B&B Transcript Monday 8/27/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/27/07


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Constantine: I think Phoebe should do the honors. Right?

(Cheers and applause)

Constantine: Yeah, come on. Rip that thing open and tell them who the lucky man is that gets to sing with you this evening.

Phoebe: Okay. The winner of the Boldface Challenge is...

Phoebe: Constantine and Phoebe, "Everybody Loves."

(Cheers and applause)

Rick: I guess I was wrong.

("Everybody Loves" playing)

Woman: Whoo!

Both: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Constantine: Well I don't believe we can't find the remedy

Phoebe: And I don't know why everybody says good-bye

Constantine: Whoa it don't matter who you are you can't go very far oh, no

Phoebe: It's written in the stars

Constantine: Sing it!

Both: Everybody loves everybody cries everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right so let's get busy give it a try v everybody love somebody tonight it'll be all right

Constantine: 'Cause everybody loves everybody cries sing it

Phoebe: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na well you can drink champagne with the president of Spain be a poor man walking in the pouring rain

Constantine: Ooh wherever you go whatever you find there's really just one kind

Phoebe: It don't matter who you are

Constantine: It's written in the stars sing it

Both: Everybody loves everybody cries everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right

Constantine: Yeah, yeah

Both: Let's get busy give it a try everybody love somebody tonight it'll be all right

Constantine: It'll be all right, baby

Both: 'Cause everybody loves everybody cries

Constantine: Thank you very much! Ow!

(Cheers and applause)

Brooke: (Sighs) well, they won't do this to me. I won't let them.

(Telephone rings) (ring)

Brooke: Yes. What? No! No. I don't want to see him. (Sighs) never mind. He's already here.

(Telephone beeps)

Brooke: What do you want, Ridge?

Ridge: You missed the concert. I was concerned.

Brooke: You're concerned?

Ridge: About you and the kids, yeah.

Brooke: Right. Hope and R.J. need to be protected. Well, I had a big surprise of my own. Your mother.

Ridge: Oh, I'm sorry. I was--I've been calling, and I wanted to talk to you before she got to you.

Brooke: So you did sign that petition.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: She's finally done it. She's finally turned you against me.

Audience: (Cheering)

Phoebe: Moon so bright night so fine keep your heart here with mine life's a dream we are dreaming

Both: I want to spend my lifetime loving you if that is all in life I ever do

Phoebe: Through our joy through our pain

Rick: We can move worlds again

Both: Take my hand dance with me

(Cheers and applause)

Phoebe: Though we know we will never come again

Rick: When there is love life begins

Both: Over and over again

Phoebe: Save the night save the day

Rick: Save our love come what may

Both: Love is worth everything we pay I want to spend my lifetime loving you if that is all in life I ever do I will want nothing else to see me through if I can spend my lifetime loving you

Rick: Loving you

Phoebe: Ooh

Rick: Ahh (cheers and applause)

Phoebe: I don't care who won the contest. I love you.

(Cheers and applause)

Ridge: I haven't turned against you, Brooke.

Brooke: You're suing me for full custody. Your mother showed me the petition.

Ridge: She shouldn't have done that.

Brooke: Well, you signed it, Ridge. Why?

Ridge: Because you haven't been yourself lately.

Brooke: I-- you haven't been yourself. Oh, my God, Ridge. Yes, maybe we had our problems, issues with trust, but never about the children. We always saw eye to eye about them.

Ridge: Yes, we did. And I hope we still do. We both want them safe and happy, right? We may just disagree on how to accomplish that.

Brooke: I stood up for you, Ridge. Your mother told me what you did, and I didn't believe her, 'cause I didn't think that you could do that. I didn't think that you could hurt me and throw away everything we shared, because I believed that you still loved me. But you don't. You couldn't. Not if you can take my children from me.

Stephanie: Brooke is in no condition to take care of those children.

Eric: This is not just about Brooke. Now we have to consider what this tug-of-war is gonna do to those kids.

Donna: Stephanie!

Thorne: Donna, what's going on?

Donna: Oh, Stephanie.

Thorne: What's wrong?

Donna: Has she told you?

Thorne: Told me what?

Donna: Ridge has petitioned the court for full custody of Hope and R.J. That's right. Your mother and Ridge are trying to steal Brooke's children from her.

Rick: Get in!

Phoebe: I can't believe the reporters are actually following us.

Rick: Get used to it, 'cause you're a big star now.

Phoebe: You were on that stage, too.

Rick: I was, and then I left. And then you pulled me back.

Phoebe: (Sighs) I couldn't let you go. Just watching you walk offstage, letting such an amazing man just walk away...

Rick: I'm here now.

Phoebe: I'm so sorry for the way I've treated you.

Rick: It's over now. And it's okay.

Eric: Full custody?

Donna: Yeah, I don't have to ask whose idea that was.

Stephanie: Brooke is unstable at the moment. Look at the decisions that she's making for herself.

Donna: Depriving them of their mother is not the answer.

Stephanie: Well, sending them back to her is out of the question.

Donna: No, what those children need is--is a stable, supportive, peaceful environment with their mother.

Stephanie: They'll have that with their father.

Donna: How about when they come here in this house? I mean, it doesn't feel so peaceful to me.

Stephanie: Oh, it will be once you're out of here.

Thorne: I think you just made Donna's point.

Donna: Could we-- for the sake of the children, could we just stop fighting? Could the Forresters and the Logans please just come together as one family? It could happen, Stephanie. And I pray to God that it does, right here in this house, the day Thorne and I get married.

Stephanie: (Laughing)

Phoebe: With our situation, it's... it's different for you. You know? I mean, you've been in relationships, and--and you were married. And... this is all new for me, and it's changed me. I'm a different person than I was before I found out about you and Ashley. It did hurt... a lot. And I... I drove myself crazy wondering how it could have happened, you know?

Rick: Well, look. We have another chance. So let's make the best of it. I want to do everything right this time. I think you do, too.

(Cell phone rings) (ring)

Rick: You should really get that.

Phoebe: No. No.

Rick: It could be important.

Phoebe: My voice mail will get it. It's fine.


Rick: I can't. I can't. I can't--I can't do this. I can't.

Phoebe: Why not?

Rick: Because I want you so badly. And I want to make love to you.

Eric: Hear her out, Stephanie. Hear her out. Now there's no reason for our grandchildren to be caught in the middle of a feud if there's a chance that we can work this out.

Stephanie: Oh, Eric, please. The only thing that marriage will accomplish is making our son miserable and unhappy.

Donna: Our marriage is not the problem, Stephanie. Your attitude toward it is.

Stephanie: Oh, this is a charming way to begin a peace negotiation.

Donna: Okay, it's not just you, all right? It's me, too. It's my whole family and yours. The way we see each other after all this time, in--in spite of all the interconnections between us, we--we still view each other like adversaries.

Stephanie: With good reason.

Donna: Or is it-- is it just a habit?

Stephanie: Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah. Yes, I guess it is a habit, the--you Logan girls sleeping with all the men in my family.

Eric: Stephanie.

Donna: It's you Logans. And you Forresters. I mean, that's what it all comes down to-- prejudice and--and attitude. Based on what?

Stephanie: History, 20 years of it.

Thorne: She's asking for reconciliation, Mother.

Stephanie: Well, I'm not interested, Thorne.

Donna: Why not? I mean, is it that impossible? Don't we all just want to be happy? And if you look at it like that, are the Logans and the Forresters really so different? I mean, isn't it our similarities that put us at odds more than our differences?

Stephanie: There are no similarities between you and me.

Donna: Loyalty to the ones we love. The desire to protect our own. I mean, we have both suffered to defend our families. I mean, don't you see? We have been fueling this feud with the very thing that could end it. What if--what if we just put family first? And I'm not just talking your family or my family, but--but our family, the family we'll become when Thorne and I get married. I've asked Brooke to become my matron of honor. Imagine what it would say to the world if-- if you stood up for me, too.

Stephanie: No, I'm not interested in doing that.

Donna: I'm committed to bringing peace to this family. And I'm willing to prove it.

Stephanie: No.

Thorne: Mother.

Stephanie: No. Absolutely no. No, no, no, no. I would stand in hell through all eternity... rather than stand by you when you marry my son. She's not in love with you.

Ridge: I know mother made this sound really bad.

Brooke: I tried to blame this on her, Ridge, but she couldn't do anything without you. It's you. It's all you.

Ridge: Brooke, I'm not trying to hurt you.

Brooke: I'm not gonna let you do this. I'm not gonna let you take my children from me.

Ridge: Look, we can face this together. I want to help you.

Brooke: Well, then tear up that piece of paper.

Ridge: I can't. I'm sorry.

Brooke: No, you're not sorry, and neither is your mother. This is like a dream come true for her.

Ridge: Oh, Brooke, it's quite the nightmare for all of us, watching you spiral out of control.

Brooke: I'm just trying to get my life together.

Ridge: I saw the picture of you and that man in the paper the night before our custody hearing.

Brooke: I don't want to talk about him.

Ridge: Who is he, a-a new boyfriend?

Brooke: No!

Ridge: Is he the reason the hearing was postponed, Brooke? Why you weren't prepared to get your kids back? Brooke, talk to me here. What--what is wrong with you? What's going on? This is tearing me apart, too. I was looking forward to that hearing so I would be able to tell Hope and R.J. they could finally go home with their mom. I held back for some reason. I don't even know why. I know you love those kids. I've never questioned that. But your judgment now... Hope and R.J. need a lot more stability in their life than you seem to be able to provide them. That's why I signed that petition. Like you said, we used to see eye to eye on everything having to do with our kids. I'm not so sure that's true now. Brooke, it killed me to sign that piece of paper. But it would have totally destroyed me if anything happened to our kids.

Brooke: Don't talk anymore, Ridge.

Ridge: I'm just trying to explain why this happened.

Brooke: Monsters-- all of you. Men--I can't trust you. You do what you want. You take what you want.

Ridge: Look, this is not what I want.

Brooke: Get out of my house, Ridge.

Ridge: Brooke, listen to me.

Brooke: I mean it, just get out!

Ridge: Now just calm down.

Brooke: Please go!

Ridge: Tell me what's going on here. Tell me. Tell me.

Brooke: Nothing is going on. Get off me! Please, don't touch me!

Ridge: Calm down, calm down.

Brooke: Just stop it!

Ridge: Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Brooke: Stop.

Ridge: Stop. What's going on, sweetie? Tell me. It's okay to tell me. Something's going on here. Just... what's happened?

Brooke: I was-- I was ra-raped.

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