B&B Transcript Thursday 10/18/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/18/07


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Nick: Something unexpected's happened.

Brooke: Nick, what is it?

Bridget: Mom, the--the baby needs a bone marrow transplant, and nick's been ruled out. So w-we have to use the biological mother-- the same donor that we used in in vitro.

Brooke: Well, let's find her.

Nick: We have.

Brooke: That's wonderful. (Scoffs) I-I still don't understand. What does this have to do with me?

Man: (Speaking French)

Ashley: Trs bien, merci.

Man: Mademoiselle veut dormir?

Ashley: Uh, no, merci. J'ai bien dormi dans l'avion.

Man: Trés bien.

Ashley: Voil.

Man: Merci.

Ashley: Merci.

(Door closes)

Ashley: Aah!

Rick: Hey. Hey, look, as long as you're standing there, do you want to wash my back?

Ashley: What are you doing in my s-suite?

Rick: You mean Forrester International's suite?

Ashley: Yes. And they're expecting me.

Rick: Really? Nobody told me that.

Ashley: (Sighs) you think I'm gonna believe that?

Rick: Well, actually, the truth is nobody was expecting moi. But that's the point. I wanted to show up here unannounced, now that we have Forrester International back, and see how bad the damage is. What are you doing here?

Ashley: (Scoffs) we don't have to pay a tariff if we produce the "Felicia" fragrance here, so I'm here to interview chemists, French chemists.

Rick: That's right. I remember you mentioning something about that.

Ashley: And I can't do it if you're in my bathtub, 'cause I'd like to--I'd-- come on, I want to take a bath.

Rick: Listen, listen. What am I supposed to do? I don't have my apartment here anymore.

Ashley: Uh, you got a credit card?

Rick: Touché. Well, look, um, now that you're here, let's do the proactive thing and, uh, not argue. Room service is coming. So would you like to join me? For breakfast?

Ashley: (Whispers) right.

Ridge: Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Ridge: Your sister and I had a photo shoot.

Katie: Oh. Why?

Ridge: Magazines like us.

Katie: Mm. So is she upstairs?

Ridge: No, she had to go out.

Katie: And you're still here because...

Ridge: To help take care of the kids.

Katie: Huh.

Ridge: Does that meet with your approval?

Katie: So is that lipstick on your collar?

Bridget: Do you remember, um-- do you remember coming in for your fertility testing?

Brooke: Of course I do, honey, but why in the world are we even talking about this?

Bridget: Just bear with me, Mom, please. Please, let me explain.

Brooke: (Sighs) explain what?

Bridget: (Sighs) the day you came in to have your eggs-- your eggs tested, wh--when you realized that you weren't going to be using your eggs, do you remember the little speech that I-I gave you that day, the one that I said I give all my-- my clinic patients?

Brooke: About?

Bridget: The one about designating the eggs that were harvested to research.

Brooke: Yes. You said a lot of the women in your class-- the resident women-- were doing the same thing. But I-I-I still don't understand why we're talking about this right now.

Bridget: (Sighs) okay, Mom, your-- your name was in the computer as Brooke Marone.

Brooke: No, I-I told them to change that.

Bridget: The--the donor that Nick and Taylor chose-- her eggs were also labeled "Marone." Dr. Caron wasn't in the day of the fertilization. I was. And so was the tech that was there the day that I was doing testing on you. And when I asked them to bring me the donation labeled "Marone," I-I guess the--the-- I guess the tech thought that I...

Brooke: I was the donor?

Bridget: No one ever intended this, Mom.

Brooke: Taylor's baby is mine? (Exhales deeply)

Katie: So what really happened? Where is Brooke?

Ridge: Don't give me that look. Bridget called and, uh, needed her for something.

Katie: Well, you don't have to stay. I'm home now. You don't have to babysit.

Ridge: Actually, your sister wanted me to stay.

Katie: Yeah, I'm sure she did.

Ridge: Isn't it past your bedtime?

Katie: You're funny. You know, we have to be careful with her. She's been through a lot, and I admit that you have been great, but I think she's starting to take all this attention the wrong way.

Ridge: And how would you know that?

Katie: You're not available-- not the way she wants you to be.

Ridge: Katie, I could be a lot of different places right now, but I'm here.

Brooke: The baby-- I'm the biological mother?

Nick: Yes.

Brooke: The child that Taylor has been carrying all this time and the child that I-I so desperately wanted to give you-- and--and I did?

Bridget: Wait a second. Why didn't I think of this before? Oh--oh my God. What--what about my bone marrow? Who's closer to Mom genetically than me? I'm sure I have the same recessive SCIDs gene that--that--that you do, Mom. And I'm younger, so I'd recover faster. I can do this.

Nick: The mother's the closest match, Bridget. I don't want to waste any time with this. We gotta test her as soon as possible. Will you do this, please?

Brooke: Oh, yes, of course. You don't even have to ask.

Nick: (Whispers) thank you.

Nick: You know, I've--I've tried to wake her.

Nurse: Dr. Caron prescribed a sedative. She got a little agitated after you left.

Nick: Well, how long do you think she'll be out? I need to talk with her.

Nurse: Depends on how much she needs the rest.

Nick: Well, if she wakes up while I'm gone, would you-- would you tell her everything's okay?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Our son's gonna have what he needs. (Whispers) thanks.

Nurse: (Whispers) okay.

Brooke: Is what you're doing safe for the baby?

Dr. Caron: Well, we'll have to treat the marrow first.

Bridget: Mom, it's-- it's, um, an infusion, not an actual surgery.

Dr. Caron: Correct. It's like a blood transfusion. It's very low-risk.

Brooke: Oh.

Nick: Everything okay?

Brooke: Uh, yeah, everything's fine. I was just gonna ask Dr. Caron if--

Dr. Caron: Excuse me, uh, Mr. Marone, you can't be in here.

Nick: Doctor, I'll set up housekeeping in the hallway if I so choose, because my lawyers could have me owning this place by the end of next week, along with your little red Mercedes. Now you ask your question, Brooke.

Brooke: Uh, okay. I was just wondering if I could be there when the baby was given my bone marrow.

Dr. Caron: No, I'm sorry. That's not possible. It's--it just isn't done.

Nick: Well, it'll be done tonight.

Katie: (Clears throat)

Ridge: I thought you went to bed.

Katie: Is Brooke still not home?

Ridge: Maybe I should call her. (Grunts)

Katie: You know what, Ridge? Don't listen to me. I'm serious. I don't know what I'm talking about. Brooke loves you. She's crazy about you. I'm sure you know that. And I'm sure it hurt you when she went back to Nick, but that is so over. She is so clear about what she wants. And if there's even a chance that the two of you could get back together, no one would be happier than I would. I just don't want her to get hurt again. So you have to decide, okay?

Ridge: What if I told you I already have?

Katie: Come on. What?

Ridge: Now why would you be the first one to know?

Katie: Because I'm here!

Ridge: (Sighs) Good night, Katie.

Katie: Good night, Ridge.

Rick: You ready to go?

Ashley: You and I and a couple of suitcases walking into the international offices? I don't think so.

Rick: What's the matter? You don't want to start any rumors, any gossip? You don't want to make your fiancé jealous?

Ashley: Rick, come on. This isn't a game to me.

Rick: I know it's not a game to you. I just hope it's not a game to him.

Nick: Hey, pal.

Nick: God, you're so beautiful. (Sobs) (sobbing) oh, take me. God, take everything I have. Just... just don't take him. Don't take him.

Nick: Don't take him. (Sobs)

Nick: How long is she gonna be out? It's been a couple of hours.

Dr. Caron: That's completely normal.

Nick: You said that it went well, right?

Dr. Caron: Very. In fact, I think this is what we've been waiting for. Okay. All right, let's start the infusion.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Bridget: Hey.

Taylor: Mm. Where is Nick?

Bridget: I'm, uh-- I'm sure he'll be right back.

Taylor: How did the surgery go?

Bridget: That could not have gone better. The baby's probably getting the infusion right now.

Taylor: And the donor was a pretty close to perfect match?

Bridget: Um, yeah.

Taylor: How is she doing?

Bridget: Oh, uh, she's fine. She's in recovery.

Taylor: I just wish I could talk to her and thank her, because... (Sniffles) she's just done so much for us, and I-I know there's the confidentiality clause, but-

Bridget: Right, yeah.

Taylor: I mean, does that mean I'll really never get to meet her and thank her?

Bridget: Taylor... (Sighs) Nick's gonna be back in just a minute, okay?

Taylor: Bridget?

 (Cell phone rings) (Rings) (Rings)

Brooke: (Weakly) hi.

Nick: Hi. You're awake.

Brooke: Yeah, uh, I thought that was ringing in my ears.

Nick: (Laughs)

Brooke: How'd I do?

Nick: Perfect. You did perfect.

Brooke: (Sighs) yeah?

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Oh.

Brooke: Oh, here, I-I can take that.


Nick: You're sure?

Brooke: Yeah.

Nick: There you go.

Brooke: Hello?

Ridge: What's going on? Are you all right?

Brooke: Ridge, um, yeah, I'm fine.

Ridge: You sound tired.

Brooke: I am... (Sighs) a little. I'm sure you're tired, too. Did Katie get home yet?

Ridge: Uh, hours ago.

Brooke: Oh, um, okay. Y-you don't need to stay.

Ridge: You don't sound right here. Do you want me to come down there?

Brooke: Uh, no. No, I'm--I'm fine. Uh, look, I-I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, okay?

Ridge: Logan...

Brooke: Yeah?

Ridge: I love you.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Brooke: Is that...

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, Nick.

Nick: Hey. Hey. Hey. You shouldn't-- you shouldn't get up. It's too soon yet.

Brooke: Well, can't I see him?

Nick: Are you sure you want to?

Brooke: Yeah, I'm sure.

Nick: There he is.

Brooke: Oh.

Brooke: He's so tiny.

Nick: Yeah, isn't he?

Brooke: (Gasps) he's beautiful.

Nick: I know. You see this? This is life flowing into him, life that you've given to him again.

Brooke: It's our baby. It's amazing.

Nick: Brooke, this whole--just--

Brooke: Nick, I am really happy that I could do this for you. But Taylor carried him, and you're his father. And you're gonna have a wonderful life together, just like Ridge and me. But for a few minutes, it doesn't hurt to be proud parents, right? I mean, what's the harm in that?

Nick: No harm at all.

Baby: (Cries)

Nick: You've blessed my life in so many ways.

Baby: (Crying)

Nick: Thank you for our son.

Taylor: Nick?

Brooke: (Gasps)

Taylor: Nick? Nick.

Nick: Hey.

Taylor: Hi.

Nick: What are you doing out of bed?

Taylor: Oh, there she is. That's the donor? You wanted to me her, too, didn't you? I-I just want to go thank her.

Nick: Are you sure?

Taylor: Well, that's-- that's our angel of mercy. I mean, I-I just-- I want to thank her. I mean, she just did something so selfless. I-I want to-- I want to tell her that that means a lot to me, and I-I want to tell her how much it'll mean to me to-- to be able to raise this baby.

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