B&B Transcript Monday 11/12/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/12/07


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Stephen: It's a long way down, isn't it, Stephanie? I'd call that justice. Looks like your day of reckoning is finally here.

Stephanie: You know what, Stephen, why don't you just go ahead and push me if you're man enough?

Donna: I am going to break my fingers if you don't relax a little bit.

Eric: All right, all right, all right. I'm thinking maybe I should call her, you know?

Donna: Who, Stephanie?

Eric: Yes... warn her that your father's here.

Donna: Why? Because he might give her a piece of his mind?

Eric: Yes.

Donna: He's not a violent man, Eric... unlike the animal she unleashed on Brooke.

(Knock on door)

Eric: Come in.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Donna: Hey, sis.

Eric: Katie, come in. You're always welcome.

Katie: I was just wondering if you had seen these.

Donna: Oh. My. God.

Katie: They just hit the newsstands.

Donna: Oh, my God!

Eric: "Jackie M.-- Breathing life back into Spectra Fashions."

Donna: She bought Sally's company?

Eric: I take it you didn't know about this?

Donna: Yeah, Jackie and I aren't exactly confidantes at the moment.

Eric: N-no, I guess not.

Donna: What's with the bathtub?

Katie: Maybe she wanted to make a splash. Sorry.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Or else it's a jab at Eric and me.

Eric: Well, you know, I have to give her credit. She's always been a very sharp businesswoman and look at this. This is a great shot. She's beautiful.

Both: (Laugh)

Donna: Yeah. Well, our entire P.R. staff should be pink-slipped, letting her steal your thunder like this. The biggest show of your career is days away, and you should be on the covers, not her.

Katie: Well, I-I hope I didn't ruin anyone's evening. I just thought you should know about this as soon as possible. You can start damage control. Um, use your own contacts. Come out with a special edition. You can coincide it with the relaunch.

Donna: That's right. You had that P.R. job.

Eric: You have a background in public relations?

Katie: Well, a girl's gotta put chocolate on the table somehow.

Donna: Well, this is an emergency. Right? And we should hire her immediately.

Eric: What do you say, Katie? You interested?

Katie: Um...

Brooke: (Giggling) You miss me?

Ridge: Always, always.

Brooke: Even with the fashion show of the decade breathing down our necks? Which is why I brought this...

Ridge: Sushi!

Brooke: (Laughs) I thought we could eat and work and spend time all at once.

Ridge: Oh, my brilliant, brilliant, sexy Logan.

Brooke: Mmm...

Ridge: Actually, I was thinking about sneaking away on a rendezvous even earlier.

Brooke: Oh... I'm glad you didn't. My father's back in town.

Ridge: Were you expecting him?

Brooke: No. Donna took it upon herself to tell him everything that happened to me courtesy of your mother.

Ridge: Not that I'm defending her...

Brooke: I know.

Ridge: But if one more person comes down on my mother, and if that person happens to be your dad.

Brooke: I know. It could get ugly.

Stephen: One little shove and you'd be history, and people would line up to thank me.

Stephanie: Probably, but you haven't got the guts to do it.

Stephen: Just a minute!

Stephanie: You've just found out that your daughter was raped. I can see the pain in your eyes, and I'm sorry it happened. I know I bear some responsibility.

Stephen: Some?!

Stephanie: I have apologized and apologized. I had no idea what that man would do. I am so sorry!

Stephen: Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it?

Stephanie: Stephen, look. All I'm trying to do--

Stephen: All your excuses and your so-called regrets don't mean a damn thing to me, Stephanie. The damage is already done. I could wring your neck right now and I wouldn't feel a thing.

Stephanie: I'm sure. I know you're angry, but what good does it do to take the anger out on me? I'm just trying to get you...

Stephen: Stop!

Stephanie: To understand... (sighs heavily)

Stephen: Don't you dare try and tell me that you care for Brooke or any of us Logans. Year after year, she suffered because of you. Y-y-you even tried to take her children. Now I may not live in L.A. Anymore, but I think about my girls all the time. I-I want 'em to be healthy and happy. And then I remember you're here, and you're out to destroy them.

Stephanie: I was wrong in my judgment, Stephen. I admit that. But if we're gonna stand here and talk about wrongdoing, let's face the damage that Brooke has done to me, to my family, to the men in my family over the years. And no matter what has happened to her, as terrible as it is, it will never erase that. Never.

Ridge: So why do they call this a caterpillar roll, anyway? I'm assuming there aren't little bits of caterpillar in here, are there? Hello?

Brooke: I--sorry.

Ridge: I was expecting a little more response than that--maybe a swat?

Brooke: (Laughs) I can't stop thinking about my dad.

Ridge: How was it talking to him?

Brooke: It felt positive. In a way.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Well, I-I know he hasn't really been there for us when we needed him, but... he is still my father.

Ridge: So maybe Donna's meddling actually did some good.

Brooke: Hmm. If only she would listen to what I want. She's on this 1-woman crusade to avenge the Logans from Stephanie's injustices. I just don't see what good that will do. I wish she would just leave me out of it and stop stirring the pot.

Ridge: Really blows me away.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: If anyone had the right to be bitter... but you're not bitter.

Brooke: Why dwell on the bad when you have so much good to look forward to?

Katie: Whoa, whoa... instant interview!

Donna: Well, you have been looking, haven't you?

Katie: A little. I didn't realize there was an opening here.

Eric: Well, there wasn't until you brought these two magazines in here. I mean, clearly our publicity department could e some stirring up.

Donna: So when can you start?

Katie: Wh--whoa... hang on a second. (Intercom buzzes)

Eric: Yeah, hold-- hold that thought. Yes, molly. All right, I'll be right out. I'll be right out. I want your answer when I come back.

Katie: (Laughs)

Donna: Katie, why would you even hesitate? I mean, talk about a plum job... not to mention how great it would be, all three sisters working together. And it's obvious we need your expertise.

Katie: Are you sure you don't just need warm bodies to back you and Eric up? I mean, I know Felicia and Thorne aren't too thrilled that you're seeing him.

Donna: And neither are you, so how can you even ask if I have an ulterior motive?

Katie: Because you always have an ulterior motive, and you've been lobbing torpedoes at Stephanie and Nick and dad, never mind what Brooke thinks.

Donna: Look, our father had a right to know what that woman did to her. And now he does, thank God. I'm sure he'll stand up to her.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Stephen: The men in your life turned to Brooke for love, because they never felt it from you. You've always been threatened by that, Stephanie, and you still are.

Stephanie: You know what the truth is, Stephen? You were a lousy father, and as a result, Brooke has had real issues with every single man in her life. You abandoned Brooke just like you abandoned Beth and the other children.

Stephen: Beth and I were in love before you got mixed up in our lives. We were high school sweethearts. She wore this class ring of mine for years. And our troubles began with you and Eric. If it hadn't have been for you two, we still would've been happy.

Stephanie: You walked out on your family.

Stephen: Any mistakes I've made I've acknowledged.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, too little too late, Stephen. And now you come barging in here like the big protector, trying to raise your-- your self-respect in their eyes? Ha! Good luck on that one.

Stephen: I see what you're doing, and it's not gonna work. You're not gonna make this about me. Stephanie: Stephen! (Sighs) I sent the wrong man to see Brooke. Should I have checked him out? Yes, I should have. But that's one-- one little mistake, compared to a whole lifetime of failures with your children on your part?

Stephen: If I failed my kids, it's only because of you!

Stephanie: Oh, of course, because of me. Oh, sure. Right. (Chuckles sarcastically) and every other Manny, Moe and Jack, right? Come on. Take some responsibility. You abandoned your family because in your own mind, you couldn't be compared to Eric. You never thought you'd make enough success, enough money, so you tucked your tail and you ran. You abandoned, you left your children. Your girls have always, always gone after older father figures, because you were never there. I mean, isn't that what's going on, really, here with Donna and Eric?

Stephen: Donna and Eric?

Stephanie: You didn't know? Oh, yeah. Well, after Thorne wised up to her, she set her sights on my husband. She's sleeping with Eric. Doesn't take too long, does it, for your girls to get right at it?

Stephen: I don't believe you.

Stephanie: It's true.

Stephen: Donna never said a word of any of this to me.

Stephanie: Well, just ask her, Stephen. She'll tell you. She certainly hasn't been shy about spreading the word.

Stephen: Now stop changing the subject. You are not gonna get away with what you did to Brooke. And this was just a warning! (Loud crash)

Stephanie: Make a big mess of my room, just like you've made a big mess of your whole life.

Stephen: It's your life I'd be worried about, if I were you... and Eric's, if I find out he seduced my daughter.

Stephanie: Another empty threat?

Stephen: You think so?

Stephanie: Yes. Because I know you, Stephen.

Stephen: Well, you keep thinking that, Stephanie. You keep thinking you're safe, that you don't have to look over your shoulder all the time, because someday-- and mark my words-- when you least expect it, you'll pay for what you've done to my family.

Ridge: It's a pretty decent catalog.

Brooke: If every one of these designs isn't sold out the day of the show, I'll be amazed.

Ridge: Absolutely. My father's work has gone to a whole new level.

Brooke: Donna really lit a fire under him, and it shows.

Ridge: I just hope he's not going down a path he's gonna regret, though.

Brooke: Ending his marriage to Stephanie and starting fresh? Unless you think Donna's kidding herself...

Ridge: My father's not gonna string either one of them along. When that showstopper's unveiled, he's either gonna have mother or Donna on his arm. And everyone's gonna know who he's gonna spend the rest of his life with.

Brooke: It's a big decision, either way. You're family's gonna start a whole new chapter.

Ridge: Our family... which reminds me, you and I have a rather large decision of our own to make here.

Brooke: Our wedding date.

Ridge: It's gonna happen this time, too.

Brooke: Especially now, since Stephanie vowed not to interfere. Nothing is going to stand in our way.

Donna: Stephanie has tried to destroy us, I mean, she has tortured our mother for years, sent our father away to a different country, and what she took from Brooke can never be repaid. It's time that we take something from her-- the future here at Forrester Creations with the men we love.

Katie: Brooke says that she thinks you and Eric are for real.

Donna: Oh, God, Katie, it is real. We make each other happy. And when he takes his bow at the end of the runway, I hope to God that... I'm the woman by his side. I mean, finally... finally there's no more being on the outside looking in. And Stephanie won't be able to touch us. That's how it should be.

(Door opening)

Eric: So... where were we?

Donna: Trying to convince Katie that taking this job will be the best opportunity of her life.

Eric: Well, it would. Katie, you already know about Brooke's enormous contribution to the success of this company. Donna's well on her way to becoming indispensable around here. If you're half as good as either one of your sisters, I would never regret making this offer.

Katie: Okay.

Donna: (Laughs)

Katie: It's a deal, then.

Donna: Yes? All right!

Eric: (Laughing) really? Great!

Katie: Thank you.

Eric: Oh, no, none of that. This is a family company...

Katie: Oh, great.

Eric: And a welcome. I'm very, very pleased you're joining us.

Katie: Well, thank you. Thank you for this opportunity.

Donna: Hello? What about me? It was my suggestion. (Laughing)

Katie: Thank you. I mean it.

Donna: You're very welcome.

Eric: Well, we need to discuss, uh, salary and responsibilities.

Katie: Okay, let's put that on hold. If I'm gonna counteract these magazines, I need to get on the horn.

Donna: Right. Why don't you use my office, 'cause, um, I'm gonna be busy.

Katie: Okay. You know where to find me.

Donna: (Laughs)

Donna: Very... very busy.

Eric: Come here. Mmm...

Man: Excuse me, sir. You need to be cleared first.

Stephen: I don't give a damn about your clearance. I'm here for my daughter.

Man: Well, you can't go up unless you're on the list.

Stephen: My name is Stephen Logan. I'm Brooke and Donna's father.

Man: No problem. I can have you cleared right away. Are you here to see Brooke or Donna?

Stephen: I am here to save Donna.

Eric: Mm. (Kissing sounds)

Eric: Hey, hey, you and I need to maybe remember where we are.

Donna: Locked away in my honey bear's lair.

Eric: Your honey bear's lair? Wait, where'd you get the honey bear thing? What's that honey bear thing?

Donna: I don't know.

Eric: Well, your honey bear has, like, things he has to do.

Donna: No...

Eric: No?

Donna: No, please?

Eric: Please?

Donna: I need you.

Eric: Need me?

Donna: Need your hands...

Eric: Mm-hmm?

Donna: On my body.

Eric: The hands thing I got. I got the hands thing.

Donna: Your lips...

Eric: My lips...

Donna: (Moans)

Eric: Oh, God, you drive me crazy, you know that?

Donna: You drive me crazy.

Eric: Yeah?

Both: (Moaning)

Brooke: Mm... wedding date, huh?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Mmm. Wait. Did I miss something? I-I don't recall being proposed to.

Ridge: Oh...

Brooke: (Giggling) yeah.

Ridge: I knew I forgot something.

Brooke: You did. So you better put that on top of your list, along with a major fashion show. You're gonna be really busy.

Ridge: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. As soon as this showing is over, my beautiful, beautiful girl, you and I start making plans.

Brooke: For the rest of our life.

(Water running)

(Knock on door)

Stephanie: Who is it?

Man: It's the bellman, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Yes, what is it?

Man: Ma'am, I was out here before, and I couldn't help overhearing. Was that man giving you trouble? Should I alert, uh, hotel security?

Stephanie: Oh, no, no, no. No, that's not necessary, but thank you so much. No, that was just a lot of huffing and puffing. Thank you. Thank you, though. I appreciate your concern.

Stephanie: Stephen is not the person I have to be concerned with.

(Elevator bell dings)

(Knock on door)

Eric: Busy.

(Louder knock on door)

Donna: We said we're busy.

(Lock smashing)

Stephen: Let go of my daughter. Don't you touch her!

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