B&B Transcript Friday 8/31/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/31/07


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Stephanie: You two seem awfully quiet this morning. Is everything okay?

 Hope: I miss Mommy.

 R.J.: Me, too.

 Hope: Can we see her today?

 R.J.: Please, Grandma?

 Hope: Pretty please?

 Stephanie: With a cherry on top? Well, you know, the reason you stayed overnight here with me last night is because you have a tennis lesson this morning, and I'm supposed to take you to it.

 Hope: Why can't Mommy take us?

(Knock on door)

 R.J.: Maybe that's her!

 Stephanie: Well, go see.

 Abby: Hey, Hope. Hey, R.J.

 Ashley: Hi.

 Abby: How's it going?

 Stephanie: Wow! Abby, Ashley, how nice to see you.

 Ashley: Hi!

 Stephanie: Come on in.

 Ashley: Thanks! Sorry for dropping in on you. Excuse me, sweetie. Abby has a playdate at Heather's down the street. We're very, very early, so...

 Stephanie: Oh, that Heather-- she's a nice girl. Uh, no. I'm delighted. Actually, this is a most propitious moment that you arrived. They need some help finding their tennis stuff. It's up in their room. Would you?

 Abby: No problem, Mrs. Forrester. Come on, guys.

 Stephanie: Thank you, Abby.

 Ashley: Hi.

 Stephanie: Hi.

 Ashley: How are you today?

 Stephanie: Oh, fine. Thanks. And you?

 Ashley: Good. Have you by any chance heard from Ridge?

 Stephanie: No. I gather you haven't either?

 Ashley: Well, I saw him last night at the concert. I left him a message. He was gonna go see Brooke and find out why she never showed up to hear Rick sing. And then of course, there's that whole issue about the, uh, petitioning for permanent custody.

 Stephanie: Well, I'd like to have been a fly on the wall for that one. I'm sure she's upset, maybe too upset to ever see Ridge again.

 Ridge: Fresh-squeezed by my own little manos.

 Brooke: (Laughs)

 Ridge: (Laughs) at the crack of dawn, too, I must say.

 Brooke: You've been up since dawn?

 Ridge: Oh, I didn't really sleep much. That mattress in the guest room-- talk about lumps in all the wrong places!

 Brooke: Oh, Ridge, I'm so sorry. You've been doing all this for me, and I've been...

 Ridge: No. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't you even worry about me after everything you've just been through.

 Brooke: Well... (sighs) I feel better...

 Ridge: Hmm.

 Brooke: Thanks to you.

 Ridge: Well, you haven't really had my waffles yet, though.

 Brooke: (Laughs) no, I mean because of your promise to bring the kids back, and not just to visit, but for good.

 Ridge: I was wrong, Brooke, about so many things-- wanting complete custody, doing that to you. What in the hell was I thinking of?

 Brooke: Ridge, you just didn't understand my behavior. I was acting very strange, and you were just being a protective father.

 Ridge: I wish I could have been here that night to protect you.

 Brooke: Well, you're here now, and that means everything.

 Ridge: (Whispers) yeah.

 Nick: Why hasn't Storm gotten back to me? How long does it take to get an injunction anyway?

 Jackie: Nicky, please, just calm down.

 Nick: I will calm down when we take this family to their knees, which is what I'm gonna do this time.

 Jackie: By suing them for trademark infringement, right?

 Nick: You know, they may have the edge when it comes to a catwalk, but we know what we're doing in a courtroom. And yes, mother, I'm suing them for trademark infringement.

 Taylor: Trademark infringement? You're suing the Forresters over their name?

 Ashley: From my understanding, Brooke and Ridge have fought a lot, and they always manage to patch things up, don't they?

 Stephanie: You're right. In the past, they always have. (Sighs) but with this custody situation, I think it's different. I don't think she's going to forgive him, even though it's what's best for the children. She's upset, and knowing her, she'll blame everybody else for losing her children.

 Ashley: Now wait a second. She hasn't lost her children. Ridge would never keep their mother from them.

 Stephanie: No, of course, not. He'd never do anything like that. Why don't you call him? Maybe he went back to the office, threw himself into his work, trying to avoid any unpleasantness... (sighs) especially dealing with Brooke.

 Ashley: Okay, I will.

(Keypad beeps)

(Cell phone rings)

 Ridge: Hello.

 Ashley: Hi. Let me guess. You worked so long and so late that you fell asleep at your desk...

 Ridge: Hey, Ashley.

 Ashley: In which case, I forgive you for missing the meeting and for not returning my call. Did you get my message?

 Ridge: Actually, I had to deal with Brooke. Listen, I can't talk right now, but I'll be in touch soon.

 Stephanie: Am I right? Did they have a fight about the children?

 Ashley: Um...

 Abby: Hope and R.J. are all set.

 Stephanie: Abby, you're so cool. Thank you.

 Abby: (Laughs) Mom...

 Ashley: Hmm?

 Abby: Shouldn't we get going? You don't want to be late for work.

 Ashley: (Laughs) oh, isn't she just the most considerate little girl-- making sure that her mother's not late for work?

 Stephanie: (Laughs)

 Ashley: Thanks, honey.

 Stephanie: Bye, Abby. Have a great time with Heather.

 Abby: Bye, Mrs. Forrester!

 Ashley: I'll be right there.

 Stephanie: You know, I have a good feeling about this, about you and Ridge.

(Door closes)

 Ashley: Yeah?

 Stephanie: Yeah. I hope-- I hope you share that feeling. He's really committed just to having the kids in a-- in a safe and stable environment. And it's been hard for him to accept the fact that-- that Brooke can't do that right now, but I think he has. I know he has.

 Taylor: Wow. She blew out of here in a hurry.

 Nick: It's busy. She's got a lot to do.

 Taylor: Yeah, like going down to file a lawsuit, going after the Forresters for their family name.

 Nick: When I bought the company, I bought the name.

 Taylor: That's my point. It is their name. It's their identity. What else are they going to do but name their new company Forrester Originals?

 Nick: They knew this could come back and bite 'em when they took that name, and bite 'em it shall. The free ride's over, and so will Forrester originals be once I'm done with 'em.

(Doorbell rings)

 Brooke: That can't be Ridge with the kids already! Ohh!

(Keypad beeps)

 Brooke: Katie! What--

 Katie: Hey, surprise!

 Brooke: (Laughs) oh, this is a surprise! Come in. What brings you in town?

 Katie: Uh, our sister's wedding... tomorrow?

 Brooke: (Laughs) oh, right.

 Katie: I just wanted to be there for her and for you, too. I heard about what Ridge is doing, trying to sue for custody of the kids. I can't believe he would do something like that. No wonder you're not answering your phone.

 Brooke: You tried to call?

 Katie: Yeah, I kept getting voice mail.

 Brooke: Oh.

 Katie: I'm so sorry. You must be devastated... only you're not. (Laughs)

 Brooke: Well, I-I was. I recently went through one of the worst things... (sighs) in my life, but, um, that's over and Ridge decided to drop the suit, and he went to pick up the kids, so they're coming home. (Laughs) my babies are coming home! (Laughs)

 Katie: Oh!

 Felicia: Okay, come on. Let's go. We're gonna meet grandma at the club. Hut two. Hut two.

Hope and R.J.: Daddy!

 Felicia: Hey.

 Ridge: Hi there, sport, sweetie! Looks like I got here just in time.

 Felicia: Yeah, we're on our way to meet grandma at the club, but if you'd rather drive them.

 Ridge: Well, there's been a change in plans. How would you two like to see your mommy?

 Hope: How long do we get to visit?

 Ridge: I'm not talking about a visit. I'm talking about taking you home for good.

 Hope: Yay!

 R.J.: Yay!

 Ridge: Come here.

 Ridge: Just bring your teddy bears. I'll come back later for everything else.

 Felicia: So you're taking the kids to Brooke's? Does Mom know?

 Ridge: No, not yet.

 Felicia: Well, you better call her. She's blissfully on her way to the country club, expecting me to drop off Hope and R.J.

 Ridge: Voice mail. Hey, mother. I'm at the house, and don't bother going to the club. Felicia's not gonna be dropping the kids at the tennis lesson. I'm taking them home to Brooke. And I'm dropping that suit. I never should have signed those papers in the first place. So I'm taking them home-- Brooke's home. They need her. She needs them, and they're not gonna be separated ever again.

 Hope: Come on, R.J. Let's go see Mommy!

 Ridge: All right, here we go.

 Hope: Let's go! Let's go!

 Ridge: Let's go. Let's go.

 R.J.: Let's go. Let's go.

 Felicia: Have fun!

 Ridge: Okay, to the car.

(Door closes)

 Brooke: (Laughs)

 Katie: Sweetie, I'm so thrilled for you. You've always been a great mom. I should know, all those times you looked after me when Mom was working.

 Brooke: (Sighs)

 Katie: But there's one thing I don't get. There was a security guard at the front gate. I had to show my I.D. To get through. Is something going on I should know about? Are--are you okay? Do you need something?

 Brooke: Just having you here is what I need. Your timing couldn't be more perfect. (Laughs) (sniffles)

 Taylor: I'm not, uh, really too sure this is such a good idea.

 Nick: Let me worry about these fashion wars, okay? You concentrate on something much more important. How's our guy doing anyway, huh? How we doing in there? How we doing?

 Taylor: Mm. (Laughs)

 Nick: Not very talkative, is he? (Chuckles)

 Taylor: No, he's the strong, silent type like his dad.

 Nick: Yeah. (Laughs) so how is he doing? What?

 Taylor: Nothing.

 Nick: Don't say "Nothing" to me. I know you like a compass, woman. What's going on?

 Taylor: I don't know what it-- I don't know. It's--could be the donor egg. I don't know. I just feel...

 Nick: You feel what?

 Taylor:  like-- like I have an alien inside of me.

 Nick: I have no idea what you're talking about.

 Taylor: I-I-- I'm just starting to wonder what kind of a gal this donor mother was because ever since I've had this child inside of me, all I want to do is, you know...

 Nick: Eat? Sleep? What?

 Taylor: You know what I mean.

 Nick: Oh, you mean... you mean... you mean...

 Taylor: Mm-hmm.

 Nick: Hmm.

 Taylor: That's all I want to do.

 Nick: Really?

 Taylor: Mm-hmm.

 Nick: Well--

 Taylor: I don't know what's gotten inside me, but I have-- I've gotta have you right now, okay?

 Nick: You do? Right now?

 Taylor: Right now.

 Nick: Right--

 Taylor: Right now. (Moans)

 Ridge: Logan?

 Brooke: (Mouthing words)

 Brooke: (Sobbing) oh, my babies! My sweet, precious, wonderful babies! Oh, I'm so happy you're home. I missed you so much. You know that? I missed you so much, and I'm never gonna let you out of my arms. I'm never gonna let you out of my sight, okay?

 R.J.: Okay.

 Brooke: Oh, I love you! I love both of you with all my heart. Give me another hug. My babies! (Laughs) (whispers) I love you guys.

 Ashley: Hello? Hi. Abby forgot her sunglasses. What are you still doing here? I thought you were gonna take the kids to play tennis.

 Stephanie: Ridge, uh, Ridge came by. He took the kids over to Brooke's house.

 Ashley: Oh. For a visit?

 Stephanie: No. He dropped the custody fight. You don't seem surprised.

 Ashley: I knew how upset he was about keeping the kids from their mother, so no, I'm not surprised at all.

 Stephanie: Well, he just wanted to protect them, and believe me, they need protecting from her.

 Ashley: Obviously, something happened last night to change his mind.

 Stephanie: Yeah, she did something. I don't know what, but whatever it was, it worked.

 Ashley: Hey, wait a second. What are you implying? You think she seduced him? Is that what you're saying?

 Stephanie: Well, I'd bet a million bucks she tried. No, I-- no. No. I-- look, this doesn't affect how he feels about you. She's just done a number on him where the children are concerned. But it's different now. You know why it's different? Because he sees things in a different light, thanks to you. He understands now that he can be with a woman who isn't going to play a lot of games, who's smart and confident and--and--and feels good about herself. You're his future. Honestly, I think he believes that. And she can play all the history that they've shared, and she can try and use the children, but I don't think it's going to work.

 Brooke: (Sobbing)

 Ridge: Hey, kids, not too tight. Your mommy's still a little sore.

 R.J.: Are you all right, Mommy?

 Brooke: (Sighs) yes, honey, I'm fine. (Sighs) I'm perfect, actually, now that you and your brother are here. So did you have fun at grandma and grandpa's?

 R.J.: Yep. And grandpa let us draw.

 Brooke: Oh, you-- you drew pictures? Where are they are?

 Ridge: They drew you a lot of pictures.

 Brooke: (Gasps) I want to see them!

 R.J.: They're at Grandma’s.

 Ridge: I'll pick 'em up as soon as I pick up the rest of your stuff.

 Hope: Do we have to go to tennis camp?

 Brooke: Tennis camp?

 Ridge: Oh, it's at the club. It's mother's idea.

 Brooke: Do you want to go to tennis camp?

 R.J.: No!

 Hope: No!

 Brooke: Okay, then no tennis camp.

 Hope: Yay!

 R.J.: Yay!

 Brooke: (Laughs) what's wrong, sweetie?

 Hope: The fire-- is that why we had to leave, because I...

 Brooke: Oh, no. No. No. No. It wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. I was never upset with you.

 Hope: Then why couldn't we come home?

 Ridge: Hope, your mommy... always wanted you here. She thought about you every minute of the day.

 Brooke: And now ridge has brought you home, and we're never gonna be apart. Never--

 R.J.: Never, ever, ever?

 Brooke: That's right. (Laughs) never, ever, ever.

 Ridge: Listen, you guys. You are home here now. You're safe. Your mommy is safe. This is where you belong, with your mommy, surrounded by all the love in the world, right?

 Brooke: (Laughing)

 Ridge: (Laughs)

 Ridge: Hey, you know what? I think if you two check out the kitchen, you might find a nice little snack in there!

 Brooke: Ooh, a snack!

 Ridge: Go see what's in there.

 Brooke: (Laughs) (sighs) this is just what I needed... (sighs) to have my children back here with me. Thank you for bringing them home. Thank you for everything.

 Ridge: I meant what I said. You're safe here now.

 Brooke: (Sighs)

 Ridge: Now I'm just gonna focus on finding out how that animal knew so much about you, 'cause I want to find out who it was that served you up on a silver platter to that guy.

 Stephanie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

 Ridge: That scum may be dead, but somebody out there helped him, and I'm gonna find out who it is.  And when I do, they're gonna answer to me. I promise you that.

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