B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/31/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/31/08


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Brooke: How are things in the showroom?

Ridge: Great, all things considered.

Brooke: Good.

Ridge: Even if all hell breaks loose later, I'm still gonna take the time to, uh, ring in the new year with my beautiful bride.

Brooke: (Laughs) Careful, Mr. Forrester. We're not married yet.

Ridge: Oh, but just after the showing we will be. I'm not gonna wait one more moment.

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) There are certain people we need to tell first.

Ridge: I'll break the news to Taylor. She's still dealing with Phoebe's death. I just want to make sure she understands why we're going ahead with our wedding plans while we're grieving, as well.

(Knock on door)

Steffy: Mom, you up here?

Taylor: Yeah, I'm--I'm up here in the room. (Sniffles)

Steffy: You okay?

Taylor: How are you?

Steffy: What do you mean?

Taylor: Well, sweetheart, you're grieving. You're emotionally vulnerable, and--and I know you think you're handling it--

Steffy: I am handling it.

Taylor: I just-- I want you to be aware that everybody deals with grief in different ways. Some people withdraw. Other people... (sighs) start doing things that they never would have even imagined, and...

Steffy: Mm. Mom, look, I'm handling it. Really, I'm... I'm fine. Mom, you have nothing to worry about. Really. Okay?

Taylor: Okay.

Pam: Oh, I missed you so much, Steph. You're the only thing I thought of when I was away. You are happy to see me, too, aren't you?

Stephanie: Honey... (laughs) I'm thrilled to see you. I'm just--I'm surprised because I didn't know that, you know, that--

Pam: That I was sprung from the funny farm?

Stephanie: (Laughs) Exactly.

Pam: Don't tiptoe around it, Steph.

Stephanie: Okay.

Pam: I was crazy. I was crazy. At least I-I was acting that way. Let's face it, I did some terrible, terrible things.

Stephanie: You remember everything now?

Pam: Well, I-I actually began to remember when I was in the hospital...

Stephanie: Oh.

Pam: But I just was so scared that I pretended that I didn't know about the bear and the snake and the gun. But yeah, I-I remember vaguely now, which is some-- part of the reason that I came back to L.A. I mean, I had to do a follow-up with my surgeons and everything, but, um, I wanted to come clean with you and with Donna.

Stephanie: Donna? You're gonna see Donna?

Pam: I already did. I went there first. I apologized profusely. I even gave her this bikini that I hand-crocheted for her. That's my new form of self therapy now--crocheting. Look, I know that I was really ill and that I wasn't myself, but I am now, Steph. I promise. I'm whole again, just like you and Eric and your marriage are whole again.

Stephanie: Well, wait, wait, wait. You mean Donna didn't say anything to you?

Pam: About?

Stephanie: They've reconciled. They're gonna stay married, honey. It's okay.

Pam: Ohh.

Marcus: Okay, that's good. So let's go ahead and take it from the top, all right? All right, run it, Eric.

Eric: All right, good. Look, I know it's New Year's Eve, everybody, but we're not gonna celebrate anything until we get this all right.

Marcus: You got it, Chief. All right, let's do it.

Donna: I love it when you're like this.

Eric: What? Cracking the whip?

Donna: (Giggles) In your element, on top of your game.

Eric: Mmm. This is the first showing since I was sick, and I'm feeling, uh, fired up, very, uh, invigorated.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: A fact that you will be very aware of tonight when we're home alone bringing in the new year.

Donna: (Giggles) really?

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: Okay, I just want everybody to pay attention while he goes through the running order with you, all right? And I'll see you later. Yeah?

Marcus: Okay.

Eric: Good. All right, uh, I don't really anticipate any problems. Do you?

Donna: Yeah, um, Eric, about your choice for the showstopper--

Eric: It's sensational, and so is the woman who's gonna wear it. Don't worry about a thing. I mean, look at this. Look at this, this intricate stitching, the attention to detail. It's beautiful. Um, Donna, what's the matter? What-- what's going on with you?

Donna: Okay, obviously, Stephanie hasn't said anything to you.

Eric: Stephanie hasn't said anything to me about what?

Donna: Pam. She's back in town.

Eric: W-what?

Pam: I can't believe this, Steph. That superficial, self-centered twit wins again?

Stephanie: Honey, don't get yourself worked up. Honestly, I'm fine.

Pam: Fine? How can you even say that, Stephanie? You've lost your husband again. And what are you doing out here in the guesthouse, anyway? Have you been banished here?

Stephanie: No, I'm just here temporarily, honestly, until I find a place I want to buy and move into.

Pam: Yeah, well, still, you're out here all by yourself.

Stephanie: Well, I could do something about that. You could move in here with me, couldn't you? I mean, think about it. We could have a lot of fun. Come on. Mom's in that assisted-living place, so she's fine. We don't have to worry about her. You deserve some fun. We could spend time together. And then I-I could take care of you for a while.

Pam: (Laughs)

Stephanie: Wouldn't be bad.

Ridge: Am I interrupting something?

Taylor: Oh, I was just talking to our daughter about some--

Steffy: Mom, I thought we were done with that. Anyways, um, I have to get back to Forrester.

Ridge: Whoa, whoa, wait, hold on, hold on. Not so fast. Um, I just wanted to share something with you, both of you.

Taylor: What is it?

Ridge: I know we've all been grappling with the loss of your sister. And, uh, somehow to heal, we've all gotta find some way of carrying on here. So I will be with the family for the feed America benefit and the premiere of our new surf line. But the moment that's over, I'm going ahead with my marriage to Brooke.

Taylor: Ridge, I understand that you two want to get married, but what about Rick? This is a huge issue between the two of you. Or--or has it been resolved in some way?

Ridge: Well, let me just say I'm doing everything I can to forgive him.

Taylor: Because he's Brooke's son.

Ridge: I know it's gonna take some time, but I believe that I can actually forgive him because, uh, I've made him agree to stay away from all of us, especially you.

Rick: This is all kind of happening a little fast, don't you think?

Brooke: Honey, you know as well as I do that Ridge and I would already be married if-- (sighs) look, we just don't want to wait any longer. It's what I want. And I thought you would want that for me, knowing how much this marriage means to me.

Rick: Mm.

Brooke: You're still having reservations about Ridge, even after everything he's done for you?

Rick: No, no, God, no. It's--it's not that, Mom. I know that Ridge is really trying. And I'm--I'm very grateful for that. And I know that he's doing this because he loves you. And I never thought that I'd ever say this, but I actually think he's... worthy of you. (Chuckles)

Brooke: Really? (Giggles)

Rick: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Brooke: Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad to hear you say that. But what is it? Something's still bothering you. Is it phoebe's death? You can talk to me. We've been through so much lately. What is it? What's weighing on you? Angel: You're new!

Eric: She apologized to you?

Donna: Yeah. She seemed sincere enough, but she's fooled us before, Eric.

Eric: She still frightens you, doesn't she?

Donna: Eric, what if she comes after me again? I mean, what if she comes after--

Eric: Okay, okay, okay. Everything's different now. I'm here to protect you, if it comes to that. Now look, it's, um, it's new year's eve. I got a special dress for you, and it's backstage. I want you to go find it, slip into it and come back out here, 'cause you and I have some major celebrating to do.

Donna: (Giggles) really?

Eric: Okay? Yeah.

Donna: (Laughs) Okay. Okay.

Pam: You are one remarkable woman, Stephanie Forrester.

Stephanie: Oh.

Pam: You're a million times the woman Donna Logan could ever hope to be, which Eric will realize one day when he stops being led around by his swizzle stick.

Stephanie: (Laughs) I won't argue with you about that. Hey, it's new year's eve. I totally forgot. We were so wrapped up in the show. Oh, my gosh. Ohh. Eric and I used to spend every New Year's Eve together, you know, have a glass, make a toast.

Pam: But, uh, not this year.

Stephanie: Well, I don't know. I think I could go down. You know, he's getting ready for the show tomorrow. That would be a surprise. I mean, I know exactly what he'd do-- make the same Gaelic toast he makes every year-- "may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back." What do you think? Some traditions are worth keeping. Maybe I should go. I bet he'd like that.

Rick: (Exhales deeply)

Brooke: What is it, sweetheart? Is it something I've done?

Rick: N-no, g-God no. Mom, you've been so amazing, so supportive. It's--it's--it's just that I love you so much, and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize your happiness.

Brooke: And you won't. You want this family to heal as much as I do, and it's going to. Everything's gonna be fine. You just need to stay away from Taylor and Steffy and Ridge. And I promise, things will be fine. We all will be fine, okay?

Rick: (Laughs) Yeah.

Taylor: There she goes. Oh, please, drive safely.

Ridge: I worry about her, too, whenever she gets behind the wheel now.

Taylor: (Sniffles) I don't think we'll ever be able to stop worrying. (Sniffles)

Ridge: I'm here for you, Taylor.

Taylor: I know.

Ridge: Whenever you need me, I'm here.

Taylor: (Whispers) I know. (Normal voice) But I just have to be... honest.

Taylor: I wish you were marrying me. (Sighs) (Sniffles)

Brooke: So how'd it go with Taylor? She was still holding out hope, wasn't she? That you and she--

Ridge: I'll always love Taylor. We'll always be connected. But you, my love, you are my life. It's been a hell of a year with everything that's happened in our families, the losses we faced. But tomorrow is a brand-new year, a fresh start. And I, for one, truly believe the best is yet to come.

Brooke: Mm.

Steffy: I know you wanted these press kits, like, yesterday, but when I was proofing them, I realized the printer left out the most important part, that a percentage of the proceed is going to the v8 make every serving count campaign. To me, that's the most important part is helping to provide 30 million servings of fruit and vegetables across the nation. It's--God, we're working with a million-dollar campaign. That's huge. What? Why are you looking at me?

Rick: Uh-- well, I-I've just never seen you like this before.

Steffy: Seen me like what?

Rick: Like this, like--like crazy, nutty. You're in hyperdrive.

Steffy: Yeah, well, it's my first fashion show, and I don't want to screw up.

Rick: What, are you worried about being fired or something? 'Cause that's not gonna happen. I do have some pull around here, you know? And clearly, I wouldn't see that happen for selfish reasons.

Steffy: Rick.

Rick: I know. We're supposed to be very strictly professional. But that is impossible when you look this damn good. It is new year's eve. Have you forgotten?

Steffy: No. It's-- I haven't forgotten. It's just that I--

Rick: It's just that you want to see 2008 end almost as much as I do. (Laughs) did you make any new year's resolutions?

Steffy: Yes, one. And we both know what that is.

Rick: Yes, we do, but it doesn't have to start until after midnight.

Steffy: Uh, I think this one already has.

Rick: Well, I think that we have special dispensation.

Steffy: Oh, we do?

Rick: Yes, we have to. Steffy, please, I'm sorry. I just--I have to kiss you one last time before the clock strikes midnight.

Steffy: One... last time.

Donna: Oh, my gosh. Ohh.

Eric: Uh, as I said, we have a lot to celebrate.

Donna: How did you-- where is everybody?

Eric: Oh, I wouldn't worry about a thing. Are you worried about us being interrupted? Please sit.

Donna: No, no. I-I'm worried that we're not gonna be ready...

Eric: There you are.

Donna: For the fashion show.

Eric: Oh, we will, we will. I think it's much more important that we take time to, uh, celebrate this, uh, significant new year. And, uh, speaking of significance, I mean, it's very important to remember that this is the very runway on which I proposed to you. You remember?

Donna: (Giggles) yes.

Eric: (Chuckles) You do?

Donna: I do. (Giggles)

Eric: Here, take this one.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: I want to propose a toast. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back and the sun shine warmly upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Donna: That-- that's beautiful.

Eric: No. (Glasses clink)

Eric: You're beautiful.

Donna: Well, only because of you.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Donna: Every moment that we're together, I feel that way. I mean, is there any wonder I can't imagine life without you? But still, it-- it almost happened more than once this year because of Pam, because of all the crazy things that conspired against us. But here we are. Here we are, happier and stronger and more in love than ever before. And that, to me, says everything. I mean, no matter how unpredictable everyone thought we would be, we knew that we were right for each other, which is why I want to propose a toast. (Giggles) and I would like my New Year's resolution to be that I appreciate and love every moment that I am with you. May I treasure you as my husband, and may I treasure you forever.

(Glasses clink)

(Clock chimes)

Donna: (Giggles)

Eric: Hmm. Come here.

Donna: I love you, Eric Forrester.

Eric: And I love you.

Donna: Happy New Year. (Giggles)

Eric: (Chuckles)

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