B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/9/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/9/07


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Brooke: No, Ashley, how dare you-- suggesting that I use my rape to get close to Ridge? You should be ashamed.

Donna: Mm. Mm. (Sighs) Thorne?

Thorne: No. No, don't stop. Hell, it's just getting good. Maybe I'll pull up a chair and make some popcorn!

Donna: Oh, my God.

Thorne: Save it, Donna. At least I know why Mother took off now.

Eric: Your mother doesn't know about this.

Thorne: You mean yet she doesn't know, and I wouldn't want to be you when she finds out. You know what this woman tried to do. Hell, you were my best man! I just--I-I-I can't fathom that you're gonna fall into this trap.

Ashley: Brooke, listen to me, please. What that man did to you was vile, and for that, you have my deepest sympathies, okay?

Brooke: Well, you sure have a lovely way of expressing it.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I guess what I was trying to say is that Ridge let you lean on him when you were at your most vulnerable. Once I understood what had happened, I supported you. I did. I support your relationship as R.J.'s parents. I support you as colleagues in this company, but I do not support you taking advantage of the situation.

Brooke: Uh, you're crossing the line again, Ashley.

Ashley: No, you're crossing the line! You are crossing the line when you ask him to sit in on your therapy sessions, when you ask him to drive up to Big Bear when you're frightened. If something like that happens in the future, I hope you have the good sense to call somebody else.

Brooke: If something like that happens? Are you questioning me?

Ashley: Will you please stop taking my words and twisting them around? Please, just listen to what I have to say.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ashley: My fiancÚ cannot be the sole person that you turn to. When you think you need help, you don't need him. You think you do, but you don't. Do you want me to give you a list of all the other people that know what happened to you? Why don't you call one of them? Unless, of course, you're trying to send me a message that every time you put out a distress call, Ridge will come running, which only proves my point.

Brooke: Yes, Ridge still cares about me.

Ashley: Because you're the mother of his son, Brooke, and he's a decent human being. But please, don't confuse that decency for you getting an invitation to help yourself.

Brooke: You are so naive about what's really between us.

Ashley: Oh, please, I've heard it. Believe me, I've heard it. Your love for Ridge is legendary... this week. What about next week, when perhaps you get a better offer?

Brooke: Oh, my God. If Ridge could hear you now...

Ashley: What? Brooke, he would say that I'm smart enough to see through your blatant attempts to manipulate him. That's what he would think.

Brooke: Manipulate? Are you gonna talk to me about manipulation? That's Stephanie's game, not mine, and she put you right in the middle of it. You're her little pawn.

Ashley: What are you saying? Maybe because she prefers to have me as a daughter-in-law? I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna apologize for that, Brooke.

Brooke: Know what, Ashley, you have no idea what this woman is capable of, none! She is using you in her plot.

Ashley: Plot? She has a plot now?

Brooke: She figured if I moved ahead with somebody else, then Ridge would be free to be with you. So she sent Andy, that animal, after me. That is how sick and twisted she really is. Because she knows the power that Ridge and I share, and I believe that you know it's there, too.

Ashley: You're telling me that Stephanie set you up to be raped?

Brooke: If you don't believe me, ask Ridge. She sought the man out, encouraged him to come to my house, told him that my kids had been taken from me, how vulnerable I was and even told him where the key was to my front door. Your best friend Stephanie Forrester is an accessory to what happened to me.

Ashley: And you actually think that she meant for you to be raped, Brooke?

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Ashley: I mean, I'm sorry. I can't believe she would do something that horrible.

Brooke: Oh, I don't know. Maybe she didn't know it would go that far, but I was raped, and it was the worst hours of my life, just so Ridge could be with somebody sweet and safe like you.

Ashley: So that's why he's been spending so much time with you, because he feels guilty about his mother's involvement?

Brooke: No, Ashley, he's been spending time with me because he loves me. Why can't you get that through your--

Ashley: I'm trying hard to-- I'm trying very hard to make sense of this, okay? It's pretty convoluted, don't you think?

Brooke: You know what? No, I think it's really simple. You would be an ideal wife for Ridge in Stephanie's mind, but you're not what he needs. You're not what he wants. What Ridge needs is somebody that can understand him, somebody that excites him. And Ridge and I-- we share a child together.

Ashley: Oh, come on, Brooke. Come on.

Brooke: And don't you dare say that I'm using my little boy, because I don't need to use anything, and Ridge doesn't need to reach out to me. He wants to. That's why he came up to big bear last night. My needs will always come before yours. Now is that the kind of marriage that you really want? You really should talk to Taylor about this, because Ridge and I are a fact that you will have to deal with every single day. Is that the way you want to live your life? Ask yourself that.

Eric: Donna is not a trap, Thorne.

Thorne: Oh, your--your eyes are wide open, right? That's exactly what I told myself.

Eric: Look, I'm sorry. Thorne, I know this is upsetting for you--I get that. But I'm not sorry about my relationship with Donna.

Thorne: Relationship?! Do you know how stupid-- you're married for God's sake, Dad! You know that this woman is a fraud, and how could-- how in the hell could you do this to Mother? I expected more from you. (Door opens)

Ridge: There you are. (Sighs) I owe you an explanation on why I went to Brooke's last night.

Ashley: Because of your mother?

Ridge: My mother?

Ashley: Yeah, Brooke and I had a talk. She told me that your mother actually knew Andy Johnson and that she encouraged him. Is that true?

Ridge: (Sighs) Unfortunately, yes. Mother says she never intended for her Brooke to get hurt, but that's exactly what happened. She never even bothered to check out what kind of guy she was sending over to Brooke.

Ashley: No wonder you didn't want to open all this up with me.

Ridge: I still can't believe that my mother actually did that.

Ashley: So this is why you've been so accommodating to Brooke, right? You feel so much guilt about her rape. But you're not responsible. You know that. You don't have to go on paying penance by being on call 24/7.

Ashley: You're such a compassionate man. That's one of the things I love most about you. But you know, all this time that you're spending with Brooke-- I'm not sure it's such a good thing.

Ridge: (Sighs) you're right. I, uh, do feel guilty.

Ashley: And I know that you want to help her get better, but I think she's misreading your intent.

Ridge: Misreading?

Ashley: Yeah, I think she's confusing your desire to help her with something deeper. You know, she pretty much put me on notice, Ridge. She said that what the two of you share is much more profound than what you and I will ever share and I should accept that.

Ridge: Brooke said that, hmm?

Ashley: Okay, well, I'm paraphrasing, okay? I know, but yeah, she was pretty blunt.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Ashley: Look, I know you want to help her, but we're getting married. Do you really want her clinging to the hope that the two of you are gonna get back together? Because every time you run to her rescue, I guarantee you that's what she's thinking.

Donna: A fraud?

Thorne: (Scoffs)

Donna: How can you call me a fraud?

Eric: You will not talk about Donna that way.

Thorne: Well, how else can you explain it, Dad?

Eric: Thorne, Donna has brought something to me completely unexpected. I had no idea of how many things in my life that I had-- that I had given up for lost until she came along.

Thorne: I'm very aware of her healing powers, but the fact remains that you're a married man. Now you and Mom may be having troubles, but you will get through it, Dad, just like you always do.

Eric: Not this time. Not this time, son. Your mother has done something-- something very, very bad, and it cannot be fixed.

Thorne: Yes, it can, Dad. Whatever it is, it doesn't justify you throwing away a marriage for a predatory female.

Donna: I did not prey on your father!

Thorne: Donna--

Donna: What we have is mutual.

Thorne: You know what? Save it, okay? Just save it.

Donna: Do I despise your mother? Yes. But this relationship is not about revenge. I find Eric extremely attractive.

Thorne: Well, of course, you do, Donna, because he's wealthy, and he happens to be married to your archenemy. That's a match made in heaven for you.

Eric: Well, maybe it is, Thorne, maybe it is.

Thorne: You know what? You know what? This is absurd!

Donna: You know, Eric-- you two talk. I'm going back to work.

Thorne: (Sighs) what do I gotta do, huh? What do I have to do, shake you?

Eric: All right, that's enough, Thorne. That's enough.

Thorne: You know what? I-I get it. The sex is great, Dad, okay? I give you that. But come on, man, you have to think. Think about what you're doing here.

Ashley: I just don't think that you're doing Brooke any favors by constantly saying yes to her. Honey, you're sending her mixed signals.

Ridge: (Sighs) Brooke's having a real hard time with all this still.

Ashley: I know, but you got her into counseling, and that's huge. And now it's up to Brooke to follow through on her own, and if she has to have somebody sit in on the sessions, then what about one of her sisters or--or Bridget? They're perfectly capable of stepping up as well as you can, and they should. I mean, they're her family.

Ridge: This is really bothering you?

Ashley: Yes, it really is. I mean, I trust you. I'd better. You're going to be my husband. And I-I'm just thinking about Brooke. I want what's best for her. I know you do, too, right? So will you just consider a little bit what I'm saying?

Ridge: Or else?

Ashley: I don't want to give you an ultimatum.

Ridge: Good. You knew what you were getting into with Brooke and me. There's a lot of history there, but I know you didn't really expect it to be as, uh, complicated as it is.

Ashley: Yeah, well, it is extraordinary circumstances. And despite what Brooke thinks, I really--I feel for her. My heart goes out to her, and I want her to be whole again.

Ridge: I know you do.

Ashley: She'll get there. She's a survivor, Ridge.

Ridge: Yes.

Ashley: She's a very strong person.

Ridge: Yes, she is. Yes, she is.

Ashley: Okay, but she has to get there by herself. I mean, that kind of change comes from within Brooke. There's no easy way around it. And she can turn to you, or she can turn to her sisters or to whoever else, it doesn't matter. In the end, Brooke's gonna have to help herself.

Ridge: Yeah, only Brooke can help herself. I agree.

Ashley: Okay. So will you think about what I said and talk to her about the counseling sessions? (Door opens)

Brooke: We'd better get going. Beth's on the way to my house, and I don't want to keep her waiting. Is there a problem?

Ridge: Logan, you know how much it means to me that you're getting the counseling and the help you need.

Brooke: I wouldn't even be doing this if it weren't for you. I wanted to keep my head buried in the sand and not deal with what happened to me, but you knew better.

Ridge: I just feel like I can only help you so far.

Brooke: So what are you saying?

Ridge: I think it would be better if you went and saw Beth today by yourself.

Brooke: Ridge, I explained to you why I wanted you there.

Ridge: I know, and, uh, I just think it's best.

Brooke: It's just easier for me to talk about it when you're there. I feel safe. You agreed to come.

Ridge: Yes, I did, but I can't be there every time you have a session. I'm sorry I led you to believe I could, but... (sighs) I really think it's better if you do this one by yourself, and I know you're willing to do that and able to do that.

Brooke: Okay. I'll go alone. .

Ashley: As far as the rest of the equipment goes, I think I can make do with a rebuilt granulator, but the kind of centrifuge I-- hello? You haven't heard anything I've said, have you?

Ridge: I'm sorry. I'm just having a hard time with all this. I don't like the way I left things with Brooke.

Ashley: Okay, so what could we do to put your mind at rest?

Ridge: (Sighs) I need to talk with her. I feel like everybody's had a chance to put their cards on the table but me.

Ashley: Great. Then why don't you go do it? Why don't you tell her how it is? Tell her what your plans are for the rest of your life. She needs to hear that, Ridge. She needs to hear that from you.

Beth: Ridge won't be joining us?

Brooke: No.

Beth: I can see that upsets you. But, Brooke, you should know some women who have been sexually assaulted can't handle being around any men. You and Ridge have a strong bond. I view that as a very positive sign.

Brooke: Ridge is the only man that I want to be with, the only man that can actually help me through this. You know, I don't want to get my hopes up, but I can't help believing that someday Ridge is gonna walk through that front door and be home to stay.

Thorne: What the hell are you thinking getting sucked in by her? You're not a stupid man.

Eric: Thorne, I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to me, and I want you to hear this. Being with Donna has forced me to take a look at myself, my own life, at the gifts I've been squandering and at the way I've been cutting myself off from the rest of humanity. You point an accusing finger at me, all full of moral outrage, telling me about some kind of a sin I'm committing. Well, I'm telling you, there's all kinds of sins in this life, and my biggest sin has been not living up to my potential. I've withdrawn inside, son, and what I find there, everything is dead in here. It has died, and for what? To stay with your mother? To not rock the boat? To do that for you and your sisters and your brother? This is not a dress rehearsal here. This is all we get in life. This is it. (Scoffs) you know from bitter experience, better than anybody, how quickly it can all be yanked right out from under your feet.

Thorne: What about Mother, Dad? What about her life?

Eric: Her life is her business. I've been following her around and picking up the pieces for years and years, over and over again. I don't think I can do that again.

Thorne: Listen, Mother gets me frustrated, too, okay? I mean, you--you know that. But, Dad, to throw away a marriage, to throw away a lifetime of memories, of family because of Donna Logan?

Thorne: Dad, please, please, don't let her destroy what you and Mother have built. It's not worth it. (Sighs) (doorbell rings)

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: You in the middle of something?

Brooke: I--no, no. I was just--come on in. Beth was here, but you know, we fini--finished already.

Ridge: How'd it go?

Brooke: Oh, we managed. Did you change your mind about coming to the session?

Ridge: I just, um, felt a little strange about the way we left things. That's not the way I want things to be between us. But we do have some issues that we need to, uh, to talk about.

Brooke: We have some issues we need to talk about? What do you mean? What do you want to tell me, Ridge?

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