B&B Transcript Monday 4/27/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/27/09


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Brooke: Taylor, you have no right. How can you say those things? You think that Ridge and I should end things the same way Rick and Steffy have? Oh, please. Stop being so desperate.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Steffy, I-- I wish you had just let me come down here and pack you up. Honey, you just had one hell of a night.

Steffy: Grandma, thank you. But I really need to do this myself.

Stephanie: Okay. At least Rick isn't here.

Steffy: Wouldn't matter if he is. We're through. There's nothing he could do to change that.

Rick: Steffy, are you here? I saw your car out front. Oh, my God.

Stephanie: Hello, Rick.

Rick: Where's Steffy?

Stephanie: Packing.

Rick: Great. Thank you.

Stephanie: No. Uh, you stay out of there. Leave her alone. I told you this would happen. When I caught you down here, the two of you, didn't I beg you to end things? But you couldn't do it, could you? 'Cause youíre just so damned mad at her father, just so determined to hurt him and get back at him. And what have you accomplished? Nothing but breaking that girl's heart. Well, she'll get over you, pal. You know what? One of these days not too far away, she'll wake up-- wake up one morning and never think about you again. Put that in your little pipe and smoke it.

Taylor: Brooke, with this preferential treatment you give your son, how can you think that a marriage with you and Ridge is going to be normal at all or happy? Really? Does Ridge get the same kind of blind loyalty?

Brooke: You are so off base. Supporting Rick is not the same thing as blind loyalty. Look, I know the things that Rick said on that tape were hurtful and wrong. But you goaded him, Ridge. I thought we were going to work through this together and we were gonna do that with love, not by you and Taylor concocting some crazy scheme to bring my son down.

Taylor: Oh, you hear what you want to hear. That's what you do all the time.

Brooke: Is that what you think, too? You were out to get my son all along?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Rick: Stephanie, I hate what my words on that recording did to your granddaughter.

Stephanie: (Chuckles)

Rick: And I hate that they ever came out of my mouth. But they never would have if your pathetic little son didn't provoke me and set me up. Now Steffy can't see it, but my mom can, which means a very rocky road ahead for that marriage, and I'm sure you're really broken up about that, aren't you?

Stephanie: Just as you are.

Steffy: I just have a few more things to grab, Gran--

Rick: (Sighs)

Rick: Steffy, I am so sorry. I know it doesn't make much of a difference right now, but--

Steffy: You're right. It doesn't

Stephanie: Well, I suggest, while you still have some dignity, that you leave.

Rick: (Sighs)

Rick: (Sighs) (Door closes)

Steffy: I really loved him, but he is not the man I thought he was. (Sniffles)

Stephanie: He's exactly who I thought he was.

Ridge: Logan, I thought that we were on the same page. Obviously, we're not, because the only way that I would "get through this" is by intervening and exposing that relationship and ending it.

Brooke: Which is what you've done-- you and Taylor.

Ridge: I am not sorry I exposed Rick and opened my daughter's eyes, as painful as that was to her. I just wish that you would open your eyes.

Brooke: My eyes are open, and you know what I see? Two people trying to bring my son down, setting a trap, getting him to say all these things that he regrets deeply. That is inexcusable.

Taylor: Oh, my God. She's taking his side again. What, did you expect him to just sit back and watch idly while your son destroyed our daughter?

Brooke: That is not what my son was trying to do.

Ridge: No, he was trying to destroy my life, and he was using my young daughter to do it. That's why he had to be stopped.

Taylor: And why you still can't see it is beyond me.

Brooke: I'll tell you what I do see. Ridge and I were going to work through this until you became involved. If you just stayed the hell out of it-- but we know why you didn't-- the real reason. It's not because of Steffy. This is all about Ridge and how you want him back. Well, let me tell you something. Just because we disagree on this little issue doesn't mean we're going to break up. We're married, Taylor, and we're going to stay married. So just stop your little begging. It's really pathetic, and it's embarrassing to watch. Come on, Ridge. I've had enough of this. Let's go. (Door opens)

Ridge: (Whispering) We'll talk later. (Door closes)

Taylor: Mm.

Thomas: Was that Ridge and Brooke I saw driving off?

Taylor: Yeah. Your dad would have stayed if he had known you were coming.

Thomas: Well, it was pretty spur of the moment. I was really missing you guys, so Doctor Warwick-- uh, anyways, I just hope I don't have to be away much longer.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. So do I, because your sister is moving back in. Yes, she ended things with Rick. It's over. Everything's over. She's with your grandmother right now. They're getting all the things out of the beach house. (Door opens)

Stephanie: Hi.

Steffy: Hi, we're back. (Sighs)

Thomas: What? I-I don't believe this. You and Rick? Are you really through?

Steffy: Come on. I'll give you all the gory details when you help me unload my stuff. Let's go.

Thomas: (Sighs) Jeez. (Door opens)

Stephanie: Tom looks good. (Door closes)

Taylor: Mm-hmm. He's getting to be more and more like his old self every day, according to James.

Stephanie: Well, I suppose knowing that everybody else knows that Rick is a bastard makes him feel even better

Taylor: Did he show up while you were there? Rick, I mean.

Stephanie: Yes. But, um, Steffy was really strong. She didn't let him affect her in any way. Well, you know what I mean. Um, he did say something kind of interesting, though, about, uh, his mother and Ridge's marriage. He said this whole situation's put quite a strain on it.

Taylor: Yes. The way his mother reacted, I would say he's probably right.

Stephanie: Was Brooke here?

Taylor: Yes, defending her son as usual and blaming Ridge and me for entrapping Rick.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Well, are we surprised? At least he got what he deserved.

Taylor: Hmm. Well, Brooke doesn't see it that way. You know, she and Ridge are as far apart on the subject of Rick as I have ever seen.

Stephanie: Did he leave here with her?

Taylor: Stephanie, this is really starting to take its toll on Ridge. It's really wearing on him with--with Brooke always putting her son ahead of Ridge, and, um, well, I-I said something that I probably shouldn't have tonight. I told Ridge to leave Brooke and her sick family and come back here where he belongs.

Stephanie: Well, good for you.

Brooke: I'm gonna go check on the kids.

Ridge: Logan, wait. Look, I don't want it to be like this between us.

Brooke: I don't either. (Sighs) Ridge, I truly thought that we were in sync.

Ridge: Me, too. I mean, even in any marriage, you have, you know-- look, it's like you told Taylor. We are gonna get through this, okay? Can we just agree not to talk about Rick? (Door slams)

Rick: Did I hear my name? I was just in the kitchen making myself a grilled ham and cheese. Not as good as my mom makes, but-- what? You want one?

Ridge: What the hell are you doing here?

Rick: I thought you'd appreciate the fact that I'm giving Steffy some space while she clears out the beach house.

Ridge: What I'd appreciate is if you were anywhere but here.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: Where am I supposed to go?

Ridge: Ever hear of a hotel?

Rick: Oh, God.

Ridge: We agreed not to talk about Rick.

Rick: No. I heard the beginning part of your conversation. My mom never agreed to that.

Ridge: And now he's just standing in our living room?

Rick: Correction again. This is my mother's living room.

Ridge: Will you just tell him to get the hell out of here?

Brooke: I'm sorry, but I can't do that, not after everything he's been through tonight.

Ridge: After everything he's been through?

Brooke: He lost Steffy. The engagement's off. And if you expect me to just throw him out--

Ridge: I expect you to stop letting him play you. The guy's an expert at it, and you just keep falling for it.

Brooke: I'm not falling for anything. I am his mother.

Ridge: That doesn't mean constantly coming to your son's rescue, especially given what Rickís done.

Brooke: Rick isn't the only person who's done things, Ridge. And I'd hardly call letting him stay here for one night rescuing him.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Sighs) Where are you going?

Ridge: I am not sleeping under the same roof as little Ricky.

Brooke: Ridge! Ridge!

Rick: Mom. Mom, let him go.

Rick: Well, I guess I've screwed up again, huh? I thought Ridge would appreciate the fact that I was giving his daughter some space and allowing her to clear out the beach house without me there. Instead, "Mr. Pious" throws a hissy fit and makes a big deal out of the fact that I'm crashing my mom's house for the evening.

Brooke: Well, it is a big deal to Ridge. Everything that happened tonight is a big deal.

Rick: Yeah, everything except for the fact that he ruined my engagement to Steffy.

Brooke: No, Rick, you did that all by yourself by saying the things you said on the recording.

Rick: He set me up.

Brooke: Look, you can justify it all you want-- showing up here, knowing how he would react, but you could have gone over to your father's and stayed there.

Rick: (Sighs) Oh, Mom, co--I've been through hell tonight, all right? You said it yourself. You've been my fan. You've been in my corner through this. Wouldn't it make sense that I'd come to you first?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. But here I am once again. I'm stuck between my son and my husband.

Rick: I have tried to make things better with Ridge. I've tried that. I thought getting married at Point Dume would--would heal things, would solve problems. That Steffy and I would say our vows there, and it would make everything great for everybody.

Brooke: Yeah, well, that's what I thought, too, but now I have to wonder.

Brooke: I was convinced that you accepted my marriage to Ridge. But you haven't, have you? You would rather I spend the rest of my life alone than with Ridge.

Rick: No. That's ridiculous. You are never, never gonna be alone, because I'm your son, and I'm here for you.

Taylor: Oh, I'm-- I'm sure Rick would have continued taunting Ridge in private and saying all those horrible things.

Ridge: Not that he hadn't done his share already.

Stephanie: There's something more that you haven't told us?

Taylor: Well, none of you are aware that when Ridge asked Rick to not turn Thomas in, it came with a price tag.

Steffy: You're saying he used his power to blackmail you?

Ridge: There's no way we were letting Thomas go to jail. Your mother and I would have done anything.

Steffy: (Scoffs) And I thought he was protecting you because he loved me. How could I be so blind? God.

Taylor: Well, sometimes love is blind.

Steffy: Look, he can't hurt me anymore, and you guys have tried everything to protect me, even when I made it hard for you. But thank you. Thank you for being there for all of us. Thanks.

Ridge: All right, you guys. You better stop before your old man starts blubbering.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Thomas: (Laughs)

Stephanie: You've been around Brooke too long.

Thomas: (Clears throat)

Steffy: Dad, you know what I wish? I really wish you'd stay tonight. Thomas is home. Grandma's here. The only thing missing is Phoebe.

Taylor: Well...

Ridge: (Sighs)

Taylor: She's with us in spirit.

Steffy: Yeah, but it's not the same.

Taylor: No, I know. But this is what mattered most to her. This is what she treasured-- our family together like this. All of her favorite people-- you and your brother and grandmother. And I think her favorite, though, was her father.

Thomas: You were Pheeb's hero, Dad.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Steffy: And you're my hero tonight. For all of us, just please stay.

Thomas: Come on. We'll rent a movie, pop some popcorn, just hang together.

Steffy: Yeah, minus the drama of the last few months.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: Yeah, you heard her. No drama. No drama at all. Just, you know, normal, happy, normal family stuff.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Thomas: You know, w-we'll even let you pick the flick. What do you say, Dad?

Ridge: Okay. Well, maybe I choose "Attack of the Mutant Zombie Women." How's that?

Stephanie: Oh.

Taylor: Oh, no. Not again.

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Thomas: Yes! I like how you're thinking.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh.

Taylor: Okay. I'll drive you guys to the store. Let's go.

Steffy: Okay. See you, Dad.

Rick: Mom, you understand what I'm saying, don't you? You have me.

Brooke: And I also have a husband who walked out that door yet again, because he can't stand being in the same room as my son.

Rick: So-- so that's my fault?

Brooke: No. No, I didn't say that. But the reality is Ridge just can't seem to separate his feelings for you from his love for me, and because of that, our marriage is affected. It's affected in so many ways. And I... (Sighs) I really thought that we'd be able to work through this, but now I'm not so sure. I can't lose him, Rick.

Rick: I'm sorry you're hurting. But I'm gonna stand by you the way you're standing by me.

Ridge: Taylor and the kids will be back with the movie pretty soon. I'm just gonna start the popcorn.

Stephanie: Ridge. (Sighs) Look, I want to say this. I want to say it once, okay? (Clears throat) All of the, um, happiness and peace and contentment that you've ever known as an adult has always been here in this house. And I know-- I know, honey. I know you have another family with Brooke. But how that-- how does that compare with this one? How can it, when she continues to choose her son over you time and time again? That boy has wreaked havoc with all of our lives, and yet she still stands by him every single time. You've lost one daughter because of them. Y-you almost lost a second. And I'm not saying that Brooke is, you know, directly responsible, but I hold him responsible. And I know this is very hurtful and very difficult for you, but stop and think about it, honey. Your whole life with her has been nothing but angst and upset and upheaval. I mean, look at Taylor, the complete opposite of Brooke. Aren't you tired of all these ups and downs? I know that Brooke tells you that she loves you, and I think in her heart, she means it, but her world revolves around that boy. He isn't going anywhere, Ridge. It's as though he lives just to torment you. Is that what you want?

Ridge: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I'm not-- I'm not saying anything bad against Brooke. I know and I accept the fact that you have very deep and real feelings for her. It's just I want you to have some peace and contentment in your life, honey. This is where you belong. You're not going to have that peace and contentment until you're willing to walk away from all of the angst with that girl, until you're willing to make the hard decision to leave Brooke once and for all.

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