B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/31/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/31/07


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Brooke: Of course, it wasn't.

 Ridge: Ashley's a wonderful woman.

 Brooke: She loves you.

 Ridge: She thought I loved her.

 Brooke: Well, it couldn't have been a total shock. I mean, she did give you an ultimatum. She must have realized what was happening between us.

 Ridge: Oh, she suspected.

 Brooke: Well, then isn't it better that she knows, instead of wondering all the time and worrying? I know how awful that could be.

 Ridge: She deserved more than my honesty. She took a chance on me and got hurt.

 Brooke: (Sighs) You're just feeling guilty right now. That's normal.

 Ridge: I made a lot of promises to her, her and Abby.

 Brooke: Well, if they had been meant to be, you would have kept them.

 Ridge: (Sighs)

 Brooke: Do you regret your decision?

 Ridge: No.

 Brooke: Then you made the right choice.

 Ridge: Yeah... for me.

 Brooke: No, for everybody. Ridge, I know it's difficult to end a relationship. You have all these questions, and you wonder if you could have done things differently. And usually, you can't correct your mistakes, but we have that chance. And as sorry as I feel for Ashley, I am just really happy for us. Aren't you?

 Ridge: Yeah, I am happy, very happy.

 Brooke: It's taken a long time, but it's finally happening for us.

 Bridget: You're awake. Um, I have your discharge papers for you.

 Taylor: Thank you. (Sniffles)

 Bridget: How are you doing?

 Taylor: I'll be better when I get out of here.

 Bridget: Have you spoken to the doctors today?

 Taylor: His condition's the same.

 Bridget: Right, but that's actually very good news. He's hanging in there. He's a very strong, little boy.

 Taylor: He gets that from his father.

 Taylor: Do you know why I chose this hospital, Bridget? (Sniffles) because I felt really comfortable here because you made me feel comfortable. You consoled me when I found out I couldn't have any children, and you encouraged me to look at these other options.

 Bridget: That's because I knew how much you and Nick wanted to have a child together.

 Taylor: That's what I thought, too, but now I have to wonder.

 Bridget: Wonder what?

 Taylor: You know, you've been involved in my treatment from the very beginning. You know, way, way back when we first found out that my eggs weren't viable, you said there was a mistake with my test.

 Bridget: Right, that was when I was on my OB rotation.

 Taylor: Right, and you were really concerned because there was a mistake with my test.

 Bridget: Taylor, this last mistake was an accident.

 Taylor: (Sighs)

 Bridget: I have been worried about this for months, in a total panic, but everyone told me that there was no possibility that this could have actually happened and I was worrying about nothing. But if there was even a chance that you could be pregnant with my mother's child... your child. It's your child, Taylor. It was just my mother's egg.

 Taylor: The egg you put in me.

 Bridget: You blame me.

 Taylor: Oh, come on, Bridget, stop with the big concerned act. I want to know how this happened to me!

 Brooke: (Gasps)

 Nick: Hi.

 Brooke: Hi.

 Nick: I thought maybe we'd have a talk.

 Brooke: I think you're right. Come in.

 Nick: Guess I'll go first.

 Brooke: Nick, Ridge and I are back together. He's upstairs with our son. This is what I want. We're going to be a family again, for good this time.

 Nick: (Sighs)

 Nick: That's your choice? After everything that's happened, this is it?

 Brooke: (Whispering) Ridge understands. The lab made a mistake.

 Nick: Well, if he understands... (whispers) then why are we whispering?

 Brooke: (Sighs) (normal voice) This has been kind of a difficult situation for all of us.

 Nick: Right. Good. Let's keep it about my son, shall we?

 Brooke: How is he?

 Nick: He is still in isolation, and we won't know for a while if the transfusion's actually taken, but he has developed his own immune system.

 Brooke: So things look pretty good so far, right?

 Nick: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and I can't thank you enough for what you've done, but, um, you know, there is something else.

 Brooke: What?

 Nick: Well, when he was born, Taylor and I wanted to bank some of his cord blood, but given that he got this illness and how you've helped, if there is a problem, the last thing we really want to do is come to you in the future for anything, so...

 Brooke: You want me to give some of my blood?

 Nick: Well, you've done the profiling already, so it's...

 Brooke: Okay, yeah. No, that's fine. I'll set something up with Bridget.

 Nick: Oh. Well, thanks. And, um, Jack thanks you.

 Brooke: Jack?

 Nick: Jack Hamilton Marone.

 Brooke: Ahh, after Taylor's father.

 Nick: Right, exactly.

 Brooke: That must have been your idea.

 Nick: Yes, actually, it was.

 Brooke: (Laughs) is she still having a hard time with all of this?

 Nick: She has a lot of questions.

 Brooke: What can I do to help?

 Bridget: I'll answer whatever you want to know, whatever I can.

 Taylor: I want to know why, Bridget.

 Bridget: If you're accusing me, honey, it's--

 Taylor: I'm not accusing you. I'm asking you, why?

 Bridget: Taylor, I can't answer that. You know that.

 Taylor: You suspected something was wrong, though, right?

 Bridget: I did, but not until it was too late. A tech came to me and told me that my mother's eggs were delivered to the fertility clinic the same night that I implanted you. I did everything that I could to try to figure out which egg was used, but I simply couldn't.

 Taylor: You never said anything to me.

 Bridget: Dr. Caron didn't th-think I needed to worry you.

 Taylor: Dr. Caron was not my doctor. You were my friend. You were my confidante. I asked you to be the Godmother to my baby.

 Bridget: I wasn't sure, Taylor. I wasn't sure. Your pregnancy was going very, very well, and you and Nick were happy.

 Taylor: Would I have ever even been told anything if the baby hadn't been born sick?

 Bridget: I was definitely gonna run some tests on Jack, and I would never, ever kept the truth from you. So now I'm wondering if it would have been easier on you just not knowing.

 Taylor: (Sighs) (laughs dryly)

 Bridget: I'm so sorry, Taylor.

 Taylor: Don't be sorry if you're not responsible. (Sniffles)

 Bridget: It wasn't my mistake. I-I did my job. My mistake was convincing my mother to donate her eggs to medical research. The rest was j-- it was a clerical error.

 Taylor: I don't want to hear that!

 Bridget: (Whispers) I don't know what else to say. I'm so sorry.

 Taylor: I don't want to hear that, either-- not from you, not from Brooke, not from this damn hospital! That's all anybody around here can say-- is, "Oh, we're sorry. We're sorry. It was a mistake. It was an accident. There's no one to blame." Although I find it really strange that somehow, the person who handled my whole in vitro just happens to be the daughter of Brooke Logan, and this person also has a history with Nick.

 Bridget: Okay, Taylor, don't go there. You do not want to go there with this.

 Taylor: No, didn't you give up your marriage to Nick so your mother could be with him?

 Bridget: You're stressed. There's a lot going on. You're very exhausted.

 Taylor: Oh, really? Is that a fact? And then you want me to stand here and believe this whole damn thing is a coincidence? Wrong!

 Bridget: It wasn't intentional, Taylor. I would never do that to you.

 Taylor: (Scoffs)

 Bridget: Do you think I wanted this to happen to you?

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: I never wanted this to happen to you, not to you and not to my mother.

 Bridget: If you need to hold me accountable, you can ask for an inquiry and file a lawsuit.

 Taylor: You want to give up your career?

 Bridget: A doctor who's lost her confidence should not be practicing.

 Taylor: Oh, so you just want to walk away from medicine?

 Bridget: (Sighs) I became a doctor because of you, Taylor. I admired you and wanted to be like you. You helped people. I took an oath to help people, not harm them, and this is harming you. And if it keeps you from bonding with your son, it will harm him, too.

 Taylor: (Voice cracking) I am trying.

 Bridget: I know. I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but I-I do understand what you're going through. I've been there. When I was pregnant with Nicole, I-I spent hours wondering, you know, what she would look like, what her laugh would sound like and what kind of woman she would grow up to be.

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: I couldn't wait to meet her. I had it all mapped out in my head, you know?

 Taylor: (Sniffles)

 Bridget: My little girl, our daughter, my family...

 Taylor: (Sobbing)

 Bridget: The three of us starting our adventure together through life.

 Bridget: And then she died. She died, Taylor.

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: I know what it's like to have your idea of a perfect family evaporate before your very eyes.

 Taylor: (Sobbing)

 Bridget: Honey, I know that it was a shock to find out that--

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: That you were pregnant with Brooke's egg, but your family hasn't disappeared.

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: (Sobbing) your son is here.

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: He's not out of the woods yet, but he is hanging on, and he needs you, Taylor. He needs you so much. He needs you to love him. I'll never forgive myself if this keeps you from bonding with him.

 Taylor: I want--I want to. I just... (sobs)

 Bridget: Then don't hold back, please.

 Taylor: (Sobs)

 Bridget: My mother has no claim on that little boy.

 Taylor: No, there's a connection. There isn't any anonymity. (Sobbing)

 Bridget: She's gonna sign those papers, though. She'll sign away her legal right.

 Taylor: Those papers don't dissolve biology. The baby is a part of Brooke. He's gonna grow up, and he's going to get to know her, and he's gonna feel that. He won't know why, but he'll know that there's some kind of connection. And Nick--he'll feel it.

 Bridget: But--but Nick wanted to have a child with you, only you. You and Nick are Jack's parents. Honey, you're just really confused right now, and you don't know how to do this. That's completely understandable. But I know you. I know your strength, and I know that you can do this and you will. Once you've bonded with that little boy, no one will ever question who his mother is.

 Brooke: I want to help you and Taylor and the baby any way that I can.

 Nick: Well, you had said that you'd sign the agreement, the same agreement that the donor signed.

 Brooke: Giving up my parental rights.

 Nick: Well, it would make everything legal, if you're okay with it?

 Brooke: Yeah, he's your son. He will always be very special to me, but he belongs with you and Taylor.

 Nick: Yeah, she's just having a little trouble adjusting. She'll be okay.

 Brooke: It's me, my history with you. She can't get past it.

 Nick: She will.

 Brooke: (Sighs) Nick, I'm so sorry.

 Nick: Brooke, don't be sorry, okay? There's nothing for you to be sorry about. It was a mistake.

 Brooke: Is that how Taylor feels about it? About your son?

 Nick: Well, I think she feels this marriage would have been different. She just didn't think that you would be an issue.

 Brooke: I won't be.

 Nick: Brooke, you're the biological mother of my child.

 Brooke: That connects me to him, not to you.

 Nick: Is that what you told Forrester?

 Brooke: It's the truth.

 Nick: Well, as much as we'd like it to be, the truth is you and I created a child together. The truth is he's a part of both of us.

 Ridge: What's he doing here?

 Brooke: It's about the baby.

 Nick: A few things to iron out.

 Ridge: Then you can call. You don't need to come over here.

 Nick: Is this your house?

 Ridge: Brooke and I are back together, Nick. We're picking up where we left off, and we're moving on with our lives. Do everyone a favor and get on with yours, and stay away from Brooke.

 Brooke: You're not being very sympathetic.

 Ridge: Is that what he needed, a little sympathy?

 Brooke: Nick is worried about his son. It had nothing to do with us.

 Ridge: If he's so worried about his son, he should be at the hospital.

 Brooke: Ridge, he didn't come here to upset you.

 Ridge: Did you tell him I was here?

 Brooke: Yes.

 Ridge: Did you ask him to leave?

 Brooke: He just wanted to ask a question.

 Ridge: It was something he couldn't ask you on the phone? He had to come here in person?

 Brooke: He wanted to see if I would bank some blood for Jack.

 Ridge: Jack?

 Brooke: Yeah, that's the baby's name.

 Ridge: The doctor should be handling all of this. If the boy needs blood, then the hospital should be the one calling you. Nick a Taylor should just stay the hell out of it.

 Brooke: It seems like Taylor's having a problem with it, too.

 Ridge: Yeah. Well, can you blame her?

 Brooke: Hmm. You're having trouble with it, also, but I don't blame you, because it's complicated. But it really doesn't need to complicate our relationship. Ridge, this is our first night together. I love you. This isn't going to be a problem for us. I promise you. The only ties that I have are to you and to our family.

 Taylor: Brooke will be tied to him forever. It doesn't matter if she waives her parental rights. He has her DNA.

 Nick: Honey, our names are on the birth certificate. We named him after our parents. (Sighs) l-listen, this child is going to come home with all his tragedies to us. He is gonna grow up in our house.

 Taylor: When?

 Nick: Well, it's gonna be someday soon.

 Taylor: (Sighs) I just-- I don't like leaving him here alone.

 Nick: He has around-the-clock care.

 Taylor: I know, but it isn't the same.

 Nick: We will see him every day. We can come by in the evening and sing him a good-night lullaby.

 Taylor: I know, but to just get in the car and go home without him, it's like I didn't even have a baby.

 Nick: Honey, you had a baby. Every time you hold that boy, he feels your heartbeat and he hears your voice, and when he looks up to you, he sees his mommy.

 Taylor: What about when you look at him? When you look in his eyes, do you see Brooke?

 Nick: No. See, when I look in that boy's eyes, I see the same thing I see when I look into your eyes. I see my future and my family. That boy there is ours. Jack Hamilton Marone is our little boy.

 Taylor: Our baby. He's our baby.

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