B&B Transcript Monday 8/25/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/25/08


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Donna: You confessed to the police, and now you're saying you only did it to protect me.

Owen: I didn't do it. I did not try to kill your husband.

Donna: And again, why should I believe this lie?

Owen: Because it's the truth, I swear.

Donna: Oh, and I'm just supposed to believe you. My God, what -- you--you tell me it's the truth, and I'm supposed to believe you? Do you think I'm an idiot? I guess you would, because I-I hired you, and I brought you into my home. I trusted you. Well, all that ends today, Owen. I'm gonna see you behind bars.

Katie: (Sighs) I don't want to think about ending this pregnancy.

Nick: Well, neither do I, but we have to.

Katie: The baby will be fine.

Nick: Well, we don't know that for sure.

Katie: I will be fine.

Nick: The doctor wouldn't have us reading this if he really thought it was safe. Do you understand what's going on here? Having this baby could be fatal for you, I'm not gonna let that happen.

(Machines beeping) (Sniffles)

Rick: Bridget told me.

Stephanie: I'm as much responsible as anyone else is for this happening.

Rick: Why would you say that?

Stephanie: Well, because I thought I was being so noble and self-sacrificing supporting his marriage to Donna. I should have trusted my instincts and fought it.

Rick: Yeah, but Donna didn't have anything to do with this. It was the, um, the, uh-- the assistant guy, Owen.

Stephanie: Trust me. He didn't act alone.

(Telephone rings) (Rings)

Charlie: Why do you keep going over that report? The guy confessed. It's a slam dunk. Almost too good to be true.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm afraid it is.

Charlie: See that hot dog you eatin'? It's gettin' to your brain, Pops. (Chuckles) The kid gave us everything we need. Few more perps like that, I'll be at the golf course all day, phonin' it in.

Lt. Baker: Well, I have a couple of questions.

Charlie: Why doesn't that surprise me? What about?

Lt. Baker: Owen Knight and his relationship with Donna Forrester.

Owen: You know I couldn't have done this, Donna. That's why you're here.

Donna: No, I'm here to tell you how much I hate you.

Owen: Would you rather you be in here instead of me? 'Cause I could have easily let that happen.

Donna: Oh, you tried by planting the capsules in my bedroom.

Owen: Oh, come on, that makes a lot of sense. Then why would I confess?

Donna: Because your whole ugly plan was going south. You know, you may cut a deal by confessing, but you are still gonna be here a long long time. You know, I-I can't believe I even trusted you.

Owen: You trusted me because you knew you could.

Donna: I trusted you because I was a fool. Stephanie's right. This is my fault for bringing you into our lives. Now how am I supposed to live with myself? The man I love more than anything else in this world -- and I may have killed him. And it's all because of you, Owen. You.

Charlie: So what's stuck in your craw about Owen Knight and the Forrester lady?

Lt. Baker: It doesn't add up.

Charlie: Two plus two doesn't equal four? The guy gave us the goods. He didn't even want a lawyer.

Lt. Baker: And doesn't that strike you as just a little bit strange?

Charlie: A potential killer isn't a paragon of logic.

Lt. Baker: Okay, so he falls for the sexy heiress...

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Lt. Baker: Wants to get the old man out of the way. He's gonna fill him up with potassium chloride and then just sail into the sunset with Donna. Is that the way you have it planned?

Charlie: That's the plan. Except it didn't work 'cause Eric Forrester is still alive.

Lt. Baker: What about the capsules? He plants them in the drawer of the woman that he supposedly loves. How does that even make sense?

Charlie: I'm workin' on that.

Lt. Baker: Yeah. Uh-huh.

(Machines beeping)

Rick: Why, Stephanie? Why would anybody do this to such a good man?

Stephanie: I think maybe money.

Rick: He never hurt anyone. He didn't deserve this.

Stephanie: No, he didn't. We know that. Your father's as good and gentle a man as I've ever known in my life.

Rick: Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could stay here and chat, but I have to go to work.

Stephanie: No, no. Go head. I'll stay with your dad.

Rick: Thank you.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

(Machines beeping)

Stephanie: If lud -- love alone could bring you back, make you sit up and open up your eyes, it would. But it can't. It just can't. And as much as I'd like to believe that and have faith in that, I-- I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm so sorry. But I promise you one thing. Whoever did do this to you will come to justice, and I will make them pay. I promise you, Eric.

Owen: If I did this, then I deserve to pay.

Donna: Well, that's the first thing you've said that we agree on.

Owen: Okay, fine. You know what? Hold onto that. But I want you to think about something else. You are in danger.

Donna: Oh, not anymore now that you're out of my life.

Owen: Oh, Donna, just hear me out. Whoever did this to Eric is still out there, and they're gonna set their sights on you next.

Donna: Oh, my God, you are trying to scare me into depending on you. You just-- you don't stop, do you? You just--you just want me to believe this.

Owen: You know, I don't care what you think about me. Just listen to my words. Somebody tried to kill Eric, and it wasn't me. And if I go down for this crime, I can live with that. But I cannot live with watching you suffer the same fate. All right? You need to be on your guard. Hire extra security, because whoever it is might still be out there. Now I can't protect you in here, and neither can Eric, and you've gotta protect yourself.

Katie: Nothing is going to happen to me, Nick.

Nick: Well, you don't know that. You just had a heart transplant, and now you're pregnant. There are risks here, you know? You can't ignore that.

Katie: I wasn't supposed to live, but I did, and now I'm pregnant with your child, and that's a miracle, and I-I have to believe that-- that God or fate or whatever would not want me to go through all this just to have it end.

Nick: Losing you is not an option.

Katie: I need you to have some faith, just a little bit of faith, okay? Can you do that?

(Telephone rings)

Charlie: So you really aren't buying Owen Knight's story, are you?

Lt. Baker: Why did he leap to confess? He's got legal smarts. He knows we have no evidence against him. Just--it just doesn't make sense.

Charlie: Pops, we have a confession. A confession.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, it could be a confession. It could be something else.

Charlie: Like what?

Lt. Baker: A cover-up.

Pam: Eric was poisoned?

Stephanie: Potassium chloride. That's what brought on the heart attack.

Pam: Oh! You poor, dear, sweet man. Who could have done this to you? Stephanie, it had to be the hot tamale. Did they arrest her?

Stephanie: No.

Pam: No? Why not?

Stephanie: They arrested her assistant, Owen.

Pam: Why Owen?

Stephanie: He confessed, even though they found-- the police found the potassium chloride upstairs in her master bedroom in the lingerie.

Pam: Now wait a second. And then they still didn't arrest her? (Scoffs) What do you make of that?

Stephanie: I think Owen and Donna are in it together.

Owen: Donna, is this making sense to you?

Donna: If I'm in danger, it's because of you. And you're locked up, thank God.

Owen: I'm not the threat.

Donna: Oh, really? Then--then who?

Owen: Look, I don't know. Look, honey, you've got--

Donna: Don't -- don't you dare call me that.

Owen: (Sighs) Look, I'm not gonna lie 'cause I am scared. I have never been to jail, but it's better me than you. Whoever planted that stuff in your bedroom is out to frame you, and they're not gonna stop. Look, get help from Marcus. Look, make him stay at the house with you. He--he was wrong about me and that bottle of gin, but he loves you, and he is a smart guy, and he will protect you. Brooke--you can-- you can count on her, too. You--

Donna: Stop. Stop. Stop. Why--why--why are you saying this? Why are you just-- are you trying to confuse me?

Owen: Just please listen to me. If I was the one who poisoned Eric, then why would I have fought to keep him on life support? If I planted those pills, why would I later confess to the crime? Why would I do that? Cause I didn't plant those pills, but I did confess to protect you, because otherwise, you would be the one in here, and I couldn't live with that. God, please, Donna. Please, I am begging you. For your own safety, please believe me.

Nick: I have faith. I'm filled with faith. But I also have this.

Katie: I don't want to terminate this pregnancy.

Nick: Well, I don't want to either. But if something's gonna happen to you --

Katie: Then you'll raise the child with Bridget.

Nick: Oh, please.

Katie: Nick, she would do it. She -- she wouldn't turn her back on this child, and you'll be wonderful parents.

Nick: Would you just stop talking like this? Because you are not going to die.

Katie: I don't want to die. I have more reason to live now than ever before. This baby is a part of you. It may be the only part that I'll ever have, and I don't want to give that up.

Nick: Well, here we are.

Katie: Yeah, here we are. Nick, please, do this for me.

Nick: Isn't there something I could do that's a lot easier?

Katie: (Sighs) No.

Nick: All right. (Sighs) I'll go along with this. But if this starts to go south, if there are any complications --

Katie: There won't be.

Nick: But you don't know that.

Katie: I know that I have your love and support, and right now, that's enough.

Pam: (Whispering) Stephanie, you are on to something. Donna and Owen-- they're very close, you know?

Stephanie: Have you seen something?

Pam: Have I ever.

Stephanie: Well, we've got to get him to admit that then. We've got to get him to admit that she's involved with him in this.

Pam: Well, yeah, but how are we gonna do that?

Stephanie: I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.

Pam: Steph, don't let them weasel their way out of this. If they're in this together, believe me, they've got it all planned out.

Stephanie: Well, they were very foolish to think that I'd ever let them get away with something like this.

(Machines beeping)

Stephanie: Eric, I know you can hear me. I know you trust me, and I will not let you down. I promise.

Owen: Donna, please tell me that you are hearing me, and this is starting to make sense.

Donna: How can I believe you? How can anyone in their right mind believe you? You confessed to a murder rap to protect me?

Owen: What does that tell you?

Donna: It tells me that you're lying. Or -- or that you're crazy. Or maybe both.

Owen: There is a third possibility.

Donna: Oh, and what is that?

Owen: I love you, Donna. I -- I love you.

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: Look it. I have been asking myself the same thing. But I mean, who knows why a person falls in love? Maybe it's your kindness or-- or you're--how sweet you are, how--how deeply that you care for Eric. You are beautiful. You're sweet, and--and you're loyal.

Donna: Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop...

Owen: Look I know --

Donna: Saying this.

Owen: I know that you do not feel the same way about me, and I'm not asking you to.

Donna: You would sacrifice your life, your freedom for a woman that has a husband? Who's in love with him?

Owen: I know. I'm a fool. I'm a fool, and believe me, from where I'm standing right now, I definitely feel like one. But I didn't have a choice.

Donna: No, no. No, you always have a choice.

Owen: Not when you feel the way that I do. When those police officers found that evidence in your bedroom, I knew exactly where this was headed, and I didn't even think. I didn't even have to. My first instinct was to protect you.

Donna: That's a big price to pay.

Owen: Is there any price too high when you love someone? You'd give your life for Eric, wouldn't you?

Donna: (Scoffs) If you're telling me the truth, and you know how I feel about Eric, how could you ever think that I'd help you?

Owen: I'm not asking you to help me. I am just asking for you to be aware of what is out there. Look, Donna, your room was ransacked. You had lingerie strewn all over the place. You may have forgotten, but I haven't.

Donna: Oh, God. Oh, my God. It's true.

Owen: Oh, good, you're listening to me. Look, if something happens to you because you don't believe me, I--look, I don't even want to think about that, all right? Donna, are you hearing me? You're hearing me, right? Come on, you've gotta believe me. Do not let your guard down. You can't. Do whatever it takes. Come on. Tell me that you will.

Donna: God -- oh, my God, you're telling the truth. It's true. You didn't try to kill Eric. Oh, my God, that sacrifice that you made for me--

Owen: Look, none of that means a thing if you are not okay.

Donna: (Gasps)

Owen: Donna, are you -- are you listening to me?

Donna: Oh, my God, you -- you -- you shouldn't -- you shouldn't be here if you're -- you're here because of me.

Owen: Listen to me. That doesn't matter. What is important is that you do not leave here alone. Come on, Donna, promise me that you will make some calls before you leave the police station. Come on, seriously. Whoever it is that is out there that did this, might be out there waiting for you. Seriously. Please tell me...

Guard: Take your hands off her.

Owen: That you'll do that. Come on, Donna, make the call. Don't go -- don't leave here alone.

Guard: Let's go.

Owen: Call them, Donna. Make the call.

Donna: Oh!

Owen: Be on your guard. Hire extra security, because whoever it is might still be out there. Come on, Donna, make the call! Be on your guard. Make the call! Whoever it is might still be out there. Make the call! Make the call! Be on your guard.

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