B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/7/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/7/07


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[Thorne remembering]

[Phone rings]

Thorne: Hello?

Stephanie: Hi, honey. Are you okay? You didn't come into work today.

Thorne: I worked from home. Didn't Dad tell you that?

Stephanie: Well yes. Actually, he did. It's -- look, I -- I'm not happy about the way we left things yesterday.

Thorne: Well, mother, you're the one who stormed out of the office.

Stephanie: I'm sorry.

Thorne: For what? Storming out of the office? Or for humiliating Brooke and Donna on national television?

Stephanie: Why don't you come over and have dinner tonight? We can talk it out.

Thorne: I can't.

Stephanie: Oh, that's right. You've got plans. I should know that because Alexandria's staying with us. Well just come over for a little bit because I want to clear the air between us.

Thorne: Mother, I'm going out of town.

Stephanie: Where?

Thorne: Look, you have my cell phone number if there's an emergency, okay?

Stephanie: You're not going alone you? Because I'm concerned about you.

Thorne: No, Mother. Don't worry. I won't be alone.

Donna: Thorne said I could book a hotel anywhere I wanted.

Jackie: Las Vegas? Did you book a wedding chapel as well?

Donna: You never know what could happen in Vegas.

Jackie: No, Donna. You can't seriously be considering marriage?

Donna: What? You don't think I'm good enough for Thorne?

Jackie: You don't love him.

Donna: I can make Thorne happy. And I can be a good mother to Aly.

Jackie: But will you be happy?

Donna: All the time. Especially at every Forrester family dinner, seeing the rage on Stephanie's face.

Jackie: Revenge?

Donna: She should have treated my sister with more respect. Stephanie was lucky to have her in the family. Now she could end up with me.

Nick: Mother!

Jackie: Nicky?

Nick: I came back early. Hi, Donna. We got to respond to what Stephanie said on this "Rich Ginger Show." Talk about it in your office. Let's go.

Jackie: Right behind you. Donna, please. Let me and Nicky deal with Stephanie.

Donna: You already took her company from her, Jackie. That didn't stop her. Now Stephanie's taken the most precious thing in my sister's life. I think it's time she found out what it feels like.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, I have to talk to you about your brother.

Ridge: Well that's gotta wait. 'Cause Brooke's gonna come over and see the kids.

Hope/R.J.: Mommy!

Stephanie: Well shouldn't she be here already?

Ridge: It's a good thing she's not. Because you two little munchkins need to go up and get cleaned up. Go on up. Make sure your brother uses soap this time.

Stephanie: Why don't you call Brooke? She might have fallen asleep in the car again.

Ridge: You do not want to have that conversation with me.

Stephanie: Oh, are you still annoyed about the TV show?

Ridge: You went too far, mother. How do you think R.J. and Hope would react if they heard their grandmother talking about their mother that way?

Stephanie: Well I've never said anything about their mother in front of them. And I never would. Honey, you've got to admit it -- Brooke is having problems.

Ridge: For that she deserves a little sympathy and support. She does not deserve to be ridiculed in front of the press.

Stephanie: You're not feeling sorry for her, are you?

Donna: Are you sure that will give the driver enough time to get to LAX? Okay. All right, thanks. Brooke? I didn't know you were coming in today.

Brooke: I'm on my way over to see the kids.

Donna: Well I wish I could come with you. Give Stephanie another target while you enjoy your children.

Brooke: You're going out of town?

Donna: Just for the night. But you know how to reach me if you need me.

Brooke: I'm okay, Donna.

Donna: I still wish I hadn't moved out of your house.

Brooke: I'll be fine.

Donna: You will be. One of these days Stephanie's gonna regret messing with the Logan sisters. You've got my word on that.

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Oh, you better get that. I'm gonna stop by and see Nick. I heard he's back in town.

Donna: Okay.

Brooke: Okay, bye.

Donna: Hello, there. Are you ready to go?

Thorne: I can't wait. Where are we headed?

Donna: Vegas, baby.

Thorne: Oh -- you feeling lucky?

Donna: Yes, I am.

Nick: Come on now, Jarrett. We all know that Brooke Logan is one of the most successful executives in the fashion industry. We here at Forrester Creations feel very lucky to have her. Matter of fact, I have so much confidence in her, I've asked her to move up to designer. How's that for a scoop? You know, if the Forresters think that they had a nightmare with her when she was working at Forrester Originals -- she's gonna have them screaming in their dreams now that she's working for us. Well look at you. You look good. All your bruises have healed.

Brooke: After that little speech you gave Jarrett -- I've forgotten all about them.

Nick: I let the cat out of the bag.

Brooke: Well, you had to take the spotlight off Stephanie somehow.

Nick: Can you believe that woman? Thought she'd learned after what she did to my mother.

Brooke: She learned how to put a velvet glove over that iron fist.

Nick: still doesn't take the pain away from the beating, does it?

Brooke: I feel okay today. Your DVD helped. The one with the children.

Nick: Good. I know it's not like seeing them in person.

Brooke: I have a visitation later today.

Nick: Oh, that reminds me. I got them some gifts while I was gone.

Brooke: Oh, you're kidding, and you didn't have to do that.

Nick: No, I did. I did.

Brooke: I can't tell you what it means to me. You never forget my children, even now when you're expecting one of your own.

Nick: Oh, that reminds me -- I think my expectant wife is expecting me at home.

Brooke: Oh, okay. I better go, too. I don't want to keep the kids waiting.

Nick: Right. Listen, you just keep doing what you're doing. You'll have those kids back in no time.

Stephanie: I was just expressing concern for my grandchildren.

Ridge: By badmouthing their mother?

Stephanie: Well let me ask you -- what do you think of Brooke's recent behavior?

Ridge: I wouldn't call her unstable.

Stephanie: Why? Because you'd hurt her feelings?

Ridge: That's really what you're most worried about it, isn't it? My concern for Brooke.

Stephanie: No, I -- I think you have a chance here with someone like Ashley. I also think she'd be wonderful with those children.

Ridge: Oh, you mean if we got married and the judge awarded me full custody?

Stephanie: I just want the children raised in a stable home.

Ridge: Brooke can apply that just as well as I can, mother.

Stephanie: Until the next fellow comes along and turns her life upside down. She doesn't have you. For God sakes, she's already picked up some guy in a bar. She's reckless when she's lonely, you know that. Do you want those two children raised the same way Rick and Bridget were? In emotional turmoil. I don't want that. Why should I when I know that they can safe and secure living with you.

Taylor: Surprise!

Nick: Hey! Hi. I was just coming home to surprise you.

Taylor: Well I anted to surprise you first. I knew you would probably get tied up here. I couldn't wait. I missed you. I missed you so much.

Nick: Hey, I think I missed you, too.

Ridge: So you don't think Brooke's time away from Hope and R.J. has taught her anything?

Stephanie: Not if she's still blaming me for all of this.

Ridge: She's seeing a therapist, mother. She's dealing with her issues.

Stephanie: Well she needs to. Look, she's always been emotional and erratic. Ever since we first met her when she first walked into our lives. But honey, if history repeats itself, and it usually does, I think she's just got a whole lot of problems she has to face.

Ridge: She's getting control of herself, okay?

Stephanie: Ridge, you're taken and so is Nick. That means that she's alone again. And that's the thing she's most afraid of. That's when she's -- she's the most dangerous to herself and everyone else around her.

[Doorbell rings]

Ridge: That would be your cue to go. Hey.

Stephanie: Late again.

Ridge: Mother's just leaving.

Brooke: Good.

Ridge: Come on in.

Hope: Mommy!

R.J.: Mommy!

Brooke: Oh, my babies, my babies. How are you? It's so good to see you.

Ridge: Come on. Let's go over and show mommy all the pictures you've taken.

Brooke: Oh, did you draw a lot? They drew a lot, right? Let me see.

Ridge: How many did you draw?

Hope: A ton!

Brooke: A ton? I knew it. Oh my gosh, look at this.

Nick: Whoa! Whoa, whoa. You're bigger.

Taylor: What? What are you doing?

Nick: No, seriously. Look at that. You've grown.

Taylor: Oh, stop it.

Nick: Come on. I'm serious. This is definitely a difference there. He is growing like gangbusters --

Taylor: Okay, well our boy might be a girl and probably what you're feeling is that I'm a little bloaty because I ate a chili cheese dog for lunch.

Nick: Chili cheese dog? You're serious?

Taylor: It's a craving thing.

Nick: Well then it's a boy. If you crave a chili cheese dog, it's a boy. I hear you in there. I know you missed me, buddy. I missed you, too. Did I mention that?

Taylor: You think I'm upset, don't you?

Nick: Why would you be upset?

Taylor: Well, because you didn't come straight home. You came to the office first.

Nick: Yes, I did come to the office first. I'm sorry.

Taylor: No, it's okay. I get it, I get it. Especially after what Stephanie did on "The Rich Ginger show." I know that demanded an immediate response.

Nick: Did you give her one?

Taylor: Well, I would have. But I think I've learned my lesson on confronting Stephanie or talking to her about anything -- especially concerning Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, R.J. Did this? Ok, well who did this one? That's sweet. I got something for you. I asked the man at the art store what would be the best pencils to use, what the famous artists use and they said this.

Ridge: I bet that'll go great with that fancy paper Ashley brought you.

Hope: Thank you! They're just what I wanted.

Brooke: Oh, you're welcome, sweetheart.

Ridge: Hey, this is your time with your mommy. She misses you so much. Maybe I'll just make myself scarce and you guys can play together.

Brooke: Well, why don't we all do something?

R.J.: Like play a game!

Brooke: Yeah!

Ridge: You want to?

Brooke: That's great.

Ridge: Okay. Well go upstairs, find a game you want to play and we'll be up in a minute.

Brooke: Okay. See you soon.

Hope: Come on, R.J.

Brooke: Ashley?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: You forgave her?

Ridge: I wish she was more up-front with me about the thing with Rick. But she and I weren't dating then and Rick and Phoebe were broken up then. What about you? Seeing anybody?

Brooke: No, my focus is on the children. That's my top priority.

Ridge: Well I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things as soon as this custody issue is all settled. You'll probably start dating again.

Brooke: My self-esteem's taken quite a beating lately. I can't imagine what kind of man would want to date me right now.

Donna: I hope you brought your swim trunks because there are four pools in this casino.

Thorne: I thought we'd try the one that's clothing optional.

Donna: Where?

Thorne: Right there. European style bathing.

Donna: Ah -- that does sound exciting.

Thorne: Mm-hmm. Or we could just stay in the room and explore all the exciting things in here.

Donna: Oh, Thorne.

Thorne: Donna.

Donna: I am just so happy -- being here with you.

Thorne: Yeah, this was a good idea.

Donna: Getting away. Just the two of us.

Thorne: Yeah. Yeah, I needed this. Donna? What's wrong?

Nick: You're not feeling guilty about this, are you?

Taylor: Well, you know, she did lose her children because of the things that I said in court.

Nick: Oh, come on. It's not like you wanted to be there. You were subpoenaed.

Taylor: No, I know, but I still feel badly for Brooke. I know she loves her children.

Nick: And by the time she talks to the cps agent, she will be able to tell her, with confidence, that one, she started a new job. She has a commitment to her new life as a mother and a professional. She's getting healthier. Everything will be better.

Taylor: Unless Stephanie keeps trying to throw a wrench in things, which is obviously part of her plan.

Nick: Well that's always --

Taylor: And given that performance --

Nick: And I understand. We know that's part of it. She's always going to try to get Brooke off balance.

Taylor: Yeah, and that's an added benefit for her.

Nick: Added benefits. I think I need an added benefit right now. If I was in my right mind, I would take my wife home to bed.

Taylor: That's a good idea.

Nick: It is a good idea.

Taylor: But first, I have an appointment at the hospital.

Nick: They have beds there, don't they? Don't they?

Maitre 'd: Yes, I'll tell Mr. Johnson right away. Thank you. One moment Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Maitre 'd: Greg, would you please tell Andy Johnson that his party is running 15 minutes late. He's sitting over there at the bar. Right this way Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Thank you, Bill. Bill, why would the name Andy Johnson seem familiar to me?

Maitre 'd: I'm not sure?

Stephanie: Is it somebody who's here locally in politics or --

Maitre 'd: Well, I believe he's a lawyer here in town.

Stephanie: Oh, well maybe that's it.

Maitre 'd: Come right here.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Maitre 'd: You're welcome. I will send a waiter over right away to get your drink order.

Stephanie: Thanks Bill.

Maitre 'd: Enjoy.

Andy: I thought it was her sister.

[Laughing] Oh, geez --

Stephanie: Hello, Mr. Johnson. May I buy you a drink?

Andy: Well no, thank you very much. I'm waiting for someone. But -- do we know each other? How do you know my name?

Stephanie: I think we have a mutual acquaintance.

Andy: Huh.

Stephanie: Brooke Logan.

Andy: No, I don't know any Brookes.

Stephanie: Sure? Jog your memory. Come on now -- couple of weeks ago. I think the two of you ended up in a hotel together. She has your name on a cocktail napkin. Phone number, too.

Andy: The hot blonde? Ah --

Stephanie: That would be here.

Andy: Yeah, yeah. No. No, I spilled a drink on her and I haven't heard or seen her since.

Ridge: Logan, hold on.

Brooke: I said good-bye to the kids. I really should go.

Ridge: Do you want me to talk to child protective services and see if they'll extend your visits?

Brooke: I just need to play by the rules until my next evaluation.

Ridge: It won't be like this forever.

Brooke: Well, it could be if your mother has anything to say about it.

Ridge: Yeah well, she doesn't.

Brooke: She certainly had a lot to say last night.

Ridge: If my father and I had known what she was going to do, we never would have let her go on that damn show.

Brooke: She was deliberately trying to provoke me.

Ridge: Logan, I wish I could promise that it wasn't going to be like this again.

Brooke: I wish you could, too. Because she's really pushing me to the edge. And I'm doing everything I can to try to hold myself together. It would really be nice if you could talk to her and tell her to stop interfering in my life.

Andy: Peter, get this young lady whatever she wants.

Bartender: The usual Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Thank you, Pete. You know, there's really no reason for us to play games. We're both sophisticated people. Brooke is a beautiful woman and you're a very attractive fellow.

Andy: And you care about all this because?

Stephanie: Well, she's my ex-daughter-in-law. She's going through a very rough patch, and I was just thinking that maybe you should get to know her better. You are just her type.

Brooke: She wants to destroy me, Ridge. I'm begging you, don't let her.

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