B&B Transcript Thursday 2/12/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/12/09


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Brooke: Mm. (Sighs)

Ridge: Good morning.

Brooke: Is it?

Ridge: It's gotta be better than yesterday.

Brooke: Did you get a good night's sleep? You weren't in bed next to me when I woke up.

Ridge: Oh, on the phone with Dad. Rick went to see him last night, trying to get Dad in his corner.

Brooke: Eric knows?

Ridge: Rick tried to put his own spin on things. Made it seem like some big love story.

Brooke: Well, Steffy's fine. It's over.

Ridge: My daughter, Logan. My only daughter.

Brooke: How did Eric react?

Ridge: He wants everybody in the office this morning-- emergency family meeting. I better get going. I gotta meet Taylor before I, uh, go in there. She's got her hands full with Steffy. You and I will deal with Rick.

Brooke: (Scoffs) We've already dealt with Rick. They're not gonna be seeing each other anymore.

Ridge: Dad's really sick about this. If we say we want Rick out of the company, he's gone-- out of Steffy's life, and out of the business. Then we can all move on.

Stephanie: What do you mean, he wouldn't stop the car?

Steffy: He was terrified. He thought Dad was trying to kill him.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I wish he had. Can you imagine what your father was thinking? You in Rick's car, speeding like that. It brought back everything for him about Phoebe.

Taylor: No--no one was hurt.

Stephanie: What-- what were you doing in the car in the first place? James, your mother-- we all spoke to you. I thought you understood.

Steffy: I went there to tell him it was over. I wanted to say good-bye.

Stephanie: Instead, you end up in a car chase.

Steffy: I'm sorry.

Stephanie: That doesn't cut it.

Taylor: The thing is, it's behind us now. Your father knows the truth, and Rick has seen how impossible the situation is.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter whether he sees it or not. Your father is never gonna let him near you again.

Rick: Hey, Mom.

Brooke: Rick.

Rick: I, uh, I waited down the block until Ridge left.

Brooke: Yeah, he's on the way to the office. Your father called an emergency family meeting.

Rick: Yes, I know. That's why I'm here.

Brooke: Well, you shouldn't be here. If Ridge comes back--

Rick: No, I'm gonna steer clear from him as long as I can. Don't worry about that.

Brooke: And steer clear of Steffy. Promise me.

Rick: No, I can't do that.

Brooke: Rick, you can't see her anymore.

Rick: Why? 'Cause Ridge says so?

Brooke: Because somebody's going to get hurt. You saw what happened last night.

Rick: Yeah, last night was not my fault, okay? I wasn't the one who went berserk.

Brooke: You had Steffy in your car. You must have known what this would do to Ridge.

Rick: What? So this is all about Ridge now?

Brooke: Oh, is it? Is that what this is about? Getting revenge? Pushing Ridge to the brink?

Rick: Okay, fine, I admit it. It felt a little good to see Ridge acting the way he was and being desperate, 'cause that's how he made you feel for years.

Brooke: Phoebe is dead. He's desperate, and he was panicking because he didn't want to see Steffy end up the same way.

Rick: Mom, it doesn't have to be this way. If Ridge would just accept the way Steffy and I feel...

Brooke: Don't!

Rick: About each other--no!

Brooke: Please! Don't put this on Ridge. This family is in turmoil because of you-- you and your bad judgment. It's time that you take responsibility for that. My God, Rick, I am worried about you. You have to own up for some of these damages that you've caused!

Steffy: (Sighs) I get it. Dad can't handle Rick and me.

Stephanie: But you went to see him anyway.

Taylor: It won't happen again, Stephanie. Ridge?

Stephanie: Honey, how are you? (Sighs) Steffy told me what happened.

Ridge: Mother, could I speak with Taylor and Steffy alone, please?

Taylor: Ridge, she already knows everything.

Stephanie: Clearly, he's trying to torment you, pulling her in the car that way.

Steffy: He didn't pull me in the car. It's not revenge.

Stephanie: Of course it is.

Ridge: How long have you known, Mother? Yesterday, you told me Steffy was going through something. You knew she was seeing Rick. But you didn't say anything to me. Why?

Stephanie: Because I knew exactly how you'd react.

Taylor: She was trying to protect you.

Ridge: I deserved to know.

Steffy: You should have heard it from me.

Taylor: Well, we were-- were hoping that we could get through to her before this got to you and you got upset.

Ridge: So you contacted James Warwick before talking to me?

Taylor: Well, you know, we were--we wanted somebody to help her see this objectively, and we wanted her to realize that this relationship would only affect you adversely.

Steffy: You guys don't have to worry about it because it's over.

Ridge: Well, if Rick is in the picture, I do worry. Fortunately, he's not gonna be around much longer.

Steffy: What? You're sending him away?

Ridge: Dad's calling a family meeting this morning at the office.

Steffy: Granddad knows about Rick and me?

Ridge: Rick has to be stopped, sweetheart. Dad understands that now.

Steffy: (Scoffs)

Ridge: Rick is through manipulating this family. Now, and only now, is he gonna finally face the consequences.

Brooke: Sweetheart, you can point fingers, and you can make excuses, but it's not going to change what you've done.

Rick: What I've done? Mom, I fell in love.

Brooke: Please, stop saying that!

Rick: Why?

Brooke: Look, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Rick: (Sighs)

Brooke: Maybe you're not with Steffy to drive her father crazy, but that certainly is the end result.

Rick: I am not responsible for the way Ridge behaves and reacts.

Brooke: He won't tolerate this. Don't you get it? The family meeting-- he wants you gone.

Rick: I know, and I trust that you and Dad are not going to let that happen. Look, would you really support Ridge over me?

Brooke: Honey, we just want peace in the family.

Rick: That's exactly what I want, Mom, but-- look, I'm not willing to sacrifice my relationship with Steffy in order to have that. Let me ask you a question. Would you sacrifice your relationship with me?

Brooke: Oh, my God. It always comes down to this-- everything you've done, this--this tug of war, tormenting Ridge, questioning my loyalty. Why should I believe that what you have with Steffy is different? Why should I believe anything you say at all?

Steffy: You don't think he means it. Granddad's not gonna send Rick back to Paris.

Stephanie: Oh, he will, if he thinks that's the only way he can protect you.

Taylor: It isn't your fault, sweetheart.

Stephanie: Rick has brought this on himself, Steffy. All he had to do was walk away from you.

Steffy: But he won't. I told him it was over. He wouldn't listen.

Donna: Thanks so much. Oh, honey, you are in shock. So am I. I mean, Rick and Steffy-- it's--it's disturbing. But you can't actually think that Rick is being malicious.

Eric: Well, my son is a very disturbed young man. He needs our help.

Donna: I agree. But to call the family in to confront him, it's just not--

Rick: Don't worry. I will handle Dad. Just let me talk to him.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: Dad, can you just call Ridge? Call off this meeting. Come on.

Eric: Have you ended your relationship with Steffy?

Rick: If you want to talk about that, we can in private. It doesn't have to be in front of the family.

Thorne: What's going on?

Felicia: Yeah. Madison said that you cancelled my breakfast meeting. Some big family powwow?

Eric: We're talking about Rick's future with the company.

Thorne: President wasn't enough? Now you, what, want to be the king of Forrester Creations?

Ridge: Does everyone know why we're here?

Felicia: Something about Rick.

Eric: Listen, everyone, I want us to address this calmly. I want us to assess the situation and then decide what we should do.

Stephanie: I say ship the little bastard back to Paris.

Ridge: I don't give a damn where you send him. He can't stay here.

Rick: Dad, come on. This is ridiculous. This is not a jury. This is a firing squad.

Ridge: Well, you didn't seem to have any trouble bragging about your exploits to me. It shouldn't be any problem making your case in front of the family, would it?

Felicia: What did he do?

Ridge: Well, let's see. For starters, he killed Phoebe. Last night, he almost killed Steffy, too.

Rick: That is such a lie, and you know it.

Ridge: The hell it is. You're on your own here, junior. Nobody in this room is gonna back you up-- not Dad, not your own mom. So why don't you pack all your garbage up, say your good-byes and stay the hell away from my daughter?

Taylor: Yeah, I know. I know it would be good for me to get out of the house. I know. Well, maybe another time. Okay, that sounds good. Yeah.

Steffy: We have to end it, not just for my dad's sake, but--but for your sake, too.

Rick: No, Steffy. No. Li--listen, I'm not gonna--

Steffy: No.

Rick: No, I'm not gonna accept that. They can yell at me. They can scream at me. They--they can attack me. It's not gonna keep me away from you.

Taylor: Okay, thanks. I'll talk to you soon.

Steffy: You don't have to keep an eye on me, Mom.

Taylor: I know.

Steffy: (Sniffles)

Taylor: But I want to do that. I want to do that for you. I know how persistent Rick can be.

Steffy: Yeah. Dad just thinks it's an obstacle, that we can just deal with it, but it's more complicated for me. (Sniffles)

Taylor: Well, you know, if Rick really loved you, he would understand that. If a man doesn't listen to you, then he is not the right man for you.

Steffy: He listens. He listens to me. He listens to my heart. I love him. He can feel it. And as long as he does, he's not gonna give up.

Taylor: Well, no, obviously, nobody can get through to him-- not Ridge, not Eric, not even you. What does that tell you about him?

Steffy: What are you saying? Do you actually agree with Dad? You really think he's out for revenge. Come on, Mom, you know him. Yeah, he's done some messed-up things, but he's not a monster. You can't possibly believe that he's using me to get to Dad.

Felicia: It's appalling.

Thorne: First Phoebe, then Taylor, now Steffy?

Ridge: Not anymore.

Rick: Can I say something, please?

Stephanie: No.

Brooke: He deserves a chance to speak.

Felicia: Funny that you didn't say "defend himself." You think this is just as awful as we do.

Brooke: It's been very painful for everybody involved.

Rick: It doesn't have to be this way, Mom.

Eric: I don't know how you can say that, given the circumstances.

Rick: Yeah, if you believe Ridge, because he says that I'm the devil, that I'm hell-bent on revenge. But what if you turn that around? What if he's out to get me?

Felicia: Put your violin away. Ridge didn't do a damn thing to you.

Rick: He crippled me.

Thorne: Oh, you trumped that up, Rick.

Donna: That issue has been dealt with.

Stephanie: Oh, donna, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Please. His obsession with Ridge is-- oh, my God. What was Phoebe so upset about the night of the accident?

Rick: She was upset about a lot of things.

Stephanie: No. She was upset about her sister. She knew you had kissed Steffy, that you were using Steffy to get back at their father. She knew it, Steffy knew it, and yet you continue this.

Rick: Look, Stephanie, that was before, okay?

Stephanie: Before what? Before you killed my granddaughter?

Rick: You know, I am so sick and tired of hearing you say that!

Stephanie: I bet you are.

Eric: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Stephanie: Why did you even have this meeting? This is ridiculous.

Eric: Look--

Stephanie: You know that we can't trust him. You know that.

Rick: Dad, I came to you. I was honest with you about my feelings. I didn't want to keep this from anyone, but I-- listen, I had to. Ridge was gonna freak out about--

Ridge: Oh, don't. Just stop.

Eric: That's not what this is about.

Thorne: Yeah, nobody wants to hear your sob story, Rick.

Stephanie: Steffy has told you it's over, so leave her alone.

Eric: Look--look, look, look, this is enough. Now this is not about Rick and Steffy. This is not about his, uh, his motivations or--or what he wants to accomplish here. This is--this is about whether he can stay at this company and work with us, if that's even possible.

Steffy: Rick would never deliberately hurt anyone he cares about.

Taylor: Do you really believe he cares?

Steffy: Yeah. Mom, you've seen us together. You know the signs, the way he acts when he's in love, it's--

Taylor: See, this is why it's wrong. I am sitting here talking to you as your mother. I'm not some girlfriend that happens to have a crush on the same boy you do. That's not what this is. I am your mother. My only concern is for you. My past with Rick is irrelevant.

Steffy: Except it's not. If you think about it, the reason Phoebe was angry that night-- I just--

Taylor: Steffy.

Steffy: The reason Rick cares--

Taylor: Steffy, for the sake of this conversation, it is irrelevant. And the reason I know that Rick is not being genuine with you is because I do know him. I've known him his whole life. He is very troubled. Look at it, sweetheart. It all adds up. You know what? He--he might actually believe that he loves you. He might not even be aware of what his real motives are. But he has to find a way to justify what he's doing.

Steffy: But there's more than that.

Taylor: Well, it isn't healthy for either of you.

Steffy: Mom, I feel connected to him, even now. And just thinking what he's going through in that meeting-- it's because of me. If he didn't care about me, he wouldn't give up. And he can't, and he won't. How can I give up on him?

Taylor: Well, to tell you the truth, um, it won't be easy. It will be very difficult, and it may take a while. But you have to give him up. You have to let him go, sweetheart.

Steffy: (Crying) I know.

Taylor: And you know, sol find another man who makes you feel the same way, and probably even more intensely. Then you'll know you have the right man.

Steffy: But that's what no one gets. I really thought Rick was the right man.

Ridge: You can't be serious. You still think there's a way to work this out so we can still be one big happy family?

Eric: Well, you vote no.

Ridge: Come on, Dad. It's not possible.

Stephanie: Surely you have to see that, Eric.

Ridge: I agreed to try to get along with having him work here after Phoebe died because I love Brooke. And he gave me his word that he would leave my family alone.

Rick: I know I gave you my word, all right? I-I can't get Steffy out of my head. I'm sorry about that.

Ridge: Oh, don't you even say her name!

Eric: You made a promise, Rick. You broke it.

Stephanie: Well, because he can't be trusted.

Felicia: No, we shouldn't have somebody like that working here.

Thorne: There's no telling what he might do.

Donna: People can't help who they fall in love with, Thorne.

Stephanie: Oh, I see. Love is the justification for everything that somebody does? Please! What about the sanctity of marriage, family and the relationship between a father and a daughter? That shouldn't be respected?

Rick: Their relationship does not have to fall apart. All right, if you just listen to Steffy and her side of the story and accept--

Brooke: Rick, stop.

Stephanie: Eric, there's no working here together. It's impossible.

Eric: You've eroded the trust of everybody in this room, Rick. Now I'm sick about this, but this situation has been created by you.

Rick: Dad, listen to me. I want to stay here, okay? I know that people are down on me. I take responsibility for this. I never meant to hurt anybody.

Eric: But you have. You have, Rick, over and over and over again. Now the one person who's gonna be impacted here more than anybody is your mother. Brooke, this is between your son and your husband.

Brooke: (Sighs) Why does it have to be like this?

Ridge: I think you know why, Brooke.

Brooke: Ridge, my son did not mean to hurt your daughter.

Ridge: Maybe he didn't. I guess we'll never really know if that's true or not. But because of him, Phoebe is no longer with us. And all I asked was that he have the decency to stay away from my only surviving daughter. He couldn't honor that commitment. He's divisive, he's destructive, and he's dishonest. And he will bring this company down as well as this family.

Brooke: A-all right, Ridge. Stop. Please. (Sighs)

Eric: Brooke, this is going to affect you more than anybody else here. I think the decision should be yours.

Brooke: What? Eric! (Scoffs) No.

Eric: I think you do have to be the person to decide. Is Rick gonna stay, or is he gonna go?

Rick: (Whispers) Mom?

Ridge: Logan?

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