B&B Transcript Monday 12/1/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/1/08


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Donna: Please don't do this. Eric, I love you.

Eric: My God. You must think love is blind. You must think love is blind and deaf and dumb. I am not stupid, Donna!

Donna: Look, I can see that you're angry. You're upset. Just tell me why. Tell me why.

Eric: I have to do this, Donna. I have to go on with my life without you.

(Telephone rings) (rings)

Stephanie: Hello?

Thorne: Mom, you need to come to the office right away. Dad's about to make his decision.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, you know, if your father were to decide what I'd like him to decide, then he'll come home to me.

Thorne: No, Mother. You need to come here.

Stephanie: You know what, honey? I don't think so. I think the best thing is for me to finish packing.

Thorne: No, Mother, it's not. Now listen to what I'm telling you. Get down to Forrester Creations as soon as you can. (Telephone disconnects)

Katie: So the wedding's on?

Brooke: I hope you're-- you're not doing anything the day after tomorrow.

Katie: Really? Wow.

Brooke: It's at the beach. Point Dume, the first place where we got married. I've been on the phone all morning trying to make arrangements.

Katie: Well, I'll-- I'll help if you want me to. I mean--unless you don't want me to.

Brooke: No, yeah. Sure. That'd be great. I could use your help. Thanks.

Katie: Oh, congratulations.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Mother?

Felicia: She's not here. Her car's gone.

Ridge: Well, at least she hasn't moved out.

Felicia: Yeah, not yet. You need to talk to Dad.

Ridge: I've tried.

Felicia: About this. Leave the business out of it. Rick, your ego, all that other garbage. Just talk to him. One tormented Forrester husband to one tormented Forrester husband. No, I'm serious. Ridge, somebody has to get through to him. If we don't, it doesn't look good for Mom.

Donna: I don't understand. This morning everything was fine.

Eric: Yeah, I thought so. I thought so, too.

Donna: Look, I'm trying-- I'm trying to understand.

Eric: I can't overlook-- I can't overlook what's right in front of my face. I didn't want to face the truth. I wanted to convince myself that everything was gonna be all right.

Donna: It will. It will.

Eric: No, no. It's not about overcoming what's difficult here. It's about what I can tolerate and what I can't. Donna, I cannot give you what you want.

Donna: But I need you. I need you. I want you.

Eric: I'm going back to Stephanie.

Donna: What? What? Why? My God, you--you-- you were gonna-- you were gonna choose me last night. Eric--Eric, our kiss. Our kiss. Please.

Eric: Don't. Don't, donna. Don't. Don't make this harder than it is. Go.

Donna: (Breathing heavily)

Donna: (Moans)

Thorne: Ridge, something big's going on at the office. Find Felicia and get down here.

Ridge: She's with me. We're at the house.

Thorne: Is Mom there? Bring her, too.

Ridge: She's not here.

Thorne: Oh, good. Then she's probably on her way. Ridge, this is big. I'm gonna promise you, man, you're not gonna want to miss this. (Cell phone disconnects)

Brooke: (Laughs) all the Logan girls have something to be happy about today.

Katie: If Eric and donna are getting back together, then we can all be at the wedding. I mean unless that's too awkward.

Brooke: Ridge and I are starting over. So I think our wedding would be the perfect occasion for you and Bridget to do the same.

Katie: Yeah. I don't want to be a distraction.

Brooke: (Sighs) Oh, honey. My son and my fiancÚ aren't getting along. There's tension between my daughter and my sister. And Ridge is gonna want Stephanie at the wedding, and if Donna and Eric come there together, there's definitely gonna be some friction. But you know what? When I'm standing up there at that altar, all I'm going to be feeling is joy.

Katie: (Laughs)

Thorne: I need-- Donna? What's going on?

Donna: (Laughs) As if you can't guess.

Thorne: Dad made his decision.

Donna: You know, why don't you call your mother and tell her the good news?

Thorne: Donna, you knew that one of you was going to get hurt. Look, you're still young. You'll find someone else.

Donna: I don't want anyone else. I want Eric. And he wants me, too. God!

Thorne: Did he say that?

Donna: No, no. I guess he's just worried about Owen. He--he--but he wasn't-- he wasn't worried this morning. You know, why-- why would he hire him? Why? Why? It just doesn't make sense.

Thorne: Maybe it was a test.

Donna: Nothing happened.

Thorne: Maybe he was testing himself. Maybe he thought that he could get over it, and he realized that he couldn't. He's not.

Donna: What? No. No, there is something else going on. I can feel it. And I'm not giving up on Eric until I know what it is.

Stephanie: I, um, I just thought I'd, uh, you--come down and, you know, just see you for a moment. (Sighs) tell you I love you and-- and look, I'm not being facetious. But I-I just, uh, well, we've been through these so many times. Before I just, uh-- I don't want to belabor the point, all right? I-I just wanted to take a moment and say it is what it is, and I wish you the best of luck.

Eric: You're not gonna ask me to--to reconsider?

Stephanie: Wouldn't change anything, would it? You know I love you. But I-I guess I could tell you one thing. When I almost lost you, I realized how precious your life is to me, whether we're together or not.

Eric: You're incredible.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Thank you, but that's not necessary.

Eric: Yes, it is.

Stephanie: No.

Eric: That's why it's necessary. I've let you down so many times.

Stephanie: Well, honey, we've--we've come through for each other so many times. Look, Eric, we did the best we could for ourselves and for our family.

Eric: We can do better. I can do better. It's not over for us, Stephanie. We have the rest of our lives to get this right, if you'll take me back.

Stephanie: Well, I-I thought you chose Donna, and I just, I mean-- you just let me rattle on and on. That wasn't very nice.

Eric: Well, it was Stephanie Forrester, gracious in defeat. I was speechless.

Stephanie: Oh, you're full of bologna. Well, I will say one thing. When I sat by that bed of yours in the hospital, I-I thought about a lot of things, and the good stuff, the bad stuff, and of course, I always say that to you. How did I ever agree to share that house with you and Donna? I'll never know.

Eric: I don't know. I didn't quite believe it when you did agree.

Stephanie: You know, I think I like you better when you're in the coma.

Eric: Yeah. Well, you didn't lose me.

Stephanie: I thought I had. That's what hurt. What really hurt is I thought, you know, you'd kind of, um, moved on to be with somebody who could make you happier than I could ever make you.

Eric: Well, she wouldn't have. You were right. You were right about her and about me. You were right about everything.

Stephanie: I'm always right.

Eric: No.

Stephanie: (Laughs)

Eric: No.

Eric: I was the selfish one, okay? I was the selfish one. I thought I was right, and I wasn't. I thought I knew everything, but I didn't, and now I do.

Stephanie: Maybe.

Eric: No, now I do.

Brooke: You'll be able to do that? Call the florist and--

Katie: Yeah, consider it done.

Brooke: Okay, great. So--

Katie: No problem. Hi. Donna?

Brooke: Donna, what's wrong?

Donna: Eric ended our marriage. He's going back to Stephanie.

Brooke: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

Donna: I don't get it. I don't get it. The last few days we hung out, I knew that he wanted me. He wanted our marriage. I don't know what happened. I don't understand.

Ridge: Where's Dad?

Thorne: He's in his office with Mom.

Felicia: You know, I didn't come all the way down here just to pace out in the hallway. I'm goin' in. Mom?

Stephanie: Hi.

Ridge: Everything all right?

Eric: Sure. We're fine.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Thorne: So it's true. You made the right decision. You chose Mom.

Felicia: Oh, thank God. (Laughs) oh, Daddy, I knew you wouldn't let her down.

Stephanie: Oh, sweetie.

Felicia: Mwah.

Ridge: This is great news.

Eric: Look, my, uh, my personal life kind of became a distraction there for a while. And I lost focus for a time, and I-I'm just lucky that I didn't lose a lot more.

Thorne: Well, we weren't going to let that happen.

Felicia: No way. You're too important to us. We will always keep our eye out for you, you lucky, lucky man.

Eric: (Chuckles) Yeah, I'm a lucky, lucky guy.

Felicia: (Laughs)

Stephanie: (Laughs) I'll second that.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. Look, I'm not going to forget for the rest of my life what it was like to open my eyes and see you all there. Thank you. I almost forgot what was most important, and your commitment to me, your faithfulness, is the most important thing in my life. Thank you.

Stephanie: You're welcome.

Ridge: It's wonderful to see you two so happy again.

Eric: (Chuckles) thanks.

Felicia: (Sighs) how about I take you back to the house and we unpack your bags?

Ridge: Why don't you just leave the bags packed, and maybe you and Dad can think about taking a trip?

Stephanie: Oh.

Thorne: Hey, Dad? The truth here. You really feel good about this?

Eric: I'm okay with it.

Thorne: Okay, 'cause I mean the, uh, you know, the way that it happened--

Eric: Look, Donna betrayed me, okay? I saw it with my own eyes. I know the truth.

Thorne: Yeah.

Eric: Now I don't want to think about it, and I don't want to talk about it ever again.

Katie: Did he give you any kind of explanation?

Brooke: What did he say?

Donna: He just said that it's over, and he--he's going back to Stephanie.

Katie: Is this because of you and Owen?

Donna: There is no me and Owen.

Brooke: But Eric thinks there is?

Donna: He didn't last night. He didn't this morning. I mean, this came out of nowhere.

Brooke: He gave you no indication that he was going to choose Stephanie?

Donna: No. No, Brooke. No. I was positive he was gonna choose me.

Brooke: Was he emotional?

Donna: Yes. Yes, he was furious. He was furious, and I don't understand why. Thorne said maybe-- maybe he just realized that he couldn't handle that-- that--seeing Owen and me. But Eric wanted to hire him. I didn't want it. I didn't want it. My God, the way-- the way he looked at me. His eyes--his eyes-- everything changed. Everything changed. But why? Why? I don't--

Katie: Sweetie.

Donna: (Sobs)

Thorne: Donna hasn't left the building.

Stephanie: Oh, well, I bet you she's with Owen. That's where she usually turns when she needs comfort, isn't it?

Thorne: Look, Donna's out of the picture now, okay? The main thing is that you and Dad need t on getting Ridge back into this com it's time to make things right here.

Stephanie: Is that how you got him? Is that how you reached him? I know you had something to do with this.

Thorne: I know that Dad loves you, and I know that he loves his family, and this is where he belongs.

Eric: Wha--what are you two whispering about down here?

Stephanie: What's it to ya?

Felicia: (Laughs)

Stephanie: (Laughs) I was just, um, being, you know, silly. Telling Thorne I was happy and that I might go up to the rooftop and start shouting.

Felicia: Or maybe you should tape-record it. Then Dad can replay it when you remember how much you hate his eggnog and singing.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't--

Thorne: Ouch.

Eric: That's not nice.

Stephanie: It's the eggnog that I hate. Sorry, sweetheart. I love your singing. Isn't that nice?

Eric: All right. I feel better about that.

Stephanie: And here we are talking about the holidays. I can't believe it. A few weeks ago, who would ever have thought it was possible? Although, you did take your time. I'm not complaining. Honestly, I'm not. (Laughs) I'm not complaining.

Eric: Good. You'll have plenty to complain about, believe me.

Stephanie: Mm.

Donna: I was so sure that he wanted me, he wanted our marriage. How could I have been so wrong?

Katie: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Donna: After everything we've been through. A panic attack? No, I don't--I don't think so. Eric--he loved me. He made me feel important and loved and desirable.

Donna: I mean, after everything that we've been through. Everything that we've been through. And we made it through it all. It just-- it doesn't make sense. (Sighs) no, there has to be a reason. There has to be some answer. Something else is going on. Something else is going on.

Brooke: But what, Donna? What could it be?

Donna: I don't know. I don't know. But I am going to find out, because there's something else going on. I mean, I love him. He loves me. It just--it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make any sense.

Eric: (Thinking) I believed in you. You lied to me. In the blink of an eye, another man was all over you. How could you do that?

Donna: How could he doubt me? How could he question my love? I don't understand.

Eric: (Thinking) How could you betray me, donna? Did you ever love me at all?

Donna: This can't be the end. This can't be the end. I love him. I love Eric so much. This can't be the end. Eric, I love you. I love you.

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