B&B Transcript Friday 9/28/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/28/07


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Woman: So cool!

Woman: Thanks.

Woman: Great dress.

Jackie: Great dress?

(Voices speaking indistinctly)

Jackie: Oh.

Nick: Hey.

Brooke: Good morning. Real beehive around here.

Nick: Yeah, a beehive with no honey. You're the honey, honey.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that's positive thinking. I-I like that.

Nick: (Laughs) are you sure you're ready to do this?

Brooke: I know how much is riding on this showing for you and for myself. I need this.

Nick: Okay.

Clarke: Boss, I need you over here for a second.

Brooke: Go. We're all frantic. You do your thing, and I do mine.

Nick: Okay.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Bad month-- too close to the spring showing there. What do you think about the weekend coming up here?

Ashley: Oh, no. That's too close to the holidays.

Ridge: Good point.

Ashley: You know, your mom's gonna have an opinion about this. I think it's bizarre she hasn't called, don't you?

Ridge: My mother is not gonna interfere in our life, okay? Not like she interfered in my marriage to Brooke.

Ashley: Yeah. Speang of Brooke, you know, you haven't really told me what's going on with her yet.

Ridge: No, I haven't.

Ashley: So you think I'm just supposed to trust you when it comes to your ex? Is that what you think? (Knock on door)

Katie: Ridge? Oh, um, am I interrupting?

Ridge: Hey. How you doing?

Katie: Can I talk (Cell phone rings)

Ashley: Excuse me. Ashley Abbott. Now? I thought that was supposed to be pushed back. Okay, I'm on my way. (Grumbles)

Ridge: Duty calls?

Ashley: Yes, unfortunately.

Ridge: We'll continue this later then.

Ashley: Okay, we'd better.

Ridge: What's this about?

Katie: Um, Brooke is about to do something that she's really not ready for.

Ridge: And you're bringing this to me now because why?

Katie: Because she's my sister, and she may need you.

Jackie: Oh, Brooke, why aren't you dressed?

Nick: Clarke said we can wrap this. She lost a little bit of weight.

Jackie: Well-- well, not intentionally, I-I hope.

Brooke: I had no idea until Clarke mentioned something.

Clarke: Do I hear my name being taken in vain again?

Nick: How'd it come out?

Clarke: Well, it should fit like a glove.

Brooke: I like your updates.

Clarke: Oh. Well, thank you.

Jackie: Well, now it's all up to Brooke to get out there and sell it.

Brooke: Yes, ma'am.

Jackie: I've never seen another model that can just light up a runway like you can. I mean, you--you make every man out there want you and--and crave you. How you connect with your audience-- it--it's a gift.

Nick: Why don't you get changed?

Clarke: Madam.

Brooke: (Sighs) wish me luck.

Jackie: You don't need luck. You're lovely, and you're about to give the most memorable performance of your life.

Clarke: Okay, everyone. No time for speeches. Places.

Donna: Shouldn't we wait for Brooke?

Clarke: No, no, no, no. Okay, everybody. Now the word for the day is "energy."

Jackie: And elegant. Elegant, ladies.

Clarke: All right. First group, it's your time. Go get 'em, girls.

Delicious (camera shutters clicking)

electric body music

Ridge: What the hell is marone thinking, anyway?

Katie: Well, in all fairness, he doesn't know what she's been through.

Ridge: I can't believe your sister's going along with this.

Katie: She thinks the company is at stake, and she's trying to convince herself it's the right thing to do.

Ridge: Modeling lingerie after what she-- this is completely insane.

Katie: I agree, but she thinks she's ready. And I don't know. Getting up there and portraying this sexy image after everything she's been through, I-- maybe I shouldn't have come to you about this, but I'm worried about her, and someone has to do something. Someone does.

Katie: Where are you going?

(camera shutters clicking)

[Music playing]

you you've been looking my way in the night and all day but you've got something to say you want to tell me about it? I guess I know you can't shock them I know, oh, yeah I know you gotta die when I go and go go walking by but can't you see you're for me

Nick: It sounds like a funeral out there.

Jackie: Well, donna's up now solo.

Nick: This is brutal. (Applause)

Jackie: See? It's not going that badly. They're just waiting for Brooke. Once she gets out ere, it'll be magic.

Nick: You do realize, mother, we're losing about 100 grand a day--you know that?

Jackie: Yes. Yes. I've seen the books. If reviving the bedroom line doesn't increase sales, we're sunk. The key is Brooke.

Woman: Here's your hair and shoes.

Woman: It goes vividly, and it's--it's...

Woman: And he's gonna come through and meet you over there.

Woman: Yeah.

Woman: He said it went like this.

Woman: Yeah, and it's windows.

Donna: Oh, good. You're getting ready.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Donna: Clarke is having a conniption out there. "Where's Brooke? Where's our showstopper?"

Brooke: Oh, wouldn't be a fashion show if Clarke wasn't panicking, right?

Donna: Yeah. Sweetie, are you okay?

Brooke: Yeah. It's just I-I am up for this, donna. I just wish everybody would stop asking me that.

Donna: Well, we all believe in you. You are going to be fabulous.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Clarke: Where the hell is Donna? She's in the next group. Donna: See? Conniption. Gotta go!

Brooke: (Laughs)

Woman: Yeah, it's cute, and it--it--it goes well...

Woman: Right.

Woman: Against your hair and shoes.

Woman: It goes vividly, and it's--it's... (voices speaking indistinctly)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Andy's voice: (Laughing) I know you've been waiting for me. You're sitting up here in your sexy lingerie, wondering what's taking me so long? Oh, baby, you are something. (Laughs maniacally) you wanted it. Admit it. Admit it. Admit it. (Laughing) where are they gonna find 12 jurors who haven't seen you laid out in your underwear, or all over some guy in the tabloids, hmm? (Laughs menacing) you wanted it laid out in yo, in your sexy lingerie. It was the greatest sex of my life. Oh, God, it was hot. Admit it. You've been wanting it. You've been waiting for me. You wanted it. You wanted it!

Brooke: Stop it. Stop it! (Whispers) I'm not gonna let you do this to me, not today. I can do this. I will do this.

( Soft music playing ) You are the tie you are my energy you are my energy

Nick: Did somebody tell the audience to turn the noise down?

Donna: They're waiting for Brooke.

Nick: We're kidding ourselves. The press knows that these designs are just copies of Eric's.

Donna: No. Clarke has made enough changes. I-I doubt they'd remember.

Jackie: You're right about one thing--Eric's talent. Now there who knows how to dress a woman and to please her.

Nick: Mother! (Applause)

Jackie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. You're up! You're up. Come on. Hurry! Hurry.

Clarke: All right, good. Uh, gold, Donna, silver. Go!

Nick: (Sighs)

(camera shutters clicking) cheek to cheek moves the runway yeah what's your name? Where you from? Who you know? What you got? Yeah smile pretty for the camera baby, you're a superstar star fashion queen teenage dream a celluloid superstar star whoo-hoo...

Clarke: Going pretty well, don't you think?

Nick: If your name's Forrester.

Ridge: My name being taken in vain?

Nick: Tell Brooke she's on deck.

Clarke: Got it.

Ridge: Where is Brooke? Look, I know I think she's gonna save you out there today, but having her model like that is bad news.

Nick: She wants to do this.

Ridge: You don't understand, Nick.

Nick: Do you really think I would let her go out there on that runway if I didn't think she could handle it after what she's been through?

Ridge: She told you?

Nick: You're not the only man she trusts, Forrester.

Ridge: Well, maybe I should be, Nick, if you think she's able to go out there on display like that.

Nick: She convinced me she could do this.

Ridge: How? Did you pressure her? Think she's out there trying to please you? Or maybe you gave her some sob story about how your business is tanking, huh?

Brooke: This was my decision and only mine. Nick tried to stop me, but I am fine.

Jackie: What the devil do you think you're doing, barging in here like this?

Nick: It's all right, Mother. He's leaving. He's leaving.

Ridge: After I see Brooke.

Jackie: Nicky, the finale. You're needed onstage.

Brooke: Well, let me just talk to Ridge, see what he wants and then he'll be on his way.

Nick: Be gone when I get back.

Ridge: This is a very bad idea.

Brooke: Ridge, please. I'm fine. I need to do this. I need to get Brooke Logan back. This is about getting a part of me back that was stolen from me, and it is really important. Now if you don't mind, just back off, 'cause I can handle this.

Ridge: All right. If you say it, I will try to believe it.

Brooke: Don't try. Just do believe it.

Brooke: Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do.

Teenage dream a celluloid superstar superstar ooh a superstar (applause ends) (voices whispering indistinctly)

Woman: Absolutely.

Andy: (Laughs) laid out in your underwear and your sexy lingerie. (Laughs menacingly)

Brooke: (Pants)

Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Thank you. I am Jacqueline Marone of Jackie M. Boutiques and senior vice president of Forrester Creations. Oh, thank you. I do hope that you have all enjoyed the return of "Brooke's bedroom." But where would the line be without the incomparable lady who created it? So without further ado, modeling our showstopper, the embodiment of elegance, sensuality, the one, the only Brooke Logan!

Brooke: (Panting)

Brooke: (Panting) (applause continues)

Jackie: Okay, guys. Uh, let's give it up for Ms. Logan, please! (Applause)

Woman: (Whispering indistinctly) (voices whispering indistinctly)

Jackie: She is indeed a lady worth waiting for. We all know that. One more time, for Brooke Logan, everyone. Brooke! (Voices whispering indistinctly)

Nick: Somebody tell me where Brooke is. She was supposed to be here waiting for her cue.

Clarke: Yeah, she was supposed to be.

Nick: What the hell happened then?

Donna: I talked to her earlier, but things were so crazy, I don't know.

Nick: Get these girls back out here. Clarke, get 'em out here! Just go. Make something happen. Get 'em out there!

Brooke: (Panting)

Brooke: (Sobbing) no, I hate you. (Sobbing) oh, God, I hate this. I hate this! Oh! Look what you did to me. Look what you did to me! Oh, God! Oh! Oh, stop it! (Sob

Andy's voice: (Laugh echoing menacingly)

Brooke: No! (Sobbing)

Katie: Look, there's a lot going on. I can't get into it on the phone. I don't know. I gotta go. Oh.

Ashley: Where's Ridge?

Katie: He, um, ran out.

Ashley: Let me guess. After you talked to him about, hmm, Brooke? Is this part of some campaign to reunite your sister and Ridge?

Katie: Look, there's something going on.

Ashley: Oh, please. There's always something going on with Brooke. I've heard all about you Logan women, and enough is enough.

Katie: Okay, this has been lovely. I gotta go.

Ashley: Excuse me. I'm not finished talking to you.

Katie: Am I supposed to be intimidated?

Ashley: I think you need a reality check. Ridge and I are getting married, and nothing's going to derail that, so don't even try. If you're truly concerned about your sister, tell her to stay away.

Brooke: (Sobbing) no. No, God. No! (Screams)

Ridge: Logan, it's okay. It's me.

Brooke: (Panting)

Ridge: It's okay. You're safe. No one's gonna hurt you.

Brooke: (Whispering) I wanted to do it, Ridge. I did. (Normal voice) I -- I wanted to go out there, but I couldn't. I couldn't. All I saw was Andy's face, his awful, awful face. (Sobbing) and now look at me. Here I am. I'm just flaunting it, flaunting myself, and that's exactly what Andy said, what Stephanie told him. I can't do it. Ridge, I can't. I can't wear this. I -- I hate it. I hate what it says, and I hate what it's done to me and--and Andy and Stephanie-- what they've done to me. It's all their fault! And I hate it. I hate it. I can't. I-I can't model this. I can't design it. I-I can't wear it. I-I can't. I-I really-- I hate it. I hate this. Oh, God! I hate this! I hate it! (Screaming) I hate it! I hate it.

Ridge: (Whispering) it's okay.

Brooke: I hate it.

Ridge: It's okay.

Brooke: (Sobbing)

Ridge: (Normal voice) you don't have to to do this. You don't have to do this, not ever again. It's okay. It's okay.

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