B&B Transcript Thursday 11/29/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/29/07


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Brooke: Bridget, you startled me.

Bridget: W-what are you doing with that picture of Jack?

Brooke: Nick gave it to me.

Bridget: Oh. Because you asked him for it?

Brooke: It's one little photo. Who is it hurting?

Bridget: It's just the way that you were looking at it, and now you seem defensive.

Brooke: What? I-I'm not defensive.

Bridget: Well, this definitely explains why you rushed over to Nick and Taylor's last night, implying that Taylor wasn't a very good mother.

Brooke: Honey, I never said that.

Bridget: This baby-- you just can't stop thinking about him, can you?

Brooke: I'm just concerned about him, Bridget.

Bridget: And you're-- you're afraid of what? That Taylor is not?

Brooke: Look... (sighs) I know that breast-feeding is difficult for some people, but she tried for one second, and then she gave up. I mean, it makes me wonder what else is going on between her and that child, or not going on, that really should be addressed.

Bridget: Mom, this is enough. You've really gotta stop. Y-you can't be this involved with Nick and Taylor's child. It's not good for-- for any of you.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Lt. Baker: What's up, fellas? How you doing?

(Chatter over police radio)

Lt. Baker: Well, we should hear from ballistics pretty soon.

Charlie: Oh, hey, pops.

Lt. Baker: You've been busy.

Charlie: Our most likely candidates, right? Placed in the building according to their stories at the time of the shooting.

Lt. Baker: "Suspects"-- Donna Logan.

Charlie: Outside the showroom.

Lt. Baker: Stephen Logan.

Charlie: Wouldn't say.

Lt. Baker: Hmm. Make a note--"uncooperative."

Charlie: All right.

Lt. Baker: What about Storm Logan? Where's his pin?

Charlie: (Chuckles) Dad, you're getting forgetful. It couldn't be him. I checked my call log. I was taking his complaint against Stephanie for locking his sister Donna in the steam room at the time the gun was fired.

Lt. Baker: Right. What about the, uh, younger sister, Katie Logan?

Charlie: She says she was in the bathroom here.

Lt. Baker: Brooke Logan. What have you got for her?

Charlie: She's been vague. You know, show was just ending, lots of activity, talking to reporters, yada yada yada.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, looks like we're gonna be talking to her some more.

Charlie: Motives, all right? Bottom to the top. We know Brooke and Stephanie go way, way back. Don't know much about Katie.

Lt. Baker: No, me, either. Just back in L.A. For the first time in years. Her and the father, too.

Charlie: No love lost between the Forresters and him.

Lt. Baker: (Laughs) you picked up on that, did you?

Charlie: I don't know, pop. My money's on Stephen and Donna.

Lt. Baker: Why Donna?

Charlie: Well, she was supposed to be modeling the big gown at the, uh, end of the fashion show, right? Never made it to the main stage. She claims it's because Stephanie locked her in the steam room. Why? I don't know.

Lt. Baker: Revenge.

Charlie: What for?

Lt. Baker: Stephanie's husband Eric and Donna Logan.

Charlie: They're involved? That explains why the wife is living in a hotel.

Lt. Baker: That explains a whole lot of things, son.

Charlie: Yeah.

Eric: Uh, thanks for meeting me here this morning.

Felicia: No problem, Dad.

Eric: Look, uh, after your-- your mother's surgery last night, she was awake for a few minutes. I was able to sit with her.

Thorne: Did you speak with her?

Eric: Yes, I did.

Thorne: Did she tell you who shot her?

Eric: She claims it was Donna.

Felicia: See? I knew it. Did you call baker yet?

Eric: No. No, I didn't, and I'm not going to.

Felicia: What?

Thorne: What?

Ridge: Why would you hesitate?

Eric: Look, your mother had been given morphine. She was very, very tired and, I believe, confused about what happened.

Ridge: Look, if Mother said she did it...

Eric: Your mother and Donna had argued, but--but Stephanie never claimed that she saw Donna or anybody else pull the trigger.

Felicia: What's the difference?

Thorne: Huh.

Eric: The difference is Donna told me she didn't do it.

Ridge: Oh, so you just believe her, no questions asked?

Felicia: Yeah, no kidding. Daddy, she's playing you. Why can't you see that?

Donna: Yeah, I don't care what your mother says. I did not shoot her.

Lt. Baker: Jackie Marone.

Charlie: You know her?

Lt. Baker: Fell off a balcony at the Forrester home. Stephanie said it was an accident. Jackie says otherwise. Still gets headaches. Pretty sure that's why the Marones ended up owning Forrester creations for a while.

Charlie: "Grudge against Stephanie. Possible revenge."

Lt. Baker: Why'd you put her on your suspect list?

Charlie: Well, the guard said that she bolted out of the building right when they were locking it down. Three hours later, she took a flight to London-- a 1-way ticket, no checked-in bags. No one seems to know why she went, where she is or how to reach her.

Lt. Baker: Good work, son.

Charlie: Thanks, Dad.

Lt. Baker: Well, I've been doing a little digging myself.

Charlie: Nick Marone? What's the connection?

Lt. Baker: Well, apparently, he sold the company back to Eric under the condition that Stephanie has nothing to do with it. Yet, there she is at the end of runway, just waving and smiling like she owned the place.

Charlie: And you think he'd want her dead for that?

Lt. Baker: Well, there's a lot of bad blood between those two. You gotta remember how delighted she was to let him take the fall for Shane McGrath, not to mention he used to be married to Brooke Logan. I don't know anyone that's taken more abuse from Stephanie than she has.

Charlie: Hmm.

Bridget: No woman is ever obligated to breast-feed her child. Taylor tried and decided to stop. That doesn't mean for one second that she isn't committed to her child.

Brooke: And how can you be so sure? Have any of us spent time around them? No.

Bridget: Mother--

Brooke: They've been isolated. Taylor wasn't even there last night. Maybe jack senses that there's something wrong. That's why he's rejected her attempts to nurse him. Maybe he picks up on her lack of enthusiasm.

Bridget: You know what you're doing? You're trying to compete with Taylor. Can't you see how wrong this is? Mom, Jack wasn't thriving. She had to make a decision, and she made one that I support. End of story.

Brooke: Are you telling me not to care? This is my child, too, Bridget.

Bridget: Stop it, Mother! That's enough. It is not your child. You cannot say that. You can't even think it... unless-- unless you want to give up a chance of ever having a future with Ridge.

Donna: While you tar and feather me, the person who really wanted your mother dead is still out there, maybe trying to finish her off while she's lying there helpless.

Eric: I hired a guard to watch over her.

Felicia: You had the most to gain from my mother being out of the picture.

Donna: I don't have to kill anyone so I can be with Eric. Your mother had so many enemies. What about Jackie? I heard that Stephanie kicked her out, but she came back with nick.

Ridge: They both did see Mother up on that stage. I'm going to my office to call lt. Baker, see what evidence the police have come up with so far.

Donna: The Marones are not the only possibility.

Thorne: Who else?

Donna: Somebody you probably don't even know about yet, but she is nutty as a fruitcake-- Stephanie's sister Pam.

Pam: Surprise, everyone!

Felicia: Mmm.

Pam: We've all been so distraught over Stephanie, I went out and picked some fresh lemons in the yard this morning and made lemon bars first thing.

Thorne: Mmm.

Pam: I remembered how much you both loved them.

Thorne: Yes, and don't mind if I do.

Pam: Donna? No, thank you.

Felicia: Mmm. Mmm! To die for, but I need a napkin.

Thorne: Over there.

Pam: Oh, Eric, I saved the corner piece for you. I remember how much you like that graham cracker crust-- never cinnamon, just plain.

Eric: That's very thoughtful. Thank you, Pam.

Donna: Don't put that in your mouth. You have no idea what she might have laced it with.

Eric: (Chuckles) well, the fact is I think I will wait. I'll wait till later.

Felicia: Pam, if you came in for the show, why didn't we see you there?

Pam: Apparently, my name wasn't on the list.

Eric: An unfortunate oversight.

Pam: Anyhoo, when I heard the terrible news, I knew that Stephanie's family needed looking after, so here I am. I'll just leave the plate with you. Don't you be late for dinner. I'm making another one of your favorites.

Donna: Hemlock surprise?

Felicia: (Scoffs)

Pam: Thorne and Felicia, you're welcome to join us. I can't wait for you to meet Tiny, the cutest puppy in the whole world.

Thorne: (Laughs)

Pam: Bye, everybody.

Thorne: Bye-bye. We'll see you tonight.

Felicia: Bye, sweetie. Good seeing you.

Thorne: Thanks, Pam.

Donna: That sweet puppy could eat Cujo for breakfast. She nearly sicced him on me.

Eric: What, last night?

Donna: Yeah, after we talked. I mean, they were waiting for me in the living room. I was lucky to get out of there alive. I-I-I'm telling you, the--the lady is mental. Her sister is shot, and--and her answer is to move in with you and start playing wifey.

Thorne: Look who's talking.

Felicia: How dare you accuse our Aunt Pam of shooting her own sister?

Eric: Look, why don't you go down to the showroom? We'll talk later, all right?

Donna: Fine. I'll leave. But will you get through to these two that I did not shoot Stephanie?

Brooke: You're overreacting.

Bridget: No. No, Mother, I'm not. You know how Ridge feels about Nick.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bridget: I-if you even hint to still having a tie with him... I mean, are you really willing to lose Ridge because of a mix-up in the lab?

Brooke: Biologically, I am his mother. I gave him my bone marrow. Like it or not, he is a part of my life.

Bridget: Okay. So just... the hell with R.J. is that it?

Brooke: What?

Bridget: When Ridge was planning to start a life with Ashley, you were pleading with him to come home so that R.J. could be raised by both of his parents. Now you're finally on the verge of that, and--and you're about to lose it. Don't you get that?

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bridget: Mom, if you blow it this time with Ridge, you're gonna wind up exactly where you started-- alone. And this time, you won't have anyone to blame but yourself.

Brooke: I know. You're right. I know you're right. I can't lose Ridge.

Bridget: Well, thank God, you're finally listening to me.

Brooke: Still, it doesn't make me any less worried for Jack. I mean, I don't think he's gonna get the love and attention that I want for my child.

Bridget: Oh, my God, Mother! Stop saying that. Please, God help you, stop staying that. You've got to let this go. I don't need to tell you what will happen if you don't, do I?

Ridge: No, you don't.

Bridget: (Sighs) (Sighs heavily) call me later if you need to talk, okay?

Brooke: There's been A... (sighs) a problem with Jack. Taylor is having a hard time breast-feeding him.

Ridge: Yeah. Well, you can spare me the details. I think I've heard all I need to. (Sighs) you still, uh, treat him as your own, don't you?

Brooke: I think we should change the subject. How's Stephanie? Did you go see her at the hospital?

Ridge: Brooke, I really hate drawing lines in the sand, especially when it involves a little, innocent child. But when Nick Marone is the father of that child, I feel like I have to, for the sake of our own family.

Felicia: Accusing Aunt Pam of shooting her own sister? That chick is way out of line.

Thorne: Dad, you need to end it with Donna.

Eric: I believe Donna. She was not the shooter. Your mother is confused about what she thinks she saw.

Thorne: You know what? I'm not gonna listen to this.

Felicia: If that bullet hit a few inches over, Mother would be dead.

Eric: Oh, Felicia, for God's sake--

Felicia: You've had your fun with miss July. Now it's time to come back to the family, because we need you, all of us, including Mother. Daddy, she can't lose you. You're her reason for living. You two belong together. You know that. You can't let Donna Logan or anything else ruin that.

(Chatter over police radio)

Charlie: Hot off the presses.

Lt. Baker: Oh, ballistics report?

Charlie: The bullet came from a 22 revolver. The lands and the grooves are real clear.

Lt. Baker: So when we find a gun, we can make a link.

Charlie: So what do you think, pop? Did one of our celebrities here pull the trigger?

Lt. Baker: Well, while you were getting the report, the hospital called.

Charlie: And?

Lt. Baker: Stephanie's awake. Let's head over and see what she can tell us.

Donna: Last night, you said that you'd believe in me, but you didn't want me to stay. I need to know that you still love me, Eric. Or has that changed?

Eric: No. No, that hasn't changed. I'll tell you what's different, though, is what's happened to Stephanie. T1 I have to help her through this. I have to. And I'm afraid that's-- that's all I'm gonna be able to concentrate on right now.

Donna: I understand.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: (Sighs)

Eric: I believe you.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: I believe you.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: I believe that you're innocent, but Stephen, on the other hand...

Donna: What? No, my father is not capable of something like that.

Eric: Donna, your father's a hothead, and he's had a vendetta against our family for--for years now, especially Stephanie. And when he found out what--what--what she allowed to happen to your sister, it gave him all the more reason.

Donna: No.

Eric: Listen, listen--

Donna: No, my father--

Eric: Okay, okay, okay. Let's just let the police continue on with their investigation, all right? I'm just telling you, you need to be prepared.

Brooke: You have every right to be impatient with me.

Ridge: Is that all you think this is? I'm fighting for us, Brooke, for our family. You laid out this whole dream scenario, the beautiful life we were gonna have raising our kids together, the one that always eluded us. Only this time it wouldn't, because my mother was out of the picture now. There were no more ties between you and Nick. And I believed you. I broke Ashley's heart.

Brooke: It's not a dream, Ridge. We can have that life, and we're going to have it.

Ridge: Logan, uh, I'm not gonna share you with anyone, and that goes double for Nick and his new offspring.

Brooke: This is not my fault. I didn't plan this.

Ridge: I know you didn't. I know you didn't. I know you didn't expect this to happen. But it did happen, and you wound up giving Nick a son. God, I feel like an ogre demanding, but he has to--to be Nick and Taylor's child. I don't think I can handle him in my life. I know you don't really see this, but that child has the potential to destroy everything precious that I know you and I want. Brooke, you've got to realize that. You've got to realize this before it's too late.

Brooke: (Whispering) I know. (Sniffling) (Normal voice) from this moment on, I promise you I... (sighs) I'm not gonna look at--at that little boy as my child. He's not gonna be an issue for us at all. I-I don't want to let anything destroy what we have.

Brooke: And as soon as Stephanie gets better, we'll--we'll plan a wedding. We'll get married, and we'll have the life that we always wanted. I know that you want that as much as I do. I know that. And it's going to happen. I'm--I'm not gonna let anything get in our way. And that's my promise to you. I promise you that nothing or no one will ever get in the way of our happiness. Okay? (Sniffling)

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