B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/23/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/23/08


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Taylor: I can't take it. I can't take it anymore. I can't, I can't! Oh, my God. She's everywhere!

Nick: It's okay, it's okay. Shh, shh.

Taylor: My baby! It's not okay, it's not okay. I can't escape her. She is in the very air I breathe.

Nick: I'm sorry, honey. I thought you were feeling better.

Taylor: I was, I was, and then just like always, she starts invading my mind. I mean, everywhere I turn, she's right in my face.

Nick: Taylor, I want you to be honest with me. Have you been drinking?

Taylor: No. No, I haven't. How can you even say that?

Nick: Okay. I believe you, it's just that when I see you upset like this, I don't want you to turn to drinking.

Taylor: No, I haven't drank, and I'm not going to. See? She's planted those seeds in your mind. Now you don't even trust me.

Nick: No, no, I do. I do trust you. I see you upset like this-- you were feeling so much better, and now you're sort of falling apart. I don't know what to make of it.

Taylor: I'm telling you, it's just Brooke. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I cannot get her out of my life!

Nick: Shh, shh, okay.

Rick: I cannot believe this. This is such a mess. I can't even imagine what Taylor is going through. I mean, raising your and Nick's son. Mom, this is insane.

Brooke: This hasn't been easy on any of us.

Rick: Well, it can't be easy on you. Granted you still have feelings for Nick, even though you won't admit it.

Brooke: Rick, please, don't.

Rick: I just can't believe that everybody is so screwed up by this. I mean, you and Taylor-- and, Bridget, how the hell could this happen?

Bridget: You know how it happened, Rick. There was a mix-up in the lab. I've told you this. I've beaten myself up about it, and I've apologized a million times to about a million people. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't rub salt in the wounds.

Rick: I don't think you realize how many people have been affected by this mix-up. Has it really sunk in for you how bad this really is?

Bridget: Yes, Rick, it has. Could you please drop it?

Brooke: Bridget's gone through hell over this.

Rick: Yeah, well, Taylor's a mess, and who could blame her? I mean, her son is your kid.

Brooke: No, he is Nick and Taylor's child. He belongs with them. I even signed papers.

Rick: What? Mom, why would you do something like that? Wait, wait, wait--hang on. Let me guess. Um, because Ridge insisted on it, didn't he? Are you still gonna marry him, even though you and Nick have a biological son together?

Brooke: We don't have a son together. Ridge and I have a son together--R.J.-- now he's the miracle baby.

Rick: You're deluding yourself. Okay, think about it. Biologically, little Jack belongs to you and to Nick. You know it, and Taylor knows it, and it's driving her nuts.

Nick: Taylor, you've gotta be strong. You're letting your feelings for Brooke control you.

Taylor: She's everywhere I turn. I can't even clean the house without finding her in the closet. She's in the baby. She's invaded my psyche. How am I supposed to get past that?

Nick: Honey, you gotta find a way to get past it. I-you know, this is now. You've got to get her out of your mind.

Taylor: I want to, desperately.

Nick: You can do it if you want to. Brooke is the past. You know, Jack is the future. He's now. Jack is the one who needs you.

Taylor: Don't question my love for that baby. I carried him in my body for nine months. My love for him is not the issue-- it's Brooke.

Nick: I don't know what else I can say to reassure you. Brooke is out of my life. I am committed to you and Jack and keeping this family together, but it's up to you to get Brooke out of your life.

Taylor: Do you think we could start by getting rid of all of this, please? Please? I need to see that you've moved on. I need to know that everything about your past with Brooke is gone. I want to see it out of this house, please.

Rick: You know, Mom, you and Nick already have something pretty intense between the two of you.

Brooke: You're starting to sound like Jackie.

Rick: Well, the woman's got a point. You and Nick have very strong feelings for each other, and now you have a son. You know what I think?

Brooke: It's not important what you think, because it's really not your problem.

Rick: I think that it's a sign from the big man upstairs.

Bridget: Rick, what are you trying to do?

Rick: I'm trying to get our mother to look at this honestly--realistically.

Brooke: Realistically, this whole thing was a big mistake. It's affected everybody. I wish to God it never happened.

Rick: Mom, can't you see that this is a window of opportunity for you? Taylor is so distressed with your tie to this baby that--this is your chance-- your chance to get things back on track with Nick.

Brooke: What? I can't believe I'm hearing this. Nick and Taylor are married. They have a family. Why would you encourage me to break that up?

Rick: Because with the Taylor I saw today, I'm doing her a favor. Trust me.

Bridget: You need to stop this, Rick. I don't know what you're trying to do, but encouraging Mom to break up Nick and Taylor's marriage? Mom is about to marry Ridge, and she's finally found a little bit of happiness with him, and if you're so concerned with Taylor, why would you want to take away her husband and her child? That will torture her.

Rick: Taylor is the complete and total tortured mess here. You should've seen her today. She was--she was freaking out.

Brooke: Freaking out?

Rick: Yeah, freaking out. She was losing it, Mom-- completely off. The woman had a panic attack.

Brooke: A panic attack?

Rick: Mm-hmm, and it was a little frightening, actually.

Brooke: And you left the baby there with her alone?

Rick: Well, things eventually calmed down, and I just figured she'd want to be alone.

Brooke: Was she drinking?

Rick: What?

Brooke: Was she drinking?

Rick: Not that I know of. I don't think she was.

Brooke: Did you smell alcohol on her breath?

Rick: No. Mom, what is the matter with you?

Brooke: It's not important. I've got too much work to do. I can't get into it.

Bridget: We need to go. Now.

Rick: Mom, I hope you realize that I'm just-- I'm just trying to do what I feel is best for you and for all parties involved here. I really hope that you've listened to me, but ultimately I hope you listen to your heart, and you'll find that it belongs with Nick and your son.

Taylor: Is this one of those songs you wrote for Brooke?

Nick: Honey, all this stuff in these boxes-- it's all in the past.

Taylor: Thanks. I appreciate you saying that.

Nick: You know, it's--it's you and me. It's about us.

Taylor: That's all I want.

Nick: I've been thinking maybe we should start getting that christening for Jack in the works.

Taylor: Oh, yeah, I've gotta start planning that.

Nick: No, no. I'm gonna handle it. I'm gonna take care of the invitations and the church arrangements. I'm even gonna pick out that little froufrou outfit he's supposed to wear, and you just focus on holding his head while it gets dunked in the water.

Taylor: I can handle that. Okay.

Nick: I'm gonna take these boxes and put 'em in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Taylor: Right.

Nick: I'll be back.

(Cell phone ringing)

Taylor: Nick! Ready?

(Knock on door)

Nick: Rick.

Rick: Hey there.

Nick: What a surprise. Come in.

Rick: Thank you. (Clears throat) is, uh--is Taylor here?

Nick: She was a few minutes ago. You need to see her?

Rick: No, I was actually hoping to speak to you.

Nick: Oh. Come on in. What's up?

Rick: Thank you. Um, well, I... I just-- I heard a bit of news-- major news-- and I have to admit I-- thank you-- really couldn't believe what I heard.

Nick: Oh, you're talking about Jack.

Rick: Yeah, I am. Must have thrown you for a pretty big loop, finding out that you and my mom have a kid together.

Nick: Rick, your mother and I don't have a kid together. Taylor and I do.

Rick: Right, but still, I mean, it must have messed with your head finding out you were the father of my mom's baby. I know how you feel about her, Nick. I know how she feels about you.

Nick: I took a stand with Taylor. I told her that I love her, I'm committed to her, and I want a life with her on the condition that she can love our child.

Brooke: How did she react?

Nick: She heard me.

Brooke: That's good. I'm glad to hear that.

Nick: And I am committed to this. She will be the mother that Jack needs. I believe that.

Taylor: What the hell is wrong with you? What part of "back off" do you not get?

Brooke: Taylor...

Taylor: No, no, no. Don't you dare call my husband again. Don't you talk to him. Do not text him, okay! Do not have any contact with him whatsoever.

Brooke: Look, will you please calm down. I was concerned. Rick told me that you were in a tailspin again. I can't help but be worried.

Taylor: You have no right to be worried.

Brooke: I do worry, about you and Jack.

Taylor: Well, then stop worrying, all right? You know, you tell me that you're gonna back off and you've cut all the ties to the baby. You tell me that you're never gonna interfere in my marriage again, and then that's exactly what you turn around and do. You turn around and you keep interfering in my marriage.

Brooke: I am not interfering. I'm just concerned.

Taylor: Well, then stop being concerned.

Brooke: You're making it awfully difficult for me not to worry, Taylor. I mean, look at yourself.

Taylor: No, look at you. Look at you, with your little chessboard all laid out, all the pieces in position, got all your options open. You got Ridge ready to marry you, and you got Nick right there as a backup in case it doesn't work out.

Brooke: No. You're not making it easy for me to walk away, because you're not handling the situation very well.

Taylor: No, no, no. The only thing I'm not handling very well is dealing with you, because you are behind every single situation in my life that has gone wrong. You ruined my life with Ridge. You ruined that marriage by clinging to him, and now you're clinging to Nick in the name of, "Checking to see if I'm being a good mother." Well, I am a good mother. I'm trying. I know I can be a wonderful mother to that baby. I love him. How could I not?

Brooke: But you still see me in him, don't you?

Taylor: All I'm asking you is to just go away. Go away and leave us alone. Give me a chance to be a good mother.

Brooke: Taylor, I have tried to give you a chance, and every time I turn around, somebody else is telling me that you're having a hard time with this. I have to react.

Taylor: And why is that? Is it because maybe you feel a connection to him as a mom-- as a mother?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I do feel a connection. I can't help it.

Rick: Well, Nick, you've always wanted a child with my mom. It's never happened-- timing wasn't right, but look. Lo and behold, you and Brooke have a kid together.

Nick: You know, Rick, Taylor's been struggling with this, and I'm doing my best to get through it.

Rick: Nick, look. I love my mom, okay, and I care for Taylor, but both women stand to be screwed by this, and I have to admit I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of my mom and Ridge hooking up again.

Rick: Well, she seems to be very happy with him.

Rick: Yeah, she's been there and she's done that over and over again, and it always ends the same way, with my mom getting hurt.

Nick: She's committed to making it work this time, she says.

Rick: All I'm trying to say is, don't you think it's a little unfair to Taylor to force her to be a mother to this child? It's cruel. I just--I just-- I feel that--I don't know-- that if you and Taylor cut your losses, allow her to become the woman that she once was-- a strong woman. A woman who had it all together, and in by doing that, you prevent my mom from diving back into a cesspool of misery with Ridge, well, then, I'll be grateful to you for that.

Nick: Well, you're forgetting one major detail. I love Taylor.

Rick: Can I ask you a question? I mean, if you-- if you really love Taylor, in this situation, wouldn't you let her go?

Nick: She will pull herself together. I'll do what's best for her, and I'm going to do what's right for this boy.

Rick: That's admirable, and I respect that, but think about the well-being of this child, Nick. Is Taylor-- with all the stress that she's under right now-- is she really fit to be a good mother? Think about that, and then think about my mom and all that she could bring to this child's life and yours.

Brooke: I wish I didn't have such strong feelings for Jack, but I do, and I wish to God this never happened, but it did. But Jack is your child, and you need to protect him. And if I don't feel like he's being loved or taken care of the way that he needs, I'm not gonna back off.

Taylor: No.

Brooke: I won't.

Taylor: I need you to back off. I need you to go away and leave us alone and let me be his mother-- his only mother.

Brooke: Taylor--

Taylor: You've got to stop having this emotional connection with him.

Brooke: Don't put this on me, okay. Just focus on yourself. You need to take care of yourself. Get past the feelings you have about me and focus on your son. Be the mother that we know that you can be, and if you can't, I will be involved.

Taylor: Does Ridge know about that? Does he know how you feel about this baby? I'm sure he told you to leave the baby alone. I'm sure he did, but you won't even respect that. No. No, you're starting a life with Ridge, and then here you are texting my husband.

Brooke: I can't get past this, Taylor. As long as you're struggling, I'm not going anywhere.

Taylor: The only thing I'm struggling with is you meddling in my life. I am really sick of it. You already ruined my relationship with Ridge, and now you just stole Ridge back from Ashley, so why is it you're not satisfied? Why is it you've got to find something else to go after? Why is it you're never happy? Oh, I think the writing is on the wall-- or should I say the phone? Texting Nick. No. You are not going to destroy my marriage, but the truth is, you're destroying your relationship with Ridge.

Brooke: No. That's not true. Ridge and I are planning a wedding. We're gonna have the life that we've always dreamed of.

Taylor: Oh, really. You think so? Hmm. I think you should try to figure out why you even care about any of this at all. Why can't you just admit it? Jack is the baby that you've always dreamed about to have with Nick, and there is a part of you-- just a little part of you-- that maybe wants to live out that dream.

Brooke: Taylor, this is all your insecurities-- your insecurities as a wife and as a mother. I mean, my God, you have the life that-- you have everything that anybody would ever want, and nobody's gonna take it away from you, especially me. I don't want to. But you could lose everything. Nick wants the best mother for his son, and you can be that. You have to just accept the fact that a mistake was made, and yes, I am the biological mother of your son. You are a talented psychiatrist, Taylor, and you're a very strong woman, and you're letting this get the best of you.

Taylor: I am trying really hard.

Brooke: What are you so afraid of-- that Nick loves me more than you? Are you scared that I'm a better mother, a better lover--what?

Taylor: I have never been like this in my life. This is not me. I shouldn't have to have a reason to feel insecure. I know what I want. I know that I deserve to be happy. I'm trying as hard as I can. I am going to push past this. I chose this path. I know that Nick is my husband, and I know that Jack is my son, and I don't care what it takes, I am going to fight to keep my family together.

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