B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/3/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/3/09


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Rick: (Scoffs) I'm not gonna put up with this. You're only gonna see what you want to see, Stephanie. I am not manipulating Steffy. I am in love with her.

Stephanie: You're only involved with her because you want to get back at her father. You cannot continue. You cannot go any place with this. My God, Rick, have Ridge and Taylor not suffered enough? I will not let you put them through this, do you understand me?

Rick: (Sighs)

Steffy: Dad, it's okay. I'm okay. Look, what happened to Phoebe was--

Ridge: It never would have happened if I had done something about Rick sooner, if I'd stopped him from hurting my little girl. I will never forgive that bastard for that.

Steffy: No, don't say that. Don't say that.

Ridge: That's how I feel.

Steffy: Well, that's how you feel now, but in time, then maybe--

Ridge: Look, sweetheart, time doesn't always heal everything. Some wounds are too deep. Some tragedies are just too painful. And what Rick did-- I feel like a piece of my soul is gonna be missing from now on because of what he did. He can claim all he wants that he didn't mean to do what he did to Phoebe, but she's still dead, isn't she?

Steffy: (Sighs)

Ridge: He killed my little girl.

Steffy: (Sobs) Daddy--

Ridge: And I'm not just gonna turn the other cheek or forgive him for anything else that he's done to us, like that kiss.

Steffy: Wait-- h-h-how do you know about that?

Ridge: Oh, I know about it. He did that just to provoke me.

Steffy: Who--who told you?

Ridge: Your grandmother did. I'm glad she did, because it makes me even more vigilant in protecting you the way I wasn't able to protect your sister.

Steffy: Dad, you protected her every day with your love.

Ridge: Well, obviously, it wasn't enough.

Steffy: Dad, look at me. If she were here, she would tell you it wasn't your fault and not to blame yourself, and it wasn't. I know that. Pheebs knows that. I just wish you would know that.

Steffy: (Sniffles)

Rick: I am not trying to hurt Ridge.

Stephanie: Fine. Then stay away from his daughter, and he won't have to endure any more heartache because of you. Give me your word.

Rick: Stephanie, I'm not g-- I'm not gonna give you my word. I can't give you my word.

Stephanie: All I'm asking you to do is to give my son a life that's not filled with anguish and heartache. If you continue with Ste-- look, as of now, all he does is look at you and see his dead daughter, for God sake.

Rick: But you--all right, you know what? For the last time, that was an accident. You know it.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. Accident or no accident, the point is, she's dead. And you have taken from him the most precious thing that-- that a parent can have-- the life of a child.

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: How do you sleep at night?

Rick: I-I don't sleep at night, okay? There, I said it. Every time I close my eyes, I see Phoebe's face. And I try to go to sleep and-- and--and I dream about her, and I dream about that night. You know what I see? I see the car flying off the road, and I see Phoebe lying in the ditch. And I see Ridge holding her in his arms, and I see Ridge's tears, and I see Phoebe slip away and die.

Stephanie: And in spite of that, you still hate him so much that--

Rick: I don't hate him! I don't hate him.

Stephanie: Your father might buy that.

Rick: Oh, God, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I don't. I don't. I know you. I know what you're capable of. You're going after her so that you can drive a knife right through his heart.

Rick: That's not what I'm doing.

Stephanie: Then end it with her.

Rick: We've tried, okay? More than once, we've tried.

Rick: But how does anybody end something that's so beautiful, something so pure? I couldn't. I can't.

Brooke: Sorry to interrupt, but the buyer from Hong Kong wants to speak with you directly.

Ridge: What line is he on?

Brooke: He's not on a phone. He's in Eric's office. He's been asking all these questions about why the collection's postponed. I believe he thinks there's more going on than we're saying.

Ridge: Okay. I'll handle it. Don't go anywhere, okay, sweetie?

Steffy: Mm.

Ridge: I'll be back soon.

Steffy: (Whispers) Okay. (Exhales)

(Door closes)

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm glad you came.

Steffy: (Normal voice) yeah, yeah. I'm glad you called, let me know Dad was in so much pain.

Brooke: He tries really hard not to fall into all of his grief, but sometimes, like tonight...

Steffy: Yeah. He told me about the dress, the one for phoebe.

Brooke: They were gonna design a line around it before she died, and now it's just-- it's just a sad reminder.

Steffy: I just wish I could do something. You know, just help him heal... and to forgive.

Brooke: Forgive Rick?

Steffy: Dad still holds him responsible. But I see Rick differently now. I just wish Dad could see it, too. (Sighs)

Brooke: That's my hope.

Steffy: Do you think it would ever happen?

Brooke: I don't want to think it's impossible, yet knowing Ridge's anger towards Rick... (sighs) I've just asked him to-- to try not to hate him so much, and I do think he's trying. It's just hard for him considering... the situation's just very fragile. God forbid, something else were to happen... (sighs) and Rick were involved. I just pray nothing goes wrong.

Stephanie: Let's talk about love. What about your love for your father and his for you? He has forgiven so much. Do you think there's no limit? Do you think that he will find this--this very thing, the unforgivable thing-- an affair, a love affair, with his granddaughter? And what about Taylor?

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: She doesn't blame you for Phoebe's death, but she most assuredly will blame you if you ruin Steffy's relationship with her father.

Rick: (Scoffs) That is not what this is about at all.

Stephanie: It isn't?

Rick: No.

Stephanie: It isn't?

Rick: Mnh-mnh.

Stephanie: I think it is. But prove me wrong. Show me that you are not the vengeful young man who's so consumed with hate. I know what you went through in your childhood-- what you suffered, quietly, feeling abandoned by your mother, your father. I think in some ways, you're still suffering, Rick. But here's a chance for you to do something, something for yourself, in a way, to gain some self-respect here. One selfless act on your part-- so simple, so hard. Let Steffy go.

Rick: (Sighs)

Brooke: I wish it could be different, too sweetheart, but I have to be honest. I don't see Ridge changing his attitude towards Rick any time soon, if ever. But I really do appreciate that you are supportive of my son. Heaven knows, he really does need somebody in his corner. And for it to be you-- you were phoebe's sister. You had a closeness and a bond that only twins share. To lose that...

Steffy: No, we haven't lost it. We're still a part of each other, that Phoebe understands that-- (sighs)

Brooke: Understands what?

Steffy: Understands-- understands what happened, why I don't blame Rick. I believe Phoebe doesn't blame him, either. Yeah, Rick has done things he's sorry for, but we all have. But that doesn't make him a bad person. He's not a bad person-- anything but. (Door opens)

Ridge: Dad's handling the meeting. I didn't want to get tied up with business anyway. Being with my daughter is much more important. You okay?

Steffy: Uh-huh. Uh... actually, um, Brooke and I were just talking about Rick.

Brooke: I was just about to say that... (sighs) it's such an amazing thing that Steffy doesn't blame Rick.

Ridge: Yeah, well, my daughter has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Steffy: So do you, Dad.

Ridge: Except when it comes to Rick. I can't forget, and I will not forgive, and if he thinks that's gonna change, then he's deluding himself.

Stephanie: You think you're in love, but "Beautiful" and "Pure"? If that's what it really was...

Rick: That's what it is.

Stephanie: Ridge will not agree with you. Your father will not agree with you. No one will, because the truth is it's destructive, and that is not what Steffy wants in her life. Her family is everything to her. If you force her to choose...

Rick: I'm not-- I would never do that.

Stephanie: That is exactly what you're doing right now. She's sneaking around. She's getting in here deeper and deeper with you. If she wasn't so vulnerable, I don't know--

Rick: All right. All right. Stop. I get it. So I'm taking advantage of her, is that it, Stephanie?

Stephanie: No, the point is that she's gotten herself into something that she's not really prepared for, and frankly, I don't think you are, either.

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Rick, don't do this to her, and don't do this to her father.

Rick: How many times do I have to say it? I feel for Ridge. I am not trying to hurt him. Stephanie, I wish I could go back to that night, and I wish it were me dying in that ditch. I would trade my life for Phoebe's in a second. You have to believe that.

Stephanie: I wish it had been you. When Ridge finds out what this is all about, when he finds out about you and Steffy, what do think is going to happen? Wounds that in time might have healed will never heal.

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs) He will be so consumed with anger about what you've done. And what will happen to her? She'll end up filled with guilt because of this relationship, this affair that she has with you, and what it will do to the father that she absolutely loves. And then what? She has no peace? She has no joy, no real happiness? Is that what you want for her?

Rick: (Sighs)

Ridge: So then it's a date? Next week, movie with your old man?

Steffy: You springing for the popcorn?

Ridge: Yeah, and that God-awful gooey candy you like so much.

Steffy: Oh, come on, that was, like, my favorite when I was, like, 8.

Ridge: Well, wasn't that, like, last week? That's what it seems, anyway-- you and Phoebe in pigtails.

Steffy: Ooh, we were never in pigtails. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.

Ridge: I wish I could turn back the clock to a couple years ago when phoebe was off on tour and you were away at boarding school. (Sighs) I never would have let you out of my sight.

Steffy: Dad, I'm not going anywhere.

Ridge: Yeah, that's what girls tell their fathers, and then you go and fall in love and run off with your prince charming. Just know this. Whoever finally captures your heart, I'm gonna make sure that they respect you and treat you right.

Steffy: But I'm always gonna be your little girl.

Ridge: I love you so much.

Steffy: (Whispers) I love you, too.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Steffy: (Normal voice) all right. All right. It's getting late, so...

Ridge: I'll drive you home.

Steffy: No, it--it's fine. I have my car, so...

Ridge: (Sighs)

Steffy: I'll be fine. It's okay. I love you.

(Door closes)

Brooke: She is truly a remarkable young lady.

Ridge: I thank God for her every day, and for you, knowing that having her here tonight is exactly what I needed. (Clicks tongue) thank you.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Steffy: I don't want to hurt you, Dad. That's the last thing I want.

Steffy: But, Rick... (sighs) God, I love you so much.

Steffy: There has to be a way for us to be together. There has to. (Sighs)

Stephanie: Right now, it's just all flowers and candles, but I believe eventually, she'll come to hate you because you will have taken everything meaningful in her life away from her. All of those that she loves will be lost to her and to you.

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Or you could, at this moment, do what's right for everyone, or you could choose just to think of yourself.

Rick: Choosing love is not selfish, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It seems to me that you've chosen quite a few girls. How many were there in Paris before Ashley even got there? And then you came home, and there was Phoebe, and then you had an affair with Taylor, and now this. Don't you find this behavior rather disturbing?

Rick: Well, obviously, that's what you want me to see. What I know is what I feel in my heart, what I feel when Steffy and I are together. It's right. It's real.

Stephanie: Is it just about you and your wants and needs, or do you really give a damn about what she needs?

Rick: What--how the hell could you even ask me that? Of course, I care about what Steffy needs. I would do anything for her.

Stephanie: Anything but the one thing that she really needs from you, and that is to let her go. (Sighs) I loved you as a boy. You were the sweetest thing. Where did that boy go, Rick? What happened? I put this right in your mother and father's lap. Now you listen to me. Listen to me carefully, because sometimes in life, you have the chance to do what's right for someone that you love, and this is that moment. If you walk away from her, of course she'll be hurt. She'll be terribly hurt, but it's the kind of hurt that you get over. But if you keep sneaking around, seeing one another, the truth will come out, Rick. It will. It always does. And then what's Ridge going to do? Don't turn this into some tragic little love story.

Rick: Stop.

Stephanie: Don't do that.

Rick: Stop.

Stephanie: Don't.

Rick: Stop it, please. I hear you.

Stephanie: Then let her go.

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