B&B Transcript Monday 1/12/09

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/12/09


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Brooke: Eric, please, tell us, what is your decision?

Rick: Who's leaving, Dad? Is it Stephanie or me?

Brooke: Honey, he's not gonna fire his own son.

Stephanie: You know, he doesn't need you to tell him what to do.

Rick: Stephanie, thank you. For the first time, we agree on something.

Stephanie: Huh.

Rick: If anyone knows what's best for the company, it's my father. So who's leaving Forrester Creations, Dad?

Marcus: Is there something you're not telling me? Okay, what's really going on here? There's more--I can feel it.

Steffy: I've been really messed up. I'm just so confused. Everything's just been really weird since Phoebe died.

Marcus: Okay, but that's no reason to be calling off things with us.

Steffy: It's more than that.

Marcus: What? What--what more?

Steffy: I don't want to be unfair to you.

Marcus: Unfair to me? You've met someone else, haven't you? Is there another guy in your life, or not?

Madison: I know how you feel. I miss her, too, all the time.

Ridge: Something I can do for you, Madison?

Madison: Well, um, your mother and Rick just stormed into your father's office. There's-- there's a lot of yelling going on in there.

Ridge: Any idea what it's about?

Madison: I think so. Mrs. Forrester wants Rick out of the company.

Rick: Why are you looking at me like that?

Eric: I love you, Rick. You know that.

Rick: Of course I know that.

Eric: Well, you didn't always know it, because you manipulated me and you lied to me. Immature, unnecessary actions. I did not deserve to be treated that way.

Rick: No, you didn't deserve to be treated that way. Look, I take full responsibility for that. You have every right in the world to be upset, but listen. Will all due respect, what does it mean?

Eric: It means I may have made a mistake.

Rick: Made a mistake? What, in making me president?

Eric: Yes. The position requires leadership. It means forging a team, inspiring everyone else in the company, and what do I get between you and Stephanie? I get some turf war in these offices. Gosh, you think this was bad? Can you imagine what they would say about you if you fired one of the founders of this company?

Rick: She walked into my office holding that damn magazine, Dad--

Stephanie: To hold you accountable, because no one else will.

Rick: All right, can we just cut to the chase here, please? You're telling me that Stephanie is in, I'm out-- is that what you're saying?

Marcus: That's it, isn't it-- you met someone?

Steffy: I'm just not ready to make a commitment to you.

Marcus: But you were up until three weeks ago.

Steffy: But there's been a change.

Marcus: Meaning you met someone.

Steffy: Meaning I just can't marry you. Let's just leave it at that.

Marcus: So, we're just gonna be friends?

Steffy: That's all I can handle for now.

Marcus: Maybe later then?

Steffy: I don't want to be unfair to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Marcus: Yeah? Me, too. Look, um, I better get going.

Steffy: Okay. You'll be okay driving down to L.A.?

Marcus: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Marcus: I still love you, you know?

Rick: Dad, you don't have to beat around the bush. If you're gonna fire me, just do it.

Eric: What I want is for you to acknowledge what you've done.

Rick: With all due respect, Dad, I've been doing that ever since Phoebe died-- to you, to everybody.

Stephanie: There's acknowledgement, and there's consequences-- neither of which you've accepted.

Brooke: He doesn't belong in jail, if that's what you're saying.

Stephanie: No, but he doesn't belong in the office of the presidency, either.

Eric: Look, the bottom line, Rick, is that you've made some very, very serious mistakes, and I want to know that you have learned from them.

Rick: I don't understand what else you want me to do. I've been beating myself up for a month.

Eric: I don't want you to beat yourself up. I expect you to work with Stephanie and with Ridge. I will not tolerate an ego in this company that is bigger and more important than the bottom line.

Stephanie: Well, you apparently don't give a damn about that-- the direction that you're taking this company in.

Donna: And what about the direction you're taking it, Stephanie? Giving that interview, making us all look like fools.

Stephanie: Nobody has to make you look foolish, Donna. You do that all by yourself.

Eric: All right, let me get this straight. You're standing by the interview you gave to this-- this magazine, demonizing my son? Demonizing him in front of the world?

Stephanie: What about our son? Why does Ridge have to put up--

Eric: Our son is trying to rise above all of this, and I'm giving him a great deal of credit for that. Oh, God! I have warned you about this time after time after time, and now you're forcing me to make a choice.

Stephanie: What exactly are you saying?

Eric: I will not be intimidated by you. If you turn this into some kind of an ultimatum, trust me, you will be gone. Now you have to work with Rick. I will not have the two of you turning this into some kind of a competition. Am I clear on this?

Rick: So you're not firing either one of us?

Eric: I'll fire both of you if this doesn't stop.

Stephanie: I've been around the block too many times to put up with this. He's a user, just like his mother and her sister. Now you've let those girls wiggle into this family, this company and into your pants. Do you remember-- do you remember at all what this company actually stood for? If you're betting the future of this company on him, if you're-- if you think that you can depend on him-- oh, brother, are you in trouble. He'll bring us down.

Eric: I stand by you, son. You'll retain your position as president, but as long as Ridge is C.E.O. of this company, you will work effectively with him.

Rick: Understood. Thank you.

Brooke: Where are you going?

Rick: I have no idea.

Ridge: Mother, I don't want to get involved in your squabbles. I'm just trying to cope here.

Stephanie: Yes, well, while you're coping, Rick is plotting-- for one thing to try and get me out of this company.

Ridge: Dad will never let that happen.

Stephanie: You didn't think he'd make him president, either. Listen. Your father suffers from guilt. You know, he thinks he abandoned those two kids after the divorce from Brooke, and Rick plays on that all the time. I'm telling you, we have to figure a way out-- we have to figure out how we can get him out of this company. Because if we don't, he's gonna be big trouble. And for the family as well.

Steffy: Rick, it's me. I need to see you. Please come to Big Bear. I hope you get this message soon.

Donna: You were incredible.

Eric: Hmm. I don't think Stephanie would agree.

Donna: The way you stood up to her, Eric. I mean, that was huge--huge.

Eric: Well, yeah, yeah. I hated it, though. I raised a family with that woman.

Donna: She'll always matter to you, but this time she went too far.

Eric: Oh, she did, she did, and she needed to be called out on it. But, God, why does she have to be so negative?

Donna: You know, there was a time when she would have gotten away with that.

Eric: Well, not this time. It's a new day.

Donna: I love you so much. And I hope that that strength that you found-- I hope I have something to do with it.

Eric: Oh, baby.

Ridge: I don't want to deal with Rick. I don't even want to hear his name.

Stephanie: Well, unfortunately, that's not an option.

Ridge: It is for me, Mother. You know what I've been doing for the last hour? Just thinking about Phoebe.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, honey. I wish there was something I could say or do that would help you through this.

Ridge: You can help by just not mentioning his name.

Brooke: I hope you learned something today, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I-I learned that that son-of-a-bitch son of yours has his father wrapped around his little finger.

Brooke: Well, then you didn't learn a thing, because that's not what I saw in that office.

Ridge: Look, if you two want to continue your argument, do it somewhere else, please.

Brooke: Would you please give us some privacy?

Stephanie: This is so typical of you-- isolate the Forrester male from the rest of the family and then work your magic on him.

Brooke: And what do you do? You grab the press and you slander this company and its president, and then you rehash the worst tragedy of our lives in public? Is that what drives you, Stephanie--is that it?

Stephanie: Accountability for people's actions-- that's what drives me.

Brooke: No, no, Rick is not even the issue here. You are using him as a weapon to exact your revenge against me for marrying Ridge, and Donna for marrying Eric.

Stephanie: It's always you, isn't it? You, you, you, or Donna. The fact that your son killed Phoebe-- it doesn't even cross your mind anymore, does it?

Ridge: Will you stop? It's my daughter you're talking about here. She's not some "issue" or some point of contention. Look. I'm gonna say it one more time, if you want to take your argument outside, feel free, right now.

Rick: Hey.

Steffy: Rick, you got my message.

Rick: What message?

Steffy: Wait, you didn't get it? But you--but you're here.

Rick: Yeah, I know, um, look. I know--I know I shouldn't be feeling this way at all, but the thought of you and Marcus up here alone-- it was just-- it was driving me crazy. Where is he?

Steffy: He left.

Rick: Well, did you two...

Steffy: Nothing happened.

Steffy: Well, something happened, yeah. He asked me to marry him.

Eric: I have so much work to do--so much work, oh, my God.

Donna: Maybe you should take a break first.

Eric: It feels like that's all I've been doing all day is taking a break.

Donna: No, no, Eric, that was not a break. That was a disaster.

Eric: Oh, well, well, same difference.

Donna: Honey bear. Come get your honey.

Eric: Donna, look, I am so-- I am so far behind here.

Donna: Oh, I've got one of those-- behind.

Eric: Honey, if I don't get this done...

Donna: Well, what?

Eric: What? I-I have to do this.

Donna: I think that you need something extra sweet.

Eric: D-donna, don't do that. Don't, don't, don't. Don't. Honey, you don't understand. This is, uh--

Donna: Mmm.

Eric: Don't do that, either.

Donna: Mmm, mmm, this is so-- so nutritious.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: Uh-huh.

Eric: This is not what I should be doing.

Donna: Oh, yes, yes, yes. It's what you should be doing here.

Eric: Mm.

Donna: Take some. Mmm.

Eric: Oh, it's very, very nice. Mmm.

Brooke: Ridge, I'm sorry. Tangling with Stephanie-- I should have known better.

Ridge: It's been a rough day.

Brooke: Is there anything I can do for you?

Ridge: Same thing I asked my mother-- just don't mention your son's name, okay?

Ridge: I'm really trying not to hate him, Brooke. I do much better if I don't even think about him, but when I do, I think of Phoebe. Even worse than that, I think of Steffy and how he's used her. And honestly, Logan, it just makes me want to lose it.

Rick: So Marcus proposed to you?

Steffy: It caught me totally off guard.

Rick: So he just kind of said it, or--

Steffy: No, he had the ring and everything.

Rick: Really?

Steffy: Yeah. He was so sweet about it, so respectful. He just wanted to do it the right way.

Rick: Wow.

Steffy: He's such a classy guy.

Rick: That's what you deserve, Steffy-- a guy that appreciates you.

Steffy: Do you want me to marry him?

Rick: It's not my call.

Steffy: No, no, no, of course not.

Rick: Look. Marcus is a good guy, all right? He loves you. Who wouldn't?

Rick: Is that what you want? 'Cause it's not what I want.

Steffy: It isn't?

Rick: No.

Rick: Don't marry him. Don't marry him, because I love you.

Rick: I love you.

Stephanie: Where's Ridge?

Brooke: He left.

Stephanie: Oh, you wanted to see me?

Brooke: I thought we should finish our conversation. You've had a pretty bad day, haven't you?

Stephanie: I've had worse.

Brooke: There's bravado, if I've ever heard it.

Stephanie: It isn't over.

Brooke: Well, it is for me. I've won my prize.

Stephanie: We'll see.

Brooke: Keep on dreaming, Stephanie. That's all you have left-- your dreams.

Stephanie: Well, that's all you had a while ago, isn't it? A dream that you and Ridge would get together, and...

Brooke: My dreams are based on love. Your dreams are based on hate.

Stephanie: No, my dreams are based on family and love. You obviously base all of your dreams on sex. And I understand it. I worked it, too, when I was younger. But you know what happens in a marriage sometimes? Issues, problems arise that cannot be settled in the bedroom. And that's what's happened here. A husband who will always detest your son.

Brooke: My husband has accepted Rick.

Stephanie: You know, I always thought that you and Ridge would self destruct. I was wrong, but you know what I think now? Rick is gonna do it for you.

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