B&B Transcript Monday 2/11/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/11/08


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Donna: (Moans)

Eric: Mm.

Donna: Do you know how much this turns me on, doing this here?

Eric: I got a pretty good idea just then. Oh, my God.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: It's because it's risky and it's dangerous, that's why.

Donna: You--you did lock the door before we...

Eric: Oh, my God. Yes, I did. Of course I did.

Donna: Oh. (Laughs)

Eric: Yes, one thing I've learned is to lock the door around here.

Donna: That's my honey bear.

Eric: Yeah, that's me.

Donna: You know, I... I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: If it wasn't for you masterminding this charade to appease Stephanie... I mean, for all we know, Stormy could be in jail for life.

Eric: How's he doing?

Donna: He's good, you know. We've been giving him all the love and support we can. He's going to counseling and... slowly healing, getting better.

Eric: Good. He's a lucky man. He got a second chance.

Donna: All because of you.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Donna: (Whispering) Oh, God. I wish we could just stay like this forever.

Eric: Okay, why don't we? (Telephone ringing)

Eric: You just stay like this. Forget that.

Donna: (Giggles) Forget the phone.

Eric: Yeah. She is? Where? All right. Thanks for letting me know. Thank you. Good-bye. (Sighs) Stephanie's in the building.

Donna: What?

Eric: No, it's okay. It's okay. This is our chance. This is the chance for us to show her how betrayed I feel by you and how we're finished. We're finished for good.

Donna: Eric, I don't know.

Eric: Donna, you can do it. You can do it. She can't suspect that anything's going on between us, all right? And once we convince her of that, we're home--we're home free. We really are. I love you. Now come on. Get dressed. We got a show to perform.

Taylor: Rick, what are you doing?

Nick: Taylor's walked away. She's not coming back. It's just me and Jack. Don't you see, Brooke? You can't marry Forrester. Your heart is not there. It belongs here with us.

Brooke: Don't. Don't do this to me. I understand what you're saying, but it can't happen for us. Ridge and I are engaged, and we're going to raise the son that we share.

Nick: I would accept that boy as my own, just like I've made Hope a daughter to me.

Brooke: But R.J. is not your son. He's my son with Ridge. Nick, don't you see? You're trying to make something happen without taking the time to really think it through.

Nick: I don't need any more time. I know what kind of life we would have, and deep down, so do you. You can talk till you're blue in the face about Forrester, but you know what's gonna happen. It's not gonna work. It never has. Brooke, my God, what we've always wanted... (whispering) it's there. It's possible. (Normal voice) all you have to do is say that you want it. You say that, and it's yours.

Eric: Okay, you're all right? You ready? Yeah? (Elevator bell dings)

Man: Ah, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Oh, hi, Tom.

Tom: Hey. What brings you by so late?

Stephanie: I'm just checking up on my, uh, hardworking husband.

Tom: Well, it's good to see you. Take care.

Stephanie: Thank you. Nice to see you, too.

Eric: Damn it, Donna. I want you to take this. I want everything out of this building right now.

Donna: Eric, no.

Eric: No, I want you to take your lingerie and everything out of your office. Get it out. Anything you leave here, I'm gonna burn. You understand?

Donna: Eric. Eric, please. Please, you can't do this to me. Wh-why can't you understand?

Eric: Oh, I understand. I understand that Stephanie was right about you all along. You're not some sex addict. It's just some stupid excuse for you to jump into bed with every man you meet.

Donna: Please, just give me one more chance.

Eric: No, Donna. You had your chance. You had your chance, and now it's over. My God. I d--look, take this. Look, I did everything for you. I put my--everything on the line for you-- my family, my reputation-- everything. And now it's finished. You just treated it like it was nothing.

Donna: Eric, please, no! No, please, just--just-- I-I-I will never hurt you again. I-I promise. You have to believe me.

Eric: Believe you? Donna, you told me lie after lie after lie, and now it's over, all right? I'm back with Stephanie. That's where I belong. That's the way it's gonna be.

Donna: Wait. Where--where are you going?

Eric: Away from you.

Donna: No, please, please. Eric, just listen to me. Please list--

Eric: No, I've listened enough. I'm through listening to you. Now look, I'm done. It's over. Do not be here when I get back.

Donna: What do you want, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Well, I guess this is my lucky day. I got to see with my own eyes that, uh, this is over between you and Eric.

Taylor: Did--did I just do something that made you think that I wanted you to kiss me?

Rick: No. I'm sorry. I just-- I feel-- I feel something for you. I care about you.

Taylor: So you're just trying to make me feel better by--by kissing me?

Rick: No. No. No, no. It's--it's--it's deeper. It's more. It's more than that. It's beyond that. I-I should-- I should probably go. Yeah.

Rick: (Laughs)

Taylor: What? What are you smiling about? What is that Cheshire grin? What are you doing?

Rick: What? What Cheshire grin? What are you talking about?

Taylor: I'm--I'm just asking, what was that about?

Rick: It's about... it's about you and... it's about me and... this God-awful urge that I have to... kiss you again.

Nick: Now don't tell me you're not feeling what I'm feeling right now, Brooke.

Brooke: I-I just can't even believe we're having this conversation.

Nick: Things happen for a reason, and whether you like it or not, there's a reason that that boy over there is our son.

Brooke: I can't talk about this-- not here, not now.

Jack: (Crying)

Jack (crying continues)

Brooke: Hi. What is it? You okay? Oh, come here. Oh, Mommy's here. It's okay. Mommy's here. Better now? Fell better? Okay.

Nick: Well, I don't know if I've ever seen anything more beautiful... than you holding our son in your arms.

Donna: This is a bad time, Stephanie. You are the last person I want to deal with right now.

Stephanie: I can believe that. You haven't looked quite this disheveled since you came out of the steam room.

Donna: At your hands.

Stephanie: Well, honey, you know what they say. All's fair in love and war. I was fighting for my husband and my family's self-respect-- something your family doesn't know too much about.

Donna: Yeah, well, I hope you're happy because guess what, Stephanie? You won.

Stephanie: Have I?

Donna: See for yourself. Your husband just kicked me out of the company.

Stephanie: Yes, I-I did hear you arguing as I got off the elevator, and, uh, I saw him Storm out of here, but I thought maybe I should just check in and see if this is really true.

Donna: If what's really true?

Stephanie: You know, I've wondered for a while if you were capable of genuine feelings and emotions, but standing here, looking at you at this moment, I guess perhaps you are. My husband's moved back into the house with me, but you know that. So it would seem to be, uh... pretty clear now that he means exactly what he says. Your relationship with him is over.

Rick: So tell me, Dr. Hayes, why do I have this urge to--to kiss you again?

Taylor: Okay, okay. I--all right. Never mind. I-I... I see what you're doing. I-I get it, okay? It's--it's really not a very nice thing to do... the state I'm in, you know. My life is upside-down. I'm a little confused. I'm in this big giant house all by myself, and then-- and you even come to my door, and I don't even know why you're here.

Rick: Taylor, I'm here because I want to be. I'm here because I-I care about you. I-I want to be here for you, with you. Okay, fine. I admit it. Um, maybe this situation requires a little-- a little self-examination, self-analysis. So let's analyze it, shall we? Um... why would I want to kiss you? Well, uh, let's take a look at you for a second. You-- you're incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, um, smart, intelligent, uh, sensitive, independent, beautiful. Did I say beautiful? I can go on, if you want me to. Look, I do realize, however, despite all of those things, it doesn't warrant one person randomly kissing another.

Taylor: No. No, it doesn't really.

Rick: So I guess this means I need to be-- be disciplined, punished. You can feel free to slap me at any time. Just pick a cheek. Any one of the four will do just fine. (Laughs)

Nick: He's calm when you hold him. Aren't you? Hmm? You do it so easily and naturally. Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, he is a special little guy. A real miracle.

Nick: He's on this planet because of you. You helped bring him in this world, and you helped keep him here.

Brooke: I did what had to be done.

Nick: I'd say you did a little more than that. You know, you share a bond with this boy, a bond of a mother and a child. I hope you know how much he needs you in his life. I love you, and I want you in our lives. And I hope you want that, too.

Donna: Stephanie, I would appreciate if you'd just back off. I'm hurting enough, and I don't need you pouring salt into my wounds.

Stephanie: Some people might call this a life lesson. You know, that goodness and decency really are important in life. That's a lesson that your sister never seems to connect with. (Laughs) I don't know. Maybe it's a genetic defect in your family, in your family's D.N.A. But I have fought long and hard-- long and hard-- to protect my husband and my family from all of you. And now it's finally over.

Donna: If you really cared about Eric, you would let him be with me. He's never gonna be happy with you. He may be living with you, but I'm sure at night, he lays awake thinking of me, how my body feels all pressed up against his.

Stephanie: Well, I think you've just proved my point. You know, it was just a charade between the two of you, Donna-- an old man's fantasy of chasing a beautiful young girl. But the charade is over. Because of what you did, he finally sees you for what you are.

Donna: What's that, Stephanie, a whore from the valley?

Stephanie: Your words, not mine.

Donna: Look, despite what you think of me, I will not stand here and let you treat me like this. Giving up Eric was an incredible sacrifice. And instead of telling me we-- what a horrible person I am, you should be on your knees, thanking me.

Stephanie: You know, this has been a long time coming. When--when Thorne didn't marry you, I haven't forgotten what you said to me. You threatened me. You said, "I'll get back at you, Stephanie," and you almost did, didn't you? I mean, if your brother hadn't shot me, who the hell knows what might have happened? But I've kept my part of the bargain. I know you will keep yours. We've got an agreement.

Donna: Your day will come, Stephanie, and when it does, you will be having tears in your eyes, not me.

Eric: Stop it, Donna. That's enough. I won't have you speaking to my wife that way.

Taylor: Okay, that was-- that was a little weird. It was a little Freudian, but it was a little weird. You're getting pretty feisty in your old age.

Rick: That's funny. I've been called that before. I've also been called a-a good kisser, but that's beside the point. Uh, look, whatever happens, Taylor, I just-- I want you to remember how incredible you are, okay?

Taylor: Okay, enough with the flattery.

Rick: No, I'm not-- I'm not flattering you. I'm--I'm being truthful. I'm telling you like it is. Like I said before, you're--you're so-- you're so damn smart and--and talented, and--and you're a-- you're a hot mom. I don't--I don't want you to be too hard on yourself, okay?

Taylor: What-- what was that you just said?

Rick: I don't want you to be too hard on yourself.

Taylor: No, no, no. That "hot mom" thing.

Rick: Oh.

Taylor: Is--is that what I should do, is go for this younger market? That is the trend.

Rick: No, I'm being-- I'm being serious. That's what you are.

Taylor: Okay.

Rick: Just promise me you'll think about what I said tonight. Okay? You have so much to offer. I... I just don't want it to go to waste. Okay? All right. Good night, Dr. Hayes.

Nick: I know I've said this before... but everything happens for a reason.

Nick: All of this... happened for a reason. I believe that in my heart...

Nick: And I believe that... you feel that way, too. Can I hold you?

Eric: Donna, -- Donna, I told you to leave this building. I want you to go and I want you never to come back

Donna: I was trying to pack up my things when miss--miss thing over here came in and started doing her victory dance.

Eric: Well, it's not a victory, and it's not a game here, Donna. Now look, a-a family has suffered and a wonderful woman has been wronged. I see everything clearly now. The love of my life has been hurt, and I deeply regret that, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it up to her and to protect her for whatever time I have left.

Stephanie: Thank you for saying that.

Stephanie: I think it's time for you to go, Donna. You're not welcomed here, and there's certainly no place for you here, and there is certainly no place for you in Eric's life.

Eric: Go on. You heard Stephanie. I want you to go, and I want you to have no doubt where I stand.

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