B&B Transcript Friday 2/6/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/6/09


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Brooke: Rick, I'm surprised to see you. I thought you'd be at work.

Rick: No, I have, uh, something important to talk to you about. It's kind of private, too.

Beth: Well, you're just gonna have to wait your turn, mister, because I'm finally getting the scoop on the wedding.

Rick: Hi, grandma. How are you?

Brooke: Can you fill us both in?

Rick: Um... no. I ca--it--it's okay. I-I-I'll wait. Sorry.

Brooke: Okay.

Rick: (Laughs nervously)

Taylor: Sweetheart, this relationship can never work.

Steffy: I love Rick. I don't want to hurt you or Dad, but I don't want to give him up.

Taylor: I know you think you love him, but, sweetie, he doesn't know what love is. He's using you. This isn't love. You need to learn the difference.

Steffy: No, no. I do not believe that. He is not using me.

Taylor: Yes, Steffy, he is. I know him very well. Okay, if you don't want to listen to me, then maybe there's somebody who you will listen to.

Steffy: Who are you talking about? (Scoffs) Dr. James Warwick. Oh, my God. I cannot believe you did this.

Taylor: Well, somebody has to make you see reason.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Bridget: (Sighs) I thought I could fool you.

Nick: Bridget, I think I'd recognize you in a gorilla costume, although I like this choice a lot more.

Bridget: Hmm.

Nick: And you have one rockin' body there, Madame "Exy."

Jackie: That is so inappropriate. Madame X is a highly regarded des--

Nick: Doctor?

Bridget: Oh, he knows it's me, Jackie.

Jackie: Oh.

Nick: Yeah. I do like the outfit, but I just can't buy that those designs are Bridget's.

Bridget: (Scoffs) They are my designs.

Jackie: Yeah, and they are brilliant. Bridget-- or shall I say, Madame X-- is going to be our salvation.

Bridget: Mm.

Jackie: I'm gonna let you tell Nicky all about your new career at Jackie M.

Bridget: Hmm!

Nick: What new career at Jackie M.?

Bridget: (Scoffs) Oh, you don't know everything about me, Nick. I happen to have a knack for design, and clearly, it's in my blood.

Nick: Are you having an early midlife crisis?

Bridget: What? No! Good grief. No, it's just something I want to do, Nick. I-I-I took a leave of absence from the hospital, and I am going to pursue my dream. But I'm going to do it without relying on my family. I'm not using the Forrester name.

Nick: Okay. I'm all for pursuing dreams. I just find it a little surprising that you would choose to come to the competition and to work with me.

Bridget: This decision isn't personal. It's simply business. My choice to work here has nothing to do with you.

(Elevator door opens)

Clarke: This Madame X-- I hear she's hot, looks good in a dress, but can she design one?

Jackie: She's talented. She's very beautiful. And let me tell you a very closely guarded secret, Clarke. Her name is Bridget Forrester.

Clarke: What?!

Jackie: Shh! Shush! You can't tell a soul. Not a soul.

Clarke: Bridget Forrester? Oh, she's got a great last name. Okay, fine. But she is a doctor. She's got no experience designing. I am not gonna answer to her, not unless I'm a nurse. I'm gonna go talk to Nick.

Jackie: No, you are not, not now. Stay.

Beth: Oh, Rick, have you seen this picture of your mother's wedding?

Rick: I didn't know that you hired a photographer for your wedding.

Brooke: Ridge secretly had somebody up on the cliff taking pictures.

Beth: Well, I am glad he did. This is just spectacular.

Brooke: Yeah, it was. It was perfect. The wedding--everything.

Rick: I'm--I'm-- (sighs) I hate to do this. I'm totally interrupting. I'm sorry. I-I--

Beth: Oh, oh, no, no. It's--it's all right. I have to go pick up hope and R.J., anyway. See you later. And you--you look so anxious. Don't. It'll age you before your time.

Rick: Okay. Thank you. (Chuckles)

Brooke: All right, thanks, Mom. I'll see you soon, okay?

Beth: Yep. See you in a little bit.

Brooke: All right. Bye. All right, well, I'm all yours. What's going on?

Rick: Um, well, first off, I wanted to tell you that I'm-- I'm so glad that you're-- that you're so happy. It means a lot to me.

Brooke: Thank you, although I know Ridge isn't one of your favorite people.

Rick: Well, the feeling is mutual. He doesn't like me very much, either.

Brooke: That's not funny, Rick.

Rick: I know it's not funny, but it's the case, Mom. It's--it's the truth.

Brooke: Really? Well, you seem to promote conflict. (Sighs) Okay, look, I know you didn't come here to talk about this.

Rick: No, I didn't.

Brooke: Why don't you tell me what is going on? You seem a little uptight.

Rick: I am uptight. I'm--I'm antsy because, uh, I-I have some news, and it's not like it's bad. It's actually very wonderful. Let's just say that you're not the only one in love. I found someone, and-- and I couldn't be happier. (Chuckles)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: (Clears throat)

Taylor: Thank you so much for coming here, James.

James: Mm. How are you doing? You've experienced such a terrible loss.

Taylor: Mm. (Sniffles) Well, I'm just taking it one day at a time, like we usually tell our patients. And, of course, having you there 24/7 helped. (Sniffles) but we have another problem brewing.

James: Mm. Stephanie told me all about it.

Taylor: I just don't know how to help her see. I don't know how to help her see that Rick is just using her. This isn't love, that he's set his sights on her now, just like he has everybody else in the family. I don't know how to help her. (Sighs) Please, just help me show her that this is not a real relationship and it can't happen.

Brooke: You've fallen in love?

Rick: Yep, I'm head over heels in love.

Brooke: Wow. Okay, well, that's why you seem so giddy and nervous.

Rick: Yes, that's exactly the reason.

Brooke: Yeah, exactly. Well, love can do that to you.

Rick: It's sure done it to me.

Brooke: Well, this is wonderful. I know it's been hard for you lately, but being in a very positive relationship could be a great experience for you.

Rick: Yeah.

Brooke: So who is it? Tell me. Do I know who she is?

Rick: Oh, yeah. Yes, you do.

Clarke: You know, I'm surprised that Nick and Bridget can be in the same room together. Didn't their marriage end badly?

Jackie: It certainly did, and all because of that awful, awful Katie Logan. (Sighs) Poor Bridget. Of course she forgave Katie. I just hope she can forgive Nick.

Bridget: I have zero interest in being around you, Nick. I would have never accepted this job if Jackie didn't make it very clear to me that you do not work closely with the design element of this company. So we keep our distance from each other, and it shouldn't be a problem for either one of us, my working here, right?

Nick: Well, I guess that depends on what you consider a problem, because I wasn't involved with this company enough, and it nearly went into the tank, and I can't allow that to happen again.

Bridget: So you're saying that you're gonna start working from here?

Nick: Well, yeah. I-I've got to.

Bridget: Oh. Well... (scoffs) maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.

James: I don't want you to feel as if we're ganging up on you, Steffy.

Steffy: That's what this is, some kind of intervention, isn't it?

James: No. Your mother and your grandmother care a great deal about you, and you've just lost your twin. That must be enormously difficult.

Steffy: I miss her every moment of every day. But we have to go on with our lives. That's what phoebe would want.

James: Yes, I'm sure that's how she would feel, but--

Steffy: That's what I'm doing-- I'm going on with my life.

James: With the man who was behind the wheel of the car when your sister died.

Steffy: (Scoffs) What happened to Phoebe was a tragedy. Why can't people believe that some good can actually come of this?

James: (Sighs) If you were to look at this clearly and realistically and look at the women that Rick has been involved with, would it be any wonder that your family are truly concerned that you're being used? From what I know and all my years in psychiatry, my studies of the complexity of the mind and human behavioral patterns, I can say without a doubt, Rick is using you. He's using you in the most insidious way.

Rick: Well, this person, Mom, I mean, just in the brief amount of time that we've gotten to know each other, and--and I just-- she's brought so much joy and happiness to my life. And you know, over the past month or couple months, I've been so angry, right, and--and confused? But not anymore. I'm just so truly in love right now, and--

Brooke: (Laughs) Wow, this is amazing.

Rick: Yeah, it is.

Brooke: Well, who is it?

Rick: Well, I... (sighs) she is someone that I-I can imagine spending the rest of my life with and...

Brooke: I'm so happy for you, honey.

Rick: Yeah. (Laughs)

Brooke: But really, you know what? (Sighs) you're holding out on me.

Rick: I know I am.

Brooke: So tell me, who is it? What's her name?

Rick: Okay. All right. Her name is Stephanie Forrester.

Brooke: Steffy? Ridge's daughter?

Bridget: (Laughs) This was just s-silly of me to think that I can embark on a new career as a designer working with a company that's co-owned by my ex-husband. (Sighs)

Nick: Well, Bridget, for you to walk away from being a doctor tells me one thing, and that is that this means a lot to you. And I would hate to think that you would walk away from this because of me.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Nick: I know I've hurt you, and I would do anything in my power to make up for that. But I truly have to look out for my mother. You know, I wasn't around this company for a bit, and it nearly went under, and I can't allow that to happen. I've got to be hands-on here. There's just no option. So I guess the real question is up to you. (Clears throat) do you think that you can work here and be a part of this company given our past?

Steffy: Rick is not using me. You all think he's a manipulative monster, and he's not.

Stephanie: Honey, think of everything that he's done to your father. If you really look at it, then it just becomes so apparent. He's using you to get back at Ridge.

Steffy: That's not what this is about. That's not what our relationship is about.

Taylor: Steffy, please stop calling it a "relationship," because if anything, that is what it is not.

Steffy: No, Mom, it's a serious relationship, and nothing you say is gonna change it.

James: And do you think your father's gonna accept you in a relationship with the man who was driving the car that killed your sister? Think about it. That's what this is really all about. Can you choose to love a man that your father's possibly gonna hate forever?

Steffy: (Sighs)

Brooke: You can't be in love with Steffy.

Rick: (Groans) Jeez!

Brooke: No, I-I won't believe it. I refuse to believe it.

Rick: You have to believe it because it's true.

Brooke: Ridge is never going to allow this.

Rick: I know how Ridge feels about me.

Brooke: How could you do something like this?

Rick: Because we are in love, Mom. We love each other.

Brooke: I supported you. I stood by you when the rest of the family condemned you.

Rick: Yes, and I'm very grateful for that. I've told you that.

Brooke: They said that you were trying to stir up trouble, but I wouldn't believe them. And now after this, I have to wonder, Rick, what the hell is going on? Are you trying to break up Ridge and me?

Rick: No! God, no. That's not what's happening right now, I swear. I promise.

Brooke: I'm not sure if I can believe you.

Rick: Oh, man. (Sighs)

Brooke: The Forrester line that was given to Jackie M., That was an inside job. Your father backed you up, and Stephanie and Ridge-- they kept blaming you, and I wouldn't believe them, and I still don't. Please, tell me that I am right.

Rick: You're not right. It was me. I gave those designs to Nick.

Brooke: What?!

Rick: I--lis-- was foolish, okay? I look back on that, and it was disgusting behavior. I'm humiliated, but I did it-- I did it for Steffy.

Brooke: Oh, my God. For Steffy?!

Rick: No, I did it-- I did it for us, I mean. I did it so we could be away together, away from the disapproval of our families.

Brooke: You sabotaged our company and your father, after everything he's done for you, and you did it for Steffy?! Oh, my God, Rick. I-I-I don't even know what to think, except that you're completely out of your mind. How could you do this? You are so consumed with revenge right now. I am not going to allow this. Do you hear me? I won't allow it! .

Casey: Hey, let me help

Bridget: Well, I don't think you're gonna get to work with me then, Nick, and I don't--I don't think it would be a smart decision for me to work that closely with you.

Jackie: This is my company. My picture's on the wall. I make the decisions. Bridget, you are staying, and both of you are gonna make this work.

Steffy: This is not fair. I am not gonna choose between my dad and Rick. I love them both.

James: In your dream scenario, this is all gonna work out. But this is not a dream that can come true.

Taylor: It's a nightmare waiting to happen, sweetie.

Steffy: No, I refuse to believe it's hopeless. Dad will come around sooner or later.

Stephanie: He's never going to come around, honey. He's never going to accept this.

James: (Sighs)

Steffy: (Crying)

Steffy: (Sighs)

James: (Sighs) Steffy, how long have you been involved with Rick? What's it been, like a month? Six weeks? And before that, he was in love with your mother, and before that, he was in love with Phoebe. What about your father? What about his love? Hasn't he been there for you every day of your life? Have you ever doubted that? Isn't it because of him that you have this life? So you must weigh the scales. You must balance this, look at this very carefully, and you must make the choice that makes most sense to you.

Steffy: It's not about logic or making sense. We're in love.

James: If you choose to stay with Rick, you're probably gonna lose your father. I mean, you may lose part of your family. Do you understand that?

Steffy: (Sighs)

James: So it'll just be you and Rick, just the two of you against the world. That's a pretty heavy price to pay for somebody you've been involved with for only a month. And maybe after a while, you'll begin to resent Rick for everything that you've given up-- this man who you love, this man who had the same feelings for your mother...

Steffy: (Sniffles)

James: And your sister. So think very carefully. This decision you make today will affect the rest of your life. It will affect the lives of your family and most certainly, the life of your father.

Steffy: I would never intentionally hurt my father.

James: But you will if you decide to stay with Rick.

Steffy: No. No.

Taylor: It's okay, baby.

Steffy: (Sobbing)

Taylor: I love you so much.

Brooke: How could you do this to our family? Are you that angry? Are you that bitter? Your father and I fought so hard to keep you here and not send you off to Paris. And Ridge even agreed to let you stay, and now this is how you repay him?

Rick: I know! I know. What I did was so screwed-up. I realize that now. But Dad was willing to forgive me, and he wants to move on with this.

Brooke: Does your father know about Steffy?

Rick: No.

Brooke: Does Taylor?

Rick: Yes. Stephanie does, too.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: In fact, Stephanie is threatening to blow this whole situation sky-high.

Brooke: (Sighs) Oh, my God.

Rick: Stephanie is over at Taylor's right now, and they're, like, deprogramming Steffy. They think that she's insane for loving me. I mean, they threw me out of the house! That's insane.

Brooke: I don't blame them, Rick!

Rick: You don't blame them? God, it's really nice to know I have your support here, Mom.

Brooke: In your pursuit of Steffy, the one person that you knew was off-limits? I don't even know how you think that this is okay!

Rick: Please, a little understanding is gonna go a long way for me right now.

Brooke: No, I will not understand this. You were in love with Phoebe, and then you were in love with Taylor, and now suddenly, you're head over heels in love with Steffy?

Rick: Y-yes.

Brooke: All of those women are very important in Ridge's life. Don't you see how wrong this is?

Rick: Well, maybe I'm just following in your footsteps, Mom. Maybe I'm just looking for my destiny. You know that word "Destiny"? You've used it my entire life. Now look, do I know that Steffy is the woman that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with? No, I don't know that, but I'm sure as hell gonna find out.

Brooke: (Sniffles)

Rick: So will you support me on this?

Brooke: No. No. No! I will not support you on this. We have had to put up with a lot from you, Rick, and you are not going to do this to Ridge. He would go absolutely berserk if he were to find out. But you know what? He's not going to find out, because I absolutely, completely, 100% forbid you from seeing Steffy Forrester. Do you understand me? I friggin' forbid it!

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