B&B Transcript Friday 4/25/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/25/08


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Storm: Katie, it's not what you think.

Katie: What are you doing?

Storm: What?

Katie: Give me the gun.

Storm: Look, lis--

Katie: What, did she reject you, and you brought a gun over here? Storm, give me the gun. What are you doing?

Storm: Lis-listen to me for a second.

Katie: Storm, give it to me.

Storm: Now calm down.

Katie: Give it to me!

Storm: Just calm down and let me explain to you.

Katie: Just give it to me. Give it to me, Storm. Drop it. Give it to me.

Storm: You bet--stop it.

Katie: Storm, let go. Let go of it.

Storm: Katie, would you stop? For God's sake, just--

Katie: Storm-- (gunshot)

Ashley: Aah!

Katie: Ahh, Ahh.

Storm: Katie? Oh, my God, come on.

Ashley: Oh, my God. Katie?

Storm: Katie? Katie?

Ashley: Katie? Katie?

Storm: Please, Katie?

Donna: Storm and Ashley-- good for him.

Brooke: Well--

Donna: Well what?

Brooke: Ridge had a fit when he heard about it. He doesn't want our brother anywhere near his precious Ashley. He says Storm is still dangerous.

Donna: Oh, please.

Storm: Hurry up, call 9-1-1. Katie? Katie, listen to me. Everything's gonna be fine. They're gonna be here soon, okay? Katie?

Ashley: Pick up. Yes, we need an ambulance. A-a woman's been shot. 421 Chautauqua Drive.

Storm: What have I done? I'm so sorry, Katie. Come on, Katie, keep breathing.

Ashley: South of the pier off the P.C.H.

Storm: Keep breathing.

Ashley: It's the last house at the end of the drive.

Storm: Hur-- tell 'em to hurry up!

Ashley: Please hurry.

Storm: I'm so sorry. Why did I bring that gun?

(Door opens)

Bridget: Hi.

Nick: Oh, hi.

Bridget: Well, don't look so happy to see me.

Nick: (Laughs) I'm always happy to see you.

Bridget: Mm-hmm, right. Something's wrong. You're not your usual carefree self.

Nick: Well, uh--

Bridget: I thought Katie would be here keeping Jack.

Nick: Katie went to see Ashley.

Bridget: Oh, really?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Well, I can't say I'm gonna miss her. Mmm. Mwah.

Ashley: Don't move her.

Storm: Oh, my God, there's so much blood.

Katie (gasping for breath) Get a-get a-get a towel. Just get anything. Hurry up. Katie, it's okay. They're gonna be here soon. Just keep breathing, okay? Just keep breathing.

Katie: (Wheezing)

Storm: Breath, breath, breath. Just keep breathing.

Bridget: Sweet Katie. There's nothing she wouldn't do for her brother, even play matchmaker.

Nick: Well, this may not be such a good match.

Bridget: What do you mean? Storm's a good guy. I think he and Ashley would be great together.

Nick: Yeah, your uncle's a real stand-up guy.

Bridget: Nick, why are you talking like this? What do you have against Storm?

Nick: He's trouble. There's no two ways about it.

Ashley: She's right in there.

(Siren wailing)

Storm: Hurry up, hurry up. You gotta help her. Hurry up. She's my sister.

Man: Move aside, sir.

Storm: She's lost a lot of blood. Please, she's--

Man: What happened to her?

Storm: Uh, it's a gunshot wound, uh, close range. Look, it was an accident. Just please, hurry.

Man: I got a pulse. I got a heartbeat. Gauze, gauze.

Katie: (Wheezing)

Storm: Hurry up. Hurry up!

Man: We're doing our best. (Siren wailing)

Storm: We're almost there. We're almost there.

Storm: Just hang in there. Please, just hang in there. You're gonna be just fine. Katie? Katie, can you hear me? It's--it's me. It's Storm. I'm right here. I'm right here. I'm right here, darling. We're on--we're on our way to the hospital. You're gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be okay. Just hang in there, okay? Just please hang in there. Katie?

Bridget: Are you sure it was her? Okay. Thank you for calling.

Nick: What's going on?

Bridget: (Scoffs) that was the hospital. The ambulance just radioed in, and they're taking Katie to the emergency room.

Nick: What happened?

Bridget: I don't know. My friend in admitting just said there's been a really bad trauma.

Nick: Let's go.

(Siren wailing)

Storm: Fight, damn it. You hear me, Katie? You fight. You are not leaving me. You are not leaving me.

(Siren wailing)

Ridge: Katie was shot?

Ashley: The ambulance is taking her to the hospital. The police asked me to stay here. They're on their way over.

Ridge: (Sighs heavily) How bad is she?

Ashley: It's bad.

Ridge: How did this happen? Who did this to her?

Ashley: Her brother.

(Siren wailing)

Man: Single gunshot to the chest-- 8 centimeters left of the sternum. No exit wound. Pulse 142 and thready, B.P. dropping.

Man: What's her oxygen saturation?

Man: 87.

Man: All right, alert the trauma team. We're coming up.

Woman: Paging Dr. Stateman.

Dr. Stateman, please.

Donna: It really annoys me-- Ridge making Storm out to be some kind of crazy person. I mean, he made one mistake, a big one, but we know who our brother really is.

Brooke: Yes, and there's times in our lives we need to just forgive and move on. When I think about what Stormy did to Stephanie, it just seems so surreal.

Donna: But if Ridge knew how good Storm's been to us, I mean, how loving and protective of his three sisters, he would have a totally different attitude about Storm.

Brooke: I just hope that Ashley sees the goodness in him. He would never hurt anybody every again.

(Elevator dings)

Storm: You're gonna be fine, Katie. Please. You have to help her. She's my sister. Please.

Man: Sir, we'll do everything we can.

Woman: Let go, please. Move aside.

Storm: Look, where are you taking her? I want to go with you.

Woman: No, you aren't. Wait here. The surgeon will be out as soon as we know anything.

Bridget: Storm, Storm, where's Katie? Where did they take her?

Storm: To surgery.

Bridget: Why?

Storm: It was just an accident. It was just--

Bridget: Well, what happened, Storm?

Storm: Uh, the gun went off, and, um--

Bridget: What?

Storm: I shot Katie. I shot my baby sister.

Donna: Well, I think Storm and Ashley would he hot together.

Brooke: It's just what he needs. And Ashley would be one lucky lady 'cause you know how Storm is when he falls in love. There's nothing he wouldn't do.

(Cell phone rings)

Brooke: Hello?

Bridget: Mom, I'm at the hospital. Uh, they just brought Katie into the ER.

Brooke: Katie? Wh-what happened?

Bridget: It's not looking good, mom. You need to get here as soon as you can.

Brooke: (Exhales deeply) Okay, Donna's here with me, and we'll be right there.

Bridget: Okay. Mom and Donna are on their way.

Storm: Did you tell them what happened?

Bridget: Tell 'em why Katie's here? No, Storm, I was gonna get some answers from you first. (Sniffles) I'm gonna go check on Katie.

Nick: You better pray that girl is all right.

Man: Yeah, dispatch, we're in the midst of a major crime scene here. We're gonna need detectives, C.S.I. and a major response team on the double.

Ridge: So the guy just let himself in?

Ashley: Yeah. It--it was just frightening. He was so intense. He admitted that he shot your mother, and he knew that you had already told me that, but he was just so desperate. He was trying to convince me that he wasn't dangerous.

Ridge: How? By pulling out a loaded gun?

Ashley: He didn't mean for it to happen. They were struggling for it, and it went off.

Ridge: I don't care whether it was an accident or not. It's time Storm Logan is held accountable.

(Siren wailing)

Nick: I want to know how this happened.

Storm: (Sighs) I went to Ashley's to talk to her, and I just wanted to make her understand something.

Nick: And you end up shooting your sister?

Storm: It was an accident.

Nick: Just like it was an accident that you shot Stephanie and pinned it on your old man?

Storm: How'd you know that?

Nick: It doesn't really matter, does it? What I want to know is how a conversation with Ashley ends up with you shooting your sister.

Woman: She's bleeding into her pericardial space. We have to go in, stop it and see what we're dealing with. The bullet shattered a few of her ribs. I'm guessing that some of the fragments penetrated the sac around her heart. That's my best-case scenario.

Bridget: What's your worst?

Woman: I'm aware that you and the patient are related...

Bridget: Doctor, please, what's your worst?

Woman: We won't know until we continue exploring. Kelly's clamp.

Woman: Sponge.

Brooke: There they are.

Storm: It was an accident. I never meant to hurt anybody.

Donna: Stormy.

Storm: Brooke, Donna, thank God.

Brooke: What happened? Bridget sounded so serious on the phone.

Donna: Where--where is Katie? What's wrong with her?

Storm: Katie's in surgery. Bridget's in there with her. We're just waiting to find out.

Donna: What? Was she in an accident or--

Storm: Yeah.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Storm: She was in an accident.

Nick: Tell 'em, Storm. Tell your sisters what happened to Katie.

Storm: Um, she was, uh, she was shot.

Brooke: Shot?

Donna: Oh, my God. Where? How?

Storm: I was at Ashley's, and, um--

Brooke: You were there when it happened?

Storm: Yes.

Nick: He was more than just there. Go on.

Storm: I was with Ashley, and I had a gun with me.

Donna: A gun?

Brooke: Why would you have a gun?

Strom: Because ever since I saw Ridge and Ashley talking at the restaurant, Ashley acts like she can't get rid of me fast enough.

Donna: So you brought a gun-- a-a loaded firearm to her place where her little girl lives?

Brooke: This was all your fault? Is that what you're telling us?

Storm: We were talking, Brooke. We were just talking. I showed her the gun because I wanted to help her understand what happened between Stephanie and I. Everything was going fine, and then Katie burst through the door. She must have misunderstood, because she started panicking, and we started fighting for the gun.

Nick: So you and Katie are struggling over the gun?

Storm: Yes. It was an accident, I swear. I had--I had no idea the gun was loaded. We were arguing. She started struggling with me for the gun, and then bam. I mean, the next thing I know she's on the floor. There's blood everywhere. There's blood on my hands. Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I just feel terrible. Oh, God.

Brooke: (Exhales deeply)

Bridget: The surgeon wants to talk to the family.

Bridget: Follow me.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bridget: Everyone, this is Dr. Brauer. She did Katie's surgery.

Donna: How is Katie?

Brooke: How did the surgery go?

Dr. Brauer: The bullet penetrated the pericardium, which is the fibrous sac surrounding the heart. And it nicked the heart muscle, causing severe damage. There are bone fragments which can't be removed from the tissue.

Bridget: The damage is very severe. It--it can't be repaired. The heart pump is what's keeping her alive, mom. There's nothing more that can be done medically at this point.

Dr. Brauer: I am so sorry. We did our best to save Katie, but the--the injury to the organ was just too extreme.

Storm: I-I thought you said she was still alive.

Bridget: She is... for right now.

Dr. Brauer: Bridget can answer your questions. And my deepest sympathies to you all.

Donna: (Crying)

Nick: So this is it? She's being kept alive by these machines?

Bridget: She can stay on this pump for a few more hours, but it's not meant to keep working indefinitely. It's not life support. That's not its purpose. It's more of a surgical aid. Mom, do you understand what I'm saying?

Brooke: I understand that she can be kept on this pump long enough for us to say our good-byes. But I don't believe that. As long as there's time, there's hope. And this is an amazing hospital, Bridget. Miracles have happened here. And you're going to tell the doctors, honey, that today Katie is going to have a miracle. I don't care what it takes-- surgery, whatever-- but Katie is not going to die.

Bridget: I don't think I should tell you this, but there is one thing we could do. It's just not very probable statistically.

Brooke: I don't care about the statistics.

Bridget: Transplant. If we could find a heart, we could do a transplant.

Brooke: Yes, go. Go talk to Dr. Brauer. Go, go, go make this happen. (siren wailing)

Donna: Katie, darling, we're here. (Sniffles) it's your two favorite sisters.

Brooke: We wouldn't be anywhere else, sweetheart.

Donna: If you can hear us-- you've got to be strong. (Crying) oh, God, Brooke.

Brooke: Donna, Donna, please, don't lose faith. Katie needs us now.

Donna: But you heard Bridget. She won't survive once these pumps are turned off. It'll take a miracle.

Brooke: There will be a miracle. Bridget and Dr. Brauer are going to find a donor.

Bridget: Well, of course I know it's a long shot, David, but the transplant would be the only way that-- okay. (Sniffles) yeah, I understand that. Just call me if anything changes.

Dr. Brauer: Bridget, a-a-a transplant?

Bridget: I know. I know the odds are--are really, really against us.

Dr. Brauer: That-- that a heart is going to be available right now and the same tissue match--

Bridget: Well, I've gotta try. I've got to try.

Dr. Brauer: No, no, what--what you need to do is--is come to grips with this situation so that you can help your family do the same.

Bridget: No, no, no, Dr. Brauer, just give us a little bit more time. It's a huge city out there. Things change. People die every minute.

Dr. Brauer: But realistically, Bridget--

Bridget: No, I don't want to hear it. Katie is my family. I don't have to be realistic right now. I have to be on her side. I don't care how slim the chances are. Do you understand me?

Dr. Brauer: I understand you.

Bridget: I'm gonna go make some more phone calls.

Brooke: Bridget's gonna find you a donor. They're gonna get you a new heart. This hospital does wonders. They're gonna come through for us. And all you need to do is fight. You need to hang in there, 'cause nobody's as stubborn as you. Isn't that right, Katie? If you feel like you're drifting, don't. Don't go there, 'cause we need you. Stay here with us.

Brooke: You are such an amazing little sister, and I've been so lucky to have you in my life. I love you. (Sobbing) I love you so much.

Nick: She knows.

Brooke: (Sniffling)

Nick: She knows.

Donna: (Crying)

Nick: Is there a donor? Did you find someone?

Brooke: Please, please tell us there's hope.

Bridget: Oh, Mom.

Brooke: (Sobbing)

Donna: (Crying)

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