B&B Transcript Monday 2/2/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/2/09


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Ridge: All right, thank you, Crystal. Any more after these?

Brooke: Just one more dress. Send Erin in, please.

Ridge: Good. I'm exhausted.

Brooke: Well, you've been working all day.

Ridge: Yeah, and tomorrow and next week. I gotta re-create a whole new line in record time.

Brooke: I still don't think Rick is the one who stole those designs.

Ridge: Wrong thing to get into right now, Logan.

Brooke: (Scoffs) Okay, you are the last model of the day. So, Ridge, what do you think?

Brooke: What is it?

Ridge: I can't work on that dress.

Brooke: Okay. Uh, maybe we should do this some other time. Thanks, Erin. I'll see you soon.

Brooke: What's going on?

Ridge: I, uh, I designed that dress for Phoebe. We pulled it from the line after she died. I have no idea how it got into the production schedule. It must be the-- all the chaos the last while.

Brooke: Oh, Ridge.

Ridge: My little girl. She was hoping to expand her fragrance line. I was thinking about having... (inhales deeply) her own line of clothing under her own label. (Sighs) that was her signature dress.

Ridge: (Sighs) She was so excited, had so many plans... plans now that will never, ever happen.

(Cell phone rings)

Steffy: Mm. Mm. Mm. I better get that.

Rick: Yeah. (Rings) (rings)

Steffy: It's your mom. Hi.

Brooke: Hi, Steffy, it's Brooke. I'm at Forrester. Where are you?

Steffy: I'm, um, I'm--I'm not in the building.

Brooke: Okay, well, I-- (sighs) Ridge was just in here with me, and he's having a really difficult time. He's missing Phoebe.

Steffy: (Sighs) Oh, no.

Brooke: It--I think it would really mean a lot to him if you stopped by the office, spent some time with him.

Steffy: Sure. Yeah. Absolutely.

Brooke: Thanks. We'll see you in a little while.

Steffy: (Sighs) I have to go see my dad.

Rick: What--okay. Really?

Steffy: Yeah, he needs me.

Rick: Well, I need you, too.

Steffy: But my dad's having a bad day. He's just--he's really, really missing Phoebe.

Rick: And you have to go now? I mean, right this minute?

Steffy: Yeah.

Rick: We are just getting started here, you know.

Steffy: I know, but we still do need to talk more.

Rick: Yes, yes, about what I did. I-I totally agree with that.

Steffy: I do see things differently, but still.

Rick: But yes, it-- what I did was-- I can't even explain it. Look, it--it's like what I-- what I said before. I was just caught up in a fantasy, in--in seeing only what I wanted to see. I want you to know I really-- I really did believe that you and I could be happy working together over at Jackie M. Designs, and I know it sounds silly, but I pictured us living here together, and, I don't know, maybe someday-- someday starting a-a family. (Laughs)

Steffy: Wait. You--you'd want that?

Rick: Yeah, of course.

Steffy: A family? Wow.

Rick: Someday. Someday.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Rick: I'm not, you know-- and it would have to be with-- with the right person, of course. And you definitely fit that description. I'm trying to tell you that that's why I did what I did. That's why I stole those designs. I've told you this before. It was a desperate act of love, and I was just so messed up.

Steffy: Were you really messed up?

Rick: Yeah.

Steffy: I don't know. I do not know.

Rick: (Laughs)

Steffy: Look, what you did was wrong, but your intentions weren't. You did it out of love.

Ridge: (Sighs) I told the sewers to put Phoebe's dress on hold.

Brooke: (Sighs) It was beautiful, Ridge. She would have been so proud.

Ridge: I know wherever she is, she didn't want me suffering. But sometimes things happen, like seeing that dress, and it all just comes flooding back.

Brooke: You have to allow for that. You loved her so much.

Ridge: Maybe too much.

Brooke: Can a father ever love his daughter too much?

Ridge: He has to know when to let go. God knows I can't let go of phoebe. All these memories... but mostly I remember the day that, uh, we had our rehearsal dinner. Oh, that's a memory that will haunt me for the rest of my life, Logan. There she was lying there. I took her into my arms, and she just slipped away. She was gone. I swear to you, if I could have died with her that night, I would have. I try to believe she's in a better place, but I'm not. I'm here with all these memories and that endless, empty feeling that just gnaws at my heart so many times during the day. You think it would go away with time, but I just don't have any sense of time anymore. I--all there really is is before Phoebe died and afterward. And afterward is a very, very dark place.

Rick: Mm. You have to go. You really have to go.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. But it's so hard to leave you.

Rick: You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that. I have no idea where I'd be if it was over between us.

Steffy: Well, I wanted it to be.

Rick: I know.

Steffy: When you told me that you gave those designs to Nick and his mom... (exhales) I was so mad at you.

Rick: I know you were. I know.

Steffy: I thought you were completely out of your mind.

Rick: I was.

Steffy: You know, and I was-- I was kind of scared of you, really.

Rick: Well, I-I don't blame you, Steffy.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Rick: I would have been scared of me, too, in that situation.

Steffy: But then you told me why you did it-- for us so that we could be together, and I thought you still sounded crazy, but you were so convincing, and passionate. And hey, maybe this is wrong. But I am not going to turn my back on you.

Rick: No. No. I can't be without you, either.

Steffy: But well, can we really have the life that you imagined?

Rick: (Sighs)

Steffy: 'Cause no one's gonna accept this.

Rick: Hey, you know, I am so sick and tired of hearing that. We are adults, Steffy. We should be able to do whatever we please. This is ridiculous.

Steffy: I know, but my dad--

Rick: Your dad is in love with my mom, and my mother will accept this.

Steffy: You think so?

Rick: I know so. Listen, my mom believes in me. She supports me. If I tell her that-- that we're in love, that I love you, then she's gonna believe in us. And she'll work her magic on your dad, and--and she'll make him see it our way.

Steffy: You really think Brooke could bring my dad around? I don't know. If he knew how we felt about each other--

Rick: Okay.

Steffy: I just--

Rick: All right. No, you bring up a good point. I agree it's too soon to tell your father about us, so we'll just keep this our little secret, okay?

Rick: This is important, though. I need to know that this is real. What I mean is, if--if this is too much for you, just tell me. I'll understand. No, it's not-- it's not what I want, but if it's what you need, then I'll accept that, and I will-- I will try to move on somehow.

Steffy: I'm not gonna let you move on, because you have all of me.

Steffy: I love you. I love you.

Rick: I love you, too.

Steffy: I gotta go see my dad.

Rick: Okay.

Steffy: Okay.

Rick: (Sighs)

Steffy: Okay. Bye.

Rick: Bye.

Steffy: Okay. (Whispers) bye.

Rick: (Exhales slowly)

Rick: (Groans)

Rick: Jeez, Stephanie! What the-- oh, my God. (Sighs)

Stephanie: It isn't enough that you killed her sister? Now you're after her?

Rick: (Sighs)

Stephanie: What do you think Ridge is going to do to you?

Ridge: You have no idea how badly I wanted to see you today.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Ridge: Oh, I get it.

Steffy: I would have come even if Brooke hadn't called.

Ridge: It's okay. I'm just glad you're here. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Steffy: She does have magical powers, doesn't she?

Ridge: Yeah, the way she seems to get what she wants out of me. She's very good at that.

Brooke: I just hope you find a man as generous as Ridge someday.

Steffy: And as open-minded. So tell me about your day.

Ridge: Well, it's been busy-- redesigning a whole new collection, but you know all about that.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: And someone mistakenly, uh, put a design back into the production schedule that I had done for your sister.

Steffy: Oh, okay. And that brought up a bunch of memories. It's tough, isn't it? You're just going along with your day, and then out of the blue, you just get this sudden reminder. I'm reminded of her all the time.

Ridge: (Sighs) Look, I don't want you taking my bad day and making it your own, okay?

Steffy: No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine. Plus, I-I got a lot of distractions.

Ridge: Not while you're driving, okay?

Steffy: Dad, I'm a good driver.

Ridge: I know you are, but I just get nervous sometimes.

Steffy: Don't worry about me.

Ridge: I can't help it, okay? I need to make sure you're safe. I've lost one daughter. I gotta do everything in my power to keep you safe. Can you at least indulge me on that one?

Steffy: Dad, you have to have faith.

Ridge: I'm working on it. If anything did happen to you... (sighs) it's too easy for the wrong person to take advantage of someone as lovely and trusting as you.

Rick: How the hell did you get in here?

Stephanie: You're a thief, and now you're trying to steal her and pretend it's an act of love.

Rick: I'm not gonna do this now. I want you to get the hell out of here right now.

Stephanie: You think that I'm going to let you use her the way you used Phoebe?

Rick: That is not what's happening. You listen to me, all right? Steffy and I came together because of Phoebe. We were grieving. We have a connection I've never felt before. We were suffering.

Stephanie: She was suffering. You were taking advantage.

Rick: That's not true. Why would I do that?

Stephanie: For the same reason that you used Phoebe-- to get back at their father.

Rick: Okay, if that was the case, why wouldn't I want Ridge to find out about this?

Stephanie: Because you don't have her yet, not for sure, but you're getting close. And the minute she gives in, I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna run right over to Ridge and throw it in his face.

Brooke: I'll just be downstairs.

Ridge: Thank you.

Steffy: Do you feel better?

Ridge: I don't mean to lay all this on you, kiddo.

Steffy: No, I feel the same thing, too. I miss her. There's that look again.

Ridge: What look?

Steffy: The look that says, "I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose her." But you won't.

Ridge: Fathers are supposed to protect their little girls.

Steffy: First of all, Phoebe wasn't a little girl. There is no way you could have protected her from what happened.

Ridge: I could have done more to keep Rick away from her, that's for sure.

Steffy: (Sighs) Rick didn't force her to get into that car. It was her choice, and she refused to get out. You know how stubborn Phoebe gets.

Ridge: Yeah, she was stubborn, and she was angry, so angry, according to Rick, she was lashing out at him while he was trying to drive. Now what does that tell you, Steffy? That Phoebe was so furious that she lost all control. Have you ever seen her in that frame of mind before? Because I haven't.

Ridge: Rick's at fault here. Maybe he didn't force her into that car, but he definitely drove her to do what she did. And to me, that says he's responsible for her death. I don't want him anywhere near you, ever.

Rick: I am not using Steffy.

Stephanie: You've already used her. The kiss? You knew she'd go to phoebe, and look what happened. Phoebe's dead.

Rick: Steffy has forgiven me for that. Why the hell can't you?

Stephanie: Is this forgiveness? Is this about forgiveness?

Rick: No-- (sighs)

Stephanie: You want her forgiveness to assuage your guilt?

Rick: You know, I said that wrong, okay? I am in love with Steffy. I love her.

Stephanie: You're not capable of love, Rick. You're so obsessed and consumed with hate. You just want to get back at Ridge for the things...

Rick: No!

Stephanie: That you think he did to you as a child.

Rick: Stephanie, this is not about revenge. Can't you see that? Steffy has opened her heart to me. I would never do anything to hurt her.

Stephanie: You're playing her.

Rick: No. No!

Stephanie: I won't let you do that.

Rick: There's obviously nothing I can say right now.

Stephanie: Probably not, until you concede that you're using her to get back at her father.

Rick: All right, that's obviously what you want to see. And I don't see it that way. I'm sorry. So what do you intend on doing?

Stephanie: Rick, this situation is unacceptable.

Rick: When are you gonna realize that I'm not a threat to you, to your family, to Steffy--nobody? You need to accept the fact that Steffy is in love with me.

Stephanie: Steffy is young and naive and romantic, and she--she thinks that this is "Romeo and Juliet." Well, that story had a terrible ending. Leave her alone. Leave her alone.

Rick: This is not your decision at all.

Stephanie: I'm making it my decision, because I'm not going to allow you to take another daughter away from my son.

Rick: What the hell does that mean?

Stephanie: That means that I'll do whatever I have to to protect my family, whatever.

Rick: So you're threatening me?

Stephanie: All right, I'm threatening you. It ends. You and Steffy cannot go any farther. I will not allow this, and there is nothing that I won't do to protect her and keep you from hurting her and her father.

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