B&B Transcript Friday 11/2/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/2/07


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Taylor: (Sighs)

 Brooke: Taylor, what's wrong? (Scoffs) I just signed the child over to you, and now it's your turn. What are you waiting for?

 Ridge: A drink sounds wonderful. But unfortunately...

 Woman: Fashion never sleeps.

 Woman: Surely, it has a martini once in a while.

 Ridge: After the lunch, not before.

 Woman: Did you hear about Spectra Fashions?

 Ridge: Yeah. It's a shame Sally decided to sell. You can say what you want about her, but Sally Spectra definitely knew how to keep us on our toes.

 Clarke: Buy this place, and I guarantee you're gonna have the Forresters on the ropes before they know what hit 'em.

 Jackie: Well, you can't say that doesn't appeal to you.

 Clarke: And with Sally practically giving this place away.

 Nick: I think you're just looking for a job.

 Clarke: Doing what I learned how to do so very well-- tweaking someone else's designs just enough to keep the lawyers at bay. Sally and I were masters-- borrow a little here, a little there, add our own spin, and voila, a whole line of cheap fabulous dresses on the backs of millions of satisfied customers.

 Nick: Well, that's an image to aspire to-- cheap, rather than quality.

 Jackie: Nick is right. If we get involved, my clientele-- they have certain standards.

 Clarke: All right, we kick it up a notch. We can produce whatever you want.

 Jackie: Okay, then. So maybe not haute couture, but--but very chic, classy gowns produced at reasonable prices. Maybe we could just branch off over time into some ready-to-wear--

 Nick: Mother, you already own an entire chain of boutiques. Why would you want Spectra?

 Clarke: You ever hear of vertical integration?

 Jackie: The Forresters have their own chain of boutiques featuring their own label. Why shouldn't we? I mean, if we want to compete on a level playing field here--

 Nick: That's exactly why I sold the company-- so we don't have to compete.

 Jackie: Oh, that is rubbish. The Marones--they're still in the fashion industry, or at least this one is. Look, I see a perfectly good manufacturing facility. It's really well located. It's really well priced. If we just invested a quarter of the funds from the sale of the Forrester Creations that we've just--

 Nick: Question, question, question-- who's gonna be your designer?

 Clarke: Eric Forrester. Or haven't you been listening?

 Jackie: He gets it, totally. We'll let Ridge and Eric do all the work.

 Clarke: And we get rich. (Laughs) Unless the idea of a lot of money coming in bores you?

 Nick: Maybe you better show me around.

 Taylor: (Sniffling) Brooke, my life-- suddenly everything has just changed. My--my life the way it seemed-- I mean, Nick and I were together, and we were building a solid family.

 Brooke: (Sighs) Taylor, you still can.

 Taylor: How? How am I supposed to live my life knowing that the child that he and I share is half yours? DNA. Is a powerful force.

 Brooke: So is love.

 Taylor: Brooke, please, don't romanticize everything. It isn't that simple.

 Brooke: (Sighs) Well, it could be, and it should be. Taylor, just sign the papers, and make it official.

 Taylor: Signing those papers doesn't do anything. It doesn't change a thing, Brooke. Those papers were supposed to be about the donor remaining anonymous.

 Brooke: Look, okay, okay, I get it. I do. It's a lot for both of us to adjust to. It's just the child right now should come first. He needs a mother that's gonna be there and love him and support him. And that is what matters. I need to know that you can take care of my son.

 Taylor: Did you hear what you just said?

 Brooke: Sorry. It--it just--

 Taylor: It just slipped out. And it's not the first time, Brooke. Why? Why, Brooke?

 Jackie: I mean, whoa. You could hold a cricket match in that cutting room.

 Clarke: We use it for an overflow assembly when the line's hot. (Laughs)

 Nick: You ship directly from here?

 Clarke: Here and the warehouse both. Flexibility is everything in this end of the business.

 Jackie: Well, I'm sold. With just a little money and... (laughs) a lot, a lot of determination, I can turn this place back into a gold mine. Aah! Bloody hell.

 Clarke: Sally used to do that all the time.

 Nick: Mother, a word, please.

 Clarke: Uh, why don't you two talk. I'll get the trowel.

 Nick: Truth. Is this about Eric leaving you for Donna?

 Jackie: Ohh. You know me better than that. Eric had his chance, all right? Yes, he was my lover, but not anymore, and now he's gonna be my motivation, my--my inspiration-- unpaid, of course.

 Nick: Those are harsh words.

 Jackie: I don't want this for revenge, Nicky. I want it for me. I-I've been everybody's footstool for too long. Well, no more. This is my time now, my time. The real Jackie M.-- She's about to come out. And oh, boy, is she gonna come out swinging.

 Bridget: Oh, hey.

 Ridge: Hey.

 Bridget: I heard the good news about you and Mom. Congratulations.

 Ridge: Thank you, sweetie.

 Bridget: I'm really glad that the situation with Taylor's baby didn't cause any major problems.

 Ridge: Define problem.

 Bridget: You know, it didn't derail you and Mom, although I know, it could not have possibly been easy.

 Ridge: You mean hearing that the woman I plan a future with now has a baby with the man I detest?

 Bridget: (Sighs) Ridge, it-- that child belongs to Nick and Taylor, no one else.

 Ridge: Yeah, so Brooke keeps telling me.

 Bridget: And do you believe her?

 Ridge: Yeah.

 Bridget: Good. I just wish Taylor believed that, too.

 Taylor: You come in here, and you say that you're ready to sign away your parental rights, and then in the next breath you call my baby your son. I mean... (sighs heavily) I-I don't even really think you know what you're feeling.

 Brooke: Taylor, I'm in shock, too. And the last 24 hours has been a roller-coaster ride for everybody, including myself.

 Taylor: Look, I just-- I think we all need to sort out our feelings before we go signing any legal documents.

 Brooke: Well, I don't really know what there is to sort out. You just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who needs every ounce of support that he can get from you.

 Taylor: Well, before I thought that I did not know who the mother was. It felt more like it was my baby. But now that I-I know that you--

 Brooke: I thought we put all that bad blood behind us.

 Taylor: Well, I thought so, too.

 Brooke: So now you're not so sure?

 Taylor: No, I know you, Brooke. (Sighs) And I-I know that... your children mean everything to you. And I know that... you are a good mother. And I know how a mother's bond to their own flesh and blood-- and I just don't know if you can walk away from your child emotionally.

 Brooke: (Sighs) Taylor, I am willing to do this. I am. I just need to know that you can love this child the way he deserves to be loved. Can you do that? Can you promise me that?

 Jackie: I started off in this business at the very bottom. I worked my rear end off day and night for years. So when your father gave me those boutiques, I went, "Whoa, this is it. I've reached the pinnacle."

 Nick: And you have, Mother.

 Jackie: Ohh!

 Nick: You're a big success.

 Jackie: Absolute rubbish. I am nothing more than a glorified shop girl kowtowing to every nip-and-tuck ... that wanders into my store. Well, I think it's time for a change.

 Nick: A change is fine, but to this?

 Jackie: Why not? I admire Sally. I mean, she doesn't play games. She doesn't pretend to be somebody that she isn't. Uh-huh. "What you see is what you get, and if you don't like it, mate, then up yours." Well, I want to take that spirit, Nicky. I want to emulate it now right here today. I'm telling you, the days of Forrester being the only game in town, baby, they're gonna come to an end.

 Clarke: Why, if anybody can do what Sally did in this industry, it's this lady right here.

 Jackie: Tell me, Nicky. Tell me you're in.

 Nick: I'm in.

 Jackie: Yes! Yes!

 Clarke: (Laughs)

 Nick: As a silent partner. I'll put up the cash. But this-- this baby's all yours, Mother.

 Jackie: (Exhales deeply) Understood. Besides, you've got a baby of your own now who needs your full attention.

 Nick: I love you. And I'm going.

 Jackie: (Laughs)

 Clarke: You are not gonna regret this.

 Nick: No, I-I probably will.

 Jackie: (Laughs)

 Clarke: Okay, we can go now.

 Jackie: (Sighs contentedly) we did it.

 Clarke: (Chuckles)

 Jackie: We did it. (Laughs)

 Ridge: It had to be rough on Taylor-- leaving her baby in ICU.

 Bridget: Because of the baby's condition, she--she can't hold him as much as she would like. It's tough. It's a really crucial time for her emotionally.

 Ridge: Yeah, and finding out who donated the egg can't help matters either.

 Bridget: Ridge, I don't know if my mom told you, but she has the document where she gives up all legal right as a parent. When I left the hospital, she was headed to see Taylor. Once that paper is signed, I think it will put everyone's minds at ease.

 Taylor: And what about when Jack grows up? What are we gonna tell him? We gonna tell him that you're the biological mother? I mean, my mind is so full of questions. They're just--it's just unraveling in my mind. I can't even begin to know where to start.

 Brooke: Right now he's just a baby, an innocent child who needs love and affection. And his future is with you and Nick, just as mine is with Ridge.

 Taylor: And how does Ridge feel about this?

 Brooke: He's coping. He believes in us the same way I believe in you and Nick.

 Taylor: Well, you do have a pattern of breaking up.

 Brooke: Well, this time it's going to work. You don't need to keep looking over your shoulder.

 Taylor: You sound like you're trying to convince yourself more than you are me. I mean, Brooke, we're talking about the entire future of a child's life. I mean, why? Why--why do you feel like you need to come over here and get this over with and get me to sign these papers? Why? I mean, is-- (sighs) is it because you're trying to do the right thing, or is it because you're afraid of losing Ridge?

 Brooke: Ridge and I are together again, and we're in love. And that little boy is yours, Taylor. I just pray, for your sake and for everybody's sake, that you're gonna be able to welcome him into your heart completely, because that little boy really needs his mommy and daddy to make it through the next few months. Please, just sign the papers.

 Taylor: I don't want to.

 Brooke: (Scoffs) I don't understand. Getting this resolved is in everybody's best interest, especially yours. Why would you even hesitate?

 Taylor: Dammit, Brooke, you don't even get it. That paper doesn't change anything. (Scoffs) The fact of who the real mother is is known--to you, to Ridge, to Nick... to me. How am I-- I mean, how am I supposed to get past that? (Sobbing) please, go. I'm tired. I don't--I don't want to talk about it anymore. Please, just let me rest. Please.

 Taylor: (Sniffling)

 Jackie: Ohh. Hmm. (Screeching sound)

 Jackie: Oh. (Chuckles) Calling all Forresters. Better watch your backs. The games are about to begin. (Laughs)

 Clarke: That's it, Jackie.

 Jackie: Oh.

 Clarke: You do it. You stick up for the little guy.

 Jackie: Oh, oh, that is wonderful. It's brilliant. I love it. (Laughs)

 Clarke: (Laughs)

 Jackie: Oh, Sally, I'm gonna make this place live, I promise you. Whatever gorgeous beach your cabana is resting on today, drink to our success, will you? Irish whiskey. Make it a double.

 Clarke: Cheers, darling.

 Jackie: (Laughs) Okay, this is just too good. It's too good. My own fashion house. It's mine. It-it's not the Forresters'. It's mine... to do with, to run exactly as I want.

 Clarke: So what is your edict, oh, empress of L.A. fashion?

 Jackie: (Snaps fingers) I have a name.

 Clarke: A name? For the line?

 Jackie: Mm-hmm.

 Clarke: Mm-hmm?

 Jackie: "M."

 Clarke: "M," as in Jackie M?

 Jackie: "M," "M," as in mysterious, "M," as in magnificent, "M," as in money...

 Clarke: (Chuckles)

 Jackie: Lots and lots and lots of marvelous money. This is a force to be reckoned with. I can feel it. And I see big, big things for you and me. I'm telling you, when lady M. And her super boy take off--pssshhhh-- Forresters ain't gonna know what hit 'em.

 Brooke: Ridge? Are you still here?  

 Ridge: Hey.

 Brooke: Oh. Oh, God.

 Ridge: I didn't mean to scare you.

 Brooke: No, that's okay.

 Ridge: So you went to see Taylor? Bridget told me. How's she doing?

 Brooke: She's struggling.

 Ridge: Bridget also mentioned something about papers.

 Brooke: I signed them.

 Ridge: Taylor knows?

 Brooke: She watched me do it. (Sighs)

 Ridge: Well, that should help.

 Brooke: Well, you would think so, but she's having a hard time bonding with this child the way she needs to.

 Ridge: What, because of the sterile environment he's in?

 Brooke: (Sighs) That... and me.

 Ridge: Oh, come on. Even though none of this was your doing?

 Brooke: I know. Legally, it's her child. She gave birth to him. But she's having a hard time feeling like his mother.

 Ridge: Maybe once she brings him home, things are bound to be different.

 Brooke: Oh, I certainly hope so. That poor little baby fighting for his life, being held by somebody that's confused, doesn't really know how to love him. I mean, what if Taylor can't be the mother to that little boy?

 Ridge: Then who will be?

 Brooke: I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a strong woman, and she's a very remarkable mother. She'll be able to do this. She'll love him and... (sighs heavily) bond with him the way that she needs to. She has to.

 Ridge: Yeah. She has to.

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