B&B Transcript Thursday 8/30/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/30/07


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(Electricity crackling)

Andy: 50,000 volts-- nasty way to die. Very messy... quick, though.

Ridge: Okay, I'm walkin' out that door and down those stairs.

Andy: Where? Straight to the police?

Ridge: You're not getting away with raping Brooke.

Andy: Go ahead, Forrester. Go for it. You'll be in for the biggest shock of your life, and I'm not talkin' about our little friend Mr. Antenna here. What I did to Brooke was the perfect crime, just like I said. But you know what, I can't really take all the credit for it.

Ridge: Keep talkin' about this accomplice of yours.

Andy: That's right. How else would I have gotten this?

Ridge: Who helped you get that key? Who helped you?

Andy: (Sinister laughter)

Ridge: Answer me!

Andy: (Continues laughing) (Wind blowing)

[Woman: The role of Katie Logan is now being played by Heather Tom. ]

Katie: Hey!

Donna: Katie? (Both laughing)

Katie: Look at that. She remembers me.

Donna: I-I didn't even realize you were in town.

Katie: Well, someone told me that you're getting married, so I thought I'd come by and finagle an invitation.

Donna: Yeah. Can you believe it? I'm gonna be Mrs. Donna Forrester. I mean, how wild is that?

Katie: Pretty wild. But if you're happy, I'm happy. I've been trying to get ahold of Brooke, but she's not answering her phone.

Donna: Yeah, she's going through something right now.

Katie: I'm kinda surprised that you'd want to marry Thorne after everything his mother has put Brooke through.

Donna: I can handle Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yes, Ed. No, that time frame-- that works beautifully for us. Great. Fax that over, and we'll put the orders through immediately. Wonderful. Thorne. Wait!

Thorne: I didn't know anyone was in here.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Thorne: These printouts are for Dad, now if you'll excuse me...

Stephanie: Please.

Thorne: Look, Mother, I really have a lot of work to do, okay? And I'm really not in the mood to hear you bash Donna.

Stephanie: Can we talk if I promise you it'll be painless?

Thorne: Like barring my fiancée and I from having our wedding at your house? That kind of painless?

Stephanie: Well, didn't-- your father overruled me, didn't he?

Thorne: That makes it all better.

Stephanie: Please. Your wife's death was a terrible tragedy, and ever since Darla died, you've just been lost, so I understand where all of this is coming from. You're lonely. Raising your little girl on your own--it's hard. And you have needs. Every man does-- I mean, needs that, obviously, Donna is filling.

Thorne: I love her, Mother.

Stephanie: There's love, and there's love, Thorne, and you used to know the difference.

Ashley: Hi, ridge. It's Ashley. I'm just checking in. I guess you're still with Brooke. Um, I took care of that meeting with international marketing, so no worries there, and if for some reason I don't speak with you until tomorrow, um, enjoy your evening. Okay? I miss you. Bye.

Rick: Hey. Sorry. These are the, um-- the mock-ups for the new fragrance display.

Ashley: Oh.

Rick: If you're cool with the sketches, just initial them, and I can get the art department rolling on it.

Ashley: (Laughs) you're very efficient. I mean, I thought after concert maybe you would take the rest of the day off and spend it with Phoebe. You worked very hard to get her back. What the heck are you doing here?

Rick: Well, it turns out that I didn't. Phoebe dumped me... for good, this time. (Crickets chirping)

Brooke: (Sighs) (footsteps approaching)

Bridget: Hi, Mom.

Brooke: Thank you, honey. It's starting to get chilly.

Bridget: I know. Has Ridge called yet?

Brooke: No, and I really wish he would.

Bridget: Wish he didn't have to go after Andy like that. He's such a violent man. Plus Ridge is on probation.

Brooke: I know. I'm worried about that, too, but I'm also worried about something else. You know how Dorothy was going to recommend to the judge that we have another hearing to get my children back.

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Well, only a handful of people knew when that hearing was scheduled.

Bridget: Oh, Mom, I really wouldn't worry about that. I mean... (scoffs) my goodness. Our family can't leave the driveway without it being news.

Brooke: Still, I think it's kind of creepy. Andy knew so much about me-- all these intimate details about my life.

Andy: Maybe a little birdie told me where the key was. I have a thing with birds, if you haven't noticed. Was it you, birdie? Did you tell me where it was? No? How about you? Oh, you naughty little pigeon.

(Sinister laughter)

Ridge: You're a lunatic.

Andy: Get back. Get back.

Ridge: Who helped you? Who set up Brooke?

Andy: You'll never believe me-- not in a million years.

Ridge: Someone Brooke knows? Someone I know?

Andy: And the best part is I had the time of my life, and I'm gonna get away with it. That's right. I'm not gonna have to pay for it, 'cause if I go down, somebody's comin' with me. I won't be alone in hell.

Ridge: Who is it? Who is it?!

Andy: You want to know? Fine. You know what? I'm gonna tell you just so I can see the look on your face when you find out that it was--

Man: Security! What's goin' on here?

Andy: Ahh! (Pigeons cooing and flapping)

Andy: No! Ahh! Ahh! (Electricity crackling)

Andy: (Screaming)

Ashley: That was really fast.

Rick: Yeah, you're tellin' me. I mean, it doesn't make sense. One minute she pulls me up onstage, and we're-- we're singing this gorgeous duet together, we get a standing ovation, and I'm thinking yes! You know, I got her back. And--and all my hard work had paid off, and it was worth it.

Ashley: So what happened?

Rick: Well, she-- she woke up, I guess, is the short version.

Ashley: What's the long version? It's not about me, is it?

Rick: No. No, not at all. It's-- Phoebe says that we're in different places in our lives.

Ashley: Wow, that's-- that's exactly--

Rick: No, I know. I know. You told me, and I didn't listen. Maybe I should have.

Stephanie: You do not love Donna the way you loved your wife.

Thorne: Mother, that was once in a lifetime.

Stephanie: Honey, as long as you can walk and talk and draw breath, you don't stop trying to find true happiness.

Thorne: Donna makes me happy.

Stephanie: Okay, Thorne. You've got my attention.

Thorne: Mother, this is not about you.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Thorne: Since when do you care about offending me? The way that you spoke to Donna and me in the house in which I thought I was welcome? (Scoffs) Thanks for getting that straight.

Stephanie: You are always welcome.

Thorne: But not my wife.

Stephanie: She is not the right woman for you.

Thorne: Why, mother? Because she's a Logan?

Stephanie: Oh...

Thorne: Listen. You're either going to accept that Donna's going to become my wife, or...

Stephanie: Or what? I lose my son?

Katie: So the wedding's gonna be at the house, as in Stephanie's house? How did you manage that? Well, only because Eric shouted her down.

Katie: Hmm. That sounds pleasant.

Donna: Yes. My mother-in-law-to-be is the epitome of warmth and charm. How I'd love to be the one who--

Katie: The one who what? Wins her over? Good luck with that.

Donna: It'll happen, Katie, when she sees what a devoted wife I am and how much I love his little girl.

Katie: You... a mom! That is science-fiction.

Donna: Hey! (Scoffs) I'm gonna make a wonderful mother, just wait and see.

Katie: I know. I'm just teasing. It is wild, though. I thought when Brooke called it quits with Ridge that that was over for the Forresters and the Logans.

Donna: Yeah, well, so did Stephanie. Surprise.

Katie: You do love Thorne, right? I mean, you're not just doing this to get back at Stephanie.

Donna: Oh, Katie the worrywart. Of course I love him. We're gonna have a wonderful life.

Katie: Okay. Well, in that case, I wish you and Thorne all the best. (Giggles)

Bridget: Oh, Ridge, I'm so glad you're here and you're okay. Mom's gonna be very relieved to know that you're here.

Ridge: I'm very thankful you've been able to be here, too, to help take care of her when I couldn't.

Bridget: Of course. It's just I-- honestly, I wish you hadn't let Stephanie bully you into trying to get custody of the kids. Do you know what that did to her, especially after last night?

Ridge: I feel terrible about that, too.

Bridget: Well, I'm just glad that you're here and you're trying to make things right. Once we get ahold of that son of a bitch and make him pay for what he's done.

Brooke: Ridge! I'm so glad you're back.

Ridge: (Whispers) So am I.

Brooke: You okay? Did you find him?

Ridge: Bridget, can I, uh, talk to your mom for a bit... alone?

Bridget: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. Um... I need to take a shower anyway.

Brooke: All right, honey.

Ridge: Come on, sit down.

Brooke: Something happen? Did you find him?

Ridge: I went to Café Russe to see what the bartender knew. Andy came in. I recognized him from the picture in the paper and he definitely knew who I was, too, because when he saw me, he took off like a bat out of hell.

Brooke: Did you call the police?

Ridge: I went after him.

Brooke: You chased him?

Ridge: All the way to the rooftop, Brooke. Listen to me. Andy's not gonna be a threat to you anymore. He's dead.

Ashley: Please, I'm hardly an oracle when it comes to relationships.

Rick: Well, you sure called this one accurately.

Ashley: Believe me. I wasn't hoping to be right.

Rick: I never took it that way. Really.

Ashley: Actually, you know, after I saw how determined you were to win her back, um... I came to the conclusion that the two of you were absolutely meant to be together.

Rick: Well, maybe Phoebe will feel the same way in ten years.

Ashley: Ten years? She doesn't think you're really gonna wait for her, I hope.

Rick: No, no, not at all. It's--well, you know, I'm looking at it that I have an overabundance of time to devote to my work.

Ashley: Oh, so that's your strategy, huh?

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: You're gonna bury yourself in your job.

Rick: What else am I supposed to do?

Ashley: Oh, hey, I'm not criticizing. It's a time-honored strategy. God knows it's worked for me.

Rick: It's worked for you?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Rick: What do you mean by that?

Ashley: Nothing.

Rick: Well, I know one person who's gonna be overjoyed by this news. You talked to Ridge? You still seeing him?

Ashley: Of course.

Rick: That's good. At least one of us is still happy.

Ridge: So when the guard burst in, all these pigeons flew up in Andy's face. It threw him off balance. He backed up with that antenna right into the transformer box. It electrocuted him.

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Ridge: It wasn't pretty. The guard witnessed everything, and when Lieutenant Baker showed up, he agreed it was an accident, and he said I was free to go.

Brooke: Well, thank heavens you're okay.

Ridge: Also, I wanted to show you that Andy had this. Dropped it before he died.

Brooke: That's my house key. The one I had under the flowerpot. But how would he know how to find it?

Ridge: Because I'm afraid someone tipped him off.

Brooke: What?!

Ridge: Andy said that he had an accomplice, someone who served you up on a silver platter. Whoever it was gave him enough info that he could plan this attack against you.

Brooke: What sick, malicious person would do something like that?

 (Doorbell chimes)

Stephanie: Another Logan sister? Oh, my God. Sorry, I'm fresh out of sons.

Katie: So nice to see you, too, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Please tell your sister to come out here.

Katie: Donna is actually out tasting wedding cakes.

Stephanie: Really? Well, I hope she has a big appetite, because she's going to be eating it all by herself.

Katie: Yeah, I heard you weren't too thrilled about this wedding.

Stephanie: You always were the smartest one of the bunch, weren't you?

Katie: Given your reservations, I'm kind of surprised that you agreed to host it.

Stephanie: Maybe I spoke too soon.

Katie: I'm sorry?

Stephanie: There isn't going to be a wedding. That's what I came down here to discuss with your sister.

Katie: Oh... has Thorne changed his mind?

Stephanie: Leave Thorne out of this.

Katie: Well, he is the groom.

Stephanie: Don't be a wisenheimer with me, tootsie, or you'll regret it. I would've thought that was the one lesson your sisters would have taught you.

Ashley: So I'm going to put something together with publicity about the Phoebe fragrance. Now that we're moving into phase two of marketing, are you gonna be able to handle that?

Ashley: Hello? Are you still there?

Rick: Hey! (Nervous laughter) sorry, uh, yeah, you know what? That's--that's-- that's perfect for the moment. That's it.

Ashley: (Laughing) where--where did you just go?

Rick: Ashley, I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm having difficulty focusing right now.

Ashley: Aww... I'm sure you are. I'm sorry.

Rick: Not half as sorry as I am.

Ridge: I wish I had an answer to that. I think that guy was about to give me a name before the guard burst in.

Brooke: I don't know how he knew so much about me. He must have been stalking me for a while.

Ridge: I wanted to bring the guy to justice. Not quite that way, though. But he's not a threat to you anymore. Now we need to focus on who helped him and who would want to do something that horrible to you.

Stephanie: I mean it. You cross me, and you'll regret it.

Katie: Good to know. But I'm confused. You say the wedding's off? Donna said that she and Thorne were very happy together, very much in love.

Stephanie: Oh, please. I don't believe that for one second, and you shouldn't either. She's not in love with him. Look... (sighs) after Thorne lost his wife, he was just devastated. He's lonely. He's vulnerable. And she seduced him, and she's taking advantage of him, and she's only doing it to stick it to me.

Katie: Well, that seems a bit extreme. But I could see how you might think that, given your history with Brooke. But...

Stephanie: But, but, but, but nothing! What are--what are you? The reinforcements they've called in to try and get this-- this wedding off the ground in spite of my objections?

Katie: You really have it in for my family, don't you? You're not nice when it comes to us, and you're not fair. You've made Brooke's life a living hell, but you're wrong about Donna. She loves Thorne, she loves his daughter, and they are going to make a beautiful, happy family together. You beat up on Brooke. You call her a bad mother, but if you were any kind of mother to your son, you would welcome the woman that he loves into your family.

Stephanie: Another one to torture me?

Brooke: I don't really care who helped him, Ridge. I just want this whole thing to be over. Just hold me.

Ridge: The worst is over, Logan. We're gonna get Hope and R.J. back here where they belong just as soon as possible.

Brooke: I need them so much.

Ridge: And they need their mother. (Sighs) I'm just so, so sorry that I, uh, overreacted the way I did. I should never have doubted you. I really hope you can forgive me.

Brooke: I already have.

Ridge: We've been through so much this year. Our lives have kinda gone in different directions. But I have never, ever stopped caring. I know who you are, Logan, and I love who you are. It's a terrible thing that happened to you... and you couldn't come to me because I had lost your trust. That really rips me up inside. Look, for R.J.'s sake, let's never let this kind of distance come between us again.

Brooke: Not only for R.J.'s sake.

Ridge: If you get in trouble, you come to me, you hear me? You can tell me anything. I will always, always be on your side. No matter what.

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