B&B Transcript Monday 12/3/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/3/07


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(Phone rings and rings)

Storm: What is taking Forensics so long on that gun?

Charlie: It's crazy around here. They're moving as fast as they can.

Stephen: No, I'll tell you what's crazy around here-- me sitting in this chair being handcuffed. Now e-even if the bullet they pulled out of Stephanie Forrester was fired from the gun you found in my room, it doesn't mean that I shot her. Did I hate her enough to shoot her? That. But I didn't do it. Get these handcuffs off of me. Release me.

Ridge: (Sighs) How are you, Mother?

Stephanie: Oh, hi, honey.

Eric: She's ordering all the nurses around. I gotta tell you, what does that say?

Stephanie: (Laughs) it says I'd like to get out of here, because even though your father's had a guard put out there, when I'm alone, I-I have to tell you, I get nervous.

Eric: That's because you know Donna didn't shoot you. And your instincts are telling you that the person who did is still out there and still a threat.

Pam: Well, maybe Stephanie should make a list of all the people who dislike her. Of course, that could take all night.

Eric: Well, still, we do have to widen the net. Look, because until we find the person who shot you, you're not safe.

Ridge: That concerns all of us, Mother.

Clarke: Has Jackie been in touch with you?

Nick: What's it to you?

Clarke: Well, for starters, Eric Forrester called here looking for her. Yeah, he thought it was a little bit odd that Jackie took off so suddenly after somebody used Stephanie for target practice.

Nick: Your point?

Clarke: Oh, just that it's no secret how your mother feels about Stephanie. The old battle-ax did throw her off a balcony and humiliated her by exposing her past as-- well--

Nick: Watch your mouth. My mother didn't shoot anybody. You got that?

Clarke: Huh. How can you know for sure? Unless...

Nick: Unless what?

Clarke: Unless you shot Stephanie yourself.

(Knock on door)

Brooke: Oh, Donna, Katie...

Donna: Oh, sis...

Brooke: What's happened?

Donna: Oh, good. Thank God. The police and--and lt. Baker-- they were just here.

Katie: They found Stephanie's gun in the heating vent here in Dad's suite. They've arrested him.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Did you call Storm?

Donna: Yeah, yeah, he went down to the station with him. I mean, tell me this is all a big mistake, right?

Brooke: (Scoffs) yeah.

Donna: I mean, there's no way Dad shot Stephanie.

Brooke: No, of course not.

Katie: How can you be so sure?

Lt. Baker: All right, thanks, Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you, sir.

Lt. Baker: So why don't you explain to me how that gun got where it did.

Stephen: (Sighs) I told you I don't know. Somebody must have planted it.

Lt. Baker: Oh, you're claiming you were framed.

Storm: Well, you said it yourself, lieutenant-- our families have a history of bad blood. Maybe someone from the Forrester clan decided to seek retribution.

Charlie: Yeah, well, my hunch is it's the other way around, based on these results.

Lt. Baker: Let me guess, the gun was wiped clean of prints.

Charlie: You got it.

Lt. Baker: What else?

Charlie: Well, according to forensics, the bulled pulled out of Mrs. Forrester's chest matches the, uh, negative impressions in the grooves found in the barrel of said gun.

Stephen: W-what does that mean?

Lt. Baker: It means that the gun found in your room was the one used to shoot Stephanie Forrester.

Charlie: Looks like we got our man, pops.

Stephen: No, you don't have your man. Stephanie Forrester is behind this. She's framing me, and you're helping her.

Pam: Poor dear. So many people despise you. The question is who despises you the most?

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Eric, I know that you don't agree with me, but honestly, I-I mean, I think it's Donna. She was so angry with me, because I took her place on the stage with you.

Eric: (Sighs heavily)

Donna: Eric may leave me, and I'll respect that choice, too, but he will never, ever go back to that misery of a life he had with you. You won't be there. You'll be long gone.

Stephanie: And she was the last person I saw before I was shot.

Ridge: That would give her opportunity and motive.

Eric: Well, a lot of people had both of those-- her father, for instance.

Stephanie: Well, that's true. Stephen's been lurking around making threats.

Ridge: Have you had words with the guy?

Stephanie: Oh, just his usual huffing and puffing, you know? I-I didn't pay any attention to him, really, but, well, I mean, now if I think about it--

Stephen: I'm not done with you. I'll just be choosing my moment. You'll never see it coming.

Stephanie: And Brooke's not very happy with me either.

Eric: (Scoffs)

Ridge: No, you can cross her off the list, okay?

Pam: Does she have an airtight alibi? Because unless she does--

Ridge: We are not going there. Who else?

Eric: Katie. I saw Katie backstage right after the showing. She didn't seem like herself.

Ridge: It's because she was irate with Thorne for helping Mother do what they did to Donna. No, I can't see sweet little Katie trying to kill somebody.

Stephanie: Well, what about Jackie?

Eric: You know, I tried to call Jackie right after the showing, but Clarke said that she left town.

Stephanie: Oh.

Pam: Any woman who would invade a married man's bathtub cannot be trusted.

Stephanie: I agree with you. We can't trust her son either. He was really angry, 'cause I was on the stage with you.

Eric: That guy hates to lose.

Stephanie: (Sighs heavily)

Ridge: Yeah, especially to our family.

Stephanie: Seems to be happening more and more lately.

Ridge: You might be on to something there, Mother. I'll be back.

Eric: Where are you going?

Ridge: Even though the police have already questioned Nick, I got a few questions of my own for that bastard.

Brooke: Is there something you know that we don't?

Katie: I'm just asking a question. How do we know that Dad didn't shoot Stephanie?

Donna: He's our father, Katie. He's not a violent man.

Katie: Really? He tried to push Stephanie off a balcony when he found out what she had done to Brooke. You saw how he reacted when he found out that you had been locked in the steam room. He was looking for an excuse to go after the woman, and he found one.

Donna: No, no, no. I-I refuse to believe that it was Dad.

Katie: Well, I don't really want to believe it either, but I saw him holding the gun in Brooke's office. And we all heard him say that our family would never have peace until Stephanie was out of our lives for good.

Donna: No, he--he w-he was-- he was upset, Katie. He didn't mean that.

Katie: Which still doesn't explain how the gun disappeared from Brooke's office or how it ended up here and who put it here if, indeed, Dad didn't.

Lt. Baker: The gun isn't the only evidence we've got. You accosted the victim in her hotel room. A bellman heard you threaten to kill her.

Stephen: Who hasn't wanted to kill Stephanie Forrester? You've probably had your moments.

Storm: Okay, Dad. My father's record is clear. And Stephanie Forrester already implicated my sister Donna. Now you've arrested my dad? What, am I next? I'm a Logan. Maybe I did it.

Lt. Baker: You didn't do it.

Storm: Well, how do you know?

Lt. Baker: You were on the phone with my son at the time of the shooting, requesting a restraining order against Stephanie.

Charlie: So you're not our man.

Stephen: Listen, I didn't do it.

Lt. Baker: Book him.

Stephen: You're making a big mistake. I'm innocent.

Storm: And I'm gonna prove it. I'm not gonna rest until my father's name is cleared.

Nick: Wherever you are, Mother, whatever's wrong, call me. I'm here no matter what you need.

Ridge: All right, Marone, where were you and Jackie when my mother was shot?

Stephanie: Eric, Eric? Come over here. I want to say something to you before Pam comes back with the coffee.

Eric: Say it to me from there.

Stephanie: No, no. Come over here, please.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: I want to say-- sit down.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: Thank you for letting me come back to the house. I promise I'll be on my best behavior.

Eric: Good.

Stephanie: But you have to promise me...

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: You'll never, as long as you live and breathe, see Donna again. All right. Can't blame a girl for trying.

Eric: No, no.

Stephanie: At least we'll still be under the same roof.

Eric: Actually, no, we won't. I'm gonna check into a hotel.

Stephanie: Oh, no, you don't want to do that.

Eric: Look, what I want is for you to be as comfortable and snuggly as you can be while you're getting better, all right? Pam's gonna help see to that. It's gonna be wonderful. You'll see.

Stephanie: It won't be the same thing without you there.

Eric: Look, right now we need to focus on finding the person who shot you. After that, we'll deal with everything else.

Stephanie: Okay.

Man: I said empty 'em now, or we do this the hard way.

Man: Watch and ring, too.

Man: Step over here. Hands on the glass.

Man: Turn. Turn.

Storm: Just try and relax.

Katie: The only people that knew that that gun was in Brooke's office were us, Storm and Dad. And I'll ask you again-- if it wasn't Dad, then who was it?

Donna: Well, don't look at me. I-I wanted to scratch the woman's eyes out, but that's a far cry from shooting her.

Katie: Well, I was in the bathroom. I didn't even hear a gunshot. Brooke, where were you? When was the last time you saw Stephanie before you found out she was shot?

Brooke: I tracked her down in the showroom, and I let her have it for what she did to Donna.

Katie: Let her have it?

Brooke: I told her off, Katie. I didn't shoot her.

Katie: Where did you go after that?

Brooke: There was a fashion show going on. I was all over the building. I don't remember where I was every second of the day. Gosh, will you stop with the ridiculous questions?

Nick: You got a search warrant?

Ridge: Do I look like a cop? Answer the question, nick. Where were you and Jackie when my mother was shot?

Nick: I got a better question for you. What was your mother even doing in that building? I sold that joint back to your old man on the condition that she'd never set foot in the place. I wanted somewhere for Brooke to work that was safe, away from a very sick, vindictive woman.

Ridge: Look, no matter what her sins were, it doesn't give somebody the right to put a bullet in her.

Nick: So what are you saying? That she shouldn't pay a price for what she did? Unh-unh. It doesn't work that way, Forrester, or at least it shouldn't.

Ridge: Oh, so you just doled out your own brand of justice? Is that it, Nick? Just answer the question, Nick. Did you shoot my mother?

Lt. Baker: How you doing today?

Stephanie: Oh, look, lt.--Lt. Baker. Twice in one day? Does that mean you-- did you catch the person who shot me?

Lt. Baker: Oh, I'll get to that, but first I need you to ID something for me.

Stephanie: That looks like the gun I gave Brooke.

Pam: Where did you find it?

Lt. Baker: Hidden behind a register in Stephen Logan's hotel room.

Stephanie: Ahh, really?

Eric: What?

Stephanie: Wow. Well, that was very careless of him.

Eric: Oh my God.

Stephanie: Eric, I owe you an apology. I honestly thought it was Donna.

Eric: Have you arrested him?

Lt. Baker: He's being booked and processed as we speak.

Eric: My God.

Charlie: I'll handle this.

Stephen: Well, don't do me any favors.

Storm: Look, I'm gonna try to get a judge in here so we can get you out on bail tonight, but right now--

Stephen: Right now, I-I just want to make a phone call, okay? I-I do get one phone call, don't I? Or is that something else you're gonna deprive me of?

Katie: Brooke, I'm--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean--

Brooke: No... (sighs) no, I'm sorry. I mean, it was bad enough when Stephanie accused Donna. But now that our dad's been arrested, it's like our family is under siege.

Donna: And it's because of me. If I hadn't asked Dad to come to L.A.-- I don't know how I'm gonna get him out of this mess, but somehow I will.

Nick: Careful, Forrester.

Ridge: Or what? I'll be next?

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Saved by the bell.


Ridge: Hey, Dad, what's up?

Eric: They made an arrest in your mother's shooting.

Ridge: Who?

Eric: Brooke's father.

Ridge: Stephen Logan's been arrested?

Eric: The police found the gun in his hotel room. That's all I know at the moment. Talk to you later.

Ridge: All right. Thanks.

Nick: The dressmaker's wrong again. No apology necessary.

Stephanie: I'm just-- I'm just--I'm floored.

Eric: (Scoffs) well, you couldn't be more floored than I am. I'm stunned.

Stephanie: I mean, Stephen damn near killed me.

Eric: (Sighs heavily)

Pam: If his aim had been just a wee bit better--

Eric: The important thing is that you're all right and you're safe now. (Phone rings)

Eric: Pam, would you-- would you grab-- (rings)

Pam: Hello?

Pam: Um, it's for you.

Stephanie: Hello?

Stephen: I assume you already know I've been arrested.

Stephanie: Well, I hope they throw away the key.

Eric: Wh--is that-- that's Stephen Logan?

Stephanie: Stephen, I have just one thing I want to say to you.

Stephen: No, I have one thing I want to say to you. Now I know you're feeling all safe and secure right now. Well, don't. I didn't pull that trigger. Someone else did. I don't even know why I'm warning you, but keep your eyes and your ears open. That shooter is still out there somewhere, Stephanie. And if that person hates you half as much as I do, then, well, they're gonna come back and finish the job.

Eric: I can't believe that he would call you. What did he want?

Stephanie: He says he's innocent.

Eric: Well, of course he did. What else would he say? He's trying to save his own skin.

Stephanie: Yeah, but... what if Stephen didn't shoot me?

Stephanie: What if someone else did and they're still out there? I mean, who could do that? Who--who really hates me that much that they want to see me dead?

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