B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/27/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/27/07


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Eric: Are you sure?

Stephanie: We-- uh, we argued.

Eric: And she pulled out a gun and... and you... you saw her?

Stephanie: I s -- I saw her.

Eric: She was leaning over you when I found you. She said that she turned you over.

Stephanie: (Scoffs then sighs heavily) Donna. Donna.

Eric: (Whispering) Damn it.

Ridge: Yeah, Thorne, that's great news. Okay, we'll see you in the morning. Thanks. Bye.

Brooke: Stephanie made it through surgery?

Ridge: Dad's with her now. He refuses to leave her side.

Brooke: Well, she's okay. That's what matters.

Ridge: Is she okay? Someone tried to kill her.

Brooke: You still believe it was somebody from my family.

Ridge: She said it was a Logan that shot her.

Brooke: Well, that's what you inferred from what she said.

Ridge: She was very clear.

Brooke: She was in shock.

Ridge: Look, regardless, there's gonna be an investigation. The police will be asking a lot of questions, and the press will, as well.

Brooke: So we should show a unified front?

Ridge: Exactly.

Brooke: Well, I am. I'm supporting my family.

Ridge: Even if it means putting our family at risk?

Woman: Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby. Dr. Kravitz, a visitor in the main lobby.

Donna: So how is she?

Eric: The surgery went well.

Donna: So S-Stephanie's okay?

Eric: She was shot, Donna. And so no, no, Stephanie's-- she's not okay. The, uh-- she has a good prognosis, but...

Donna: Good, good. I'm glad. And she's awake?

Eric: And talking.

(Phone rings)

Donna: Yeah, yeah, I saw that.

Eric: How long have you been out here?

Donna: For a little while. Did you ask her who did this to her?

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Well, what did she say? (Phone rings)

Eric: She said it was you.

Brooke: Are you asking me to choose between you and my family?

Ridge: No, I'm asking you to keep an open mind.

Brooke: I asked every member of my family if they were involved, and they swear they weren’t.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Brooke. You don't really expect them to admit it. If one of them pulled the trigger, they did it for you, to protect you from my mother. They're not gonna drag you into this by telling you what really happened.

Brooke: Just like your mother would never say anything that might not be true.

Ridge: Okay, now what does that mean?

Brooke: Ridge-- (sighs) your mother says whatever she wants whenever she wants something. And right now she wants to rid Donna from Eric's life.

Ridge: By making false accusations? No, Brooke. I would hope she'd learned her lesson after what she did to you.

Brooke: Ridge, she had Donna locked up in a steam room.

Ridge: Okay, that wasn't fair, but it's not the same as accusing Donna of attempted murder.

Brooke: You told me how upset she was for losing Eric.

Ridge: Well, this has been a little rough on her. You know, she's been through this before.

Brooke: Well, maybe she doesn't feel like she's ever gonna get him back.

Ridge: Or maybe Donna just won't let anything or anyone get between her and her man.

Brooke: I thought you supported them.

Ridge: I accepted my father's decision. It doesn't mean I agree with it.

Brooke: So now Donna is a gold digger and a potential murderer? If that's the way you really feel, I don't know what else we can say to each other.

Donna: You didn't just-- Stephanie said I shot her?

Eric: Yes.

Donna: No, no, no, she's--she's confused. It's--it's the painkillers or--or the blood loss or something.

Eric: I-I just--I just n-n-need you to tell me what happened. I-I need you to tell me.

Donna: Eric!

Eric: Look, Donna, I just--I just--I just need to know the truth.

Donna: No, th--this is insane. This is crazy. Of course I didn't shoot her.

Eric: Well, look-- but the two of you argued, right?

Donna: Yes, yes, we argued after the showing. But this was supposed to be our big night, our big moment.

Eric: Look, I just-- I just need to know-- I need to know what happened. I need to know everything.

Donna: You want me to convince you I didn't do this?

Eric: You heard the gunshot. Where--where were you?

Donna: You're asking me if I have an alibi.

Eric: Well, maybe you saw something. Um, maybe you saw someone.

Donna: I-I was down the hall. I-I-I heard a noise. I went into the showroom. I-I saw Stephanie lying there. We've been through this.

Eric: Well, but maybe-- maybe somebody saw you. Maybe--maybe you saw somebody. I don't know.

Donna: Stephanie. I thought she collapsed, and I-I-I turned her over, and--and she opened her eyes, and she saw me. That's why she thought I did this, because--because it's the last thing she remembers-- me leaning over her.

Eric: And so you were leaning over her and...

Donna: If she says I pulled the trigger, she's lying. It didn't happen, Eric. I-or sh--she doesn't remember.

Donna: Eric, you have to believe me.

Eric: Okay, look, uh, it's been a long day for all of us. Maybe you should go home.

Donna: No, please, just-- just come with me, please?

Eric: No, I'm gonna, uh, I'm gonna stay here.

Donna: (Exhales deeply)

{Eric thinking}

[ Short staccato snore ]

Donna: Eric, you have to believe me.

Stephanie: I s--I saw her.

Eric: She was leaning over you when I found you. She said that she turned you over.

Stephanie: (Echoing) Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna. Donna, Donna, Donna.

Donna: If she says I pulled the trigger, she's lying.

Eric: Hey.

Stephanie: Oh.

Eric: You drifted off.

Stephanie: Oh.

Eric: Mm-hmm. Not for long, though. I've been here the whole time.

Stephanie: You stayed?

Eric: Yeah.

Stephanie: Mm.

Eric: I didn't stay here to be with you, though. I'm just hiding out from the press in here.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) funny.

Eric: Yeah. Look, now you're tired. You go ahead, you close your eyes. You rest.

Stephanie: Mm. You go home.

Eric: Maybe I will.

Stephanie: Mm.

Eric: Would that be okay with you?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Yeah? All right, but I'll be back first thing in the morning, all right?

Stephanie: Mm.

Eric: The fact is the police'll probably be here, too. They're gonna want to talk to you, you know...

Stephanie: Mm.

Eric: A lot of questions.

Stephanie: Mm.

Eric: (Sighs)

Eric: You know what you said before? Honey, I know you're tired, but-- but what you said about Donna-- that you saw her. Did you see her pull out a gun? Did you... did you see her pull the trigger?

Eric: (Sighs) hey.

Nurse: Hi. Your wife's been given a sedative. She won't wake up again tonight.

Eric: You take good care of her, okay? (Sighs heavily)

Ridge: You don't want to believe the people you love are actually capable of this. I didn't want to believe my mother did what she did to you.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Our families are, uh, are gonna disappoint us, you know that-- our parents, our siblings. They're not always gonna be the people we want them to be. But they're still family.

Brooke: Does that mean you're going to invite your mother to our wedding?

Ridge: If you still even want to marry me.

Brooke: Well, we may have to put it off for a little while.

Ridge: Maybe getting the Logans and the Forresters together isn't really a good idea right now.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: But I don't want to argue, okay? I don't want to argue, but that still doesn't mean-- (cell phone rings) (rings)

Ridge: It's dad. Hey, what's going on?

Eric: I just got home.

Ridge: I thought you were staying at the hospital.

Eric: Well, they gave your mother something to make her comfortable, so I don't think she's gonna be waking up again tonight.

Ridge: Again? You already talked to her?

Eric: Ohh, look--ohh. It's been a really long day, so why don't you stop in and see your mother first thing in the morning, all right? I know she'd like to see you.

Ridge: Okay, sure.

Eric: Good night, son.

Ridge: Good night.

Brooke: Did Stephanie make a statement?

Ridge: He said they talked, but she's asleep right now. Look, we'll see mother in the morning. And if she does have answers, we'll get them then.

Eric: (Sighs heavily) (sniffing) what is that? (Sniffing) it's like it-- it's like pot roast.

Pam: I thought you'd never get home. (Chuckles)

Eric: Pam?

Pam: (Laughs) Eric.

Eric: Hey. Hey.

Pam: How is my poor sister?

Eric: Ohh. You heard, huh?

Pam: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Pam: I heard on the radio on my way back from the fashion show.

Eric: You were at the show?

Pam: Well, I couldn't get in. Do you believe that? I came straight from the airport. My name wasn't on the list. The guard said I couldn't get in. I told him I was Stephanie's sister. I told him I was supposed to be on, but anyway-- ohh, the poor girl--how is she?

Eric: She's gonna be all right.

Pam: I-I called the hospital and heard that, but anyway-- after the day you've had, I figured you could use a home-cooked meal.

Eric: Oh, Pam. Look, I'm n--I'm not really very hungry at all.

Pam: Even for my pot roast? Pshaw. I made it just the way you like it...

Eric: Look... (sighs)

Pam: Slivered almonds. Here, taste.

Eric: (Inhales sharply)

Pam: Come on.

Donna: You just couldn't stand it. You had to steal my spotlight. If you're not happy, nobody else can be.

Donna: Tell me, Stephanie, are you happy now?

Brooke: Storm, every one of us in this family has a motive. It doesn't mean any one of us would have done it.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: My mother knows who did this, Brooke. You can deny it. I can keep speculating, but eventually the police are gonna question her. And when they do...


The truth will come out, the truth will come out, the truth will come out.

Brooke: You're wrong, Ridge. Donna didn't do this. She didn't shoot Stephanie. Nobody in my family did this. But then who did?

Eric: Pam, uh, well, it's so wonderful that you would, uh, think of me and--and do this for me. Thank you.

Pam: It is my pleasure, Eric.

Eric: (Sighs heavily) look, I'm sorry. I was so preoccupied getting the-- getting the showing ready, it never occurred to me that you would-- you would be here, that you would come.

Pam: Stephanie obviously forgot to tell you. She's usually so good at that sort of thing. But I guess she's had other issues to deal with recently. I'm aware of the separation, Eric.

Eric: Oh. Mm-hmm.

Pam: I had to practically drag it out of her. You know Stephanie-- always so tough. She's always been the strong one.

Eric: Well, you've had your own burdens to bear over the years, Pam. You really have.

Pam: Well, this is not one of them. I want you to know that. Taking care of you is no chore for me.

Eric: Taking care of me?

Pam: Well, someone's gotta look after this house while you're in the hospital with Stephanie. I put my bags in the back room. I hope you don't mind. I brought my dog, Tiny, with me.

Eric: Well-- no, of course not. That's--that's fine. But, uh, look, Pam, you should know, I'm not, uh, I'm not alone here.

Pam: Yes, I, uh, I heard that, too.

Eric: Well, if you're gonna be staying at the house here, you need to respect, uh, my life and-- and who's in it with me.

Pam: Of course. Anyhoo, if you're not gonna eat that, I'm gonna wrap it up and make sandwiches with it tomorrow.

Eric: Yeah.

Pam: I want you to go upstairs, run yourself a nice long hot bath. And I've turned your bed down already. And I'll just, uh, finish up the laundry.

Eric: Oh, no, Pam, you don't have to do that--

Pam: Shoo, shoo. I'll see you tomorrow.

Eric: All right.

Stephanie: Oh, God. Go away. Ahh.

Donna: Not until we get something straight. I didn't do this to you. You're accusing the wrong per--

Stephanie: Nurse?

Donna: Stop it.

Stephanie: Nurse?

Donna: Calm down, Steph--

Stephanie: Nurse?

Donna: I just want to talk to you. Whatever you're telling Eric, stop it. I didn't shoot you.

Stephanie: I-I saw you.

Donna: No, no. I-I don't know what you saw, but it wasn't me.

Stephanie: The police'll just have to--

Donna: You keep your mouth shut about me.

Stephanie: Nurse?

Donna: I didn't do this to you, Stephanie. It's over. Eric may feel sorry for you right now, but he is committed to me. I'm gonna be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Stephanie: This is crazy. This is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Donna: Crazy? What about you-- all the stunts you've pulled over these years. I wouldn't be surprised if you had yourself shot to win Eric's sympathy.

Stephanie: No.

Donna: No?

Stephanie: No. No, no.

Donna: Well, if you didn't do it, I didn't do it, your shooter is still out there. You're not safe. So stop accusing me, and start looking for the real culprit, because I didn't do it. I swear to God, it wasn't me.

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