B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/19/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/19/09


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Taylor: Stephanie? Stephanie, I want to talk to you about-- (sighs)

Taylor: If you were married to Brooke, I wouldn't be able to do this, but you're not married to Brooke.

Taylor: Maybe we can pick up where we left off.

(Door closes)

Brooke: It's over. Rick and Steffy aren't getting back together.

Ridge: I hope to God that's true, but we've been here before, haven't we, Brooke, where you said it was over and it wasn't?

Brooke: I know, but that's past us now. The strain that's been on you and on us-- nothing's going to come between our marriage ever again.

Stephanie: Bill, thanks so much for coming by and meeting everyone. I'm just delighted you did that.

Bill: No need to thank me. It's my pleasure to be here. I wanted to meet everyone and to see the Jackie M. operation in action. Quite a coup you pulled off, Nick, getting Stephanie over here.

Stephanie: Oh.

Nick: Well, she certainly didn't make it easy. Sit down, please.

Bill: (Chuckles) I'm sure she didnít. But she is quite an asset to your company.

Jackie: Yes, and we all feel the same way.

Stephanie: Well, thank you, Jacqueline. It's so nice to be appreciated.

Clarke: Especially after being so unappreciated.

Stephanie: (Chuckles)

Bridget: So, Bill, I, um, I hear "The Logan Chronicles," that was your idea?

Bill: Yes, it was-- one of my better ones, given all the buzz it's generating.

Bridget: Hmm.

Stephanie: I know. I'm delighted by it. (Laughs) But we can't rely for publicity just on the webcast. Um, I did finish writing up a couple more articles for you.

Bill: Wonderful. The latest installments of "The Logan Chronicles."

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: I can feel our readers salivating already with one notable exception. Donna Logan dropped by my office earlier. She told me, in no uncertain terms, to stop you or else.

Stephanie: Say it isn't so.

Bill: (Chuckles)

Nick: How did you handle it?

Bill: I told her I'd do it if she'd do something for me.

Donna: Hey.

Eric: Hey. Hi. Where did you run off to?

Donna: Um, I went to see Bill Spencer.

Eric: Donna, no. Look, I don't need you to run-- run interference for me.

Donna: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I know. I shouldn't have gone, and I'm sorry.

Eric: Did he, uh-- come here. Come here. Come here. Did he upset you?

Donna: Put it this way-- Bill Spencer is into helping one person-- himself.

Eric: You tell me what happened over there. What did Bill Spencer say to you?

Bridget: You do realize you're speaking about my father's wife.

Bill: I didn't say she took me up on my offer.

Clarke: Not that you'd ever give up on it, right?

Bill: Never do. Although on the off chance I do strike out with the buxom blonde, how about I give you a call?

Bridget: (Scoffs) Don't bother.

Bill: Spoken for?

(Cell phone rings)

Stephanie: I think it's me. Yes, excuse me. Just a moment.


Stephanie: Hello?

Taylor: I need to see you. It's urgent.

Stephanie: Um, oh, where are you? All right, I'm on my way. Uh, I'm so sorry, Bill. Forgive me, everybody. I-I forgot I had another meeting. Thanks for coming by, Bill.

Bill: See you soon.

(Door closes)

Brooke: You're still upset with me. You asked me not to support Rick, and I did. (Sighs) I'm sorry. But I still don't believe that Rick would use Phoebe as a way to get sympathies out of Steffy or--or you, for that matter. That DVD was just a beautiful, generous gesture.

Ridge: No, it wasn't, Brooke. It was a cold, self-serving, calculated move. Rick used an innocent girl that he killed, Steffy's twin sister, to try and manipulate his way back into her life. That is beyond sick. It's vile. For you to think that that was beautiful-- how the hell could you think that was beautiful?

Stephanie: Rick used a videotape of Phoebe to-- well, that's in such bad taste.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Stephanie: Oh, God. And Brooke and-- and Steffy bought into it?

Taylor: (Sighs) I swear, just as you think he can't sink any lower... (scoffs) he goes and does this.

Stephanie: Well, there you go again. (Laughs) Brooke chooses her son over her husband all-- every single time.

Taylor: Then again, he-- he really isn't her husband, is he? The timing was perfect. I told Ridge. I told him. I told him that he and Brooke are not married.

Donna: Everything is a game to Bill Spencer Jr.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Look, Eric, the best thing that we can do is just steer clear.

Eric: Oh, well, if what Stephanie was doing wasn't hurting us, I might agree, but the combination of Stephanie Forrester and Bill Spencer Jr.? I just wish there was some way we could get through to him, something we could do to get him to back off.

Donna: (Sighs) Yeah.

Jackie: Well, and here we are, back where we're started from. I hope you're suitably impressed.

Bill: With the tour, yes. With the tour guide, most definitely.

Jackie: Well, bill, that goes without saying. (Chuckles)

Bill: (Chuckles)

Nick: You'll have to excuse my mother. She's a bit shameless.

Jackie: Yes, and proud of it.

Bill: You damn well should be. Bridget, I hope you aren't too offended by my remark earlier.

Nick: She certainly had every right to be.

Bridget: Nick. Uh, normally, I would be, yes. But there is actually someone in my own family that's said much worse.

Bill: Yes, the internet's latest star-- Stephanie Forrester.

Stephanie: Taylor, I thought we agreed we were not going to say anything to Ridge.

Taylor: Yes, yes, that-- that's exactly what we agreed, until the timing was perfect. I'm telling you, if you had been there, Stephanie, you would have done the exact same thing. I'm telling you. Ridge was so disillusioned with what happened today. If Brooke does one more thing, if she makes one more excuse, if she sticks up for Rick one more time, it is over. That is all it will take.

Ridge: Why can't you see it, Brooke?

Brooke: How vile my son is? How evil his intentions are?

Rid: Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to even say these things to you? I know what it must be doing to you. But you keep getting sucked back in. For you to try to convince me that this latest stunt is just some noble gesture to pay homage to the daughter that he took away from me, it's sickening. Your son is still manipulating you, Brooke. You have to stop it now. You have to promise me that you'll be on my side. You'll stand with me on this. You'll start fighting the two of them being together under any circumstance from now on. Promise me, Brooke. Promise me you'll do this for Steffy's sake, for my daughter's sake, for our sake. Otherwise...

Brooke: Yes. (Sighs) Yes, I give you my word. I promise. Ridge, I know what's at stake more than anybody. But the way that you're looking at me, itís... it's almost as if-- what? (Sighs) Is this your way of letting me know that we are over if Steffy and Rick stay together? Is that what you're saying? Our marriage is that much at risk?

Ridge: Just don't let anything happen between them. It's all up to you.

Owen: That Spencer dude-- is he for real or what?

Nick: Doesn't really matter, as long as we get what we want from him.

Owen: Oh, it didn't bother you, the comments that he made to Bridget?

Nick: No. Bridget can handle a guy like that. A guy like you, I'm not so sure about.

Owen: What's that supposed to mean?

Nick: I know you're dating her. I just want to make sure that you know how special of a lady Bridget is.

Owen: Of course I do.

Nick: Treat her that way. She wants to take it slow? You take it slow.

Owen: That's interesting advice, I mean, coming from her ex. I mean, scratch that. That's her-- her 2-time ex, right? Don't you think it's time for you to move on and let her go? Now you've hurt Bridget enough. The best thing that you could do is just stay out of her life.

Eric: Bill. Eric Forrester here.

Bill: Eric. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Eric: I know this is short notice, but do you have plans for dinner this evening?

Bill: Is that your way of extending an invitation?

Eric: Yes. I thought I'd welcome you to L.A. and talk a little business. 8:00, our house. Is that doable?

Bill: As long as your lovely wife joins us.

Eric: Absolutely. Looking forward to it.

Donna: You invited Bill Spencer to dinner?

Eric: Yes.

Donna: Oh, Eric, I wish you hadnít. Look, bill wants something. He wants something badly. Look, this man is trouble.

Ridge: So you know my marriage to Brooke isn't valid, and you don't bother telling me?

Stephanie: Well, I didn't want you to see that license until you were ready.

Ridge: No, you thought that keeping it a secret would be more strategic, so you could use it for more impact when the timing was right, and we both know why, don't we? Because you never wanted me married to Brooke anyway.

Stephanie: Because I knew you would be unhappy if you were married to her, and you are unhappy, aren't you? Otherwise, you'd be down at city hall remedying the whole situation.

Ridge: Brooke and I don't need a piece of paper to be husband and wife.

Stephanie: Look, you're not married to her. That means you could be with Taylor.

Ridge: We're not talking about me and Taylor.

Stephanie: Oh, I think we are. Whether you like it or not, you're involved with two women now--Brooke and Taylor.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Brooke: Let me guess. You're looking for Ridge.

Taylor: He and I do have things to discuss.

Brooke: No, not anymore, Taylor. That was when you thought that there was a problem with Steffy, but there's not.

Taylor: That depends on Rick and if he can keep his word, which so far, he hasn't been able to.

Brooke: We're not all perfect like you.

Taylor: I haven't said I was perfect, but I am one who tries to learn from their mistakes.

Brooke: Really? You're just using this situation between my son and Steffy to make a play for ridge.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Jackie: (Meows)

Jackie: Where have you been? Your kitty is so hungry.

Bridget: I saw you and Owen together. You were talking to him about me. You have no right.

Nick: Why? Why, I-I-I can't protect you, because I'm engaged to Katie?

Bridget: Yes.

Nick: Or is it because... I shouldn't have kissed you?

Bridget: You absolutely should not have kissed me. Commitments are made to be honored, Nick. I thought you knew that. I thought you had learned from your mistakes.

Nick: I have learned. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about what I've learned. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about what I feel and what I try to stop feeling for you.

Bridget: Will you stop it? I don't want to hear this. I mean it. Not another word.

Taylor: You really don't understand, do you, Brooke?

Brooke: I understand that you want Ridge back, and that you're constantly finding opportunities to be with him.

Taylor: I don't need to find opportunities. Ridge and I have a family. We have a lot of things in common. That's why we see eye to eye.

Brooke: Ridge and I have a family, too, Taylor.

Taylor: R.J. and Hope? You know, I bet that is another reason Rick is so bitter.

Brooke: Rick is not an issue between my husband and me anymore.

Taylor: I don't know what you're talking about. Rick will always be an issue for you and Ridge. That's why you're so insecure about your marriage. But...

Brooke: (Sighs)

Taylor: Just so you know, when you blow it, I'll be the one there to help pick up the pieces.

Ridge: We're not gonna have this conversation. It's pointless.

Stephanie: Well, it would be pointless if you--if you were married, but you're not, so that means you can go back to Taylor.

Ridge: Oh, Mother, it's not that simple, and you know it.

Stephanie: Brooke is supporting her son. She keeps supporting that relationship between him and Steffy.

Ridge: We had a talk about what Rick did today. She has promised me without--

Stephanie: Honey, she promises you and promises you and promises you. Look, I know you think you had this kind of cosmic connection with Brooke, against all odds. Well, if we're gonna believe in the cosmic, then maybe you ought to think of this, uh, invalid marriage license as a sort of, you know, door to freedom-- let you walk away from Brooke and her son and all the trouble they bring to you.

Ridge: Oh, Mother, come on. For God sakes.

Stephanie: Well, think about it. If you and Taylor were married, you'd present a united front, wouldn't you? Rick wouldn't dare cross that line, and Steffy would be safe. And all it would take is for you--

Ridge: Take is what? What? To let go of my life with Brooke?

Stephanie: Yeah. I know it wouldn't be easy, but my God, Rick is not going to stop. He's not going to stop going after her. Why? Because he doesn't want you with his mother. If you're away from Brooke, if you're not involved with Brooke, then all this craziness will stop, and you know it will. It's the only way it's going to stop. It's in your hands. Honey, I just want you to be happy. Honestly, I-I just want you to be happy, and I think Taylor will make you happy.

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