonna leave my mom, Steffy. They're gonna find a way to work this out, okay?

Steffy: Maybe we shouldn't have told them.

Rick: What? No, no. Remember, that's not the plan, okay? We need to be as open as possible with this. No secrets. No hidden agendas.

Steffy: You know, I tried to tell my mom that you changed.

Rick: Well, now I need to prove it to everybody, and I will. (Sighs)

Thomas: Get your hands off her!

Steffy: Thomas! Thomas!

Thomas: Leave my sister alone!

Donna: I told you she'd forget.

Brooke: Oh.

Katie: What's wrong?

Donna: What happened?

Brooke: (Sighs) Ridge and I had a fight.

Katie: About what?

Brooke: (Sighs) What else? Rick and Steffy.

Katie: But that's over.

Brooke: They tried. (Sighs) But Rick really loves Steffy, and they just couldn't stay away from each other. Of course, Ridge doesn't understand that. They're not children anymore. We can't just forbid it.

Katie: Well, you don't have to condone it. Did you condone it?

Donna: Who cares if she did?

Katie: Well, obviously, Ridge cares.

Donna: Look, he'll get over it. He has to. He's your husband.

Brooke: No. No, he isnít.

Katie: (Scoffs)

Taylor: Wait.

Ridge: Isn't this what you want?

Taylor: More than anything. I just don't know if it's what you want. You're not exactly being yourself right now.

Ridge: Oh, on the contrary, I feel more like myself than I have in a very long time.

Taylor: Well, it could be the anti-anxiety medication I gave you.

Ridge: No, Doc, it's you... being here with you. The medication helped. It helped me get a grip, but it's really you. You're what's making the difference for me-- bringing me here, giving me the support I need.

Taylor: Just old habits. (Laughs)

Ridge: No, it's more. Brooke was busy defending her son, but you were here supporting me, helping me protect our daughter. You understand. I don't have to explain myself to you, my feelings and all. It's like I can breathe again. No tension, no conflict. I just feel... at peace. (Sighs)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Donna: Ridge has known about this for how long?

Katie: And he hasn't mentioned that your marriage isn't legal?

Donna: Well, you know, a lot has been going on, Brooke.

Brooke: It didn't slip his mind, Donna. He didn't want me to know.

Katie: Is that what he said?

Brooke: No. (Sighs) Stephanie did.

Donna: Oh, please, Brooke, consider the source.

Brooke: I know. Still, Ridge thought it would be really easy. He said we would just go downtown, and we would fix the paperwork. And then Rick and Steffy walked in, and they asked us for our support. That's when everything went crazy. Ridge walked out on me. (Sighs) He doesn't trust me. He thinks that I don't put him first. That's the real reason why he didn't tell me about the marriage license. (Sighs) It's almost like he was reconsidering, putting me on probation or something.

Katie: According to Stephanie.

Donna: You can't believe anything that Stephanie says. She'll say or do anything to get what she wants.

Brooke: I know, and she wants Ridge and Taylor to be together. And then every time Ridge and I have an argument about Rick and Steffy, that gives her even more of an opportunity to make that happen. I just can't keep fighting this... (Sighs) this battle. I want the conflict to stop.

Rick: Get your hands off me, Thomas. I said back off.

Steffy: Thomas, stop. What are you doing?

Thomas: You broke up with him. You swore it was over.

Steffy: Well, he still loves me, and I still care about him.

Thomas: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. You're letting this scum back in your life?

Steffy: He's changed, and we want to try again.

Thomas: No!

Steffy: We're gonna take it slowly this time and do it the right way. We're not sneaking around.

Thomas: (Scoffs) You mean shove it in Dad's face. That's what this jerk wants. He's using you again, Steffy. Don't let him.

Steffy: You're wrong.

Rick: You've got to give us a chance, Thomas.

Thomas: Why should I?

Rick: Because I gave you one.

Thomas: I can't believe you would do this. Don't you give a damn what it'll do to Dad when he finds out?

Steffy: Dad knows. So does Mom. They both don't like it, but there's nothing they can do about it, and the same goes for you. It's my life, and I want to spend it with Rick.

Taylor: I can't tell you how much you frightened me today. I-I have never seen you so in crisis.

Ridge: I was. Before you brought me here, I was despairing. But there you were, like an angel.

Taylor: (Scoffs) You need to get some rest.

Ridge: You gave me what I need-- one simple thing, the most important thing-- support.

Taylor: We've always been able to support each other.

Ridge: But we haven't, not always. And those moments when we were the least connected were some of the worst times in our lives. It's better like this. Look at the way we've handled Phoebe's death-- came together, faced it as a family. We're healing. And that's how we'll handle Rick, how I tried to handle it with Brooke.

Taylor: Well, she'll always support her son first.

Ridge: All she can think about is Rick. I walked out of our house, Taylor. Has she tried to find me? Has she tried to call?

Taylor: Well, um, actually, she did a little earlier, but you were upset, and so I turned the sound off on your phone.

Taylor: Uh, I'll get, uh, get you a little more tea.

Rick: Ridge!

Ridge: What happened?

Rick: There's been an accident.

Ridge: No!

Taylor: Did you talk to Brooke?

Ridge: No. I was thinking about Phoebe.

Ridge: Rick took her away from us, Doc. Now he's doing the same thing with Steffy. How the hell could Brooke support that?

Taylor: I don't know. I really don't know.

Steffy: Look, maybe it would be easier if we left L.A., moved to Paris or something.

Rick: Oh, Steffy, we can't do that, especially not now. This company is under attack, and my father needs me.

Thomas: My dad can run the company. I'll help him. You and Steffy can fly off into the sunset.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Rick: Thomas, that's the last thing your father wants right now. Besides, Steffy doesn't want to leave her family, do you?

Steffy: No, no.

Rick: And I'm not gonna make you choose. It's not the answer, Thomas.

Thomas: No? Then what is?

Rick: We're in a relationship, and we need to find some way to get our families to accept this relationship. That is the answer.

Steffy: Thomas, if you want things to be different, stop fighting us. I don't want to fight you. Phoebe's gone, and we're all that Mom and Dad have left, and they need us. And I need you, okay? You are my big brother, and I love you, but you got to try to accept this. I am going to be with Rick. It doesn't have to be a problem if you don't make it one.

Donna: Stephanie's the real problem here.

Katie: No, Ridge is upset about Rick and Steffy.

Donna: Stephanie's using that to drive Ridge back to Taylor.

Brooke: And it might be working.

Katie: Brooke, it's not going to work. Uh, Ridge is not gonna let his mother manipulate him, not after everything you've been through. No way.

Taylor: Well, you seem to be a little more relaxed now. That must be some good chamomile.

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Ridge: How many nights did we fall asleep in front of this fireplace? Such great memories.

Taylor: Oh, we made a lot of those.

Ridge: We'll make more once we get Steffy away from Rick.

Taylor: At least you're sounding a lot more confident.

Ridge: It just doesn't seem impossible anymore with you here by my side. (Cell phone vibrates) (Vibrates)

Ridge: Brooke?

Brooke: Ridge?

Ridge: I'm here.

Brooke: Did you get my message?

Ridge: I haven't listened to it yet.

Brooke: I-I know you don't want to get into this right now.

Ridge: No, I donít.

Brooke: I just wanted to make sure that you were okay, and we can talk about this later.

Ridge: Tomorrow.

Brooke: Oh, tomorrow. I-I don't really want to wait that long. I mean, if we have a misunderstanding, I--

Ridge: Oh, is that all it is is a misunderstanding?

Brooke: I hope so.

Ridge: So you're saying that you don't support Rick and Steffy's relationship?

Brooke: (Sighs) Ridge, it's kind of out of our control.

Ridge: Oh, okay. So that makes it all okay then?

Brooke: If we forbid it, it's just going to make matters worse, especially for us.

Ridge: Logan, I can't have Rick in my life. That means he can't be in my daughter's life. And if you can't stop him--

Brooke: You know I canít. (Call disconnects)

Brooke: Ridge?

Taylor: What happened? What--what did she say?

Ridge: She won't forbid it. It's out of her control.

Taylor: So... that's it? That's it--she--that's-- that's her response? Nothing?

Ridge: I shouldn't be surprised. She doesn't get it. She doesn't have any idea what this is doing to me. She couldnít. (Sighs) Brooke will never understand.

Brooke: He hung up on me.

Donna: Was he angry?

Brooke: No, it was odd. He sounded very calm, very detached.

Katie: Well, did he say where he was?

Brooke: Mm, I can only guess.

Katie: No, no. You shouldn't let your mind go there.

Donna: Oh, no. No, you have to stay positive.

Katie: You and Ridge have been through this before and won. You'll get through this again.

Donna: You know, he's--he's probably just blowing off steam. Just give him some time, and--and he is gonna come walking through that door with flowers, apologizing out of the wazoo.

Katie: Out the wazoo.

Donna: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Sighs) Thank you.

Katie: I'm just glad we were here.

Brooke: You know, if Stephanie was right about one thing, it's that us Logan girls, we really know how to stick together.

Donna: Aw.

Katie: We do.

Brooke: Thank you. You're the best. (Sighs) Ridge and I will work through this, really. I just have to get through to him somehow and remind him that whatever goes on with Rick and Steffy, that it's not going to affect our relationship. And then we'll just go downtown, and we'll make our marriage official, and we'll move on with our lives, right?

Ridge: It's not working. There. I said it. I thought Brooke and I were fine. Steffy broke up with Rick. End of crisis. There's still so much tension. I didn't want to see it. Every time she mentions Rickís name-- the doubt, the questions, the mistrust. I can never trust him.

Taylor: I know. I understand.

Ridge: Is that why you didn't come to me when you were having problems? You didn't trust me to be there for you?

Taylor: I didn't come to you, because I knew you would be there for me, and I didn't want to disrupt your life. (Sighs)

Ridge: I guess I'm not as considerate as you are.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Ridge: You're the best thing in the world for me, Taylor. Look at me. I'm--I'm smiling.

Taylor: Yes, you are. (Laughs)

Ridge: (Inhales sharply) Oh, smell that air. It's like I'm breathing life into my body. I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back down there to all that trauma and angst. I like this. I want to feel like this. (Inhales sharply) (Exhales deeply) The thought of walking back into that house, knowing Rick could still be there, waiting to make another pitch, another grab for our daughter, I don't know if I could do that. Coming here's been the best, real joy I've felt in a long time. I know Brooke doesn't want to hurt me. She says she understands, but how can she? She's got her son. I can't go back there, Doc. I'm leaving. I have no other choice. I'm moving out.

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