B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/16/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/16/07


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Dr. Caron: Hanging in there?

Taylor: Barely. I-I want that little sweetie back over here where he belongs.

Bridget: It'll just be a minute. We're just drawing a little bit of blood.

Bridget: It's strictly routine.

Dr. Caron: We always do a newborn screen. And plus, your baby's a little bit underweight because he was in such a hurry to get here, so I think I want to do a more thorough examination when they're done.

Nurse: All done here.

Dr. Caron: Okay.

Bridget: Do you want to take him now?

Dr. Caron: Sure.

Taylor: No, wait. No, please. Just--can we have just five--- five minutes?

Nick: Five minutes, please?

Dr. Caron: Well, his Apgars are solid, so I guess I can hold off a little bit.

Taylor: (Sighs contentedly)

Baby: (Coos)

Nurse: Here you go.

Taylor: Ohh. Ohh, come here, precious. Ooh.

Nick: Precious-- I like that name.

Bridget: You know, actually, I, um-- I can take those to the lab. I'm going there right now.

Nurse: Mm. All yours, Dr. Forrester.

Bridget: Thanks.

Baby: (Coos)

Nick: I'm gonna go outside to Mom and your kids-- give 'em an update, okay?

Taylor: Okay. Hurry back.

Nick: Yeah.

Baby: (Grunts)

Nick: Now this blood's going where it needs to go?

Bridget: Yes. I'm taking it to the fertility lab right now myself, and my mom's DNA is already in the computer.

Nick: So you run the same test on this blood that you ran on your mother's?

Bridget: Compare the markers to my mother's, and if they don't match, then we know the egg came from the anonymous donor.

Eric: All right, Felicia, you've made your feelings known on the subject. You don't approve of Donna and me. So noted.

Felicia: You can try to dismiss me, but you know what? Mother will be back, so look out.

Donna: She's the one who'd better watch it if she's brazen enough to show her face here again.

Felicia: All right, you know what? I need to know now. What did mother do that-- that--to deserve this kind of treatment? I mean, you keep saying something about some terrible sin. What?

Donna: Terrible? T-try vicious. Vile. Almost inhuman.

Felicia: Thank you for your totally unbiased assessment.

Eric: I guarantee, Felicia, once I tell you, you'll be sorry I did.

Felicia: Try me.

Eric: All right. I didn't tell Thorne when I saw him because he's not aware of what happened to Brooke.

Felicia: This is about Brooke? About some tiff she had with Brooke? She's crossed the line several times before.

Donna: No, this goes beyond anything Stephanie has ever done to my sister... way beyond.

Felicia: Fine! Spit it out. What has mother done now that's so damn unforgivable?

Eric: Your mother was involved in Brooke's rape.

Jackie: Nicky? Nicky, congratulations!

Nick: What are you doing? Coffee at this time? Are you crazy?

Jackie: Well, why not? Now that we now he's here, and he's safe, and he's healthy, and... he is, isn't he?

Nick: Like a small horse.

Phoebe: But--but he's really okay? I mean, being premature and everything?

Thomas: It was only three weeks.

Nick: All is good. All is good.

Jackie: Ten little fingers and ten little toes?

Nick: No, mother, he was born with a hook. Argh!

Jackie: Will you stop teasing? I want to see him. When can we see him? When can we see Taylor?

Nick: Well, how does now sound to you? Come on. Come on.

Jackie: Come on, guys.

Bridget: What are you doing here, Carl?

Carl: The baby's blood? You're gonna run the test?

Bridget: Please, leave. Now, Carl. Now! I want to do this alone.

Carl: Forget it, Bridget.

Bridget: Don't you have work to do?

Carl: I clocked out early. Hey, I've been waiting months to find out if those eggs came from your mother. I'm not going anywhere.

Felicia: Involved with-- what? H-how?

Eric: Andy Johnson, honey. Andy Johnson. Your mother met with him. She called him. She encouraged him to--to go after Brooke.

Felicia: To rape Brooke? No! No way, Daddy!

Eric: That's what it led to because of Stephanie's scheming and her total disregard for Brooke's personal safety.

Donna: This guy could have been jack the ripper for all Stephanie cared, as long as it-- it took her away from Ridge and kept her from getting her kids back.

Felicia: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Time-out. This isn't making any sense. Mother told me that she heard somewhere that Brooke had some secret admirer. I was at Café Russe, and I saw Brooke. They were there. They were having dinner together. It was in the paper the next day. So I called mother, and I told her, "Yeah, you're right. Brooke's on a date with this guy."

Donna: A date? It wasn't a date. This guy had been stalking her, thanks to Stephanie pushing him, telling him my sister was alone and vulnerable.

Eric: Felicia, he followed her home from the restaurant. Now Ridge got ahold of this guy's cell phone, and it showed that he got a-a call from this house minutes before the attack.

Donna: With Stephanie egging him on, no doubt. She even told him where to find the key-- under the flowerpot...

Felicia: No.

Donna: By the door.

Felicia: No, my mother couldn't--

Donna: Yes, she did! Stephanie was trying to hurt my sister like never before, and she succeeded. If it weren't for your mother, my sister would have never been raped.

Jackie: Oh, my sweet, sweet, little grandson. Do you know how long I've waited to meet you?

Baby: (Grunts)

Jackie: (Whispers) I think I've just fallen madly in love. (Normal voice) Oh. Oh.

Taylor: Oh, he's a charmer.

Jackie: (High-pitched voice) you know what? You've got your daddy's chin.

Baby: (Fusses)

Jackie: Yes, you do! You've got his chin.

Thomas: I've, uh-- I've talked to dad and Brooke. Everyone's kind of worried.

Baby: (Crying)

Jackie: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

Phoebe: Yeah, it was scary when his heart rate dropped like that.

Nick: Thomas, do you think you could get on the horn and pass the good news along?

Taylor: Yeah, everything's okay. Do that. It would help us out a lot.

Thomas: Yeah, no problem.

Jackie: Do I have to give him back now?

Taylor: Yes.

Jackie: I think I do.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Jackie: He wants his mom.

Nick: I think so, grandma.

Jackie: I like that. There's your mama.

Nick: There you go.

Baby: (Cries)

Nick: Shh.

Taylor: Oh, sugar. Oh, God, I knew I would be so happy when this day came, but I just--I never imagined.

Phoebe: I've never seen you look so beautiful.

Taylor: Thank you, sweetheart. Oh, could you, um, go back where we had the shower and get some of the baby clothes?

Jackie: Consider it done. I'm on my way. The nursery will be perfect. Everything will be done.

Nick: Thanks, mom--big help.

Jackie: Come on, kids, we've gotta get busy.

Phoebe: Bye.

Thomas: See you.

Jackie: (Whispers) love you. Love you.

Dr. Caron: No more visitors, please.

Nick: Why not?

Taylor: That's okay. I'm not tired.

Dr. Caron: I just got some of the lab results back. I'm afraid there's a problem, a serious problem.

Baby: (Fusses)

Carl: So now it's all up to the computer, right?

Bridget: My, God! Would you just stop hovering? Don't you think I'm nervous enough? If you want to be useful, can you go out into the hall and make sure that no one comes in here?

Carl: Bridget, Bridget, you're a wreck.

Bridget: Of course, I'm a wreck. Do you blame me? Do you know how many lives could be affected depending on how these test results turn out?

Carl: Precisely my point. That's why we don't need any more mistakes.

Bridget: There's not gonna be any more mistakes. The computer's gonna analyze it and rule out mom as the mother of Nick and Taylor's child.

Carl: Or rule her in.

Carl: Hey, brother, do you mind?

Man: Sorry, dude. Carry on.

Carl: Whew!

Bridget: My God! If you do that again, I'm gonna deck you!

Carl: Hey, I got rid of him, didn't I? .

Felicia: I hate that Brooke was raped. It makes me sick, okay? But my mother was not responsible. She didn't even know that Andy was violent, okay?

Donna: Because she didn't even bother to check. I mean, Stephanie told this total stranger everything she could think of about Brooke. The court took her kids away. She was alone in that house... all of her personal, private business, the best way to get to her, how to push her buttons. Did you ever wonder why Brooke never called the police? Because Andy blackmailed her with information Stephanie gave him.

Eric: Felicia, the bottom line is this. Stephanie left town without talking to Brooke, much less apologizing. She just wrote a letter and took off. She didn't have the decency, much less the guts, to face Brooke. And to me, that's inexcusable. The fact that Stephanie handled it the way she did-- that speaks volumes.

Nick: S.C.I.D.?

Dr. Caron: Severe combined immunodeficiency.

Taylor: The "Boy in the bubble" syndrome?

Dr. Caron: That's right. To put it simply, your son was born with almost no immune system.

Nick: So he--he can't be around people, or...

Dr. Caron: Not now, no. Babies born with it are highly susceptible to infections. That's usually how it's diagnosed-- after the baby's already gravely ill with meningitis or pneumonia.

Baby: (Fussing)

Nick: Gravely ill?

Dr. Caron: It's often fatal. I'm sorry.

Baby: (Crying)

Nick: Oh. Well, how did this happen?

Dr. Caron: It's a genetic disorder. It--it--it sometimes happens when both parents have a certain recessive gene. Uh, but one of the lab techs noticed that the baby had an alarmingly low white blood cell count. So we did some follow-up tests to confirm the diagnosis. We're lucky, in a way, because we've caught it before he's had a chance to come down with anything. That'll make it much easier to treat.

Nick: So it-- it can be treated?

Dr. Caron: Yes, with a bone marrow transplant. Now the most effective treatment we have is what we call a half-match transplant from one of the parents. Using a half-match, we don't have to worry about graft-host disease, and the baby doesn't have to take as many medicines.

Taylor: (Voice breaking) I can't be a donor because I'm not the biological mother.

Nick: You can use me. I'm the father.

Dr. Caron: We will. We'll have to screen you, though-- make sure there's no viruses, no kind of infection. That could be fatal to the baby.

Taylor: (Normal voice) well, what-- what is the success rate of that?

Dr. Caron: Well, an early half-match transplant within the first three months of life-- almost 80%.

Nick: Well, I don't want to wait. I don't want to take any chances with this boy's life. I want to do this transplant now, as soon as possible.

Taylor: No, we have to do everything we can to save him. Please, we don't want to wait.

Carl: Staring at the screen won't make the results come any faster or change them.

Bridget: That's why I wanted to be left alone, 'cause my stomach's in knots. For this to happen to Taylor, of all people... she and mom-- (voice breaks) I can't even think about it.

Carl: I'm sure you have, though-- played out all the scenarios in your head. So what happens, Bridget, if it turns out the eggs were your mother's?

Nick: So... (clears throat) what if my marrow's no good?

Dr. Caron: Well, I'm gonna contact the egg donor, see if she'll cooperate.

Taylor: Whatever it takes-- anything, please.

Dr. Caron: Oh, but she was anonymous, so maybe legally, it--

Nick: No, there's a provision in the contract. We can contact the donor if there's any issue with the child's health.

Dr. Caron: Oh, good. That'll make it easier.

Nick: Listen, doc, um... (clears throat) make sure you make it clear... (voice breaking) how much we love this little boy and how much we need her help.

Dr. Caron: I'll get right on it. But right now, I'm afraid this little guy has gotta stay in a sterile environment.

Taylor: I can't. I can't. (Sobbing) I can't. Please, no, don't make me. I don't want to be away from him. Please, please, don't make me.

Nick: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Now listen, our little boy's in trouble, so we gotta do what we gotta do.

Taylor: I don't want him to go.

Nick: (Whispers) I know. (Normal voice) hey, it's okay.

Baby: (Grunting)

Taylor: (Sobbing)

Baby: (Fusses)

Dr. Caron: Okay.

Taylor: (Sobbing) Oh, God!

Nick: (Whispers) it's all right.

Taylor: (Sobbing)

Donna: So before you stand up for your mother, you should at least know the facts.

Felicia: Don't you tell me I can't stand up for my mother! I will stand up for my mother, because whatever my mother may have done, it doesn't justify your behavior. Se--seducing my brother for revenge, and now my father?

Eric: That's not what's happening here, Felicia. Look, Donna helped me get the company back. We owe her.

Felicia: Oh, I don't owe her a thing. My mother will be back. And when she's back, all of this will be explained, and she and my father will work things out. So you stay the hell away from my father. You stay the hell away from my house because if I catch you here again--

Donna: Yeah, what? What are you gonna do, Felicia?

Felicia: Trust me, cupcake, it won't be pretty. You do not want to mess with me.

Donna: (Sighs)

Eric: (Whispers) it's okay. (Door slams)

Dr. Caron: All right, we'll test the father immediately. He's very anxious to be the donor if everything works out.

Man: What about the egg donor?

Woman: I've got the file right here. Legal-verified-- we have permission to make contact.

Dr. Caron: Ann Lloyd. She lives in riverside.

Woman: Is there a daytime number?

Dr. Caron: Yeah--her cell. Let's do this. Let's call her.

Man: I'll arrange for Mr. Marone's testing.

Taylor: (Sobbing) why? I just can't believe this is happening. I don't want to lose him.

Nick: Um, honey, I'm gonna get tested. I'm the kid's father. It's gonna be okay.

Taylor: Yeah, but what-- what if--

Nick: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Now listen. Listen. We're gonna take this one step at a time, and right now we're doing our best, okay?

Taylor: But--but what if the egg donor mother doesn't want to-- doesn't want to help us? What if she won't?

Nick: We are gonna do everything we can. We are gonna do our best for our son. Now you hold on to that. You hold on to that.

Woman: I don't believe I know a Dr. Caron. Have we met?

Dr. Caron: Well, I'm hoping we will shortly.

Woman: Oh?

Dr. Caron: Ms. Lloyd, I understand that you donated some eggs last spring for an IVF procedure.

Ms. Lloyd: I thought that information was confidential.

Dr. Caron: Oh, well, normally, it would be, but you also signed an agreement with the birth parents saying that you could be contacted "By any concerned parties in any and all matters that may affect child's health or well-being."

Ms. Lloyd: That's still a ways off, isn't it?

Dr. Caron: Well, no, actually. The child was born. He was a little bit early-- a beautiful boy.

Ms. Lloyd: Is he sick? Is that why you're calling?

Dr. Caron: The child has a significant genetic defect.

Ms. Lloyd: What kind of defect?

Dr. Caron: An immunological disorder. If he gets an infection, his body has no way of fighting it off.

Ms. Lloyd: Sounds serious.

Dr. Caron: It is. It's very serious. He needs a bone marrow transplant. Without it, he'd be forced to live in sterile isolation. Any infection could kill him. Now our very best chance of treatment is a half-match transplant from one of the parents. The father's being tested right now, but if that doesn't work out, you would be the best donor. Will you help us?

Bridget: Nick is a man who had everything... except a child. And now Taylor's given him his heart's desire-- this baby. They are so happy together. Now they could have everything, the perfect family, if there isn't this huge complication. Oh, please, God. These DNA results -- please, (voice cracking) don't let 'em be my mom's. (Normal voice) I can't even think about how many lives would be affected.

(Computer beeps)

Carl: Bridget, the analysis-- it's complete.

Bridget: Oh, my God. I can't look. I can't even look at the screen. Just t-tell me, Carl, please. Just--what does it say?

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