B&B Transcript Tuesday 12/23/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 12/23/08


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("Silent Night" playing on piano)

Eric: Everything looks beautiful.

Stephanie: Thank you. Well, everyone should be here in five or ten minutes.

Eric: How are we gonna do this without Phoebe?

Stephanie: Well, it's what Ridge wants, isn't it, really? I mean, isn't this to honor Phoebe? I think we just have to try.

Eric: Yeah. Here, join me.

(Plays end of "Silent Night")

Brooke: You're gonna fill up on these little-- oh, you want another one?

Donna: Cookies, a little Christmas cake every day.

Katie: (Laughs)

Nick: Is my boy ready to go?

Brooke: Oh, yeah.

Nick: We are on a mission. I will have him back to you as soon as I can.

Brooke: Okay.

Nick: Okay, time to say good-bye to everybody.

Brooke: Oh, here. Take this.

Jack: (Fusses)

Nick: Say "Bye."

Donna: Bye.

Katie: Bye-bye.

Brooke: Bye.

Nick: Here we go. Bye.

Brooke: I look at Jack and Hope and R.J., and I think what a wonderful time Christmas is for them. And then I think about Taylor. This is gonna be a very difficult year for her.

Donna: Well, we've all been praying for her.

Katie: I don't know how she's gonna get through this holiday.

Rick: (Crying) (sniffles) It really doesn't feel much like Christmas this year, Phoebe. (Sniffles) Everybody's getting together and pretending that this holiday means something this year, but I gotta be honest, it doesn't mean anything without you.

Rick: (Sniffles) People are just opening their presents. Dad's gonna play the piano and sing Christmas carols. "Angels we have heard on high"-- that was your favorite.

Rick: (Sniffles) It should have been me. It should have been me. (Sniffles) Oh, God, I would give anything. It's all my fault.

Taylor: I do the same thing.

Rick: (Gasps)

Taylor: I can think of a million reasons to blame myself. But she's gone, and we're still here. And somehow, we just have to find a way to live with it.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) You need help when you get up in years, honey.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. Merry Christmas.

Stephanie: Merry Christmas.

Brooke: Hey.

Ridge: Hey. Jack like his present?

Brooke: Yeah, he did.

Ridge: We're picking him up tonight, right?

Brooke: Nick is gonna bring him over later. Can you do this?

Ridge: (Groans) I think I need this. Come on. Let's go join the group.

Stephanie: Oh. Well... (sighs) Merry Christmas.

Ridge: Merry Christmas, Mother.

Brooke: Merry Christmas.

Stephanie: Merry Christmas, Brooke. Merry Christmas, kids. Where's your mother?

Steffy: Um, she's not coming.

Stephanie: Oh, well, is there anything--why not?

Thomas: Uh, we tried, but she's struggling.

Brooke: She really shouldn't be alone tonight.

Stephanie: I think Brooke's right.

Steffy: Well, she just-- I don't think she can handle it. It's just that her spirit's--

Stephanie: I know. This is all-- look, she's grieving. I understand that. But that's all part of this whole process. I mean, I think your mother needs to be here tonight.

Steffy: You mean well, Gram. But I just think it's too much.

Stephanie: For your mother to be here with the family?

Steffy: She just doesn't want to come here with everyone pretending that Phoebe didn't die.

Ridge: That's not what we're doing. We're just celebrating Christmas. Being a part of a tradition like that could be exactly what she needs to heal.

Stephanie: Well, honey, I think we all need to-- to heal and rejoice together. And I-I really think it's important that your mother's here. Brooke, why don't you and Bridget, um, get the food from-- from the kitchen, please?

Brooke: Oh, yeah.

Stephanie: Uh, Eric? Will you please start playing the piano?

Eric: Absolutely.

Marcus: Okay, so does Stephanie know that this will be their last Christmas together, and that Eric's coming back to you?

Donna: Well, no. I mean, he didn't want to ruin her Christmas. But he's gonna tell her soon.

Jackie: Hi!

Katie: Oh, look who's back!

Nick: Amazing. Hi.

Katie: Hi. I was curious about your mysterious mission. Hi, sweetheart.

Jackie: Oh, my, didn't Nicky tell you? (Laughs) we've just come back from the hospital. We were delivering presents to the children.

Nick: Just my way of saying thank you, uh-huh.

Katie: (Gasps)

Nick: You know, that hospital saved this boy's life when he was born, not to mention the treatment a certain heart patient got, so it's just our way of giving back.

Katie: And you took Jack with you, huh?

Nick: I did, 'cause I had to have someone to hand out the presents.

Katie: So you brought Santa with you! Hello! Hi, Santa.

Taylor: Will you put those over there?

Rick: Yeah, here.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Rick: (Sighs) Is that Phoebe's?

Taylor: (Laughs) Yeah. Steffy used to drag hers everywhere, but... (sniffles) Phoebe only used hers at night whenever she got scared or she had a bad dream. So I just bring it over here and I-I just kind of put it up here like that. There. (Sniffles)

Rick: "Our star will shine forever."

Taylor: That's what she was.

Rick: Still is. (Sighs)

Taylor: I can still-- I can feel her lighting my way.

Rick: I'll give you some time with her.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Taylor: I can feel you here with me. I know you're here. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas. I loved you so much. I still love you. (Sniffles)

Donna: Oh, honey bear. I wish you were here. But just so you know, I am drinking eggnog in your honor.

Eric: It can't be as good as mine.

Donna: It's, um, pretty lame, actually. (Laughs)

Eric: Well, next year, you won't have to put up with that.

Donna: I can't wait. I miss you.

Eric: I miss you, too. I promise, this will be our last Christmas apart.

Donna: Merry Christmas, honey bear. I love you so much. I'll call you soon, okay?

Marcus: (Laughs) An ornament. That's cool, ma.

Donna: Oh, well, it's not just any ornament. Look. (Giggling)

Marcus: (Chuckles) It's a picture of us.

Donna: Yeah.

Marcus: "Our first Christmas."

Donna: Well, since I wasn't there for the real one.

Marcus: Hey, Mom, you know what? In a lot of ways, this is my first Christmas. I mean, look, I have my mother with me. The one I wondered about my whole life. I mean, I knew you'd be something special, but you're amazing.

Donna: (Laughs) I just wish that things--

Marcus: No, Mom, it doesn't matter, okay? We're together now, right?

Donna: Yeah. I love you. (Laughs)

Marcus: (Laughs) I know.

Donna: Merry Christmas.

Marcus: Merry Christmas, Mom.

Donna: (Laughs)

Nick: Oh, and another one. "To Jack from Daddy and Katie."

Katie: What, too much?

Nick: It's not like he would know the difference. You could give him the same gift over and over if you want.

Katie: Oh!

Jackie: Don't you dare listen to your Daddy, Jack. You give him another gift right now.

Katie: Yes, we want another gift.

Nick: And another one to...

Katie and Nick: Jack.

Katie: That's right.

Nick: Yes, is there anything in here for me?

Thorne: Was that Donna you were talking to on the phone?

Eric: Yes.

Thorne: I just want to say that... (sighs) I'm sorry.

Eric: Yeah, you should be.

Thorne: So when are you going to tell Mother?

Eric: That can wait until after Christmas.

Felicia: Say... (chanting) "Thomas, Thomas, Thomas."

Thomas: There you go.

Bridget: Whoo!

All: (Cheering)

Bridget: That looks great.

Thomas: (Chuckles)

Hope: Will Taylor like the star? I made it for Phoebe.

Felicia: You did, sweetie?

Thomas: She will love it. Thank you, Hope.

Eric: Rick. You're here.

Rick: Yeah. Um, well, I just-- I wanted to bring gifts for the kids. You wouldn't mind handing these out, would you?

Eric: No, no. I think you should do that.

Rick: No. No, I can't do that. I'm--I'm hated here.

Eric: No. There's no hatred in this house on Christmas. I want you to stay. Stay for me. Come on.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Bridget: I know. I'm so glad that they wrote. I haven't heard from them. Hey, are you okay?

Steffy: He shouldn't be here.

Eric: ...It's the only thing that does, and so my...

Bridget: He just needs a lot of support right now.

Steffy: Bridget, my sister--

Bridget: I know. I know, but it wasn't his fault. He just happened to be driving the car.

Steffy: Yeah, recklessly.

Bridget: He couldn't control it. Pho--Phoebe was attacking him. She was yelling. She was scratching him.

Steffy: I don't know about that one.

Bridget: Honey, I do. I took some scrapings underneath her fingernails, and the lab identified them as Rick's skin. I'm sorry, but his version of the story is true. (Sighs) She was attacking him. That's what made the car crash.

Eric: ...Little cute dresses.

Rick: (Chuckles)

Ridge: I thought you were coming to my parents' house. I got worried when Steffy and Thomas showed up without you.

Taylor: I can't. I just want to be here with Phoebe.

Ridge: I know. But phoebe's not here, Taylor. She's with the family, watching us trim the tree, sing carols, open presents. That's where our daughter is right now. Come with me.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Ridge: Let's go celebrate Christmas together. Let's celebrate Phoebe. Come on.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Donna: Nick's a good dad.

Katie: Yeah, he is.

Donna: Do you think he'll make a good husband?

Katie: (Sighs) Donna.

Donna: Oh, come on. It's not as if you haven't thought about that.

Katie: No, I haven't thought about it.

Donna: Well, for the record, um, I think Nick finally met the right match.

Nick: Let's go. Hey.

Katie: Hi!

Nick: We saw you, so we thought we'd come on down here.

Katie: Oh, I'm glad you did. Oh, hello. Hi. Hi.

Nick: Wait a minute. We have to wait here for a second.

Katie: Oh, look--mistletoe.

Nick: (Gasps) Yeah. You know what that means.

Katie: I do. I know what that means. (Gasps) (kissing repeatedly)

Nick: (Whines)

Katie: (Laughs)

Nick: (Whines)

Katie: Oh, okay. For Daddy, too.

Nick: For me, too. Me, too. Mm.

Steffy: (Whispers) Look who's here.

Eric: (Speaking indistinctly)

Rick: (Laughs)

Stephanie: Eric? What have you done?

Eric: Rick is welcome here.

Stephanie: Ridge just left to go and get Taylor. What do you think's gonna happen when they walk in the door and see him?

Brooke: Stephanie, it's Christmas.

Stephanie: I know that.

Eric: Rick has every right, as much of a right to be surrounded by people who love him as Taylor does. I don't want this to degenerate into some kind of a conflict, all right? Rick's a member of this family and a member of this celebration. Now that's final.

Stephanie: You son of a bitch.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Taylor: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait a minute. (Sniffles)

Ridge: Taylor, you can do this.

Taylor: No, I'm sorry. I can't. I can't. Please, I don't want to do it. Please, just tell everybody I love them. Please?

Ridge: Okay, um, if you change your mind... okay?

Taylor: (Sighs)

Eric: (Chuckles)

(Introduction to "Angels We Have Heard on High" playing)

Eric: Angels we have heard on high

All: Sweetly singing o'er the plains and the mountains in reply echoing their joyous strains (extended) Gloria...

All: In excelsis Deo (extended) Gloria...

All: In excelsis Deo...

Thorne: Here she comes.

All: Shepherds why this jubilee? Why your joyous strains prolong? What the gladsome tidings be? Which inspire your heavenly song?

Ridge: It's our star.

All: (Extended) Gloria... in excelsis Deo (extended) Gloria...

All: In excelsis Deo

Hope: Do you like it, Taylor?

Taylor: The star?

Hope: I made it for Phoebe. Mommy says I can see her when I look up at heaven at night. That's why I made her a star.

Taylor: (Sniffles) Thank you. It's perfect. It's beautiful. And Phoebe is here with us. She's here right now. She's in your star. She's in our hearts. She's in this whole room with all the love we have for each other. So Phoebe is here.

Taylor: Merry Christmas, Phoebe.

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