B&B Transcript Friday 1/16/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/16/09


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Brooke: That's Ridge.

(Loud music playing)

Stephanie: What the...

(Tires squeal)

Steffy: (Gasps) Look out! Aah!

(Tires squeal)

Ridge: Phoebe, get out of the car.

Steffy: Phoebe?

Rick: Ridge!

Steffy: Dad, I didn't--Dad!

Ridge: I mean-- I meant Steffy. Just get out. Just get out.

Rick: What the hell are you doing?

Thorne: Here are the designs.

Eric: You scanned them?

Thorne: Yep. And I gave copies to everyone who needs them.

Eric: Good. Okay. Just leave them there. I'll have, uh, I'll have a few more for you in about an hour.

Thorne: Whatever.

Eric: Thorne?

Thorne: (Sighs)

Eric: You're still upset.

Thorne: Does it matter?

Eric: Of course it matters.

Thorne: Well, not that you'd do anything about it.

Eric: Well, what would you have me do, Thorne? Fire Rick the way your mother wants me to?

Thorne: Well, he can have my job. I'll take his.

Eric: You know that's not possible.

Thorne: Anything's possible. You own the company. But I'm not going to beg. I shouldn't have to.

Eric: You're vital to this company, Thorne. You always have been.

Thorne: Just not as vital as Rick, huh?

Jackie: Oh, they are fabulous. (Exhales deeply) What a windfall.

Nick: It's not a windfall, Mother. They're stolen Forrester designs.

Jackie: Excuse me? We didn't steal them.

Nick: The person who sent them to us did. Katie knows we're desperate. She has access.

Jackie: No. I do not believe that Katie would do something like this. I mean, it just seems a little rash.

Nick: It doesn't seem that way to me.

(Knock on door)

Katie: May I come in?

Nick: Yes! Yes, please.

Katie: Mwah. Wow, you guys have made some changes.

Jackie: Yes, we have. We, uh, well, I merged the boutiques with the design house, and so now we're Jackie M. Designs.

Katie: I like it.

Jackie: Hmm. Well, I'll leave you two to talk. Nice to see you, Katie.

Katie: Nice to see you, too. So, um...

Nick: How is my favorite fiancée?

Katie: Mmm, crazy, crazy busy.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Katie: We're dealing with the fashion show. It's a week away. But since I heard that you wanted to see me, I rushed right over. Should we lock the door?

Nick: No. No, I like people watching.

Katie: Oh, I'm game if you are. (Giggles)

Nick: That can wait.

Katie: Okay.

Nick: We have some things to talk about.

Steffy: Dad, what's going on?

Ridge: I just don't want you riding with him.

Steffy: We were going to check on a shipment.

Ridge: I know where you were going, and I just don't want you riding in the car.

Brooke: Ridge!

Stephanie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Ridge.

Stephanie: Ridge.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Are you all right?

Ridge: I'm okay. I'm okay. Everybody just chill out.

Stephanie: Honey, you're the one that needs to calm down.

Ridge: Mother, I'm okay. It's all right.

Brooke: No. Just take a deep breath and relax. Okay. Now tell us what happened.

Ridge: Felicia told me they were going to Long Beach, to the docks to check on an order.

Stephanie: Oh, so you got frightened because she was gonna drive in the car with Rick.

Ridge: I just kept thinking about Phoebe in the car.

Steffy: Dad, I'm fine.

Ridge: I know, sweetie. I'm--I know. I just couldn't take a chance.

Brooke: Don't worry. It's no problem. We'll have somebody else go down and check on the order.

Stephanie: Steffy, let's get your father upstairs.

Ridge: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I got so worked up and caused a scene.

Steffy: It's okay. It's okay. Come on, let's go upstairs.

Eric: What I want, Thorne, is for all of us to pull together. It's tough times out there. We have to function as a team.

Thorne: And I'm what, the water boy on this team? Because that's how I'm feeling.

Eric: Oh, come on. Now you're being unreasonable.

Thorne: You and Donna, Rick as president, Mom on the outside-- that sure as hell isn't the team that got us our reputation.

Eric: Thorne, we're gonna be fine.

Thorne: I guess we'll see about that, won't we?

Nick: You know the situation here. I've merged the two companies, but it's just a band-aid. It's not enough to keep us solvent.

Katie: Well, I told you I would do anything to help.

Nick: I know that. You said you would do anything.

Katie: Do you have something in mind?

Nick: I was actually curious if you do.

Katie: If I have something in mind?

Nick: Yeah.

Katie: Um, I don't know. I guess I haven't really thought about it.

Nick: Nothing off the top of your head?

Katie: No. I-I-I've been really busy with the Forrester Collection.

Nick: How's that going, the new line you're showing?

Katie: It's beautiful. I-I think it could be a home run. That's what we're hoping. But I don't want to brag.

Nick: Bragging's allowed. You're a loyal employee with a good heart. I hope they appreciate it.

Katie: I think they do.

Nick: Well, you should get back over there. I've kept you long enough.

Katie: Okay. I thought you wanted my help.

Nick: Just seeing you is enough.

Rick: (Groans) Can you believe what just happened out there?

Brooke: (Sighs) You can understand, though, can't you?

Rick: Yes. Ridge and his reaction and the car-- I-I get it, Mom. But I was just giving Steffy a lift to Long Beach. That's all.

Brooke: Honey, it's going to take some time before Ridge is comfortable with Steffy in anybody's car, let alone yours. He really doesn't want you anywhere near her. And given what happened to Phoebe, that's understandable.

Rick: It's just that Stephanie is gonna have a field day with this one.

Steffy: Dad, you don't have to worry about me.

Ridge: I'm having a rough time, okay? I can't help thinking about phoebe and the accident.

Steffy: But that's not what's gonna happen to me.

Stephanie: No, it won't if you stay away from Rick. He's trouble, and you know that better than any of us.

Ridge: I can't lose you as my sweet girl. I can't lose you. But you have to help me with this. The thought of anything happening to you... please, stay away from Rick.

Eric: Look, Katie, the reason I wanted to see you is that, um, I read about Jackie's difficulty with the business.

Katie: Yeah, they're under a lot of pressure over there.

Eric: They are. Challenging times out there. I actually have my doubts that her business will survive.

Katie: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. Nick's a fighter.

Eric: Yes, he is, isn't he? And he's your fiancé. And he's a direct competitor of ours.

Katie: I'm sensing a message in here somewhere.

Eric: I may have said this before, but, uh, this is a very, very important collection for us. I cannot stress how important confidentiality is. It's paramount for us.

Katie: Of course. I understand.

Eric: Good. Then there's nothing more that needs to be said. Thanks for coming in.

Katie: Sure.

Jackie: How was your talk with Katie?

Nick: She didn't do it.

Jackie: Well, that's a relief because none of this will impact her.

Nick: None of what will impact her?

Jackie: Nicky, we have to take advantage of this. We've been given a gift that could save our company.

Nick: It can also ruin us.

Jackie: Well, we're on the brink of destruction anyway. We have to take the risk.

Nick: No, Mother. No. No. No. We make no move on this until we find out exactly who's sending them.

Jackie: Why?

Nick: Because it stinks. It reeks of a trap. And going broke's a hell of a lot better than going to jail.

Steffy: This can never happen again. Look out! Aah!

Stephanie: Rick!

Rick: Jeez.

Stephanie: What is it you did not understand about staying away from Ridge's daughter? I'm warning you.

Rick: Oh, ju--sto-- shut up, okay? God, you're always warning me. Blah, blah, blah. Look, every time you warn me, nothing happens. I'm still running this company.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, not for long.

Rick: What, do you got something up your sleeve? Let me see it. Bring it on.

Stephanie: I don't have to bring it on. You'll do yourself in. But if you don't stay away from Steffy, I'm telling you, losing this little office of yours will be the least of your problems.

Brooke: Pretty scary day for you. I spoke with Rick. He was just trying to be helpful.

Ridge: Logan, please, no excuses.

Brooke: (Sighs) I do understand, Ridge. And so does Rick. He's not going to go anywhere near Steffy. I can promise you that.

Ridge: He damn well better not.

Steffy: (Voice cracking) Hi.

Rick: Hey. How's your dad?

Steffy: I've never seen him like this.

Rick: I know. His face when you were in the car with me was--

Steffy: You know, I can't even imagine-- I can't even imagine what-- (sighs heavily) I can't even think about that. (Crying) I can't do this. I can't do it. It would just-- it would kill my dad if he knew about us, and I can't do that to him.

Steffy: We have to end it.

Brooke: You heard your father. We have to put our differences aside for the company. And that includes Steffy and Rick.

Ridge: Well, Dad has to see this is a very different situation. Steffy and Rick can't be anywhere near each other. I don't ever want to see that again, or--I swear to you, Logan.

Rick: Hey, hey, look at me. Look at me. It's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

Steffy: I can't, Rick. I-I can't. I can't do this to my dad.

Rick: Steffy, I feel for your father, okay? Really, I do. But us not seeing each other, us not loving each other-- it's not gonna take away the pain. Hey, it's not gonna bring Phoebe back. Believe me, if it would, I-I would end this in a heartbeat. But it won't. That's why I'm not gonna stop seeing you. I can't stop loving you. In this moment, you and I, all we have is each other.

Jackie: Okay, let's solve this mystery.

Nick: What's that?

Jackie: This is a list of suspects, or should I say angels? One of these people is sending us those Forrester Designs.

Nick: Who's this?

Jackie: Owen Knight. He's actually a relative newcomer at Forrester, once an enemy of Eric, Stephanie, the whole clan, actually. He's a major suspect.

Nick: Felicia?

Jackie: The hotheaded resentful daughter. The Logans, darling, have taken over her company.

Nick: Donna?

Jackie: Donna. Of course, she is supposedly deliriously happy with Eric, but she was once hot and heavy with no less than Mr. Knight. I mean, they could be working together. Anything's possible. Ah... (chuckles) Thorne.

Nick: The forgotten son.

Jackie: Second in line to Ridge and now third to Rick.

Thorne: Yeah, perfect. Rick runs the company. I do all the grunt work. I should have been born a Logan.

Jackie: Rick and Steffy. Both young, both ambitious and both tragically flawed. Why not?

Nick: Because they hate each other.

Jackie: (Scoffs) I am not saying that they're working together. I mean, I'll grant you that's extremely unlikely, but there's a power struggle going on at Forrester, darling. Who knows where the fallout might be?

Rick: It's okay. It's okay.

Nick: Katie? There's no way.

Jackie: (Scoffs)

Nick: I told you.

Jackie: Look, I know you don't think she's a suspect, and maybe she isn't, but she does have motivation.

Nick: And what would that be?

Jackie: You.

Katie: Confidentiality is paramount. Why would he say that to me?

Jackie: (Sighs)

Nick: Well, that's a stretch. They just got married.

Jackie: Precisely. They may want the company for themselves. (Chuckles) I'm sure after all these years, they feel like they deserve it. The matriarch herself. A founder of the company, rejected by Eric.

Nick: Extremely loyal to her children.

Jackie: All of whom are angry at the Logan influence at Forrester. I wouldn't put it past her.

Stephanie: How many times has Rick been told by you to stay away from Ridge's daughter? And yet there he was in the car with Steffy.

Eric: They were running an errand. It was company business.

Stephanie: Oh, please. Picking up fabric? What are y-- he knows what the rules are, and he doesn't respect them or anyone.

Eric: Look, I am sorry for Ridge's upset. I really am. I understand.

Stephanie: Oh, really? You know, this is just so classical. It really is. Second marriage, younger family. You know... (chuckles) Oh, I can't tell you how upsetting this is because you seem to forget who made this company with you. And I'm warning you, I'm telling you, if you coddle Rick this way, it will end up absolutely disastrously for Forrester Creations.

Jackie: It's one of them, Nicky. One of these people is sending us those designs. One of these people is our salvation and Forrester's demise. Now which one?

Nick: Maybe we've seen the last of it.

Jackie: Maybe we have. But for our sake, I hope not.

(E-mail alert rings)

Jackie: (Sighs heavily) Ohh. It's another Forrester Original.

Nick: Who the hell is sending us this? It's untraceable.

Jackie: It's our own little bailout package. Whoever is sending us these designs-- it's going to rescue us, Nicky.

Nick: And destroy Forrester Creations in the process.

Jackie: But who? Who could possibly be doing this?

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