B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/17/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/17/08


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Katie: I do love you, Nick. You don't have to say anything. But I'm not gonna take it back. Because the truth is how I feel. And you know it.

Brooke:  I- I'm still just trying to wrap my head around this.

Marcus: Ah, that's no problem.  If you two need to talk, I'll just be over here.

Donna: Marcus, Brooke's just welcomed you into our family.

Brooke: No, it's-it's just a lot to process, that's all. I mean, one minute my sister's telling me she has a son, and the next minute he'ss walking through that door . But I guess that's how miracles happen - out of the blue.

Marcus: You think this is a miracle?

Brooke: Marcus, our family has suffered so much loss lately, but meeting you, and having Katie be better, it's-it's finally turning around for the Loganís.

Marcus:  Mmm, but we don't want anybody knowing that I am a Logan.

Donna:  Just, not just yet.

Brooke: That would be your call.

Marcus: So you don't agree with it?

Brooke: I think that Donna's instincts are right. This would be really hard for Eric to hear, especially given his last relationship with Stephanie - all the lies and duplicity.  He values honesty, and that's what drew him to Donna in the first place.

Donna:  Which is why I-I can't blindside him with this, Brooke.

Brooke: [Sighs] I think it would be better that you tell Eric sooner than later.

Eric: Tell me what?  Is there something I should know?

Ridge: Donna and this kid Marcus are connected somehow .

Steffy: May be.

Thorne:  Look, just because we haven't found anything doesn't mean there's nothing to find.

Ridge: Look, I don't want to, uh, put this guy through the ringer, but I also don't want Donna putting her operatives strategically placed in this company.

Steffy: You think Marcus is her spy? [Laughs]

Ridge:  Well, she brought him in.  She convinced Dad to give him a job without even a background check.   I would assume that kid feels a loyalty to her.

Felicia: We have to find a connection, though.  We can't confront her with no proof.   Steffy, jump back on the computer.  Do a general search. Maybe we'll get lucky.  Maybe...there'll be a newspaper article Maybe he has a blog.  I don't know, whatever we can find.

Nick:  Katie.  Let's not get into this right now. You're still recovering.

Katie: You don't want to talk about it.

Nick:  I just want you to focus on getting better.

Katie: I am better. I am so grateful for that. I am grateful for all of the experiences I've had these last few days.  And it has made everything so clear . It has put so many things back in perspective and shown me what's really important. You and our connection. And these feelings. Mine for you and yours for me. Please, please don't try to deny it because they're there. On the boat.  When we danced, and we kissed. We weren't just swept up in a moment. It wasn't just a fantasy.  It was real.

Nick: It was.

Katie: And it wasn't just last night. Something has been going on between us for a long time and I've been too afraid to acknowledge it because I'm afraid of these feelings.  I still am. I know how much Bridget loves you, but life is short. And I wanna be honest .  And I want you to be honest with me.  If I'm wrong, just tell me.

Bridget: Look at you. Up and looking perky.   I swear, Nick always has that same effect on me.

[Katie laughs.]

Eric: What is it, Donna? You want to talk to me in private?

Donna: No.

Eric: You said you had something to tell me, but you...? What is it?  You're  so hesitant.

Donna:  Well, I am. I'm-I'm hesitant to, um, embarrass Marcus.  But you know, since what I have to tell you has to do with him, I guess you can hear it. I wanted to tell you, uh, what a great job Marcus has been doing .

Eric: Well, uh, is that right?

Marcus:  I-I'm doing my best, sir.

Eric: Good, good.  Is it more interesting than you thought it was?

Marcus: Oh, yeah.  For sure. I mean, everyone down in shipping is very nice and helpful.

Brooke:  Well, that's Forrester for ya. 

Donna:  One big happy family.

Eric: Uh, let me ask you this. Wh-wh-what do you think of, uh, what do you think of these?

Marcus: Those drawings?

Eric: Yeah, I'm working on these right now, sort for our younger clientele. What do ya-what do you think?

Marcus: Me-me? Oh, gosh, sir, don't ask me. I don't know--

Eric: No, no, it's okay. It's all right. It's not a test or anything.  [Chuckles]

Marcus: Well, um, I haven't been here long enough to know about anything really yet.

Eric:  Yeah, but, you- you know about girls.  You know what looks good on a girl. So, uh, take a look and tell me what you think here.

Marcus:  Okay, sure, um...

Eric:  What about this? Look. You think that looks good here?

Marcus: This thing here?

Brooke:  One big happy family?

Donna: Well, we will be.

Brooke:  But it'll be better to tell Eric sooner than later.  You don't want him to find out any other way.

Steffy: Nothing new here.

Felicia: [Sighs] Nothing that tells us how long he's been living in L.A.?

Steffy:  No.

Thorne:  Hey.  I made some calls to Texas. Everything Marcus said in his application checks out. He was a decent student, he played basketball... there's no major problems.

Felicia:  Uh, no school trips to San Francisco or Los Angeles?

Thorne:  Nope, nothing.

Ridge:  Well, he had to meet Donna somewhere. It wasn't at Storm's funeral, like she said.

Steffy: Maybe that is where they met.  We haven't found anything to contradict their story.

Felicia: We will. Donna is up to something. I can feel it. We just have to figure out what it is.  Steffy,, Thorne -- come with me.  I have an idea.

[ Steffy sighs.]

Katie: Seen everything you want to see?

Bridget: You are definitely improving.

Katie: Any chance I can get out of this bed any time soon?

Bridget: Uh, let's take it slow.

Katie: I guess I'm just not feeling very patient. No pun intended.

Bridget: Well, you've been given a second lease on life.  You're anxious and you want to get out there.

Katie:  I am.  Maybe too much so.

Bridget: Mm, I don't think you can be too enthusiastic about being alive.  Not after what you've been through.

Katie:  Yeah, but if I rush things, I could mess everything up.

Bridget:   But then again fear and worry will impede the progress.  If you want my advice, I would just say,  do what feels good.   Enjoy yourself.  That's what you deserve. Hey, Katie. 

Katie: Bridget, you've been so good to me.

Bridget: Oh, I am just doing my job.

Katie: You didn't give up.  You saved my life.  I'm here, I'm doing better, I'm-I'm gonna be okay because of you.

Bridget: Aw, don't say that.  I'm, uh, I'm not gonna take all of the credit. There were so many people pulling for you. Especially Nick. You were declining.  It really wasn't looking good, and he gave you the inspiration to wanna live, the courage to do that. He took you to Catalina.  He set up that prom for you.  And that he would deny it, but I think it meant a lot to him. 

Katie: Thank you for letting us have that time together. I mean, you two were just starting to get back together when I moved in here. This should be your honeymoon stage, and here I am--

Bridget:  Yeah, here you are. Here you are.  You are alive, you're doing well, and I would not have it any other way.

Nick: Hey.

Katie:  Ah!

Nick:  Somebody wanted to say good night.

Bridget: Hi!

[ Katie laughs.]

Brooke: Oh, I am so overwhelmed. [Sighs.] It's been one surprise after another these last few weeks, and I don't expect the roller coaster to end any time soon.

Ridge: You talking about Kate's condition?

Brooke:  She is improving. I wish I could say the same about things around here.  I love both of my sisters very much, Ridge.

Ridge: I know.  Don't worry. Donna can handle herself.

Brooke: Why can't you just leave her be?

Ridge:  You know why, Logan.

Brooke: You know, my family has faced challenges that your family could never imagine.  When my father left, my mother had to work around the clock. Storm had to become the leader.  We couldn't catch a break.  Now, I am asking you to do that for Donna. Do it for me, for us.

Ridge:  Brooke, this is business.  For the sake of the family, I've got to know what we're facing here with Donna.  I mean, if she's hiding something that could cause more damage, I want to know what it is.   We can't let business interfere with our relationship, all right? I don't want anything throwing us off track here.

Brooke:  [Sighs.]  Yeah, I don't, either.

Ridge:  Okay, so all this stuff with Donna and Dad.  We'll just leave it where it is, okay? Can we do that?

Brooke:  Oh, sure. I just wish we could all get along.

Ridge:  We are.  Better than giving along.

Brooke:  Yeah, well... You and I get along.  Just fine.

Ridge:  Yes, we do.

Brooke: [Sighs.]  So, nothing's gonna change?

Ridge:  No, nothing at all.

Brooke:  No matter what happens with Donna and Eric?

Ridge: No matter what happens. Promise.

Brooke: Hmm.

Donna: These are beautiful, Eric.

Eric: So Marcus tells me.

Donna:  Well, you don't have to be a fashion genius to recognize talent.

Eric:  Well, sometimes the untrained eye sees things that the trained eye overlooks.

Donna: So, you gave him some pointers?

Marcus: Oh, no.

Eric: It actually helps from time to time to have your work examined from a different perspective.  That's why I asked Marcus to take a look. Thank you, I appreciate it.

Marcus: You're welcome, sir.

Donna: Good job.

Eric: So, Mrs. Forrester, what other surprises do you have in store for me?

Katie: Look at you. You've gotten so big. I know.

Bridget: Oh!

Nick:  Now you're going to be around to watch him grow up.

Katie: I am so lucky.

Bridget: He's been asking for you, you know.

Katie:  He has?

Bridget: Well, not by name per se, but, you know, he's been fussing and missing someone, saying,  "Where'ss Aunt Katie?"

[Nick chuckles.}

Katie: Oh, I missed you, too.

[Baby cries.]

Katie: I know!

Bridget: Oh!

Nick: Well, you can spend time with him a little later.  It's bed time.  We run a tight ship here.

Bridget:  Oh, is that what's going on here.  You want me to, uh, put him down?

Katie: Oh.  Here you go. Oh!

Nick:  Would you mind? Thank you.

Bridget:  Come here.  Here's my buddy.

Nick:  Good night, kiddo. Thanks.

Bridget:  Come on.  We'll go eat something.

Katie: Mmm.  She's an angel.

Nick: Well, it takes one to know one.

Katie: What she's done for me, how she treats other people, no one has a bigger heart.

Nick:  Well, I know there's a big place for you in her heart.

Katie:  I feel the same way about her.  If I ever hurt her, I would never forgive myself.

Eric: All right, I need to get all this stuff down to shipping here. You know, maybe the executive suite is not where you belong.  Maybe the executive suite is not where you belong. Maybe you should be out in the field, scouting for new talent.

Donna: Really.

Eric: Thanks again for the input, Marcus.

Donna: He is impressed Marcus.

Marcus: He's a nice man and probably treats everyone this way.

Donna: No, he asked you to look at his designs.  This-this could go even better than I hoped. I can't wait to tell him you're my son.   It won't be long.

Felicia:  Hey. [Sighs]

Thorne: Okay, this is getting out of the hand.

Felicia:  Difficult problems demand difficult solutions, Thorne.

Ridge:  What's going on?

Thorne:  Our sister here has lost her everloving mind.

Felicia:  Do you want to know if Marcus is working for Donna or not?

Steffy:  She took his backpack.

Felicia:  Look, we'll put it back before he knows it's missing.

Thorne:  This kid may not be guilty of anything.

Felicia: Right, but we can prove that by just looking through this bag. One peek, if there's nothing in here, he's off of the radar.  Fine, open it.

Ridge:  Make it quick, we've got a meeting.

Felicia: [Sighs.] Sports magazine.  Huh, a little black book.  Mp3 player, head phones... Wallet. I.D. card. Bank card, cash receipts. Nothin'. No business cards.

Steffy:  No secret instructions from Donna?

Felicia: No. I really thought there'd be something. It just doesn't make sense.

Ridge: It wasn't just you, we're all being suspicious here.

Felicia:  No, I still think Donna's hiding something.

Thorne:  Well, it may not have anything to do with Marcus.  Look, guys, we gotta go, it's late.

Ridge:  Yeah, let's go.

Steffy:  Hmm.  I'll put this back.

Felicia:  Thank you.  Come on.

Steffy: Another pocket. Birth certificate. Baby Logan. Mother Donna Logan. Oh, my god.  Same birthday. Marcus's isn't Donna's spy. He's Donna's son.  Dad!

Nick: Katie: I don't want to be that person.

Nick: I know that. What you said earlier.

Katie: I know what I said. You love Bridget?

Nick: I do.

Katie:  So do I. And, uh, I don't want to betray her.

Nick: You haven't. You have not betrayed her.

Katie: I know, but, I don't ever, ever want her to regret bringing me into this house and taking care of me. I will not make that beautiful, brilliant woman feel like a fool, and I will not fool myself into thinking that this could work out somehow. Because I know that it couldn't. Someone would end up getting hurt. Probably all of us . I know that it would hurt me to cross that line. [Sighs.]But what I  am feeling, I have never felt anything like this before, and I want to know where it goes. I want to give into it, but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Bridget, and my loyalty to her has to eclipse everything else . I can't forget about that. She can't know, this can't happen.

Nick: You know you deserve to be happy yourself.

Katie: I will be. I'll be happy for you and Bridget. You should go. I will always love you.

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