B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/3/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/3/08


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Katie: So Bridget's coming out to the "Shady Marlin"?

Nick: I've got an evening planned out on the boat, yeah.

Katie: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Nick: I just want her to know how much I love her. That's what's important to me.

Katie: (Sighs) Well, either way, it's gonna be hard for her.

Nick: Yeah, I know that.

Katie: But you are gonna tell her?

Nick: I'm gonna tell her tonight.

Katie: Let me know how it goes.

Nick: I will.

Katie: Good luck.

Nick: Thanks.

(Door opens)

Brooke: Katie, I got a message that you wanted to talk to me.

Katie: Yeah, I do.

Bridget: So what do say, captain? Are you gonna whisk me away to someplace we've never been before, make me forget about everything?

Nick: You're feeling anxious, aren't you?

Bridget: It's just this-- this whole awful thing with my dad. The thought that... (sighs) Aunt Pam went off her meds and flipped out... this tragedy was completely avoidable.

Nick: Most tragedies are.

Bridget: Yeah, I guess in hindsight, you know, you can go back to that... (sighs) that one little moment, where if you'd only turned left instead of right... (sighs) it's pointless, though, really. You can't go back, so it's just crazy. Every insignificant decision has a consequence.

Nick: You just got to keep moving forward.

Bridget: Yeah, well--well, my dad can't move forward. He's exactly where my aunt Pam put him, dropped in a coma. He's not-- he's not doing okay, Nick. I mean, he's not gone yet, but-- but he's going. I don't think there's anything anyone can do to bring him back.

Stephanie: It's so difficult to believe that Pam actually did this to him. You know, you say to yourself, "How did it happen?" And I-- do you think it's possible he's not going to come back to us?

Ridge: I don't want to believe it either. (Sighs) But I think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility.

Stephanie: I don't think I can do that. I don't think Donna can do that either. I totally underestimated her feelings for your father. (Sighs) I can't deny she's been devoted to him. You know, this whole situation, this whole ordeal, she's just been completely committed and loyal to him.

Owen: Well, all the charges against me have been officially dropped. Lt. Baker wasn't too happy about my "Borrowing" his police car.

Donna: (Laughs)

Owen: But he said he's gonna let it slide just this once.

Donna: Well, if you hadn't, I-I'd be dead.

Owen: But you're not. You're not, and you're here, and nobody's more happy about that than I am.

Donna: (Sighs) But so much has-- has happened. I-I'm not sure what to do.

Owen: Just relax. Go soak in the hot tub. Are you hungry?

Donna: Yeah.

Owen: I can make you something to eat.

Donna: (Giggles)

Owen: Anything you want. You name it. I'm all yours.

Stephanie: I should have realized that Pam wasn't taking her medications. There must have been signs, and...

Ridge: Well, if there were, we all missed them.

Stephanie: Dr. Seifert.

Dr. Seifert: Ah, the nurse told me that you were here. I thought you were alone. I-I will come back later.

Stephanie: No, no, please. Please come in. I'd like to meet my son Ridge. Ridge, this is Dr. Seifert.

Ridge: Dr. Seifert.

Dr. Seifert: Very nice to meet you.

Ridge: Are you on my father's, uh, medical team?

Dr. Seifert: I'm consulting with dr. Patrick.

Stephanie: Dr. Seifert is one of the world's leading experts on coma recovery.

Ridge: Oh, wait. You were mentioned in the article I just read on cutting-edge techniques. But don't you work mostly with coma caused by traumatic brain injuries?

Dr. Seifert: Yes. I explained that to your mother, but she would not take no for an answer.

Ridge: You brought him in?

Stephanie: Yes.

Ridge: Does Donna know?

Stephanie: No.

Donna: (Sighs)

Eric: You and Marcus will outlive me, Donna. I don't want to leave you with a mess. And when the time comes--

Donna: A million years from now.

Eric: At least a million years from now, yeah. I want you to go on with your life. I don't want you to put your happiness on hold.

Owen: Donna?

Owen: You're overwhelmed. That's completely understandable. But you don't have to be afraid. I'm not gonna let anybody hurt you ever again.

Nick: (Sighs) You up for a little night fishing?

Bridget: Sure. Yeah, that sounds perfect. I wish my dad could see us right now.

Nick: I wish he were well enough to be with us.

Bridget: You know, he had his doubts about us.

Nick: Well, I don't think our past really inspires confidence, security.

Bridget: No, maybe. But I think what we've been through lately does. We're so much stronger. I think we can get through anything.

Nick: Well, that's what a marriage is, right? We're a team. We're partners.

Bridget: That's exactly what we are.

Katie: Um, I-I do have something I need to talk to you about, and--and I just really hope that you can understand and forgive me.

Brooke: Forgive you? For what?

Katie: Well, we--we both know everything that Bridget has done for me, and I-I really wouldn't even be here if it weren't for her.

Brooke: Oh, honey, is this about your results from the other day, your medical exam?

Katie: Kind of, yeah.

Brooke: Is it your heart again?

Katie: No. No, it's not my heart. Not yet.

Brooke: Well, then what is it? What's going on?

Katie: (Sighs)

Donna: Well, I hope the police catch Pam and lock her up forever.

Owen: So do I.

Donna: Eric wouldn't. You know that he'd probably want to get her help. That's the way he is. I mean, he's so good. I'm not.

Owen: Come on. You're a lot better than you think you are.

Brooke: Okay, Katie, talk to me. What's going on?

Katie: Okay. All right. It--just b-before I tell you, I just want you to know that-- that it was a totally crazy situation and--and--and completely unreal, and I think arguably, I was not thinking clearly. But when Nick took me to Catalina that day, I-I told you how amazing it was, and I-I felt really at-- at peace, like I-I could've died there, and I almost did, and Nick held me in his arms, and I-- something just came over me, and I had never felt like that before, and there was no tomorrow, and--and--and it was just that one moment, and I never meant for anything to happen, and it wasn't planned.

Brooke: No, no. Don't--don't say it.

Katie: I'm sorry, Brooke.

Brooke: Don't say it.

Katie: We made love. Nick and I made love.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Nick: Uh-oh. What's goin' on in that-- that brain of yours there? You thinking about changing something on the "Marlin" here?

Bridget: I was, actually. I was just thinking we should make it a little more passenger friendly. You know, cramped quarters for four.

Nick: Right. (Clears throat) All I know is that we'll be together, because I love you, and that's really what I want.

Brooke: Oh, God. How could you do this? I told you not to do this to Bridget. You know her history. You know everything she's been through.

Katie: Brooke, we are not having an affair, okay? It just happened that one time under really extreme circumstances.

Brooke: Spare me the justifications. I know it all too well.

Katie: Nick is completely committed to Bridget, all right? And they have a different relationship now. She's more secure now, and-- and I know this will be difficult to deal with.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Katie: But I think ultimately Bridget will be able to handle it.

Brooke: (Sighs) So you're gonna tell her?

Katie: Nick's telling her.

Brooke: When?

Katie: Tonight. Right now.

Brooke: (Sighs) God.

Katie: See, something else happened. And it's really unexpected, and it's important that she knows about it.

Brooke: You're pregnant. Oh, my God. You're pregnant with Nick's child?!

Katie: Aah! (Groans)

Bridget: (Sighs) Thank you so much for bringing me out here. This is exactly the kind of escape I needed.

Nick: Escape is good. But then we do have to get back to reality.

Bridget: I know. Oh, sometimes I wish I could just stay here forever, but I know that, you know, I can't. I'm just such a control freak. I want things to be the way that I want them to be. But I'm getting better. I am much more open to new possibilities.

Nick: Yeah?

Bridget: And that's paying off.

Nick: Really?

Bridget: Yeah. I got you. I never thought that we would have a second chance, and look at us now.

Nick: Life sure can throw some curve balls, can't it?

Bridget: Yeah, tell me about it.

Nick: But we just brush ourselves off. We get up, and we move on.

Bridget: Honey, why are you getting so serious? Nick?

Owen: You need to get some rest. Come on. I'll, uh, go downstairs; make sure everything's locked up.

Donna: Well, Eric-- I should-- I should call him and--

Owen: He's okay. He's in good hands. So are you. Come on, lie back.

Owen: Come on. Close your eyes.

Donna: (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Owen: I'm gonna be right downstairs. If you need anything, I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere.

(Machines beeping)

Stephanie: You know, I'm... just sitting here hoping for a change and praying for a miracle, and I-- I think I just realized that I'm-- I'm afraid. Imagine that. I'm afraid because I've never prepared myself to go on without you.

Stephanie: Don't leave, Eric, please. Don't leave. I'll-- I'll never forgive you if you do. I wouldn't know how to say good-bye.

Stephanie: Eric? Sweetheart?

Eric: D-Donna.

Stephanie: No, it's me.

Eric: Stephanie? Stephanie?

Stephanie: Yes. Yes, it's me. Oh, Eric. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't believe this. Eric, it's going to be all right. It's gonna be okay. Everything's going to be all right.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

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