B&B Transcript Friday 8/10/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/10/07


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Bridget: Oh, yuck! Rick --

Rick: Ah --

Bridget: I don't want your backwash.

Rick: You weren't supposed to see that.

Bridget: Well I did and a it's just -- well a, it's gross -- and b, do you have any idea how -- what kind of bacteria and protozoans you're putting in there? And c, it's still gross.

Bridget Rick: Okay, okay. I'll take care of it. There. Done.

Bridget: You are such a piglet!

Rick: Well, I can take my amoebas and move in with Mom, if that's what you want.

Bridget: No, I thought of that. I already mentioned it to mom, but she doesn't want us watching over her.

Rick: Well then, I guess you're stuck with me.

Bridget: You're in a mood today, aren't you?

Rick: I am rarin' to go.

Bridget: How come?

Rick: Because I'm on a mission.

Bridget: Would her name happen to be Phoebe?

Eric: A party?

Aly: To surprise daddy when he gets home. Can we decorate our house? Or have a barbecue maybe?

Stephanie: Well honey, do you have anything pressing?

Eric: You know I'd have to check my calendar.

Aly: Please? Can we?

Eric: Well, when was Thorne going to pick her up?

Stephanie: Well, actually, he left that kind of loose. I mean, he didn't really say. I have an idea. I bet he goes back to his place first.

Eric: Well you know, we'd better hurry up then, in case he's early.

Aly: Yay! I'll go get my stuff.

Eric: Okay, hurry up. Hurry up.

Stephanie: Pack everything. Gee, a barbecue sounds great. Maybe I'll call Ridge and Ashley.

Eric: Oh, Stephanie -- for God sake.

Stephanie: What?

Eric: What? You know what. They just made up. Leave them be.

Stephanie: Oh my God, you're right. Foolish me. I just like saying Ridge and Ashley, that's all. But we've got to focus on Thorne. I mean, no wonder he's been testy with me.

Eric: Well, that's hardly the reason, and you know it. You crucified Brooke and her sister on that television show.

Stephanie: Well, it's not too late to sort things out with him.

Thorne: Ah -- here we are.

Donna: Ahem -- are we forgetting something?

Thorne: What?

Donna: Threshold -- new bride-to-be?

Thorne: We're not even married yet!

Donna: Oh. Well then let's just do it on the threshold. Christen the place up right.

Thorne: Woman, you are insatiable.

Donna: Yeah, well, you know --

Thorne: Yeah, well, my neighbors have telescopes and they not all pointed at Catalina.

Donna: Not an exhibitionist, eh? Fine. Be that way. New home.

Thorne: Yes, it will be.

Donna: Are we really getting married?

Thorne: That's the plan.

Donna: It's such an incredible diamond. So big! But then, everything about you is big.

Thorne: You know, you're really good for my ego.

Donna: I just tell the truth.

Thorne: You know what? Speaking of truth, I think Aly's up by now. Let's go grab her?

Donna: From your parents'? Yeah, umm -- I think I'll pass.

Thorne: Honey, you can't let my mother intimidate you.

Donna: Well, she's not going to be happy about our engagement.

Thorne: Yeah, well the explosion's going to come sooner or later. So, let's get it over with.

Donna: I just -- I just worry, you know?

Thorne: Worry? About what? That she's going to talk me out of wanting to marrying you? It's not going to happen. Okay?

Donna: You know -- now that we've found each other, I just don't want anything coming between us. Not this belt -- not these buttons -- not this dress --

Thorne: Wow! Where'd you get that?

Donna: Vegas. Our hotel. Fun little boutique off the lobby.

Thorne: You went shopping? I thought we spent the whole time in bed.

Donna: Honey -- when it comes to pleasing my man? I will always, always find a way.

Aly: What about decorations, Grandpa?

Eric: Decorations? Yeah. Well, we have to do it fast because we want to get it finished before your dad comes home.

Aly: Can I pick some flowers for him?

Eric: Flowers? All right, but not very many and hurry up because we're going to leaving in a second. Go on, go on. What'd you have there?

Stephanie: Oh, peanut brittle. That's Thorne's favorite.

Eric: Don't you mean it's Felicia's favorite? How almost thoughtful of you.

Stephanie: I'm glad we're doing this. He's so vulnerable right now. Besides, I'd like to see the girl that he's dating. I want to be sure he's making the right choice.

Eric: Yeah well, he may not appreciate your input --

Stephanie: Maybe you're right. I just think he needs some special attention right now.

Donna: Mmm. I just love strawberries. Don't you?

Thorne: Mm-hmm. It's my new favorite fruit.

Donna: You know, this is going to sound kind of crazy, but --

Thorne: Try me.

Donna: Well, why don't we go pick up Aly -- tell her our news -- go back to Vegas and get married tonight?

Thorne: What?

Donna: Oh, it'd just be the three of us. It'd be so much fun. Oh, and we can stay at the resort with the water park -- Aly would just love that.

Thorne: Hang on. You just want to elope?

Donna: Yes! Oh, let's do it. Why not? We would be married if it weren't important to both of us to include Aly. Please?

Thorne: You've never been married before though. I mean, don't you want a big, flashy wedding?

Donna: Brooke has had plenty of those, and you know what I've learned? A wedding is just a day. I mean, it's a few short hours. It's the marriage that's important, not all the trappings. I just -- I can't wait to become a real family -- to be a wife to you, a mother to Aly.

Thorne: I'll think about it.

Donna: Please? It's what I really, really want.

Thorne: I can see that.

Donna: Or we could compromise.

Thorne: How?

Donna: Okay. Pick up Aly, go to Vegas -- and after the wedding, your mother could throw us a big reception. I mean, what better way to show the world how delighted she is for us?

Thorne: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Phoebe and I better win this contest, Bridget. Because if we do --

Bridget: She'll forgive you and you'll fall back in love?

Rick: Mm-hmm. It could happen. It better happen.

Bridget: I hope things work out exactly the way that you want them to.

Rick: Thank you. You're takin' off?

Bridget: Oh, yeah. I want to stop by and see mom on the way to work. Check on her and see how she's doing.

Rick: Will you give her my love please?

Bridget: Of course. Good luck with Phoebe.

Rick: Thank you. Bye. Hmm -- one more vote couldn't hurt.

Ridge: All right. So tell me what the deal is with this concert you're doing with Rick?

Phoebe: Or Constantine. Dad, it's on August 24th.

Ridge: Why did I have to find about it from "The Rich Ginger show"?

Phoebe: Dad, come on -- it's hardly a secret.

Ridge: I'd say so with planes flying around, dragging banners saying "Vote for Rick and Phoebe". Come on -- did you think I wouldn't hear about it?

Phoebe: Well Rick -- he went a little overboard. I mean, he -- he really wants to win. But, so does Constantine. I mean, this whole Boldface challenge was his idea in the first place. We'll finally get to find out who the fans like best and then the winners will perform at the concert. Have you even gone on Boldfacerecords.Com and voted?

Ridge: You can be sure if I do, I'll vote for the duet with you and Constantine.

Phoebe: Would you even listen to my duet with Rick?

Ridge: Sweetheart, I'm all in favor of you pursuing this interest in music you have. I think it's great. What I don't like is the possibility of you singing with Rick. I think you're opening all kinds of doors here. You're sending the guy wrong signals.

Phoebe: That's not what I'm trying to do --

Ridge: Have you forgotten what he did to you?

Phoebe: Rick didn't do this to me. I mean, it's not like he woke up one morning and thought, "I think I'm going to go have sex with another woman to get back at Phoebe for breaking up with me."

Ridge: The other day, you considered him a jerk, and now you're defending him?

Phoebe: I'm just -- I'm trying to be fair.

Ridge: Fair as in? You're just gonna forgive him and pretend the whole thing never happened?

Phoebe: Well look -- singing with Rick, a love song -- you know, if -- if our duet wins, I don't know if I'll be able to go through with it.

Ridge: Given how betrayed you felt, I wouldn't think you would be able to do it. Sweetheart, if you're healing through all of this, I'm very happy about all that. I just don't want you to forget what's happened.

Phoebe: Ashley!

Ashley: Good morning, Phoebe.

Ridge: Hey, there's coffee here for you.

Ashley: Thank you.

Phoebe: You two back together?

Ridge: Ashley explained the whole situation to me and she apologized.

Ashley: And your father was kind enough to accept my apology.

Phoebe: Huh. So it's okay for you to forgive Ashley -- it's just not okay for me to forgive Rick?

Ridge: Do you want to forgive him?

Phoebe: I don't know. I just -- I loved him so much.

Ridge: Phoebe, the guy is a loser. He doesn't deserve one tear you've ever shed over him.

Phoebe: Do you think Rick's a loser, Ashley?

Ashley: In all honesty, no I don't think Rick's a loser. But, I am also not comfortable being a part of this conversation, so I think I'll leave you two.

Ridge: I will see you at the office.

Ashley: Yes you will. Bye.

Phoebe: You said it was over.

Ridge: Would it be okay with you if it wasn't? You're the one that told me, don't let you're feelings determine what I do with Ashley.

Phoebe: I don't have a problem with you seeing Ashley. I mean, it's up to you if you want to forgive her. Just like it's up to me if I want to give Rick another chance.

Ridge: I really hope you don't do that, sweetie. For so many reasons.

Phoebe: Why? Because I'm only 18 and too young to know what love is?

Ridge: I suppose if I tell you I'm just doing this because I want to do what's best for you, you're going to tell me I don't have a clue what that is.

Phoebe: I don't know what I feel. Dad, Rick hurt me so much. But I miss him. And it doesn't help having you -- you treating me like I'm too naive to make my own decisions. I mean, a lot of people get married at 18, Dad.

Ridge: Sweetie, what are you saying here?

Phoebe: That if I can't be honest with you about how I really feel without you trying to convince me of how wrong I am, then maybe you're not the right person for me to confide in.

Stephanie: Well, the fact that daddy's car isn't out on the street is um --

Eric: I think that's a good sign, don't' you?

Stephanie: You know what I was just thinking? I think we should decorate the table special for daddy for a surprise. Go down to the seashore and pick up some seashells.

Aly: Okay!

Eric: Well, let's put all of her stuff in --

Stephanie: I'll take them. It's okay. You know, we wouldn't want daddy walking in on something that he shouldn't see, right?

Eric: Uh --

Stephanie: Follow me?

Eric: Yeah, I think -- you know, I'll give you $1 for every one of those sand dollars that you find. The ones you like, all right?

Aly: Cool.

Eric: Come on, let's go see.

Stephanie: And don't hurry.

Thorne: Mom? Whoa!

Stephanie: Well welcome home, honey. Hi.

Thorne: What are you doing here? I -- I thought I was supposed to pick up Aly.

Stephanie: Well, Aly wanted to make a surprise party for you for coming back home. Umm -- I guess the party's already started?

Thorne: You know what -- maybe you, yeah, mother. You should come back later. Really, this is -- this is a bad time.

Stephanie: Well I -- look, I know you're still upset. And I understand, but you're dad and I thought, you know, we could --

Thorne: It's not necessary. Really.

Stephanie: Well I certainly don't mean to sound as though I'm, you know, making an inquisition here, but -- I wouldn't mind meeting the young lady. If she can put a smile on your face, my darling, she's got my seal of approval.

Donna: Where are you baby? Little kitten needs her big strong tiger. Meow!

Stephanie: This is who you went away with?

Ridge: Phoebe, I'm not saying that you didn't love him. I'm not saying you're not mature enough to make the right choice. It's just that Rick is not the right guy. Not for you.

Phoebe: Dad, you're not listening --

Ridge: I'm not judging him either. I'm just talking -- trying to be honest with you, as someone who has known you all your life.

Phoebe: You've known Rick all of his life, too.

Ridge: That's exactly why I'm saying what I'm saying. Sweetheart, the perfect guy is out there. You will find him -- but it's not Rick. Believe me, it's not him.

[Knock at the door]

Rick: Yeah, come in.

Ashley: Hi.

Rick: Hi.

Ashley: I hope I'm not intruding.

Rick: No, no. You're not at all, actually.

Ashley: Good.

Rick: Umm -- I'm so glad you're here. I -- before you say anything, I just wanted to tell you, for whatever it's worth, umm -- I'm committed to getting Phoebe back.

Ashley: Okay, I kind of assumed that. I'm -- I'm happy for you. I don't think her father feels that same way, but --

Rick: What? You've been talking to Ridge about Phoebe and me?

Ashley: Yeah, it's come up. Well, we're back together.

Rick: You, you are?

Ashley: Actually --yeah.

Rick: That hard ass forgave you? Okay. Well, I guess that means there's a chance for Phoebe and me.

Ashley: She's going through a rough time. I know she misses you.

Rick: Did she -- did she say that?

Ashley: You know what? You've got to think really long and hard before you pursue this because she is definitely vulnerable to you. And are you sure you want to risk hurting her again?

Rick: Oh, that's not going to happen. I am not going to make the same mistake. Not -- no, no.

Ashley: I know --

Rick: Not that you and I were a mistake. I mean, you and I were unbelievable. I just -- I just -- I just really -- I just know. I believe that Phoebe is the one I want to be with.

Ashley: Okay. How can you be so sure?

Rick: Well if I wasn't -- I never would've let you go.

Stephanie: I see. This is the big threat. This is how you were going to get back at me. Whoring yourself to my son.

Thorne: Is this about threats?

Donna: Your mother is over dramatizing --

Stephanie: This is how you were going to pay me back for what happened to Brooke. Well honey, I hope you had a great time with her. Showed her a good time -- and I hope to hell you used a lot of condoms!

Thorne: Mother!

Donna: Thorne, ask her to leave.

Stephanie: Oh, that's rich. A couple of rolls in the hay, and what do you think? You're in charge?

Thorne: Mother!

Stephanie: You sleep with dogs, honey, you get up with fleas. Go work the same street corner as your sister.

Donna: You will not treat me the way you treated Brooke! You are the one that's leaving, Stephanie --

Stephanie: You tell that bitch to take that pathetic little bag of tricks and get the hell out of here!

Thorne: I will not tell her, Mother.

Stephanie: Fine, then I will!

Donna: Oww --

Thorne: Get your hands off my fiancée!

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