B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/23/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/23/07


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Ridge: The doctor just said you'd done something wonderful for your little boy?

Brooke: (Sighs) Well, everybody's pretty exhausted. It's been a very emotional day for all of us.

Ridge: She was talking about Nick and Taylor's child, right?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, he's their son.

Ridge: Well, you did just donate your bone marrow to him, so you are kind of connected in a way, aren't you, when you think about it? That baby's gonna have your blood running through his veins.

Stephanie: (Thinking) Oh, God, he raped her, and then I taunted her about it. How do you ask someone to forgive you for that?

(Doorbell rings)

Donna: If you're so anxious to see Brooke, why don't you use the key under the flowerpot? Go ahead. Get it. Oh, no, wait, you can't. It's not there anymore, is it? Your rapist friend took it.

Nick: This child is ours.

Taylor: Brooke wants to do the right thing.

Nick: And the right thing will be done.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Nick: We're lucky. Our boy has a chance now.

Taylor: Because of Brooke.

Nick: That's just the first step. We're sort of in charge of the rest of his life. He needs us now. (Elevator bell dings)

Dr. Caron: Look who's here. Somebody wanted to see Mommy and Daddy.

Nick: How's he doing?

Dr. Caron: The transplant went well. I think he's gonna be a strong, little fighter.

Nick: You bet he is.

Taylor: Thank you.

Dr. Caron: I'll leave you alone with him.

Nick: Doctor, can we touch him?

Dr. Caron: Let's hold off on that for now, but you can talk to him, tell him you're here. I'll be back. You can buzz the nurse if you need anything.

Nick: Thank you. (Door closes)

Nick: Come on.

Taylor: (Groans)

Ridge: You made an amazing sacrifice for that little boy, your ex-husband's son. It's amazing you were even a match.

Brooke: Uh, this really isn't how I imagined this day to be going. Uh, everything was going so well. I-I wasn't arguing with Taylor. We were getting along, and--and then you and me... (Sighs) and then I got this phone call from Bridget.

Ridge: Logan, what's going on?

Brooke: (Sighs) The lab made a mistake.

Ridge: Something to do with the transplant? The nurse told me about the little boy's condition, but you've solved that, right?

Brooke: W-well, we hope that the transplant is going to help, but we're not quite sure how his immune system's going to react to it. (Sighs)

Ridge: Are you all right?

Brooke: (Crying) Yes, I'm fine.

Ridge: Okay. So is everything okay? Everything's good?

Brooke: Yes. Nick and Taylor-- they're going to be wonderful parents, and this boy is gonna be very loved and wanted, and--and he's gonna be very lucky.

Ridge: Yeah, he sure is, especially having a guardian angel like you on his side, huh?

Brooke: (Sighs) W-well, that's just the thing. You see, I'm--I'm not gonna be in his life, and I need you to understand that. I mean, my relationship with Nick hasn't changed because of this or--or my relationship with you.

Ridge: Okay. Okay, that's understood.

Brooke: But of course, I mean, he is going to be in my life because I care about what happens to him, but--but that's it. I mean, that would be the extent of our relationship.

Ridge: What other relationship would you have?

Brooke: Okay, I'm--I'm really not making any sense. (Sobs)

Ridge: Logan, just--just calm down here. Um... talk to me here. Come on.

Brooke: (Sighs) Um... I-I went into the hospital to make an egg donation for medical research. It was, um, a program that Bridget was working on.

Ridge: Wait. Wait. Wait. I'm not--I'm not quite following you here. You did this when?

Brooke: This was quite a while ago, and--and then shortly after that, Nick and Taylor-- they conceived a child from an anonymous egg donor. Uh, Nick had to fertilize the egg, and--

Ridge: I know how it works. Keep going.

Brooke: Well, there was a-a-a mix-up, and the lab technician-- well, he had the dish that said "Marone" on it, and... (Sighs) and the hospital-- they never changed my records from my old name. And, uh, in the computer, my name was still Marone. The egg was mine, Ridge, not the donor's. (Sighs) it was mine. And yes, he is Nick and Taylor's baby, but he was conceived with my D.N.A.

Stephanie: Well, obviously, your sister isn't home, so--

Donna: Don't move. You'll set off the motion detectors. (Alarm beeps) can you blame my sister for being wary of uninvited guests?

Stephanie: You know what, Donna? I'll just come back another time.

Donna: Yeah, it's kind of creepy, huh? This is where it happened. You know, if it were me, I'd have to move, but not Brooke. She isn't gonna let that monster take any more from her than he did that night. She thinks she can put this behind her.

Stephanie: I hope she can.

Donna: Your conscience bothering you a little bit? Assuming you have one...

Stephanie: Look, I don't know what anybody has said to you, but I am not responsible for what that man did that night.

Donna: Wait, you didn't tell him how to get into the house?

Stephanie: What?

Donna: You didn't tell him the key was under the flowerpot?

Stephanie: Oh, please! What are you talking about? But she's just a regular girl-- you know, eats oatmeal for breakfast, runs in the park for exercise, hides her key under the flowerpot just like the rest of us.

Donna: You did. What happened to my sister is your fault, Stephanie. You practically walked that sick bastard right through this front door!

Stephanie: Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Donna: What did you come here for, huh? Did you want to apologize? Save your breath, because my sister is never going to forgive you. She might be able to get past this someday, but she will never, never get over this.

Taylor: I'm grateful to Brooke, because she gave him the transplant, but I... (sobbing) the rest, I just-- I don't--I don't know if... (sobs)

Nick: Shh. You gotta be so exhausted.

Taylor: No, I'm heartsick for this beautiful, little boy and about us... (sobs) and e-everything. And I'm just so ashamed.

Nick: What are you ashamed of?

Taylor: I'm selfish. (Sobs) (whispers) I'm so selfish.

Nick: Well, you know, honey, this day didn't exactly turn out exactly the way we planned.

Taylor: I mean, I look at him, and I see you, Nick, everything I love. But I also see Brooke in our son, in our future forever.

Taylor: (Sobs)

Ridge: You and Nick have a child?

Brooke: He is Nick and Taylor's baby.

Ridge: He's half you, half Nick.

Brooke: Yes, genetically.

Ridge: So what the doctor said was right. He is yours.

Brooke: Nick and Taylor made a decision to have a child. Taylor carried the baby. She gave birth to him. He is Taylor's son.

Ridge: Does Taylor know this?

Brooke: I told her everything that I'm telling you.

Ridge: (Exhales deeply) So that's why you could donate the bone marrow-- because you are actually his mom.

Brooke: Taylor is his mother.

Ridge: Well, Brooke, you can keep saying that if you want to.

Brooke: Okay, I will. I'll keep saying it until you understand. I know what it's like to have children taken away from me, and--and I wouldn't wish that on Nick and Taylor. God, I just wish it could go back to the way it was supposed to be, the way it was before I got that phone call, for Nick and Taylor and for you and me. Ridge, you were gonna commit yourself to me. You didn't say those words, but I could see it in your eyes. I need to know that that hasn't changed. Please tell me that it hasn't changed.

Nick: You see Brooke in him? Really? Because I don't.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Nick: What I see is our child. What I see is the future of a family that we're gonna have together.

Taylor: Well, it's a family that includes Brooke.

Nick: No, Taylor.

Taylor: She is the biological mother.

Nick: She is the egg donor.

Taylor: Nick, you were married to her. You wanted to have a child with her.

Nick: But I didn't. I had a child with you, a child that was conceived with the help of an egg donor.

Taylor: It isn't that simple anymore.

Nick: Well, simple went out the window when we said, Let's have a baby." The D.N.A. Doesn't make any difference. We are this boy's parents. And he's gonna grow up to be the reflection of the type of love that we give him. We are gonna lead by example for this boy. He will become what we are. And right now, I want him to see how the Marones can get through anything.

Taylor: I love you. I love you both so much.

Nick: Did you hear that, buddy? It's a good start. That's all we need. Well, that and--and a name. A name would be good...

Taylor: (Chuckles)

Nick: You know? I mean, we did bat a few ideas around, remember?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: So I was sort of thinking about it, and I-I-I came up with, um, something that might tie your family in here. Hayes Hamilton Marone.

Taylor: Hayes Hamilton?

Nick: Well, yeah. I mean, 'cause he already has my last name. So I wanted to, you know, somehow get your family name in there. What do you think?

Taylor: (Laughs)

Nick: What? Huh?

Taylor: Well, I-I love the name Hamilton, for a middle name, I do.

Nick: Okay.

Taylor: But I- I just really thought that for a first name after your mother and my father. I've always loved the name Jack.

Nick: Jack. There's something about that name I like, too. Jack it is.

Ridge: Brooke, how can you say things haven't changed?

Brooke: (Sighs) It doesn't have to.

Ridge: You have another child, another son with Nick Marone.

Brooke: Biology-- is that what you think being a parent means? No, I know that's not true, Ridge, because you love Hope, and it has nothing to do with her DNA.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Brooke. That's not the-- it's totally different here.

Brooke: No, it's not. Nick and Taylor have been through everything to have this child. I mean, he is the most important thing in the world to them.

Ridge: And being a mother is the most important thing to you. How can you not want to be a part of your own child's life?

Brooke: All I want for my children, all of them, is to be happy and healthy and loved. Now I've given this child everything that I can. The rest has to come from Nick and Taylor.

Ridge: I know you, Logan, probably better than you know yourself. I hear what you're saying, but I don't understand how you could possibly separate yourself from your own flesh and blood. That's just not who you are.

Donna: Are you startin' to see it? This is where all your bitterness and your jealousy leads-- this room right here that night.

Stephanie: I had no idea what he would do to her.

Donna: No, you just wanted Brooke out of your son's life. Only your plan backfired. Thanks to you, they're closer than ever.

Stephanie: What are you talking about? Ridge--Ridge is engaged to Ashley.

Donna: Oh, please. That marriage is not gonna happen. And that's your worst nightmare, isn't it-- Brooke and Ridge together again?

Stephanie: No, Donna, actually, that would have been you and Thorne. Thank God he came to his senses.

Donna: What was that saying? "Out of the frying pan"... you better keep an eye on the temperature, babe, 'cause you're about to be burned.

Taylor: Jack Hamilton Marone.

Nick: I like it.

Taylor: Mm.

Nick: A lot of pressure with a name like that. You know, that kind of name, you gotta-- you gotta do big things.

Taylor: (Laughs) (deep voice) Supreme court justice-- Jack Hamilton Marone.

Nick: (Laughs)

Taylor: (Laughs)

Nick: (Deep voice) President Jack Hamilton Marone. (Laughs)

Taylor: (Laughs) I could even see that name on the list of Nobel Prize winners.

Nick: Super bowl MVP-- Jack Hamilton Marone.

Taylor: Booyah. (Laughs)

Nick: (Laughs) Believe me, this kid gets through this, he'll be able to do anything.

Taylor: (Laughs)

Nick: Same goes for us. You hear that, Jack? The Marones are gonna be okay-- me, you and your beautiful mama.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Nick: We're gonna be just fine.

Ridge: You follow your heart, Brooke. That's what brought you into this hospital. That's why you're lying in this bed right now. That baby is a part of you.

Brooke: Hope is a part of me, Rick, Bridget. I've had them with other men, and that was never an issue. Why should this be?

Ridge: Because we're talking about Nick Marone.

Brooke: No, we're talking about us. The lab made a mistake. Nick and Taylor shouldn't have to suffer for that. Neither should we. You know, you keep talking about my baby and my child. What you're really thinking is it's my child with Nick.

Ridge: Well, I'm sorry. I... can't help it.

Brooke: (Sighs) You and Taylor both. You both can't get past it. Now this baby may connect me to Nick forever, but it's not what I want.

Ridge: For months you've been telling me there is no connection between the two of you.

Brooke: Please, Ridge, don't do this. Don't pull away from me. Ashley may be wearing your ring, but she's not the woman that you want to be with. You love me. That's what you said.

Ridge: You know I do.

Brooke: Well, then let's face this together. I mean, yes, it is kind of complicated, but it doesn't have to be insurmountable. This can't tear us apart. Please, Ridge, don't let that happen. I am not going to let you slip away from me again.

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