B&B Transcript Monday 1/19/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/19/09


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Thorne: Just get the shipment to us as soon as you can, Trey. We need the fabric right away.

Donna: Look, we have used your agency for years, but if you can't get us the models that we need then-- good. Good. I'm glad you see it our way.

Ridge: Okay.

Stephanie: Is this yours, or--or is it Eric's?

Ridge: Collaboration. Why?

Stephanie: Well, because it's, um, it's elegant and understated and kind of stunning. (Chuckles) Something that some people in this room have no concept of.

Rick: (Breathing heavily) I'm so sorry I'm late. I was just texting--

Felicia: Whatever. Where's the new fabric for the next design?

Rick: (Sighs)

Donna: I'll buzz Steffy and have her bring it up.

Stephanie: No, don't do that. She's busy. Uh, Marcus can handle that.

Ridge: (Mouths words)

Ridge: All right, Claire, let's see how it moves.

Clarke: Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. You sly little minx. Taking a page out of Sally's playbook, stealing these designs, hoping to save Jackie M.

Nick: We didn't "steal" anything.

Jackie: Thank you, Nadine. Thank you. (Chuckles)

Clarke: All right. I'll bite. If they're not stolen...

Jackie: Someone at Forrester e-mailed Nicky those designs anonymously.

Ridge: Come on, Claire. Let's get this down to cutting.

Donna: We should check with Katie about the announcement for the showing. And I-I want it going out today, especially with what Jackie M. is trying to pull.

Rick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?

Felicia: Oh, that's rich. Our illustrious president doesn't even know what the competition's up to.

Thorne: (Scoffs)

Donna: Apparently, Jackie is introducing an original line as a last-ditch effort to save her company. But I don't know how she plans on doing that with Clarke as a designer.

Clarke: Good, old Sal. She was always rolling the dice. She said, "Bucky, if you want to play in the sandbox with the big boys, you gotta take some chances." (Chuckles) And we did.

Jackie: Of course, we're going to have to make some teensy-weensy modifications.

Clarke: Of course, just enough to protect us in case the Forresters sue. Yeah, I'm familiar with it.

Jackie: Well, that's good, because there's no time to waste. Clarke, I want you to contact the press. I am going to personally contact the buyers announcing our preview tomorrow.

Clarke: Tomorrow?

Nick: Mother, you're jumping the gun on this.

Jackie: Look, I know the obstacles, all right? But if we don't do something to stir up interest, to keep the creditors at bay-- Clarke!

Clarke: Okay. Okay.

Nick: Mother, I am still not on board with this.

Jackie: Please, will you listen to me?

Nick: Until I find out who is sending this, going with these sketches is too risky.

Felicia: I'm sorry. It kills me to say this, but I almost wish the line would fail, if it meant that Daddy would finally open his eyes and see how the Logans are wrecking this company.

Thorne: Yeah, it sure as hell doesn't feel like Forrester Creations, that's for sure. I guess that's why I don't really care what happens to it.

(Cell phone rings)

Stephanie: Hello?

Jackie: Mm, Stephanie. It's Jackie. Uh, I-I know you're probably in the thick of it, but, um, I was actually wondering if you could meet me for lunch today. Well, um, Il Giardino in, say, uh, 30 minutes? Perfect. See you then.

Owen: Wow, is that--

Donna: Oh! God. (Sighs) you scared me half to death.

Donna: Is something wrong?

Owen: (Stammers) The surf line wasn't exactly a huge success. And if it wasn't for Pam's bikini, which even that's starting to cool off, I'm starting to wonder whether or not-- whether or not Eric's gonna want to keep me on here. I mean, has he said anything to you?

Donna: No, but I'm--I'm--

(Cell phone rings)

Donna: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'll be right there. I'm sorry, I-I have to go.

(Knock on door)

Bridget: I was just looking for Donna. Is she around?

Owen: No, I'm, uh, I'm sorry. She's not. But is there anything I can do for you?

Bridget: Well, I wouldn't want to interrupt you, you know.

Owen: Trust me. You couldn't if you tried.

Bridget: What's up with you? You seem a little frustrated.

Owen: I don't know. I'm just feeling a little insecure about my status here at Forrester.

Bridget: Really? I thought that whole "Pam crocheted bikini" thing was a hit.

Owen: Yeah, it was. But unfortunately, the rest of the line wasn't, which makes yours truly expendable, unless I make something happen for myself.

Jackie: Oh! Sorry. (Laughs) (Sighs) Sorry I'm late. The traffic was absolutely ghastly. Oh, you've ordered.

Stephanie: Well... (laughs) listen, you're lucky I'm here at all. Why am I here? Don't you have something better to do? I mean, like, um, mounting your "last gasp" fashion preview?

Jackie: You've heard about that, have you?

Stephanie: Yes, everybody has. I think the industry's, uh, it just smells blood, doesn't it?

Jackie: Well, let me just say one thing. The rumor of our demise has been greatly exaggerated.

Stephanie: Oh.

Jackie: But I think you already know that, don't you?

(Wine pouring)

Nick: So what exactly is it that you think that you know?

(Door closes)

Felicia: I know that Jackie M. Designs is in deep doo-doo. And I also know that you are having a preview hoping to turn things around.

Nick: Are you here to wish us well, or dance on our grave?

Felicia: (Chuckles) Actually, I'm looking for a job as a designer. I figure if the preview is a success and the bucks start rolling in, then you'll be looking to expand your design team, in which case, I'm your gal.

Nick: Well, you better not let your old man hear that.

Felicia: (Chuckles) My "old man" hardly knows I exist these days, at least not at Forrester. It's all about the damn Logans.

Nick: I see.

Felicia: Look, I know that you remember that we had something pretty special for a minute. How about we turn back the clock and see if the sparks are still there?

Nick: Well, right now, my clock and my sparks are engaged.

Felicia: But they're not married. Think about it. I've always had designs on you, Mr. Marone.

Felicia: Let me know if you're interested. I definitely am.

(Door closes)

Nick: (Coughs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Rick: Ridge? We need to talk.

Ridge: I'm busy.

Rick: Look, we have a major fashion show in the works here, okay? You and I really need to pull this together.

Ridge: Don't tell me what I need to do, Rick.

Rick: All right, listen, Mr. C.E.O., there's something that you should hear, whether you like it or not.

Stephanie: I don't know what's worse-- a company going under, or a company that's been overrun by hoards of Logans.

Jackie: Things are truly that bad?

Stephanie: I don't know why I bother.

Jackie: Because you love that company, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I loved the company the way it used to be. Now I have to put up with that dumb Donna and that stupid Rick. (Sighs) I don't--I honestly-- I don't know why I bother anymore. What?

Jackie: I just never thought I'd see the day when Stephanie Forrester would turn her back on her own company without a fight. Or am I misreading you?

Stephanie: Well, you've known me a long time. You know I'm not going to allow something to happen at the expense of my children or my grandchildren without putting it right.

Jackie: And have you... found a way? Yeah, I believe you have.

Owen: My surf line is small potatoes compared to your father's couture. I mean, if only it had gotten the buzz that his is sure to.

Bridget: Have you seen my dad's collection? He usually guards that with his life.

Owen: No, he still does. Only his inner sanctum like Donna has access to it.

Bridget: Oh. Oh. Well, um, you know, you should look on the bright side.

Owen: Well, if there was one. If things keep going the way that I think that they are, I just don't know how much longer I'm gonna be welcome here.

Rick: Look, Ridge, I know you're not gonna believe me when I say this, but I am profoundly sorry with my part in what happened to Phoebe. I would switch places with her in a second if I thought it would bring her back, but she's gone, Ridge, and I understand you're in a lot of pain here, but I think to myself, what can I do to help you? What can I do to help you to-- to feel better about this? But how can I when you won't let me? When you say to yourself that there's no possibility of you ever forgiving me for what happened? So I ask you this-- is there the slightest chance, the slightest possibility that you will ever be able to accept me?

(Throws down objects)

Thorne: Excuse me. Could you get me another one, please? Make it a double.

Man: Of course, Mr. Forrester.

Thorne: Thank you.

Nick: Wow. A little early in the day, isn't it? But maybe not. Excuse me. I'll have what he's having. Thank you.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Nick: Shouldn't you be busy at work over at Forrester? It's crunch time over there. Or do favorite sons Ridge and Rick-- they probably have everything under control, don't they? Come on. That does have to be tough, doesn't it? I mean, always being the third wheel. Doesn't it ever make you want to do something to get even?

Man: Your drinks, gentlemen.

Nick: Thank you.

Thorne: Thank you. So are you here drowning your sorrows away, too? I mean, word has it that Jackie M. Is going belly-up, unless a miracle happens.

Nick: No, actually. I'm looking for my mother. I know she had lunch with Stephanie. (Laughs) I just wanted to make sure there was no bloodshed.

Thorne: Mm. (Chuckles) Well, no blood was shed, according to the maître d', anyway.

Nick: Well, all right, then. I guess we've both accomplished our missions. Want a ride back?

Thorne: (Scoffs) What is there to go back to? I mean, I could work my ass off, and it would still be all about Rick and Ridge in my old man's eyes.

Owen: All right, enough about me. Uh, I'm starting to sound pitiful. You said you were looking for Donna, or maybe was that just an excuse?

Bridget: "An excuse"?

Owen: Yeah, well, when you came by my place the other day, I think maybe you might have, um, I don't know, gotten the wrong idea?

Bridget: About?

Owen: Well, about, uh, about me.

Bridget: I mean, it was just because I-- I--the bikini and the candles and then I--

Owen: Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh.

Ridge: What the hell are you thinking anyway?

Rick: Ridge, please, just listen to me, okay? For a second? (Stammers) You and my mom are married now, okay? Whether we like it or not, we are family, so can we please just try to get past this?

Ridge: I am trying. Here at work, I'm trying. And that's as far as I'm gonna go. I don't trust you. I don't want you anywhere near my family, not after you cost me my daughter. Maybe you are sorry, but every time I see you and Steffy together, it terrifies me. I don't see that changing any time soon, so you might as well get used to it once and for all.

Nick: What are you looking at, Mother?

Jackie: Oh, I was hoping that we had been sent some more designs while I was out, but I guess Stephanie hasn't had the chance.

Nick: Do you think she's the one that's been sending them?

Jackie: After our lunch today, I am more convinced than ever... or actually, was, until you told me about running into Thorne and Felicia stopping by here.

Nick: They all have reasons for doing this. One thing they all share in common is that they're miserable at Forrester.

Jackie: Which explains why one of them has gone to such drastic lengths.

Nick: For whatever reason he or she is doing this, one thing's for certain. They're gonna want something in return.

(E-mail alert rings)

Jackie: (Gasps) It's from "Stormy Seas."

Nick: "More designs are on their way, just in the 'Nick' of time. Tomorrow you'll have your fashion preview, and the collection will be a huge success. Jackie M. will be saved, and I will be solely responsible, which I think deserves more than a thank-you, don't you? I can do even more extraordinary things for your company, but I'll need a position there-- not just any position, but a long-term commitment as president of Jackie M. Designs. I look forward to a future together, Nick. All you need to do is accept my one condition. I'll be in touch."

Jackie: Wow. Well, you weren't wrong when you said that they would want "something" in return, but the presidency?

Nick: Which makes me think it's Thorne, because he's been skipped over time and time again at Forrester, but wanting "a future together," that makes me think it's Felicia.

Jackie: (Sighs) Well, so where are the designs?

Nick: They're in a secure link. If I hit "accept," then we agree to the terms, and we get the Forrester Collection. If I hit "decline"...

Jackie: (Scoffs) Nicky, why are you hesitating? If we don't accept, we only have three designs. That is not enough to save Jackie M. Please, Nicky, this is our only chance. I mean, I love this company. You can't let it go under. Nicky, please. Accept... now. (Pushes button) (beep) (beep)

Jackie: (Gasps) Oh, my God. (Laughs) it is the entire Forrester collection! Oh, it is magnificent, and it's ours.

Nick: I don't like doing it this way.

Jackie: Oh, Nicky. Nicky, this deal is going to save Jackie M. from financial ruin. It's gonna save you, too.

Nick: I feel like we've made a deal with the devil, Mother. Someone's in control of our future now. The question is, who?

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