B&B Transcript Thursday 11/1/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/1/07


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Bridget: Mom? My goodness, you were supposed to be in my office 20 minutes ago.

Brooke: (Sighs) I'm sorry, honey. I was just checking on Jack.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Brooke: How is he?

Bridget: Well, he's actually better than we expected. I wish we could y the same thing for Taylor.

Brooke: Is she still here?

Bridget: No, she was released.

Brooke: This can't be easy for her-- going home without her baby.

Bridget: That's not the only thing she's having trouble with.

Brooke: I know. Nick came to see me.

Bridget: Can you believe it? She thinks that this is my fault. I guess I can't blame her entirely. I am your daughter. I handled the procedure, and her baby ends up with your DNA.

Brooke: She accused you of switching the eggs on purpose?

Bridget: Well, not quite, but that definitely did cross her mind, yeah.

Brooke: Honey, she's your friend.

Bridget: (Scoffs) I know. It's not about me, Mom. It's about you-- your history with Taylor and Nick.

Brooke: I know. I thought she had gotten past all that. She seemed so secure.

Bridget: Yeah, well, she thought that she was gonna have a bond with Nick that you could never, ever have, and now she finds out that-- well, that you're Jack's biological mother.

Brooke: (Sighs) That doesn't have to change anything for any of us.

Bridget: I know. I'm just afraid it's changing the way she feels about her son.

Brooke: How could anybody not adore this beautiful little angel?

Jackie: Oh, you're here. They're here.

Nick: Hey.

Thomas: Hey, welcome home, Mom.

Phoebe: We've missed you. Hi.

Jackie: Oh, we have, but it's not gonna be long before Jack is home, too.

Thomas: Yeah. How's he doing?

Nick: He's, uh, he's a scrapper.

Jackie: Well, he's gonna fit right into this family.

Phoebe: Well, the doctors haven't said when he'll be able to come home from the hospital?

Nick: No, no. We're hoping it'll be soon.

Thomas: You're so lucky that the donor agreed to help. I mean, if he hadn't had the bone marrow transplant--

Phoebe: Yeah, whoever she is, she's gotta be an incredible person.

Thomas: Right, I mean, after going through everything she did to help a couple she never even met have a baby, then getting the call saying the baby was sick, then coming to the rescue--

Nick: Well, we're just looking to the future, you know? We want to stay strong for our boy.

Jackie: Well, the important thing is the baby is here. You have a child of your own.

C.J.: (Sighs)

C.J.: Sal, old buddy.

(Cheers and applause)

Clarke: Is it true?

C.J.: Hey, Dad.

Clarke: Hi. Sally selling the business?

C.J.: Lock, stock and mannequins.

Clarke: Ah, well, I didn't think she still owned it.

C.J.: She didn't, but the people who did went bankrupt, so the title reverted back to Mom.

Clarke: She doesn't have to sell it. She could come back.

C.J.: From Saint-Tropez and her stable of cabana boys and endless flow of champagne? Right. Look, she's done, Dad. And you know what? I don't blame her. So I am handling the sale.

Clarke: You haven't made a deal yet?

C.J.: No, but the phone has been ringing off the hook.

Clarke: Well, don't answer it. I'll be right back. I've got your buyer.

Felicia: Hmm, well, look who finally decided to come back to work.

Ridge: I've been dealing with something, sis.

Felicia: Don't you mean someone--two someones?

Ridge: It's Taylor's baby.

Felicia: What happened?

Ridge: Needed a bone marrow transplant-- something to do with his immune system.

Felicia: Oh, my God. Will he--will he be okay?

Ridge: Yeah, if the transplant works.

Felicia: Thank God Nick was a match.

Ridge: He wasn't, actually. The biological mother donated the needed marrow.

Felicia: They tracked down the woman who donated her eggs?

Ridge: Yeah.

Felicia: Yeah? I-I thought she was anonymous. Did Taylor get to meet her?

Ridge: Taylor already knew her, sis, and so do you. It's Brooke.

Felicia: Brooke Logan is the biological mother of Nick and Taylor's baby?

Felicia: Brooke's egg made Taylor's baby?

Ridge: She donated the egg for research. The lab made a big mistake.

Felicia: Yeah, I'll say. Come on, who could make a mistake like that?

Ridge: Look, sis, I probably shouldn't even be talking to you about this, but I know you're Taylor's friend, and she's gonna need a lot of support.

Felicia: What she needs is a good malpractice attorney.

Ridge: Nobody's making a big deal about this. Brooke did her part. Everybody wants to get on with their life.

Felicia: Brooke did her part?

Ridge: Yes, donating her bone marrow. She's making no claims on the baby. Once the baby is well, Nick and Taylor can get on with raising it the way they planned.

Felicia: Yeah, but this is not what they planned. You either. From the sound of it, from the way you're talking, you got to--back together with Brooke. Am I right? So you broke it off with Ashley? So now you're starting a bright new shiny happy life with Brooke, but now she's got a baby with Nick?

Ridge: Brooke and I can handle it.

Felicia: What about Taylor, Ridge? Can Taylor really handle raising Brooke's child?

Thomas: So I want to hear more about the donor. Was she at the hospital?

Taylor: Yeah.

Jackie: Oh, you met her?

Nick: Yes, yes, we did.

Phoebe: Was she like you thought she'd be?

Taylor: She wasn't anything like what I expected, no.

Thomas: Was she nice?

Nick: She-- she was a good person.

Phoebe: Is she still at the hospital? I mean, should we send her flowers or something?

Nick: No, no, no, no, no, that's not necessary at all. She knows how grateful we are, and, you know, she did her part in helping with Jack, and we think it's all best that she not be a part of his life.

Taylor: You know what? I think I'm tired. I-I'm gonna go up. I'm gonna lay down.

Nick: I'll be right back.

Taylor: No, that's okay. You stay here. I just--I want to lay down by myself. (Inhales deeply) thanks for coming over, guys.

Phoebe: Welcome home.

Bridget: Mom, I'm not saying that Taylor doesn't love her baby.

Brooke: But she's having trouble bonding with him.

Bridget: But that is nothing that you need to feel guilty about.

Brooke: But if she's having these problems because of me--

Bridget: But, Mom, finding out that you were Jack's biological mother was very hard on her, of course, but that's not the only issue at hand. She hasn't even been able to hold Jack, I mean, for very long, and it's only been in a sterile environment. She can't breast-feed him. She's not the one changing his diapers. She can't even respond when he cries. And now she's going home, and Jack's staying here. It's just hard.

Brooke: I feel sorry for both of them.

Bridget: Well, you've certainly done everything you can for Jack. Now there's something you can do for Taylor.

Brooke: What's that?

Bridget: Just sign these forms relinquishing your parental rights.

Brooke: Well, that's why Nick came over. And he said that his lawyers were gonna draw something up.

Bridget: Right, but he got these from the fertility clinic. It's the same forms that we give people that are joining our donor program.

Brooke: It's legally binding?

Bridget: Yeah. Once you sign it, it is, so just come back to my office, and we'll talk about it.

Brooke: Oh, I-I will. I-I just want to spend a few more moments here.

Bridget: Mom, um, once you sign these papers, Nick and Taylor can get on with their lives.

Brooke: Yeah, okay, sure. I-I do want to help. It's just that the thought of signing papers right now is--

Bridget: Mom, you really need to sign these before Jack goes home. Mom, listen to me. It--it's time for you to step back and let Taylor do what she needs to do for Jack.

Bridget: You've got to do this.

(Pager beeps)

Bridget: I--oh. Look, I need to go. Just--just sign 'em, Mom. Do it--do it now.

Nick: Hey, I don't want you two worrying about your mother, okay?

Phoebe: She doesn't seem like herself at all.

Thomas: Well, she misses the baby.

Nick: Well, she does, but he'll be home soon.

Thomas: Is there anything we can do for you guys?

Jackie: Yeah, you can, uh, whiz those things back to the kitchen for me.

Phoebe: Okay.

Thomas: All right. (Laughs)

Phoebe: Here.

Jackie: So how is Taylor, really?

Nick: She's, uh, she's okay. She'll be okay.

Jackie: Hard leaving the baby at the hospital.

Nick: You know, mother, you dream about having a child, bringing him home, what it's gonna be like, what your life's supposed to be like. (Doorbell rings)

Jackie: Oh, I'll get it. It's more flowers probably.

Jackie: Oh, Clarke.

Clarke: Jackie, it's impossible. You cannot be a grandma.

Jackie: Ah, flattery will get you everywhere.

Clarke: (Chuckles) congratulations on the kid, boss.

Nick: Thanks, but I'm not your boss anymore. I'm out of the fashion business.

Clarke: But your mother's not. And I have a line on a major opportunity for Jackie M., a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jackie: Huh. Well, I do seem to be a bit at loose ends.

Clarke: (Laughs)

Jackie: Explain.

Clarke: Well, you're gonna have to come with me. I'm gonna have to show it to you.

Felicia: It's bizarre. That's what it is.

Ridge: It was an accident.

Felicia: Not much consolation to Taylor.

Ridge: Look, Nick and Taylor have a son, and he's getting better. That's hardly bad news.

Felicia: Uhh, no one's passing out cigars yet, though, are they?

Ridge: Not yet, but when the baby comes home.

Felicia: Oh, come on, Ridge, nobody knows Brooke and Taylor's history better than you. How long have those two been in competition, mixed up with the same men?

Ridge: Look, Brooke is with me now. Taylor's with Nick.

Felicia: And Nick has a baby with Brooke.

Ridge: Taylor carried that baby for eight months, sis. It was her decision to get pregnant. She's bonded with him now. She is the mother.

Felicia: It's not that simple.

Ridge: Well, it can be if we all agree.

Felicia: But you're thinking about this like a lawyer. I'm looking at this like a mother, and I am telling you, brother, it ain't that simple. You're on a high. You and Brooke just got back together, and you are hoping to soar right through this. But let me tell you, the oxygen mask just popped out of the ceiling, pal, so you better buckle up and hold on tight.

(Knock on door)

Brooke: (Exhales deeply) I'm sorry. Phoebe said that you might be asleep, but I could check.

Taylor: No, I wasn't sleeping.

Brooke: You're thinking about Jack. I have been, too.

Taylor: I'm really not up for visitors, okay?

Brooke: This won't take long.

Taylor: I really want to rest.

Brooke: Taylor, look, I-I know this is awkward. I-I don't even really know what to say. But I don't want to upset you. But we do need to talk.

Taylor: (Sighs) Brooke, why are you here? I mean, what do you want? I don-- what are we gonna talk about?

Clarke: Nick, Jackie, you know my son, C.J.

C.J.: These are your buyers?

Nick: I think the word is "Suckers." Let's go, Mother.

Jackie: Uh, Nicky, Nicky, Nicky, please, we came all the way down here. We should at least hear the man out.

Nick: We're not buying spectra fashions.

Clarke: Oh, you can't buy Spectra Fashions. Spectra Fashions is something that you embody. It's not just a name on a logo. It's a philosophy.

Nick: It's a knockoff shop.

C.J.: It's a bargain.

Nick: What are these numbers? What -- what's these costs-- the building? The equipment? What is this?

C.J.: All of it and the storage warehouse down the street.

Clarke: Thanks, C.J. I'll take it from here.

C.J.: Good luck.

Clarke: So, Nick, you always wanted to stick it to the Forresters. Now's your chance.

Nick: So I buy Spectra Fashions, and while they're laughing, Forrester Creations falls apart and goes bankrupt? Is that how it works?

Clarke: Look, if that's the way you feel, then you can just go, because if you can't stand up to the Forresters, you don't belong in this building. The Forresters never beat Sally. She may not have finished on the top, but she never got squashed underneath their heels. This was not just some froufrou fashion house. Sally ran a hard-nosed, bare-knuckled business.

Jackie: You were pirates.

Clarke: Arr, the best around.

Nick: That's not the business my mother's in.

Clarke: Oh, yeah? She's not interested in making money? She's not interested in using her ambition and creativity to stick it to the Forresters? Because when Sally was here, that's what made this place tick. And you know, I see some of the same qualities in you, Jackie-- a vivacious, independent wan with ideas of her own. In fact, I hope she's getting some of those ideas right now.

Jackie: (Laughs) I just might be, Clarke, just might be.

Felicia: Don't get me wrong. Look, you and Brooke have survived an awful lot. I'm not saying you can't get through this.

Ridge: We already have. It's been decided. That child is Nick and Taylor's.

Felicia: Is Taylor ready to accept him?

Ridge: (Sighs) he's her son. She has to accept him.

Felicia: Look, Ridge, I am talking about a newborn baby here. He needs love and attention to grow and flourish. He needs that from somebody committed to him 100%. Is that where Taylor's head is? Is she really ready to raise Brooke's child as her own?

Brooke: I know you're anxious. And I-I'm not here to make it worse.

Taylor: I just-- I want to be by myself.

Brooke: It was pretty hectic at the hospital.

Taylor: And I'm home now, and I want to rest.

Brooke: You'll feel much better when Jack is here with you.

Taylor: (Inhales deeply) Brooke, I know you say we need to talk, and--and we probably do down the road, but I'm just not up for it right now. I'm kind of in shock, okay?

Brooke: (Scoffs) Me, too. I-I was in total shock when I found out that I was the m-- that my egg was used in your in vitro fertilization. And then to find out that the baby was sick and they needed me to donate my bone marrow-- (scoffs) I-I mean, I was so overwhelmed. It was a lot to think about.

Taylor: But you've been thinking about it now?

Brooke: A lot.

Taylor: Have you gone by to visit him?

Brooke: Well, I was over at the hospital, so I went by the the NICU. Taylor, I meant what I said. I was just the donor. That's it.

Taylor: No, the donor we selected was supposed to be anonymous. She never was married to--to Nick. She never wanted to have a baby with him.

Brooke: Well, it--it's not going to be easy to distance myself from him, but I'm going to do it.

Taylor: Well, you could start by stop visiting him at the hospital. (Sniffing)

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) what you need is a guarantee. It's right here.

Taylor: What is that?

Brooke: Papers that we need to sign so that we know for sure who Jack's mother is.

Taylor: Well, if I'm the mother, why do I need to sign anything?

Brooke: To verify that and to acknowledge that I was the donor.

Brooke: (Sighs) look, I-I don't want to complicate anybody's life-- not your son's, not mine.

Brooke: Well, now all you have to do is sign your part, and it's all settled. There will be no question. He is your child.

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