B&B Transcript Monday 9/24/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 9/24/07


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Woman: Excuse me, sir? Would you like the red wine first, then the white?

Ridge: Yes. Thank you. Call me when the meat goes on the grill. I want to come out and check it to make sure it doesn't get overcooked.

Woman: Yes, sir.

Ridge: Thanks.

(Doorbell rings)

Ridge: Good evening.

Brooke: Hi. Wow. You said "A little dinner."

Ridge: Yeah, well, I'm not really feeling casual tonight.

Eric: I shouldn't have kissed you.

Donna: Why?

Eric: I can think of, like, 40 reasons.

Donna: Pick one.

Eric: I'm a married man.

Donna: Are you?

Eric: And a kiss is never just a kiss, in spite of what the old song says.

Donna: No, it's usually a beginning.

Eric: Of something that probably would not end well with you and me.

Donna: Maybe. Sometimes I'm tired of living my life like a story I already know the end to.

Eric: I know the feeling.

Donna: Why does it have to be that way? Can't things ever just... be?

Eric: Well, we sort of need guardrails on the highway of life. So I'm told.

(Car pulling up)

Donna: Is that Stephanie?

Eric: Anything's possible.

Donna: Uh, what do I do?

Eric: Well, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, you'd better get some clothes on before you do it.

Donna: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Eric: Huh?

Donna: Hey.

Felicia: (Laughs) Hey, if you're thinking of drowning yourself, don't.

Eric: Foiled again.

Felicia: (Laughs)

Eric: What's going on with you?

Felicia: Oh, I come bearing news-- lots of it, actually.

Eric: Good. I could use some of that. What is it?

Felicia: Well, first item, I may not have to give up on romance, after all.

Eric: I had no idea you were contemplating such a thing.

Felicia: Come on. Surely you've noticed I spend every night home alone with my son.

Eric: I thought you had a thing going with Constantine.

Felicia: Me, too. But then he left and went on concert tour, and nothin'...until today.

Eric: Oh, he called?

Felicia: Yes.

Eric: Yeah.

Felicia: Yeah, he misses me. Imagine that. And he wants me to come meet him in Seattle.

Eric: So you're going, right?

Felicia: I want to. I'd like to, but I have so many deadlines with the show coming up, and Mother's not here to help with baby.

Eric: I'll watch the baby. And your boss would probably cut you some slack.

Felicia: Thank you.

Eric: So what else? What else? Come on. You said you had lots of news. What? What?

Felicia: Well, I wanted to tell Mother, too. Any idea when she's coming home?

Eric: No, I don't. I don't even know if she is coming back. Look, I don't want to talk about that.

Felicia: Ouch. What did she do?

Eric: Your mother gets an idea in her head, and she becomes like this maniac. She--she loses all sense of propriety.

Felicia: Yeah, you're just figuring that out now?

Eric: (Sighs) I just--I'm just so angry with myself for not taking more control.

Felicia: Daddy, Mother is a force of nature. Nobody can control her.

Eric: Well, somebody should! People get hurt. Seriously.

Brooke: Look at all the trouble you've gone to.

Ridge: I didn't really feel good about our last conversation. I don't feel like I really said what I meant.

Brooke: Well, there is more to us than broken trust and disappointments.

Ridge: That's right. And tonight is about all those other things-- the good things. There've been so many, too-- our son, our future. That's what tonight is about.

Felicia: Daddy, Mom's crossed the line before-- many lines-- and you've forgiven her every time. Some times took a little longer than others, but--

Eric: Yeah, well, this time it's different.

Felicia: Worse?

Eric: She's out of control, Felicia. This time she's gonna have to pay.

Felicia: So you're not gonna welcome her back?

Eric: I don't even know where she is or if she plans on coming back. Look, I'm very, very disappointed. And I'm disillusioned.

Felicia: Daddy, I'm sorry. But after everything the two of you have been through together, I can't imagine you ever giving up on Mother.

Eric: Well, this time it can't be fixed.

Felicia: Don't say that to me. I'm supposed to be dead, remember?

Eric: Look, you are a walking miracle. I thank God for that every day.

Felicia: And Mother. If it weren't for her determination--

Eric: Oh, yeah, well, I get your point.

Felicia: Do you?

Eric: Yeah, Stephanie Forrester is this wonderful, incredible woman.

Felicia: So you're not gonna tell me, are you?

Eric: No. What good would that do?

Felicia: Get it off your chest?

Eric: And put it onto yours? I don't think so.

Felicia: So you're not the least bit worried about Mother?

Eric: She can take care of herself.

Felicia: And you honestly have no clue where she might be?

Eric: She's in some hotel someplace, no doubt with a spa. She's racking up this huge bill.

Felicia: Daddy, who cares? You two were meant to be together.

Eric: Huh. Bring on the gin.

Felicia: I am trying to have a serious conversation. You two have created so much together. You've created a family and a fashion dynasty.

Eric: All right, stop it. Just stop it, Felicia. That's enough.

Felicia: Okay, fine. When she comes back, the two of you have it out. But just don't make any hasty decisions, okay, because you will never find another woman to be Mother's equal. They don't exist.

(Knock on door) (Knock on door)

Man: Ms. Forrester?

Donna: Can I help you?

Man: Uh, this needs to be signed for by you or your father.

Donna: Oh, okay.

Donna: Thank you.

Donna: Stephanie. Another letter.

Ridge: We've had it all before, Logan. But something always seemed to get in our way.

Brooke: I agree. And those things have been manipulation and deception, all of which your mother has perpetrated, of course.

Ridge: Well, we can't blame everything on my mother.

Brooke: Ridge, we both know what we share. We've had feelings that most people never get to experience in their lifetime. I want that back.

Ridge: I just don't want to go there again and have the rug pulled out from under me again.

Brooke: It won't be. Just give me the opportunity to bring family and trust, happiness back into our lives. I promise you you won't regret it.

Felicia: Daddy, look, I know Mother's a control freak, and sometimes, yes, she goes overboard. And you-- you're the exact opposite. You're creative and artistic and easily wrapped around my finger. But what they say is opposites attract, right? And I cannot think of a better mate for you all these years. Just think of what the two of you have shared.

Eric: What the two of us have accomplished together is raising this family, and I couldn't be more proud. It's the best thing I've ever done in my life.

Felicia: You two are an amazing team. You are worshipped in the fashion industry. And I cannot think of a better mate for you to have turned us little masses of protoplasm into functioning reasonably happy adults. And you're just gonna cast her aside? Are you really so miserable?

Eric: I don't know who she is anymore. I don't know this woman-- this woman she's become.

Felicia: I don't know what she did to make you so terribly upset, and you're obviously not gonna tell me. But just remember this, Daddy. Mother has forgiven you for things most women would never get over. Now it's your turn for a little forgiveness. Don't you owe her that much? Think about it.

Ashley: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Oh.

Rick: I'm not back for round two...

Ashley: Thank you.

Rick: Yet. Ashley, listen, I'm just trying to help you skip over the part where you become disillusioned and hurt. But if you want to do this the hard way--

Ashley: I don't think Ridge is gonna let me down. Actually, I think that was you.

Rick: I had a choice to make. You know that.

Ashley: Rick, um, Ridge has a prior connection to your mother, and I need to respect that. I mean, there are things that I discuss with my ex that I keep private. So--

Rick: Okay, well, how much rope are you willing to give them in private before you hang yourself with it?

Ashley: I guess that's the real question. You know how to lock up?

Rick: I do. You know how to find me.

Rick: (Laughs)

Ridge: I didn't ask you here tonight to dwell on the past. I think we're in a very good place right now.

Brooke: You do?

Ridge: Yeah. That's what tonight is all about.

Brooke: It feels like old times again-- the way you're looking at me, this dinner-- like I'm the only person in the world. I don't want to argue anymore, Ridge. I want to focus on Hope and R.J. and getting our lives back to the way they used to be, 'cause we're so close. If we could just give ourselves over to each other, it could be some of the best years of our lives, 'cause that would mean we have--would have endured pretty much everything and come through it together. And our love would just be stronger than ever. Ohh, I'm sorry. (Laughs) I'm just kind of babbling. But, I-I'm so excited, and I'm so happy. I feel like this is the moment that I've been waiting for most of my life. But I know that you asked me here to say something. So I'm gonna just zip it and let you speak.

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