B&B Transcript Monday 11/26/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/26/07


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Thorne: Mother. Mother, do you know who shot you?

Felicia: Did you, Mother, did you see the person?

Dr. Brauer: We've got to get her to surgery.

Felicia: Well, just let her talk for a minute.

Eric: Please, please.

Felicia: Please, Mother, can you just try to say it?

Ridge: Mother.

Thorne: Ridge!

Ridge: My God, what happened? Thorne said you were shot. Okay. It's okay. It's okay, I'm here. Your family's here, okay?

Stephanie: I was...

Ridge: It's all right. It's all right.

Donna: Is this really necessary?

Charlie: He's checkin' for gunshot residue.

Donna: I know what he's doing.

Charlie: Well, you have nothin' to hide, right?

Brooke: You can't think that I had anything to do with this.

Lt. Baker: I just need to know the last time you saw Stephanie before the shooting.

Brooke: I don't know what time it was exactly. It was after the showing, and I told her how angry I was for what she did to Donna.

Lt. Baker: You confronted her?

Brooke: I just told her how I felt.

Lt. Baker: So you argued?

Storm: Oh, come on, Lieutenant, she wouldn't be admitting this if she was involved.

Stephen: I don't think she should be talking to you at all.

Storm: Do you want them to find the shooter, or not?

Stephen: Of course I do. I'd like to shake that person's hand.

Donna: Look. I didn't like the woman, but I had no reason to shoot her. I already beat her.

Charlie: Beat her?

Donna: Her husband is in love with me. I work at the company. I'm lucky the old goat didn't shoot me.

Storm: I understand your position, Lieutenant-- Stephanie Forrester is shot, and my family is first on your suspect list, but let me tell you something, my sisters have had plenty of chances and reasons to go after Stephanie Forrester in the past, and they never have.

Lt. Baker: Maybe somebody finally just had all she could take.

Storm: Yeah--Stephanie. That's why she was here today. She couldn't stand to see my sisters getting the respect they deserve.

Lt. Baker: Seeing Stephanie on that runway rather than Donna-- that must have made you pretty mad.

Brooke: Now you're accusing storm?

Lt. Baker: I'm just trying to wrap this up.

Stephen: Then why don't you stick to the facts?

Lt. Baker: All right, here's some facts-- all three of your daughters work for Forrester Creations, Brooke is involved with Stephanie's son, Donna is involved with Stephanie's husband.

Brooke: Eric left Stephanie.

Lt. Baker: Does that bother you, Mr. Logan, that your daughter is dating Eric Forrester?

Stephen: I imagine it bothered Stephanie quite a bit, too. Maybe Eric got tired of hearing about it all the time. Why don't you go talk to him?

Lt. Baker: I might just do that.

Donna: Dad...

Stephen: Look. There are people lined up around the block wanting to see that woman dead. We all hated her, but in case you didn't get it the first time, I didn't shoot her and neither did my kids.

Ridge: How did this happen?

Felicia: She's trying to tell us.

Ridge: She knows who did it?

Felicia: I think so. Mother?

Dr. Brauer: The O.R.'s ready. It's time to go.

Thorne: Just wait.

Dr. Brauer: No, we've got to get her into surgery right now.

Ridge: What did you say?

Stephanie: (Muttering) Logan.

Ridge: Logan? Which Logan? Mother? Mother?

Dr. Brauer: We have to take her.

Felicia: I knew it. I knew it was a damn Logan.

Ridge: Oh, come on. You're not saying it was Brooke.

Felicia: What? Mom said it, not me.

Thorne: She did not say Brooke, Felicia.

Felicia: Okay, well, my money's on Donna anyway.

Ridge: Donna?

Thorne: Yeah, she was there when dad found her.

Felicia: She was furious that we locked her in the steam room. When she found out that mom was on stage with dad, stole her big moment, she went nuclear. Handwriting was on the wall, and she couldn't handle it.

Thorne: Felicia, you're jumping to conclusions.

Felicia: Am I? Where is dad right now, is he holding Donna's hand while she's giving her statement to the cops? No, he's where he's supposed to be--with mother.

Ridge: So you think Donna did this to hang onto dad?

Felicia: Absolutely, and it backfired big time.

Thorne: Felicia, we don't know that it was Donna, okay? It could have been her father. He's the one who tried to push mother off the balcony, remember? You know what? Maybe he couldn't do it eye-to-eye. A gun gives him distance.

Felicia: All right, you know what? If you're thinking that way, it could be anybody in that family. What about Katie?

Thorne: No, no. I don't wanna think that at all. However, I did see her. She was angry. She was more furious than I've ever seen her, actually.

Ridge: I'm outta here.

Felicia: What? Mom's in surgery, Ridge--

Ridge: Just call me if you hear anything, okay?

Felicia: Where are you going?

Thorne: Ridge.

Felicia: Nice.

Dr. Brauer: Mr. Forrester, you can't come in here. This is a sterilized--

Eric: No, no. I'm staying with her.

Dr. Brauer: She's going into surgery.

Eric: She needs to know that I'm here with her.

Dr. Brauer: She's gonna be under a general anesthetic, sir.

Eric: Look. I'm gonna stay with her, all right? I'm not leaving her side. Is that clear?

Dr. Brauer: All right, fine. Nurse, show Mr. Forrester where he can get a mask and gown. Let's move it. We've gotta get that bullet out of her, come on.

Storm: You sure you guys don't want any?

Stephen: Coffee is the last thing I need right now.

Donna: I could use something to eat. What? I haven't eaten all day.

Brooke: I just can't believe you'd be thinking about food at a time like this.

Donna: I'm hungry. I didn't realize that was a sign of guilt.

Brooke: (Exhales sharply)

Brooke: Katie!

Stephen: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Storm: Oh, sorry.

Donna: Katie, where have you been?

Stephen: Honey, we have been worried sick about you.

Katie: I'm fine.

Storm: Where'd you go after you left the showroom?

Katie: To the ladies' room. Why, what's going on?

Brooke: Stephanie was shot.

Katie: What? When?

Storm: Shortly after the show.

Katie: Who did it?

Stephen: Well, the police are trying to find that out right now.

Storm: Yeah, listen, dad, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Look. If you're responsible, I think you should tell me now so I can go to the D.A. And try to work out a deal.

Stephen: What are you talking about?

Storm: We need to lock in a plea before Stephanie comes to and tells the police what she saw.

Katie: You think dad did it?

Storm: He threatened Stephanie's life right here in this room.

Stephen: I didn't try and kill anyone.

Donna: Look. We all had reason to hate her after the way she's treated us, especially Brooke.

Storm: It's called motive, Donna.

Brooke: Storm, every one of us in this family has a motive. That doesn't mean any one of us would have done it.

Katie: The gun.

Brooke: That's right. You know, I had a chance to shoot Stephanie once, and I couldn't do it. (Gasps) where is it? The gun that Stephanie gave me-- it's gone.

Dr. Hopp: Forceps. A little more traction, please. Good, good. A little more. All right. I got it. Bullet's out. Let's irrigate and close. Vitals look stable.

Eric: He's finished already?

Dr. Brauer: They got the bullet.

Eric: What about other injuries? She lost so much blood, my God.

Dr. Brauer: Eric, dr. Hopp is a fine trauma surgeon. He's doing what needs to be done.

Eric: The bullet was so close to her heart.

Dr. Brauer: Fortunately, the doctor was able to remove it.

Eric: What does that mean? What's the prognosis? Is she gonna be all right?

Dr. Brauer: We're gonna be watching her very closely. The surgery has gone very well.

Eric: My God. I could have lost her. Who could have done this? How could anybody do this?

Storm: Look. The gun and the bullet were right there. That's where dad put them.

Stephen: Honey, you remember I had the gun in my hand.

Katie: Dad, you put it right in the drawer.

Brooke: We all know the gun was here before the show. I was looking for a pen. We all saw it.

Donna: But it's not there now.

Katie: Brooke, it's got to be here. Someone must have moved it. It's here.

Brooke: Katie, it's not. It's not there. It's gone.

Katie: If somebody used that gun on Stephanie, we're all--

Brooke: We all knew the gun was here. Any one of us could have come up here--

Donna: Okay, just stop. Stop it right now before we say or do anything we regret.

Storm: Or that could incriminate us.

Brooke: We're family. We have to be honest with each other.

Storm: You didn't do it?

Brooke: No, I didn't. Did you?

Storm: Well, of course not.

Brooke: Katie?

Katie: No!

Donna: Oh, come on.

Brooke: Stephanie humiliated you.

Donna: She locked me in a steam room. I wasn't in danger. Not like what she did to you.

Brooke: Yes, and you've wanted to pay her back for that.

Donna: I didn't shoot her.

Brooke: Okay.

Storm: Look. Donna wasn't the only one that was angry with Stephanie.

Brooke: Dad, you were angry with her. You threatened her.

Stephen: I can't tell you how many times I fantasized about killing that woman, how much easier our lives would be, how happy my children would be, but I'm not the one who pulled the trigger. Like you, Brooke, I couldn't do that. That's not who we are.

Ridge: Okay, level with me. Who did it?

Brooke: Ridge!

Ridge: Which one of you shot my mother?

Storm: You can't come in here throwing around accusations like that, Ridge.

Brooke: Wait, let me talk to him. Ridge, your mother went to the hospital. Have you seen her?

Ridge: I just came from there.

Brooke: Is she all right?

Ridge: I don't know. She's in surgery.

Stephen: Was she conscious.

Ridge: Yes, she was, when she told us it was a Logan who shot her.

Stephen: Well, of course she would say that. What else would Stephanie say?

Katie: She had lost a lot of blood. She had just been unconscious.

Ridge: She wasn't hallucinating, Katie. She was very coherent when she told us it was a Logan. Everybody heard her. So which one of you did this? Was it you, Stephen?

Brooke: Stop it, Ridge.

Ridge: Donna?

Donna: No!

Ridge: You've been sleeping with my father. You've got every reason to want my mother out of the way.

Brooke: Ridge, I said stop it.

Ridge: My mother could be dying, Brooke, do you understand that? Someone in your family might have murdered her!

Brooke: All right, that's it. Everybody out. I wanna talk to Ridge alone. Go!

Brooke: Not one more word, you hear me? Not one word!

Felicia: Ah, I still say that it has to--

Thorne: Shh.

Felicia: Don't shush me.

Thorne: Honey, keep your voice down, please.

Felicia: I'm sorry. It's just revenge, Thorne, plain and simple.

Thorne: If the Logans did it.

Felicia: We stole their moment of glory.

Thorne: I know, I know, and it was supposed to be our moment.

Felicia: You know what makes me sick about this is that the fashion show was a huge success, and we did it as a family. We did it, and we should be celebrating together as a family, and instead, where are we? Our mother's been shot.

Thorne: I know. So why haven't we heard anything?

Felicia: Because mom's tough and she's pissed. She's not going anywhere. She's not gonna let somebody get away with that.

Dr. Brauer: Your mother made it through surgery. She's in recovery, and your father's with her.

Felicia: Thank you! I knew it.

Eric: Hi.

Stephanie: Eric.

Eric: Hi.

Stephanie: Was I in surgery?

Eric: You were in surgery, yes. Everything went very well. You came through it like a champ... mainly because I was there. I was there with you the whole time. Otherwise, who knows? Kids are here. They, uh-- they all want to see you, but I said no. You can see them tomorrow. I will tell them that you love them, then you can tell them yourself tomorrow when you're rested, okay?

Stephen: (Groans) I want to talk.

Eric: No. No, not now. You need your rest, all right? We'll talk tomorrow. You just get your rest.

Stephanie: Hmm.

Eric: And maybe then I can have the last word.

Stephanie: Maybe. Maybe not.

Brooke: Ridge, you're upset about your mother, and I understand that, and I am sorry, but you just can't barge in here accusing my family.

Ridge: She said it.

Brooke: She said, "One of the Logans shot me"?

Ridge: She was trying to.

Brooke: (Exhales sharply)

Ridge: Is that so impossible to believe? Does everybody in your family have an airtight alibi?

Brooke: Ridge, please, don't do this.

Ridge: I know you didn't do it, Brooke. It wasn't you.

Brooke: I hope you know that. I want some answers, too.

Ridge: I've got to find out who did this.

Brooke: You're wasting your time pointing your finger at my brother and my sisters.

Ridge: What about your father?

Brooke: He told me he didn't do it, and I believe him.

Ridge: Oh, so I can't take my mother's word, but you can take his?

Brooke: How many enemies does Stephanie have? She's been in conflict with people she knows all her life. I mean, she just broke off her lifelong friendship with Taylor, and then Eric told her not to come over to the showing, but she came over anyway, and look what happened.

Ridge: Oh, so now it's her fault?

Brooke: No, I'm not saying that. It's just the list of suspects doesn't begin and end with my family. I mean, look what happened today with Jackie and the press-- what she did. Nick was furious.

Ridge: Okay, fine. We'll have them questioned, too.

Brooke: Ridge, my point is your mother has hurt a lot of people.

Ridge: Yeah, Brooke, you most of all.

Brooke: I didn't shoot her.

Ridge: I know how much your family cares about you, how much they want to avenge you. Maybe what happened to Donna today-- maybe it was the last straw. Maybe it was just one more thing on a stack of offenses over the last couple decades. There's only so much they can take.

Brooke: Okay, okay, you are so determined that it's a member of my family-- then who? Which one?

Ridge: Mother has been messing with Donna all day. She's been taunting her, finally locks her in the steam room. She steals her big moment, her magic moment, right?

Brooke: I know! And that was a horrible thing for her to do!

Ridge: Yes, it was, Brooke, so Donna loses it and goes for revenge.

Brooke: Oh, my God. You are so wrong.

Ridge: My mother knows who did this to her. You can keep denying it, and I can keep speculating, but eventually when the police question her, Brooke, the truth is gonna come out.

Dr. Brauer: Looking for this?

Charlie: Oh, you retrieved that bullet from Stephanie Forrester?

Dr. Brauer: The report is being faxed to your office right now. I thought you'd want to take possession of the evidence yourself.

Charlie: Thank you.

Lt. Baker: So how is Mrs. Forrester doing?

Dr. Brauer: She came through surgery very well.

Lt. Baker: Good. When can she be interviewed?

Dr. Brauer: Well, she needs to rest tonight.

Charlie: The more time that elapses between the event and the interview, the more unreliable the eye-witness testimony becomes.

Lt. Baker: The bullet helps us a lot, doctor, thank you. .22 caliber-- that narrows our search. Is there any chance that Stephanie could just save us a lot of time and trouble and tell us who shot her?

(Elevator dings)

Felicia: Mom's out of surgery and breathing, thank God.

Thorne: I know. I just wish we could see her.

Felicia: Me too, Thorne, but you know what? Dad's in there, and I think the more time they have alone, the better.

Thorne: Yeah.

Eric: Close your eyes. I'm not going anywhere.

Stephanie: Hmm.

Eric: God, how many years have I held this hand in mine? So many years that I can't-- I can't imagine-- I can't imagine not feeling your hand in mine. You just hang on to me now, okay? Our lives are, uh, are intertwined. We're woven together forever, no matter what happens-- now and forever.

Eric: God, it's not enough that you have to surprise me out at the end of the runway. At the end of our fashion show, you have to get yourself shot.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) you needed a big finish.

Eric: Yeah. Well, it's nice to know that facing your mortality hasn't had any lasting side effects like... humility.

Stephanie: (Exhales sharply)

Eric: Listen. Before the surgery, you said something about the shooting-- you said that-- about who shot you. Do you remember-- do you remember what you said?

Stephanie: The shooting.

Eric: Yeah. You said that the person who shot you was a Logan. You remember saying that? Which Logan was it, Stephanie? Which Logan? I have to know.

Stephanie: Donna.

Eric: (Mouths word)

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