B&B Transcript Thursday 12/6/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/6/07


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Jackie: (Splashing) okay, the next question may not involve the word "bubbles," Jarrett.

Jarrett: Your new "M" line--

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Jarrett: What's your timetable for going public?

Man: Yeah, when are you gonna show us the goods, Jackie?

Jackie: (Gasps) You are so cheeky! Didn't your mama ever tell you that good things come to those who wait?

Clarke: All right, everybody, that's it. Thank you very much. It's all over. Come on now.

Jackie: Okay, guys, bye-bye. This bathwater is plummeting.

Man: (Laughs) See you next time.

Jackie: Bye! Bye.

Clarke: Bye now. Bye-bye. Thanks.

Man: Bye.

Jackie: Well, it always makes me happy to see members of the force. What can I do for you, boys?

Charlie: Wow, this is a new one-- um, holding a press conference in the tub.

Jackie: Are you Lieutenant Baker's son?

Charlie: Ma'am, Charlie.

Jackie: Thought so, 'cause you're handsome like your father.

Lt. Baker: This isn't how we usually conduct our interviews.

Clarke: Oh, the tub's a gimmick-- brings in customers.

Jackie: You mean you want to interview me? Oh, my. This is so exciting. (Laughs) is this about Stephanie Forrester's shooting?

Lt. Baker: Good guess.

Jackie: Well, you can just shoot away because as you can see, I'm totally clean.

Katie: Well, the police are still investigating. Right. And it's our policy at Forrester creations to-- no comment. Both-- as the P.R. liaison for Forrester Creations and as Stephen Logan's daughter. Ugh!

Donna: You did great, kiddo.

Katie: (Sighs) I am losing it. I-I-I need to take up yoga or something.

Donna: Look, we're all tense and sleep-deprived. I mean, you've been on the phone since when, 6:30 this morning?

Katie: The downside of being on the west coast. Isn't Eric supposed to be in here by now?

Donna: Yeah, Stephanie's getting released today.

Katie: Already?

Donna: I'm assuming he's picking her up and, uh, taking her wherever.

Katie: Well, surely not to a hotel. She's still recuperating.

Donna: Well, maybe Thorne will take her in or Ridge. I mean, there's plenty of room there.

Katie: Or maybe he'll take her back to the house.

Donna: (Scoffs) don't be ridiculous. He would never allow that.

Eric: Careful now, will you?

Stephanie: All right.

Felicia: Hey!

Eric: Hey, we're here. Here we are.

Felicia: Welcome home, Mom! Hi. How are you?

Pam: Careful! No hugs.

Eric: No hugs at all. Jeez!

Stephanie: Hugs are okay, but just make them small.

Thorne: Do you want to sit on the couch or the chair, Mom?

Ridge: The chair would be easier to get in and out of.

Pam: The sofa will be more comfy.

Felicia: Let me get you--

Stephanie: No, the chair is fine. The chair is fine.

Ridge: Would you like the ottoman?

Stephanie: No, I don't need an ottoman. Thank you.

Felicia: Hey, Mother, it's a little bit chilly. Would you like me to get your sweater?

Pam: Yeah, honey, turn the heat up a little.

Ridge: I'll get that in a minute.

Pam: That'd be good. Okay.

Stephanie: Well, this is just so unexpected.

Pam: What, you didn't think we'd all be here to welcome you?

Stephanie: Oh. Well, no. I mean, the flowers are so beautiful, and, uh, I don't know. It's just, uh-- I guess I could say this is the best homecoming anybody could want. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Pam.

Jackie: Okay, all eyes to the front. I'm decent.

Lt. Baker: This shouldn't take long, Mrs. Marone.

Jackie: Hmm.

Clarke: Well, why are you questioning her anyway when you've already collared the guy?

Lt. Baker: You were at Forrester creations when Stephanie Forrester was shot.

Jackie: Yeah.

Lt. Baker: Were you aware that Stephen Logan was also in the building?

Charlie: You know who he is, right?

Jackie: Well, the name rings a bell.

Lt. Baker: Did you happen to see Stephen at any point? Uh, run into him? Exchange a few words?

Jackie: No, never got that pleasure.

Lt. Baker: Stephanie kicked you and Mr. Garrison out before the show, but you came back with your son Nick.

Jackie: So what of it? Am I a suspect now as well?

Lt. Baker: Well, of course not, Mrs. Marone. You're not a suspect. Like Mr. Garrison said, we made an arrest.

Clarke: Then what's with the interrogation?

Charlie: Well, we were just wondering if your boss here could shed a little light on Mr. Logan's activities during the time of the shooting.

Jackie: Well, I'll tell you what, boys, if anything just pops into my head, your cell phones will vibrate.

Lt. Baker: Well, I'm looking forward to that.

Charlie: Thanks, ma'am.

Clarke: All right, Jackie, just us. You and me, sweetheart.

Jackie: (Sighs) and you want to know if the police have the wrong perpetrator. You want to know who really shot Stephanie Forrester.

(Elevator bell dings)

Jake: Hey, Candy, what's goin' on?

Candy: Oh, hey. Uh, this wouldn't happen to be yours, would it?

Jake: Oh, my God! My camcorder. Where'd you find this? I've been looking all over for it.

Candy: Lost and found.

Jake: (Sighs) I didn't even know we had one.

Candy: Yeah. Well, um, I heard your camera went missing the day of the show, and I thought I'd check it out. And, um, voilą. So yeah.

Jake: Thanks. I owe you one.

Candy: Yeah. Um, I'll be sure and collect. (Laughs)

Katie: You know, for someone who's divorcing his wife, Eric is being awfully attentive.

Donna: Because he's a wonderful, caring man. Stephanie's the mother of his children.

Katie: And he came very close to losing her. That had to have some kind of effect on him.

Donna: Look, he stood by her, maybe a little more than I am comfortable with. But when this is done, we'll be fine, Katie. I mean, we are fine. Eric loves me.

Katie: I-I-I know. I know. I-I believe you. It's just that from a strategic point of view, I just wouldn't let your guard down. I mean, Stephanie is the incumbent, so to speak. And coming that close to meeting one's maker, well, I would think she'd be more determined than ever to hold onto her security blanket, if you catch my drift.

Donna: Yeah, I see your point. You're right. I wouldn't put it past her to take advantage.

Katie: Where are you going?

Donna: Eric's house, if only just to, uh, reassure myself.

Katie: And to prove me wrong.

Donna: Right.

Donna: You again?

Lt. Baker: We've already had our coffee. Thank you very much. Very thoughtful of you to offer, though.

Donna: If you're here hoping that we'll implicate our father, you're wasting your time. He didn't do it. You arrested an innocent man.

Charlie: How would you know? Were you there?

Katie: Oh, Donna, don't let them get to you.

Lt. Baker: You ladies were in your father's hotel room when the gun was found. If you have any information that might exonerate your father, now is the time.

Donna: Look, Dad was set up. I don't know who did it or why or how they did it, but he was set up.

Charlie: You share her opinion?

Katie: Well, I'm sure you've done a full background check on me, so make any assumptions you like.

Donna: And while you're working on this case, the person who really shot Stephanie is still out there.

Stephanie: "Feel better, Gramma! Love, Hope, R.J., Dino, Aly."

Felicia: Aw.

Pam: They are such little sweethearts.

Stephanie: (Laughs)

Tiny: (Barks)

Felicia: Whoa!

Stephanie: This is so--whoa!

Pam: Tiny, sit, sweetheart.

Thorne: That's tiny?

Pam: Sit!

Eric: Yeah, Pam, maybe you should just take--

Pam: Well, he's not that trained yet.

Thorne: (Laughs)

Pam: (Indistinct) you should go back to your bed, honey.

Stephanie: Honey, why did you-- what were you thinking when you brought him?

Pam: He is wonderful protection, Stephanie. Look, if whoever wants you dead is out there lying in wait--

Felicia: There's already been an arrest, aunt Pam.

Pam: But the police aren't infallible.

Stephanie: Oh, Pam. They've arrested Stephen Logan. I couldn't be more relieved or happier. Okay, let's not go. Let's just have a good time. I guess we'll include the dog, too.

Pam: I think we should.

Clarke: Leo's ordering in for lunch. Uh, you want something?

Jackie: Oh, sure. I'll have a revolver sandwich, side of bullets, and hold the silencer.

Clarke: (Laughs) You're not gonna let me let that down, are ya?

Jackie: Suspecting your boss of attempted murder is hardly what I'd call loyalty.

Clarke: Well, I needed to know if I'm working with someone dangerous.

Jackie: Why are you so obsessed with this macabre business anyway? Oh, forget it. Get these into production.

Clarke: What is this?

Jackie: Pictures... of Eric's next line.

Clarke: Eric's next line?

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Clarke: Hmm.

Jackie: While it was open season on Stephanie after the Forrester showing, I went through their offices, did an itsy-bitsy bit of research.

Clarke: (Chuckles) And you copied the files. Oh, you're a good girl. See, I knew you'd get the hang of this.

Jackie: Well, thank you for your vote of confidence. Now get cracking, or you might find out just how dangerous I can be.

Clarke: Hmm.

Eric: I'll walk you upstairs when you're ready to rest.

Stephanie: Okay. But in a bit.

Eric: (Sighs exhaustedly) Look, you've been through a... (chuckles) a traumatic ordeal. I don't want you to get overtired.

Stephanie: See, you still-- you do care, don't you?

Eric: Of course I do. Don't ever doubt that.

Stephanie: Thank you... for letting me come back to the house. It means the world to me to be here and surrounded by the people that I love the most.

Pam: Ta-da. My famous sour cream coffee cake.

Stephanie: Oh, fabulous.

Pam: Felicia and I baked it just for you.

Tiny: (Barks ferociously)

Eric: Oh, great.

Stephanie: Honey, you gotta get that dog to stop barking. The neighbors are going to complain.

Pam: Tiny?

Eric: Wait, wait, wait.

Pam: Tiny, is someone there?

Eric: I'll see what's going on.

Katie: Hey.

Jake: Hey, Katie.

Katie: Is Eric around? I need to have him sign off on these press releases.

Jake: Uh, I don't think he's in yet. I'm just, uh, working on a little project for him right now.

Katie: Okay, I'm gonna leave this on his desk.

Jake: Um, how is your dad? I'm--I'm sorry--sorry to hear about that.

Katie: Oh, thanks.

Jake: He's, uh, he's in prison?

Katie: Oh, out on bond. Is that the unified tribe concert?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, uh, that's the one I was telling you about. I'm telling ya, I got some great footage.

Katie: (Giggles)

Jake: You gotta check it out. Look at that.

Katie: Oh, man, that guitar player is so hot.

Jake: Yeah. Whoa. What happened?

Katie: What happened to the concert?

Jake: Dammit. Shoot, I left my camera at the fashion show. Someone must have recorded right over it.

Katie: Oh, bummer.

Jake: (Sighs) yeah, well, let's just hope it's not completely erased.

Brooke: I always believed--

Katie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's Brooke. Uh, go back. Go back.

Jake: I gotta rewind.

Katie: Press play.

Brooke: Because what you did to my sister was horrible.

Stephanie: You know, I admire your devotion to your sister.

Brooke: Don't. Don't you dare patronize me. I couldn't defend myself to you for many, many years, but I'll be damned if I stand by and watch you do to Donna what you did to me. It ends tonight.

Jake: Sounds like she and Mrs. Forrester were really going at it.

Katie: Do you know what this means? You may have videotaped the shooting.

Donna: Just let me go.

Eric: No, Donna, not until we've talked.

Donna: I saw you and your wife. I heard what you said. You're really letting her move back in there?

Eric: Donna, it's Stephanie's home, too, all right? She's recovering from a bullet wound.

Donna: So that's it then?

Eric: Donna.

Donna: Look, I realize she could have died. And you're the most compassionate man I know. But all of a sudden, I feel like--like what we had meant nothing to you. And if that's true and--and you want Stephanie back in your life, just tell me. Tell me, and I will walk through that door and never bother you again.

Stephanie: Your flowers are beautiful. And thank you very much for being here this morning and at the hospital. You know, I-I know you haven't forgiven me for what happened with Brooke.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Mother, you almost died. Where else do you think I'd be?

Stephanie: I don't know, maybe, uh, maybe in line with the multitudes who want me punished for my mistakes.

Ridge: I'm just glad you're doing so well. And there's been an arrest. That's gotta set your mind at ease.

Stephanie: It does. But I wanted to ask you, um, is it gonna put a strain on you and Brooke knowing that her father's been arrested?

Ridge: No, we agreed not to let that come between us.

Stephanie: Good. I never thought I'd say it, but, um... (clears throat) compared to Donna, Brooke is an angel.

Ridge: Yeah, well, don't you worry about Donna anymore. Just, uh, concentrate on recuperating, okay?

Stephanie: She's caught your father's eye, though, you know, and-- but she's no match for me, is she?

Ridge: God help anyone who tries to compete.

Stephanie: (Laughs) I just love him. (Sighs) no matter what he does, I just love him. I want to end my days here... with him in this home that we built. It would really make me happy. It's kind of funny, isn't it?

Ridge: How's that?

Stephanie: It took a bullet to bring him back to me.

Eric: Donna, I want you to hear me out.

Donna: No, no, I-I made you a promise right from the beginning to walk away if I--if I knew this wasn't gonna work for us.

Eric: Listen, I want you to listen to me.

Donna: No, I told you I wouldn't fight you, I wouldn't cling the way Stephanie has... (sniffling) and that I'd be grateful for what we had and remember the good times. And I will.

Eric: Donna, stop.

Donna: No, just--

Eric: Now stop.

Donna: Just, please, no.

Eric: I want you to listen to what I have to say.

Donna: Just let me go while I still have a shred of dignity left.

Eric: Donna, Stephanie is moving back into the house, but I'm not. I got a hotel room for myself.

Donna: You mean-- you mean you're not staying?

Eric: No. No, I'm not. I was gonna call you. I was gonna call you and tell you this as soon as we can get through here with this thing and tell you that I have a room. I'm calling room service. I want us to snuggle in there...

Donna: (Laughs with relief)

Eric: And have a private time together if you would just shut up for a second.

Donna: You mean nothing has changed?

Eric: No. No.

Donna: Ohh.

Eric: Mmm.

Donna: (Sobbing) Oh, my God, I am so in love with you. Ohh.

Eric: I know it. Listen to me. If your father ends up having anything to do with this, we'll deal with it, all right? I'm not gonna hold you responsible in any way.

Donna: I want our lives back, too, Eric. But I just--I just don't think that's gonna be possible, not until we find out who did this to Stephanie.

Eric: I know. I know. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Donna: (Sobbing)

Eric: It's gonna be all right.

Katie: Okay, there goes Brooke. A-all right, and then there's my dad. Fast--fast-forward a little bit. And there's Donna.

Stephanie: You better change out of those wet things. You'll catch your death.

Donna: So could you.

Katie: Oh, my God, what was that? Oh, my God. Go back. Go back.

Jake: Okay. (Gunshot)

Katie: That's a gunshot. Oh, my God. The gun--the ha--the hand. Freeze it right there.

Jake: Yeah.

Katie: Can--can you blow that up or something?

Jake: Yeah, I'm--I'm--I'm sure I can, um, play this from my laptop. I'm sure I can.

Katie: We might have the answer right here. We're about to find out who shot Stephanie Forrester.

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