B&B Transcript Monday 10/15/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/15/07


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Nick: She can't be in labor, can she?

Bridget: Yes she can. Her water broke. She can definitely be in labor.

Thomas: Bridget, I got your bag.

Jackie: I need to speak to Dr. Caron. One of her patients has just gone into labor.

Donna: Oh, should we boil water or something?

Bridget:  Nick, how long has it been? Nick! How long as it been since her last contraction?

Taylor: I'm having one right now. We've gotta go to the hospital. I mean it, right now. Go, go!

Bridget: Okay, you're really close to having this baby. Come on, honey.

Jackie: Dr. Caron will meet us at the hospital.

Phoebe: Should we call an ambulance?

Nick: No, no. no, let's just get her to the hospital. Thomas, I want you to drive. Bridget, you're going with us. If someone has to deliver this kid on the freeway, it's not gonna be me. Come on, take it easy. Here we go, nice and easy.

Taylor: Our baby, honey. We're having our baby.

Ridge:  Forrester Creations has always been our baby, Jarrett.  Now the original label and boutique will be absorbed into this company.

Jarrett:  So that's it.  The deal's done. You're back.

Ridge:  In a big way.

Jarrett:  I have to call my editor.  The new issues goes to press tomorrow.  We've got to scrap the cover, get a photographer over here.  This is the lead story.

Ridge:  Uh, my dad was here earlier. I'm not sure if he's here now.

Jarrett:  Uh, your father? No, no, no, no, no, you and Brooke. That's the money shot. Fashion's supercouple. Back where they belong.

Eric: Donna? What the hell is going on? Jackie Marone practically ran me over in the driveway there.

Donna:  Taylor went into labor.

Eric: What? She's not due for weeks now.

Donna:  Well, her water broke.

Eric:  Well, uh, are she and the baby gonna be all right?

Donna:  I hope so.

Ridge: Brooke and I do take a pretty picture, but my dad's the story.

Jarrett: Your father is an amazing designer. One of the most talented I've ever seen.  It rocked the industry when he lost control of Forrester Creations.

Ridge: Well, then they should be thrilled he got it back.

Jarrett: Yes, and a picture of you and Brooke on the cover will guarantee his story gets the attention it deserves.  Unless you're afraid that a picture like that might cause problems at home.  How does your new fiancee feel about your working with Brooke?

Ridge: All right, Jarrett. You'll get your picture.  Have your editor contact the publicity department. 

Jarrett: We'll, uh, we'll need it today.

Ridge: No problem.

Brooke: Oh. Hello, Jarrett.

Jarrett: Brooke, uh, I'm glad you're here. If you, have a minute...

Brooke: No, I'm afraid I don't. I really need to speak to Ridge.  It's urgent.

Ridge: Jarrett was just on his way out.

Jarrett: Oh, okay.  But, um, it would only just take a minute--

Ridge: Thank you. Thank you so much.  Just have him contact us. What's up?

Ridge: Brooke: Taylor. She's having the baby.


Brooke: Bridget and Nick just took her to the hospital.


Nick: All right. It's okay.

Taylor:  Thomas, I need you to go back to the house and get some clothes. I need a nightgown...

Thomas: Okay.

Nick: Dr. Caron. Thank God you're here.

Dr. Caron: Oh, sounds like somebody can't wait to meet his parents.

Bridget:  The contractions are only a few minutes apart, Doctor.

Nick:  She's due like a few weeks from now, right?

Dr. Caron: Oh, at 37 weeks, the baby's full term. I don't expect any problems.

Taylor: No, my water broke. We're having the baby right now.

Dr. Caron: Well, let's get you in a room, and we'll see where we are.Taylor:

Taylor: Thomas.  Thomas, wait for your sister. 

Thomas: Yeah.

Phoebe: Nick, what's going on?

Nick: Uh, your mother's havin' the baby.

Jackie: Oh, dear God.

Nick: Yeah, would you have a word with him for me, Mother? Thanks.

Phoebe:  She'll be okay, right?

Eric: Good, okay. Okay, thank you, Thomas. I'm very relieved to hear that. Listen, keep me in the loop about this, all right?  I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.

Donna: So, Taylor and the baby okay?

Eric: They're being admitted right now but the doctor says they should be okay.

Donna: That's good news.

Eric: Yeah, very.  She may be hooked up with Nick now, but she was my daughter-in-law for a long time.

Donna:  You don't-- you don't have to explain.

Eric:  Well, I mean, we're not as close as we used to be, but I still care what happens to her.

Donna: And that's what makes you such an extraordinary man.  I mean, you have your issues with Nick, but you would never let it poison your relationship with someone you love. [Sighs] Wish more people were like that.

Eric: Why?

Donna: Thorne has told my little sister that I've been seeing you, and Katie really let me have it.

Eric: Ah, Donna. I'm sorry.

Donna: So people are finding out about us.  How do you feel about that?

Phoebe: What are we supposed to do, just sit here and wait?

Thomas:  Mom said we should go back to the house and get some clothes and stuff.

Phoebe:  No.  No, not until we know everything's okay.

Jackie:  Well, the-the-the doctor seemed very confident. So-so did your mother.

Phoebe: Maybe she just didn't want us to worry.

Thomas: No, no, no, Bridget would have said something.

Jackie:  Yes.  Yes, y-your brother's right, Phoebe.  I mean, look, Taylor and Nicky, they were excited.  And we should be, tpo. I know I am.  Your mother, she has beautiful children, but this is Nicky's first.  You don't know how long he's waited to be a father, and today it's finally gonna happen.

Phoebe: I just wish I knew what was going on.

Brooke: It's early, but not too early.

Ridge: Still, with Taylor's history...

Brooke: Well, she's had three perfectly healthy children.

Ridge: Not without complications, she hasn't. She almost died giving birth to Steffy and Phoebe.

Brooke:   But that's because she was sick. There weren't any problems with the babies.  And hopefully, there's not going to be a problem with this one, either.

Ridge:  You're really concerned.  Is that why you rushed over here?

Brooke:  Yes, I am. I'm-I'm worried. When I think back to what happened when he and Bridget lost Nicole.  It was very painful. for them.  And he really wants this child. I just pray to God that there's nothing wrong with this delivery.

[Taylor screaming in pain]

Dr. Caron: Ten centimeters dilated.  The baby's plus two.

Bridget:  Already?

Dr. Caron: This little  angel's in a hurry.

Taylor:  Oh.  Oh.

Nick: Breathe, Honey.  Just breathe! Breathe, just breathe. Keep breathing.

Bridget: Ten plus one.

Taylor: Ow! Ow!

Nick: What's going on? Why is she in so much pain like this?

Bridget: She's doing fine.  Taylor, you're doing fine.  She's almost there.

Taylor: I'm going to take this thing off my face.

Dr. Caron: No, I know it's uncomfortable, but I want to give the baby as much oxygen as possible.  He might be a little bit underweight, so let's give him as much help as we can, okay?

Nick: Doc, you said this early delivery wouldn't be a problem.  You said--

Dr. Caron: I don't expect any complications.  But since we don't know why Taylor went into labor, I'm gonna have neonatal standing by, just in case.

Taylor: Oh, it's another one.  Ow! Ow!

Dr. Caron: Okay, nurse.  I'm gonna examine Dr. Marone one more time, and then let's get her ready to push.

[Machine beeps loudly]

Nick: What's that? What is that?

Bridget:  Doctor, the heart rate's dropping.

Nick: What does that mean?

Dr. Caron: The baby might be in distress.  Nurse, let's turn her on her side, and if that doesn't work, alert Neonatal.

Nurse:  Okay, okay, all right.

Nick: 1, 2, 3...

Bridget: The heart rate's dropping, doctor.

Dr. Caron: Okay, go.  Call them.

Taylor: Oh! My baby!  What-What's wrong?

Nurse: Neonatal to Pediatrics.

Dr. Caron: You know what? Taylor, I want you to scooch on down here. It's time to push. Dad, give her a hand.

Taylor: Oh!

Nick: Come on, baby. Get up.

Dr. Caron: Dr. Forrester, I want you to prepare an emergency C-Section, just in case.

Taylor: Oh, no! No, no C-section. No!

Dr. Caron:  You give me one good hard push and that might not be necessary, okay? Are you ready?

Nick: Grab my arm.  Now, do it! Come on!

[Taylor screams]

Dr. Caron:  Okay, that's right. That's the way.  You can do it.

Eric: Thorne left my office before I was able to talk to him about that.

Donna:  You were gonna ask him to be quiet?

Eric: Yes, I was, actually. Look, no matter what Stephanie's sins are, she and I are married, and we've been married for a long time.  She deserves to hear about this from me.

Donna:  Well, I can't imagine Katie telling anyone.  Brooke, maybe, but...

Eric: No.  No.  Oh, God, now look.  What you and I have is wonderful.  You-you make me very happy.  I am not at all ashamed of how I feel about you.  Not at all.  But I am still married, if only on paper, and it complicates things.  When other people find out about this, they're gonna have, uh, strong opinions, and there might be some anger out there, and they're gonna want to interfere.  Is it wrong to want to keep you to myself for a little bit longer?

Donna:  No.  Not when you put it like that.

Felicia: Oh my God!

Thomas: You guys want a soda or something? We'll probably be here a while.

Jackie:  No

Phoebe:  No, I'm okay, thanks.

Bridget:  Dr. Caron needs an OR prepped, stat.

Jackie: Bridget, what's happening?

Bridget:  Uh, the baby is under a little bit of distress, and the heart rate - it's dropped, so we're gonna have to deliver immediately.

Phoebe:  What, Mom's gonna have to have surgery?

Bridget:  If the baby's stats don't improve, Dr. Caron may have to do an emergency C-section.

Phoebe:  That's not dangerous, right?

Bridget:  We don't have enough information right now, Phoebe, but I will come back as soon as I do.

Jackie: Bridget, tell Nicky and Taylor we're praying for them.

Bridget:  Okay, I will. I have to go.

Brooke: I-I feel like we should have heard something.  From Thomas, or Phoebe...

Ridge: You want to go to the hospital?

Brooke: No, it's not my place.

Ridge: Bridget was with them, you could call her.

Brooke: Ridge, I hope you understand. My concern for Nick--

Ridge: I know, nobody wants anything to happen to their baby.

Brooke: And I'm sure they both will be fine. But- but I think I should call Bridget.

Bridget:  Hello?

Brooke: Hi, honey. Um, Ridge and I were here, and we were just wondering--

Bridget:  I can't talk right now, Mom. I'ge gotta go.

Brooke: Wh- is there a problem?

Bridget:  It's the baby's heartbeat. Taylor's gotta deliver. I've really gotta go.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: There's something wrong with the baby.  His heartbeat.  Taylor needs to deliver immediately.

Carl: Hey, Bridget. I hear Dr. Marone's in labor.

Bridget:  Uh, not now, Carl.

Carl: Do you want me to call the lab and set up the RH antigen test? You'll need it to know who the mother is.

Bridget: I said -- I said not now, Carl.  Please stay out of it.

Ridge:  Logan, it's gonna be all right.

Brooke: We don't know that yet.

Ridge:  No, but Taylor and Nick - that baby has fighters for parents.

Brooke: I just can't believe this is happening all over again.  Nick wants a child so much, and I was sure this time it was gonna work out.

Ridge:  It's amazing the, uh, sympathetic feeling you have for this child.  After everything you and Taylor have been through, for you to have this kind of a bond with her baby...

Brooke: It's Thomas and the girls' little brother or sister. How could I not love it like it were my own?

[Taylor screaming]

Nick: My arm's bleedin,' but you're doin' great.

Dr. Caron: Okay, baby's at plus three now, Taylor. Give it- give me all you got next time, okay?

Bridget: OR's been prepped and Neonatal's on their way.

Nurse: Another contraction's coming.

Taylor: Oh!

Nick: What about that heartbeat?

Dr. Caron: Hey, let's just focus on getting this baby outta here. That's the best thing you can do for your child right now.

Taylor: Oh! Oh!

Dr. Caron: Okay, good, good, good.  Keep on pushing.  Keep going.  Keep going.  That's right.

Bridget: Keep going, Taylor.

Nick: Come on baby.  Do it! Do it! Come on!

Taylor: Ow!

Nick: You can do it.  Come on, you can do it.

Felicia: Daddy, what the Hell are you doing? What the- Donna? Donna? What is this? What I just saw the two of you doing. Oh my God!

Eric: All right, calm down, please.  You calm down.  Let's just talk about this.

Felicia:  But I don't want to calm down. I want it to stop.

Donna:: Felicia--

Felicia: You don't get to say a thing.

Donna:: I should go.

Felicia: No, no, no, no.  No, we're gonna settle this right now. Daddy, I know that mother upset you. You probably had another one of your fights.  It was probably her fault.  But-- this is not the way to make her pay for it.

Eric: I'm not punishing your mother.

Felicia: Oh, yeah? Slurpin' all over Donna Logan?  Whatever she did, she doesn't deserve this.

Donna:: Maybe she does.

Felicia: Are you having an affair? Is that what this is?

Eric: This is not a conversation I want to have right now.

Felicia: No, as I just heard it's not a conversation you want to have with anybody. And I don't blame you. Sneakin' around with your son's leftovers? Real classy, Dad.

Eric: All right, look, if you cannot show some respect here--

Felicia: Me? What about you?  Mother is off trying to pull her life together, and you are having - sex, I guess - with her sworn enemy.  My God.. You and Mom have spent too much time together to treat her like this. Whatever the problem is, you can get past it.  Don't throw a lifetime away on Donna Logan.

Ridge:  Just left a message for Phoebe.

Brooke: You should call Thomas, too.

Ridge:  No, I don't want to worry him or Steffy until we know what's going on.

Brooke: He's at the hospital.

Ridge:  Thomas is?

Brooke: Yes, Nick flew him in to surprise Taylor, and he was at the house when all this happened.

Ridge:  God, if anything happens to that baby...

Brooke: I know. I just keep thinking about Nick and everything that he's been through.

Ridge:  I may not like the guy, but I know how much he wants to be a dad.

Brooke: Hope and R.J., Rick and Bridget, Thomas and the girls - we are so blessed.

Ridge:  Yeah.  Kids and family, that's what really counts, right?

Brooke: That's right, and we have a very healthy, wonderful baby boy.  And I just hope that Nick and Taylor can have that, too. It's just gotta work out for them, Ridget. It just has to.

Taylor: Oh!

Dr. Caron: Push, push, push...

Nick: Come on, you can do this. Come on, you can do this!

Dr. Caron: That's it.  The baby's crowning. Here we go!

Nurse: Doctor.  It's below 100.

Dr. Caron: Okay, okay. We're gonna alert the OR.  Let's get a gurney in here.

Nick: No, no, no, no.  We're almost there. Come on!  We're almost there!

Bridget: We have to go

Dr. Caron: Okay, you follow us to the OR.  She'll get you some scrubs.

Taylor:  Ow! Ow!

Nick: Here we go.

Dr. Caron: That's it! That's it! Keep going. One more

[A lot of talking at once]

Nick: That a girl.

Bridget: Oh, my God!

Dr. Caron: One more, one more.

Nick: That's it.

Taylor: Oh!

Dr. Caron: Good, good, good.

Nick: There we go.

Bridget: Oh my God!  Taylor, you did it!

Nick: You did it, you did it!

[Baby crying]

Taylor: Is the baby okay?

Dr. Caron: He's beautiful.

Nick: He?

Bridget: It's a boy.

[Taylor laughs.]

Nick: it's a boy.  It's a boy.  We have a son.

Taylor: Yes.

Nick: We have a son.

Taylor: Oh. Oh. He's perfect.

Nick: We have a little boy.  We have a perfect little son.

Taylor: Thank you.

Bridget:  I've got good news, everybody.  It's a very healthy baby boy. Everybody's fine.

[Everyone sighs or laughs with relief.]

Jackie: Oh, thank God.

Nick: Did you tell 'em?

Bridget:  Yeah, they are thrilled, especially your mom.

Nick: She's finally got her grandchild.

Taylor: He said he knew all along it was gonna be a boy.

Nick: Pretty cute for a bald guy.

Taylor: He isn't bald, he's got blond fuzz right there.

Nick: It's a son.  We have a son.  He's a beautiful, perfect little boy.

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