B&B Transcript Thursday 11/8/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/8/07


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Eric: Have you heard a word I've said to you?

Donna: Do I ever ignore you? Oh, and here you're Mr. Rugged. If housewives went to high school, this is the picture they would tape in their lockers.

Eric: So you're not upset?

Donna: You're gonna take a bow on the runway with the woman you decide is right for you. Did ridge get that from you? I mean, he's always settling things on the runway or with some big ta-da.

Eric: You think it's cold of me?

Donna: Well, it's a little high drama, but why put yourself under that pressure? I mean, it's your night. The limelight should be all yours. And what's a bow on the runway gonna change for me anyway, I mean, no matter who you take it with? Only my expectations, and I never had any anyway.

Eric: My god, why didn't I meet you, like, 40 years ago?

Donna: (Giggles) well, a psychic in San Francisco said I ran a Chinese laundry in a previous life.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: Maybe I pressed your shirts.

Eric: (Whispers) yeah, maybe you did.

Donna: (Giggles)

Felicia: Oh, god, why did I have to see that? This is an office.

Eric: Yes, an office with a door on it. You could knock if you could reach it from that high horse you're on.

Felicia: Reception called. Nick Marone's in the building. Before he sees you, I want to know what you're gonna say.

Eric: About what?

Felicia: Daddy, don't play dumb. He's asking a lot of questions.

Donna: You knew this was coming.

Felicia: Just stand up to him, Daddy. (Door opens)

Nick: Hey, how's my office?

Felicia: (Scoffs)

Eric: Nick, good morning.

Nick: Good morning. Listen, I just wanted to remind you that I sold you this company back on the condition that you would divorce that lovely bride of yours. Now are you gonna make good on that deal, or do I have the sale revoked?

(Brooke remembering)

Nick: Did Stephanie send that man to attack you? Is that true?

Nick: Brooke... Brooke: (Sighs)

Nick: Is it true?

Brooke: Yes. She told him how vulnerable I was, and she told him ab-- all about my situation.

Nick: Where to find the extra key?

Brooke: Oh, she claims she didn't know I hid it under the flowerpot.

Nick: Dammit.

Brooke: Wait, uh, Nick, where are you going? Stop.

Nick: She can't get away with this.

Brooke: She's not going to. She's lost everything. Eric and Ridge aren't talking to her. They kicked her out of the company.

Nick: It's not enough, and it won't be enough until that bitch fries.

Brooke: I don't even know why Donna told you what happened.

Nick: Because she wants Stephanie held accountable, and so do I.

Brooke: And she is. She admitted to telling Andy Johnson where to find me. And she said that she was responsible. She even came over here to beg for my forgiveness.

Katie: Working from home again?

Brooke: You slept through breakfast.

Katie: I could sleep through an alien invasion. It's a gift. So are you avoiding going to the office, because you think you'll run into Stephanie?

Brooke: I know I'll run into Donna, and right now I could strangle her.

Katie: Careful. She's stronger than she looks.

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) she told Nick who Andy Johnson's accomplish was.

Katie: Oh.

Brooke: Yeah, that's something I really don't need right now.

Katie: Are you afraid that Nick will do something to Stephanie?

Brooke: (Sighs) No, the point is if I say "drop it," it should be dropped, right? I'm the injured party.

Katie: Absolutely. You are 100% right. I just don't understand why you're letting Stephanie off the hook so easily.

Brooke: Making her miserable will not make me happier.

Katie: Well, that's very evolved to turn the other cheek and all that, but just remember, god only gave us two.

Brooke: Well, now you know how I feel. So does Donna.

(Doorbell rings)

Katie: Dad?

Stephen: Katie, you came, too. Oh--oh, Brooke...

Brooke: Dad?

Stephen: How are you?

Brooke: I'm fine. What are you doing here?

Stephen: Donna said something happened to you, something bad.

Brooke: (Scoffs) and since when do you listen to Donna?

Stephen: When she said you needed me. I always listen to that.

Brooke: Well, she was wrong.

Stephen: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced. Now what happened, Brooke? And it better not have to do with the Forresters.

Eric: Stephanie is not employed here.

Nick: Now, Eric, I heard that she's in the building.

Felicia: Yeah, she's my mother. No bill of sale can change that.

Nick: You're not wearing your ring. I know she's living in a hotel. Who pays for that, anyway?

Felicia: Oh, no, no, we're not having that discussion, not in front of her.

Eric: I will discuss whatever I like in--in front of whomever I like, Felicia.

Donna: No, Felicia's right. Whatever you have to say, heaven forbid anyone think you're saying it for my benefit. I have a family gathering to see to, anyway.

Eric: Okay. I'll see you later.

Nick: Well, friendly, frosty. I see Donna hasn't been welcomed into the bosom of the family yet.

Eric: It's not really any of your business, Nick.

Felicia: Wait a minute, Nick, you knew about her?

Nick: And what about all those Logans, Brooke, for instance? She's not around much. Is she afraid she's gonna run into the woman who engineered her rape?

Felicia: Brooke shouldn't be spreading that story. Stephanie--my mother-- never intended for her to be raped.

Nick: Your mother doesn't have intentions. She has criminal instincts. Are you gonna hold up your end of the deal, or not?

Felicia: Don't answer him, Daddy. Your contingency clause is ridiculous. No court is gonna mandate a divorce for a title transfer.

Nick: Well, we have a chip off the old block. And I'm not talking about you.

Katie: Dad, do you want some coffee?

Brooke: Don't you have someplace you ought to be?

Katie: Yeah, where'd you fly in from this time?

Stephen: Dallas, but it doesn't matter. I'd have paddled across the pacific if I--

Brooke: No, I get it. I get it. You want to be needed. Well, when you were needed, you weren't there. And I'm not a child anymore, dad. It's too late.

Stephen: Brooke, I thought we worked through some of this.

Brooke: (Sighs) facts are facts.

Stephen: Well, I brought a couple of gifts for R.J. and Hope. May I at least leave them?

(Door opens)

Donna: Daddy! Oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Brooke: Dad, you know what? You can come back this afternoon and visit the children, but, uh, right now I really need to speak with Donna.

Donna: No, wait. No, don't--don't go.

Katie: Uh, I'm gonna make some breakfast. Do you want some?

Stephen: Yes. Thank you.

Brooke: How could you? I told you not to tell anybody else.

Donna: Look, I knew you would react this way. But it's for your own good.

Brooke: So now my being violated is all about you, how you want to grind Stephanie into the dirt and take her husband?

Felicia: I'm not saying my mother's perfect or even nice, but what we do have in common is loyalty.

Nick: Loyalty? Well, that's a funny word to come up.

Felicia: This is a family matter. You are way overstepping your bounds.

Nick: Well, Brooke's family, too, isn't she? After everything she's done for this company--

Eric: No one has ever underestimated Brooke's contributions here.

Nick: Well, then show a little respect, and make this place safe for her. That was part of the deal. Or didn't you get that, Eric? You finally got a chance to step up and be a man. Do it.

Eric: You equate, uh, manliness with bullying, Nick, but I don't. And I've had enough of yours. Now we have a show to mount. You show yourself out.

Nick: Okay. You go on and have your comeback show. But I suggest you take another look at that contract, because if I see Stephanie under that spotlight, I'll see you in court.

Felicia: He's nauseating. Good for you.

Eric: Your attitude is worse than his.

Felicia: Well, just because I don't want to see you get pressured into divorce?

Eric: Yeah, but it's all this lobbying you're doing, you know? And when it comes to guilt trips, you're the pro. I mean, he can't stand up to you. He pales in comparison to you. Now nobody, nobody's gonna tell me how or with whom I can live my life.

Felicia: Fine. But just know this. It will be a cold day in hell before I call Donna Logan "mom."

Donna: So you think I'm self-centered? (Scoffs) whoopee. Join the crowd.

Brooke: This is my private business, Donna. First you blab your mouth off to Nick and now to dad.

Donna: Your ex-husband, your father. What's a private life if there's nobody in it?

Brooke: Both of them are guaranteed not to leave it alone.

Katie: If you two are going to argue, I'm really not up to playing the role of the referee.

Donna: Then go cook.

Katie: All dad wanted was toast. And how could you have called him and told him what happened to Brooke? It's outrageous.

Brooke: Thank you.

Donna: I didn't tell him. But Brooke should. Look, I don't really want to say this, and you probably don't want to hear it, but you've gotta take some responsibility for what happened to you.

Brooke: What? I can't believe you just said that.

Katie: Oh, great. Let's undo all the months of therapy and start over with Dr. Donna.

Donna: Look, Stephanie Forrester has abused you mentally and physically since the day she laid eyes on you. We've all had our share of it-- mom, dad, me. But with you, Brooke, it's been relentless year in and year out. And you always do the same thing. I mean, you either forgive her or decide you're getting on with your life.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Donna: Is it any wonder why she just keeps getting more vicious? Nobody holds her accountable. I mean, what's it gonna be next? Will you end in a wheelchair? Will I?

Katie: As stunning as it is to get a lecture on responsibility from Donna, I-I have to admit I agree with her.

Donna: Look, I've had a close-up view of the Forresters. And you know why they keep coming out on top is because their boundaries include each other. Everybody tells everything. And when there's a crisis, they--they react as a unit, I mean, a totally dysfunctional unit, but it keeps 'em strong and keeps 'em together. Now why can't we do that? In--instead we just-- we go off to our separate corners, and we lick our wounds. (Sighs heavily) we've never learned to rely on each other that way.

Brooke: Well, there is a reason for that.

Donna: Okay, so you can stop punishing Stephanie, but not daddy? And Rick should be told... and storm. There's safety in numbers, Brooke. I mean, look at us. We're all on the verge of--of having the lives that we want. But if we don't stand together, then--then she's just gonna knock us down one by one, like she always has.

Stephen: Look, this isn't working for me. I'm not gonna sit in the kitchen while you all decide how much of a father you're gonna let me be.

Brooke: I was... attacked.

Stephen: Attacked? What does that mean?

Brooke: I was raped.

Eric: Felicia, you don't have to like Donna, but she's here. She works in this company. And more importantly, she's here in my life. You will treat her with some respect. Oh, no, no, no, I know that, uh, "you can't make me" look from--from way, way back. But I will not have a repeat of your mother's history with Brooke.

Felicia: I'm not out for Donna's blood. She can be a walking centerfold if she wants. It's a free country. But, Daddy, she's just so obvious. Why can't you see that?

Eric: Why can't you see that obvious is kind of refreshing in my life?

Felicia: Really? What happens when the sex gets stale? She can't possibly be anywhere near your intellectual equal.

Eric: Oh, what, do I read Aristotle on the toilet? I'm not that smart, you know? Put down my sketchpad, I'm just a very simple guy. I like the same things Donna does.

Felicia: You're really lost, aren't you?

Eric: (Sighs heavily) honey, your mother propagated the--the myth of--of Eric Forrester, the genius. And she hated me when I didn't live up to it.

Felicia: So hate her back for a while if you have to. I've done it. Look, mother can be awful, but she's ours.

Eric: (Sighs)

Felicia: So you know what? Test her. Give her a hard time. Just hire some hookers. Go visit some starlets in rehab. But do you have to fall for the first set of implants that bounce their way into your path?

Eric: You're trying to make me feel ashamed, aren't you? I don't feel ashamed.

Eric: (Sighs)

Felicia: I'm trying to make you remember your life, who you are. It's your work. It's your family. And, yeah, that means your marriage, too. Daddy, these have been your choices. This is your big public comeback. It's the culmination of everything you've done in your life. What do you want the headlines to read, huh? "Eric Forrester-- better than ever"? Or "how many mid-life crises can one man have?"

Eric: (Inhales sharply) I love you, and I love that I'm your father. But the press doesn't tell me how to live my life, and neither do you.

Stephen: Oh, my god, Brooke. When?

Brooke: A couple of months ago. I'm fine now.

Stephen: But how? Were you coming home late from work or what?

Brooke: No, it... (sighs) it was here.

Stephen: Somebody broke in?

Brooke: He had a key.

Stephen: But how?

Brooke: I always leave an extra key outside the front door. (Sighs) I don't--I don't know. Maybe it was really foolish of me to--

Stephen: No, no, don't you dare blame yourself. Did the police ever find him?

Brooke: Dad, he's dead. Ridge went after him. It was an accident.

Stephen: It was someone Ridge knew?

Brooke: No.

Donna: But he wasn't exactly a stranger.

Brooke: This man came up to me in Café Russe, and I didn't think-- I-I didn't think anything.

Stephen: No, no, of course not. Well, honey, I'm so sorry.

Donna: But why did he single you out, Brooke?

Stephen: He recognized you? Wh--he saw pictures, or what?

Donna: And how did he find the key?

Katie: Will you stop? If she's finished, she's finished.

Stephen: Donna, what are you driving at?

Donna: Brooke wasn't a random victim. She was targeted...

Stephen: I don't understand.

Donna: By a third party, someone who told him about Brooke, where she lived, how to get into the house.

Stephen: No, no, that's sick. Who--who would do that?

Donna: Daddy, you already know. Who has made it her life mission to destroy Brooke and all of us if she can?

Stephen: No. No, you're not telling--

Stephen: Brooke... Brooke, Stephanie Forrester did this to you?

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