B&B Transcript Monday 11/5/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/5/07


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Nick: Hey.

Taylor: (Whispers) Hey.

Nick: What time is it?

Taylor: (Normal voice) Uh, it's early.

Nick: You been up awhile?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, for a while. I think maybe we should move this to another room.

Nick: We'll move it till Jack comes home from the hospital, you mean, right?

Taylor: Since we don't know when that will be, I just...

Nick: What's goin' on? What is it?

Taylor: I just--I don't-- I don't feel a connection to the baby, and I'm-- I'm really getting scared. I mean, I know that Brooke signed these papers, and she told me the baby's mine, but it--it just-- it doesn't feel like it. I can't...

Nick: (Whispering) Shhh... it'll be okay. It really will be okay.

Taylor: No, it isn't. It isn't. It isn't gonna be okay. (Sobbing) I haven't even got to hold him. I can't bond with him. I ca... (Sobbing) Oh, God. I need to take a shower.

Felicia: Mother, I could've met you at your hotel room.

Stephanie: What? And give up the pure pleasure of sneaking into my own company? And it is rightfully my company, in spite of that stupid contract that your father signed. It's just--

Felicia: Daddy would have agreed to bungee jump over a river full of crocodiles if it mean getting Forrester Creations back.

Stephanie: But it's legally unenforceable. That's what's so silly. I mean, that Nick would even come up with this idea of your father divorcing me, I-I... what? Donna? Is that what you're thinking?

Felicia: Whoa, where'd that come from?

Stephanie: (Splutters) I don't know. It's early in the morning, and I-I allot myself 15 minutes of pure paranoia every day.

Felicia: Yeah, well, today you only get five, since I'm here to set you straight.

Stephanie: (Chuckling) Answer this question for me. How is it possible that not one, but two of what I consider fairly intelligent men in my family-- they lose all power of reason when it comes to this-- this bimbo?

Felicia: Cheese fries.

Stephanie: What?

Felicia: They're a guilty pleasure. You know they're terrible for you, but sometimes, you just gotta have 'em.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah. I see. I can't blame this all on Donna, though. I really can't. I shoot myself in the foot all the time. Why, at my age, can I not learn from my own mistakes?

Brooke: Oh, Eric!

Eric: You like it?

Brooke: (Scoffs) It's exquisite!

Eric: (Laughs) Oh, good. Thank you. I had a breakfast interview this morning, and I could not concentrate, 'cause I had this in my head, and I couldn't wait to get to a sketchpad.

Brooke: I remember when we were married. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, and tiptoe into the den.

Eric: Yeah. And there I would be still-- still working, no idea how late it had gotten.

Brooke: With that same blissed-out look that you have right now.

Eric: Yeah?

Brooke: (Laughing) Yeah. It's a joy to see.

Eric: I have a look? I have a lot to be blissed out about, actually-- a lot to be happy about right now.

Brooke: Hmm. I wanted to talk to you about that.

Eric: Uhh... in just a minute. First, I want to apologize to you I wasn't able to stop Stephanie from coming over and seeing you. I know that has to have been, uh, upsetting.

Brooke: Mm, well, it was very upsetting. I don't think, um, I'm ever gonna be able to trust her ever again.

Eric: Understandable.

Brooke: And what about you? Have you forgiven her? I'm sure she's begging for her old life back.

Eric: And so she is. But Stephanie will not be in this office. I assure you of that.

Brooke: Oh, thank God. I couldn't face her every single day, I mean, it's hard enough having to deal with Ashley,

Eric: Ashley? What's going on with you and Ashley?

Brooke: Well... it's more like what's not going on with Ashley and Ridge. He broke off his engagement with her, and Ridge and I are together now.

Eric: You and Ridge?

Brooke: (Giggling) Yes.

Eric: Good. I think that's wonderful.

Brooke: We think so.

Eric: Actually, I feel badly for Ashley a little bit, and for her daughter.

Brooke: I do, too. They were really looking forward to their future.

Eric: But... I always knew that you and Ridge would find your way back to each other.

Brooke: Don't get me wrong. I-I do respect Ashley. I think she's a wonderful woman, and she is a huge asset to this company, so I'm gonna do my very best to keep everything copasetic.

Eric: I know you will. I appreciate that.

Brooke: Getting back to talking about your happiness...

Eric: Aha. So you've, uh, you've heard about Donna and me.

Brooke: Yes, I have. So what's going on there? Other than the obvious...

Eric: Have you spoken to your sister about this?

Brooke: Not yet. So are you having an affair? Is she using you? Are you using her?

Eric: Well, well, we're opting for candor this morning?

Brooke: Well, according to Katie, Donna thinks this is a real relationship.

Eric: It is. Donna's right. I am completely charmed by your sister.

Donna: Oh. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Brooke: No, actually, your timing couldn't be more perfect. I was just wondering what was going on between you and Eric. For real, Donna.

Felicia: Mother, daddy's made his share of mistakes, too.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, an affair is a red flag. I don't listen to your father. I don't listen to him the way he wants me to, the way he deserves me to listen to him. A-and he's upset. He's angry, because he thinks I interfere in all of your lives, and so now it's just all come home to bite me in the you-know-what.

Felicia: What happened to Brooke? You know how he feels about her.

Stephanie: It was so stupid on my part, so ill-thought-- it wasn't even thought out. It was just so stupid.

Felicia: But you had no way of knowing that he was a violent person.

Stephanie: No, but... the truth is I should have checked him out, shouldn't I? Instead, I just pushed him on her. (Sighs heavily) I've apologized and apologized, and it's not enough. It's never gonna be enough. I know that. And now your father's cast his eye on Donna.

Eric: Donna, your sister here knows all about you and me seeing each other.

Donna: And you're wondering if I'm just pretending to be interested to get a rise out of Stephanie.

Brooke: We'd all like her to pay for her sins.

Eric: But you don't want me to pay as well.

Brooke: Oh. I don't.

Donna: Well, then you have nothing to worry about. What we have, Brooke, it's--it's real. I mean, I'm hopelessly in love with this... sweet, gorgeous, wildly successful man. I mean, he's brilliant and--and funny. I mean, come on, Brooke, look at him. How could I not fall for him? I mean, what's so impossible about it? Nothing. And if anyone should know that, it's you.

Eric: Did she also mention I'm nice-looking?

Donna: Gorgeous.

Eric: I'm just checking.

Donna: (Giggling)

Eric: Just wanted to be sure.

Donna: I have never connected with a man like this. I mean, Eric sees me deep inside and... and he loves me anyway.

Eric: This is the Donna I see. She's direct and she's honest. She's refreshingly blunt.

Donna: (Giggling)

Eric: And she's witty and charming. And she's smart.

Donna: (Giggling) (Intercom buzzes)

Eric: Yeah. (Sighs) How did that happen? No, no... no. I'll take care of it. I'll be right down. Thanks. All right, have to go down...

Brooke: Okay, we'll see you.

Eric: To the showroom.

Brooke: Thanks.

Donna: All right. I am so crazy about him.

Brooke: I can tell.

Donna: I just wish his family could. I mean, they--they can't stand that we're together.

Brooke: Well, can you really blame his children for feeling that way... or his wife?

Donna: Yeah, and it m-- it just makes me insane that they're only separated. He needs to file for divorce now.

Brooke: One step at a time, Donna.

Donna: Excuse me? After everything that she's done to you? Eric has been trapped for so long in that awful marriage. And if you care about him as much as I think you do, you would want him to finally be free of Stephanie.

Nick: Hey, I'm back.

Taylor: (Sighs) I can't blame you for wanting to get out of here. I, um... I know this has been hard for you, too, and I've been completely emotionally unavailable to you, and I... (sighs) I'm sorry about that. Um... you've been nothing but supportive, and I--and I'm-- I'm really trying. I'm just having a little trouble getting over this wall.

Jack: (Crying)

Nick: Never interrupt mommy while she's talking to herself.

Taylor: You brought him home? What about the doctors?

Nick: Well, they were fine with it.

Taylor: But he barely has an--an immune system.

Nick: We got the a-ok from all the experts. (Chuckling) He can't be around other people, but he can be around his mom and dad. Think he was missing us. Weren't you, buddy?

Jack: (Grunting)

Nick: You want to hold him?

Taylor: I should probably wash my hands first.

Nick: Honey, you just took a shower. I think you're fine.

Nick: Look, ma, no gloves!

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Jack: (Grunts)

Taylor: (Sighs) Right after I had him, they took him away from me.

Jack: (Grunting)

Taylor: (Whispers) Oh... you're so beautiful. You're so beautiful. Hey... (laughing) (sniffles) sweetie... (sobs) (sniffles) Thank you. (Normal voice) Thank you.

Donna: So Stephanie says she's sorry, now suddenly everything's okay?

Brooke: I did not accept her apology.

Donna: Well, you better not. I just hope that Eric doesn't get suckered into taking her back. I mean, even if he doesn't end up with me, he deserves so much more.

Brooke: Donna, I want you to be happy, too.

Donna: And you think I'm headed for a fall, because Stephanie always gets what Stephanie wants. Well, not this time. There are gonna be consequences. I want everyone to know what she did to you.

Brooke: No!

Donna: Why are you so quick to forgive and forget?

Brooke: I-I-I'm not forgiving her, but I don't want to hang on to this hatred and revenge.

Donna: It's not revenge. It's justice. Think about everything she's done to our family-- what she's cost us. And everyone protects her. It's gotta stop.

Brooke: I agree with everything that you're saying, but this is your battle, not mine.

Donna: Because you have Ridge now.

Brooke: Am I wrong not to want to mess this up?

Donna: No, sweetie. I mean, you're just being incredibly naive if you think Stephanie's out of your life.

Brooke: No, I'm not going to let my guard down, I promise you. But I finally have everything I've always wanted. Forgive me if-- if I don't want to make waves.

Donna: Honey, listen to me. Now if we don't do something, Stephanie will be back, and there goes your peaceful life with Ridge. We've got her against the ropes. Let's knock her out now.

Stephanie: "Little miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey."

Donna: You're not supposed to be in this building.

Stephanie: You seem to forget that I'm still Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Donna: Not for long. There's an intruder on the premises. Please send security right away.

Stephanie: (Chuckling) I'll find my husband on my own, thank you.

Donna: He doesn't want to see you... at all. He's found another woman to spend his life with.

Stephanie: And that would be you? Keep dreaming, sweetheart.

Donna: No, you are the one who's dreaming if you think he's ever going to forgive you for what you've done.

Stephanie: You know, this is a subject I choose not to discuss with my husband's latest slut.

Donna: Don't you dare look down on me because I'm a Logan.

Stephanie: You're right. Why limit myself? There are so many other good reasons to look down on you.

Man: Is there a problem, Miss Logan?

Donna: This woman is barred from the building. Kindly escort her down to the parking lot and don't let her back in.

Man: What should I do, Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: It's fine, Tyler. I'm leaving. Don't worry. Thank you very much.

Donna: You are not welcome here. I've taken your place, and if you ever show your face again, I will call the police.

Stephanie: You'll huff, and you'll puff, and you'll blow... (mock gasp) heaven knows what. Fortunately, I won't have to be a witness.

Donna: (Gasps)

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Sorry.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Yeah.

Donna: Nick, it's Donna. Can you please meet me at Brooke's house? I-I need to see you right away.

Nick: It's not a good time.

Donna: It's about the rape. Look, I need your help. And believe me, you're gonna want to hear what I have to say.

Nick: I'll be there.

(Hangs up)

Nick: Honey, something's come up. Do you mind if I head out for a while?

Taylor: Oh, I think we'll manage just fine without you.

Nick: Yes, I think you will.

Taylor: (Laughs) Thank you for bringing him home.

Jack: (Grunting)

Nick: You two have a good time, all right? I'll be back as soon as I can. (Whispers) See you, Jack. Yeah.

Taylor: (Whispers) Yeah, sweetie. (Sniffles) Sweetie.

Brooke: Donna, have you seen Eric? I need to get a signature on...

Stephanie: Your sister's left the building, and my husband seems to be making himself rather scarce as well.

Brooke: Eric promised me you wouldn't be here, Stephanie!

Stephanie: How are you? How are you doin'?

Brooke: Oh, shut up. I don't want to hear it. I don't want anything from you.

Stephanie: Brooke, you know I never intended--

Brooke: Go! Go! Get o! Just get out!

Nick: You're saying there was a conspiracy.

Donna: Brooke was set up. The person that attacked her knew about the custody battle, where she would be that night, where to find the key outside-- everything.

Nick: How do you know this?

Donna: Brooke told me.

Nick: So he had help?

Donna: Yeah. Look, I thought you had a right to know. I can't keep holding this inside any longer.

Nick: Who? Who would want to do something like this to your sister?

Donna: Nick, there is only one person who hates her enough to see her hurt that way. I think you know who that is.

Nick: No.

Donna: Yeah, the person responsible for Brooke's rape was Stephanie.

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