B&B Transcript Thursday 8/16/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/16/07


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Brooke: You're my secret admirer?

Andy: You seem more than a little surprised.

Brooke: Yeah, I am more than a little surprised. That bird in the cage was from you?

Andy: I thought of you the minute I saw it.

Brooke: I don't know what to say. Why would you buy me something so nice? I don't even know who you are.

Andy: Well actually, we've met before. And I mean, before yesterday.

Brooke: We have? Where?

Andy: Right here. Actually, I'm afraid I made a very bad first impression and I'm hoping I can make up for that.

Felicia: Are you sure you're okay watching Dominick?

Stephanie: Of course, he's asleep. Stay out as late as you want. We'll be fine.

Felicia: Okay. Oh, by the way, was that Dorothy Bascombe I saw leaving here earlier?

Stephanie: Oh, yeah. She's um -- she's going to go to the court and recommend to the judge that Brooke get custody of the kids. I called Ridge, I talked to him, and I want him to fight it. But he seems to support the idea.

Felicia: Maybe you should let it go.

Stephanie: I can't let it go. It's my grandson. I don't want her influencing his life. You know what it'll be -- men in, men out. I mean, I understand she already has a secret admirer.

Felicia: And how do you know that?

Stephanie: Just a wild guess -- based on past experience. Look, she's got Dorothy Bascomb fooled. She's pulled the wool over her eyes. If I could get that -- if I could get Dorothy to see her for who she really is, then Dorothy would understand the children should be with their father.

Phoebe: Are sure you can do this right now?

Constantine: Yeah. I'm meeting someone, but she's running a little late.

Phoebe: Okay.

Constantine: What's up?

Phoebe: Well I just -- I need to talk to you about the boldface challenge.

Constantine: Shoot.

Phoebe: Well, if Rick and I win, I'll have to sing with him onstage, live.

Constantine: Right.

Phoebe: I don't think I can do that, Constantine.

Constantine: What do you mean?

Phoebe: Sing those lyrics." I want to spend my lifetime loving you." Not when I don't mean that anymore.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I don't remember us meeting here.

Andy: Well, that's actually pretty understandable. As I recall, you were pretty upset. Man, you know, photos just do not do you justice. You are far more beautiful in person than any of those pictures in those magazines.

Brooke: You read fashion magazines?

Andy: Well, I try to keep up on the industry. I mean, you know, you're almost a household name with the bedroom line. What's the name of that perfume -- umm -- Belief?

Brooke: Belief is a formula that prevents wrinkles.

Andy: Well then you must be mainlining it because your skin is just flawless. Either that or you're just a natural beauty.

Brooke: It prevents wrinkles in clothing.

Andy: Right. What I'm really trying to say here is that -- I know how to spot a really attractive woman. And that's why I was trying to buy you that drink.

[Brooke remembering]

Andy: So what do you say? Just a little nightcap?

Brooke: No, I really got to get home. Oh God.

Andy: It's expensive scotch.

Brooke: That was you?

Andy: Yes, and I'm so, so sorry that I got off on the wrong foot. Please, let me make it up to you. Can I buy you a nice glass of wine?

Brooke: I think my take-out's going to be ready soon. And I really must be going

Andy: Brooke, don't go. I can help you. I know a thing or two about child custody cases.

Constantine: Sometimes when we perform, we don't literally mean exactly what we're singing. You know? Sometimes it's just for the entertainment. Like acting.

Phoebe: Yeah.

Constantine: Anyway, I thought you missed Rick.

Phoebe: I do.

Constantine: Yeah.

Phoebe: It's just -- it's hard for me. You know, every time I'm with him, I think about what we had. And then I can't stop thinking about him with Ashley. I mean, how am I supposed to sing a love song with the man who betrayed me?

Constantine: You just do it. I'm serious.

Phoebe: Thanks for the sympathy.

Constantine: Come on. I'm not a therapist. I am your friend.

Phoebe: Yeah.

Constantine: And your producer. Get outta here and go rehearse.

Stephanie: Well Nick, what's this all about?

Nick: I'd like to have a few words with you about Brooke.

Stephanie: What a surprise.

Nick: Everyone knows how you feel about her. You've made that clear. But your opinion is irrelevant when it comes to her children.

Stephanie: Are you ever going to stop riding to the rescue of the damsel in distress? I thought you were married.

Nick: I am. Taylor's the other reason I'm here.

Stephanie: Is Taylor all right?

Nick: I'm not going to get petty with you, Stephanie. I'll get right to e point. I want Brooke to have her children back and I want my wife left out of this.

Brooke: Thank you.

Andy: Thank you.

Brooke: So you're a lawyer.

Andy: Actually, I'm a corporate attorney. But my sister is in family law in Chicago. She deals with a lot of child custody cases.

Brooke: Obviously, you're aware of my situation.

Andy: I've heard some things. It just awful that they took your kids away from you. That's gotta be tough.

Brooke: Yeah, it has been.

Andy: You know, I talk to my sister about a lot of her cases, and it's just astounding to me what child protective services get away with. It's an abuse of power.

Brooke: Tell me about it.

Andy: Well, after I heard about what you've been going through, I thought you have been just devastated. So I bought that silly bird. Try to help you find that gorgeous smile.

Brooke: It wasn't silly. It was sweet.

Photographer: Good to see you again, Brooke. Who's the lucky man?

Brooke: No comment.

Waiter: You can't do that in here. Sorry Ms. Logan.

Andy: Price you pay for being famous and beautiful. Like a bird in a cage.

Felicia: Hi.

Constantine: How's it going?

Felicia: Wow, thanks. So I gotta tell ya, I'm kind of surprised that you invited me here.

Constantine: Why is that?

Felicia: Doesn't seem like your type of establishment.

Constantine: Oh really? Well I'm a pretty classy guy. Yeah -- no. This is probably not my normal spot. Not my vibe, but I happen to know this is the only place in L.A. That carries a particular bubbly I believe you're partial to.

Felicia: How do you know I like Daladier's?

Constantine: I did my homework.

Felicia: Okay, now I'm a little creeped out.

Constantine: Oh yeah? No, come on. I'm not a weirdo or anything. I just -- I was online. Saw some photos of you rippin' it up on the French Riviera. Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Well I -- you know, I'm sorry. I hate to disappoint you, but I don't drink anymore. It was a long time ago. B.C.

Constantine: Before child -- or before cancer?

Felicia: So you found out about that too? I'm not sick anymore.

Constantine: I know. I'm glad. You know, after reading everything you went through, it just got me thinking -- I was hoping to run something by you.

Felicia: I'm here, I'm listening.

Constantine: Yeah? Well, you know about the boldface challenge. Concert. I want to donate all the proceeds to the research hospital that cured you.

Phoebe: Before you say anything, just listen to me, okay. I've been thinking, and I just don't see the point in us rehearsing. I mean, why waste time, right? We're not going to win the contest, which means we won't have to perform. So why don't we just forget it? Why aren't you saying anything? You lost your -- Rick? The concert's a week away! Have you seen a doctor? What do you mean no? Why not? What are you trying to tell me? Is it your tonsils? What?

Nick: Consider this a warning, Stephanie. The next time you go after Brooke, on any capacity, you will deal directly with me.

Stephanie: You know, I don't think you would've come over here this evening to have this little chat if you didn't realize that Brooke is just going to mess up all on her own.

Nick: Leave the woman be.

Stephanie: Nick, how many times have you told me that you are totally committed to your wife and this unborn child? Well, if that's true, don't you think you should be home with them, now?

Nick: I am committed to them. But because of you and your family, I will always look out for Brooke.

Stephanie: You can't watch her 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She's going to mess up because Brooke has always been her own worst enemy.

Brooke: Thank you. Well, I really should be going.

Andy: Aw -- what's the rush? I mean, what's an exquisite, sophisticated woman like you want to go home and have take-out all by yourself?

Brooke: You really do seem like a nice man and I really appreciate the bird, but I have a very important day tomorrow.

Andy: Hmm -- what are you doing?

Brooke: Excuse me?

Andy: I'm so sorry. It's really none of my business

Brooke: Child protective services has asked the judge to review my custody case. So, I'm hoping that I'll be able to bring my children home tomorrow, but I'm prepared for the worst.

Andy: That's not a very positive outlook.

Brooke: If you knew my ex-mother-in-law, you wouldn't be very positive either. She's trying to keep my children from me.

Andy: Oh sweetie

[Phone rings]

Stephanie: Hello?

Felicia: Mom, it's me. Looks like you were actually right.

Stephanie: About what?

Felicia: About Brooke. And her secret admirer. I'm watching them right now.

Stephanie: Where are you?

Felicia: Cafe Russe.

Stephanie: Oh.

Felicia: You know what, he totally looks like her type, too. Tall, dark and handsome. They're sitting at a table having wine and holding hands.

Stephanie: Well that was fast.

Felicia: I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Brooke: I really should be going.

Andy: Good luck tomorrow, Brooke.

Brooke: Thank you.

Andy: I really hope that tonight will be the last night that you're home alone.

Constantine: Man, can we please talk about this tomorrow? Okay, thank you. Bye. I'm sorry.

Felicia: Don't be.

Constantine: No, it's just this concert next week -- so much going on. It's crazy.

Felicia: I get it. But were you serious about what you said before? About donating the proceeds to cancer research?

Constantine: I was totally serious.

Felicia: Well, I don't know what else to say -- except thank you.

Constantine: You're welcome. It's a very important cause. Added bonus, maybe you would realize that I'm not such a bad guy after all.

Felicia: Constantine --

Constantine: No, I know. You really liked me when you first met me.

[Constantine laughing] It's okay. But I told you you'd come around. Am I getting there?

Felicia: Absolutely.

Phoebe: Why did you do that?!

Rick: Because I miss kissing you.

Phoebe: But that doesn't mean you can just -- just don't do it again. And why did you pretend you lost your voice?

Rick: Because I wanted to see the look of panic on your face when you found out that we couldn't sing together. It worked, didn't it? You were totally freaked out.

Phoebe: No, I'm -- I'm not freaked out. No. I just -- I don't want to seem like an amateur if we were to win.

Rick: Well we're not going to win. You said it yourself. We don't have a chance in hell of winning, so don't worry about it. Or did I hear you wrong? Whoa, whoa! Hang on, hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Listen to me. Just listen to me for a second. Can I ask you a question? What did you feel right then when I kissed you? There's a spark there. It's not just my imagination, Phoebe.

Phoebe: You're trying to mess with my head and make me forget everything that's happened.

Rick: No, I am not. I want to sing with you next week up on that stage because I want the entire world to see the Phoebe that I know and love. Someone who is passionate about life, about her music -- who I think is still passionate about me. I want everyone to fall in love with you exactly the way that I have. And hopefully, in the midst of all that, you will remember how good things were between us -- and how good they can be again.

[Bird singing]

[Cell phone rings]

Brooke: Hello?

Andy: Brooke?

Brooke: Yes. Who's this?

Andy: It's Andy. I'm down at the front gate.

Brooke: You followed me home?

Andy: No. Well, kind of -- see, when I got back to my car, I realized I had this article from my sister. It's about a child custody case she worked on. I really think you should read it before you meet with the judge tomorrow. I think it'll help.

Brooke: Just leave it in the mailbox, Andy.

Andy: I can bring it up.

Brooke: No. Just leave it down there. Good night.

Stephanie: Maybe you're right. Maybe Brooke has gotten her life together.

Nick: There's no maybe about it. She's together, she's focused, she's working again.

Stephanie: Good for her. But even if it is true, it isn't going to last.

Nick: I want her to have her children back.

Stephanie: That's up to the court.

Nick: We both know that's not true.

Stephanie: I really don't want to talk about Brooke anymore. I just want to get on with my life. What she does or doesn't do doesn't concern me. And if you're smart, it won't concern you either. Good-night.

Nick: If for some reason, Brooke's home isn't safe, I'll know it's because of you.

Stephanie: Wasn't that your cigarette lighter? Good-night, Nick.

[Bird chirping]

Brooke: Andy! What are you doing here?

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